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  • Got to keep up with the reputation
  • Hello Super Caz and welcome back Silver Trucker.

    I am still plodding on, doing a bit of everything. I have signed up with a gym until Xmas and doing 2 classes a week to help with the cycling as I know I won't go out when the weather is bad and I don't ride when it is dark due to lack of street lighting around my village.

    I have even re started my running, slow and plenty of walks, but good news today, the local council have agreed to parkrun in the borough, they will allow it on some private land with car parking so they don't have any maintenance costs or worries over parking upsetting the locals. Not sure when it will start but I have a little goal of 5km and then a bigger one of a 10 mile race I have entered for next year.(What was I thinking)

    Overall plan is to do one, swim,bike, pilates and run session at least each week and not end up exhausted or injured.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Great stuff Steady! What's the 10 mile race you have entered? 

    I had a great day at Oxford half mara, considering the preparation. I had a very evenly paced race and came in at 2:53:09. Legs were sore on Monday and I managed to get the car to go to work. On Tuesday I had to walk to the bus. When starting to walk back home the top of my left foot started hurting so much at every step that I had to call bf to come and get me. It was better today but it kind of feels bit numb. I've called my doctor whom I have a telephone appointment with on Friday but the surgery has already booked me into physio clinic next Tuesday. Properly all better by then but bit worried at the moment. 
  • I've just come back from the fourth consecutive Wednesday club run.  It's starting to get a bit easier and I'm running more, walking less and getting less aches and pains.  So I think it might be time to add in a new element.  Maybe a gym session, or a swim, or a class of some sort.  I'm not really bothered what exactly at the moment.  I just want to get my fitness level up and build routines.  So this week's goal is to do some form of exercise tomorrow too.  There, I've said it, so it has to happen

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Great stuff SuperCaz! Keep it going.
  • Just popped my head in :D it's been a while! Am still having a pity party over the leg but in the scheme of things it's nothing.  So I'm planning to do Puffy's duathlon next year and LCW's sportive and that's it at the moment.  C2C looks unlikely at this point :( 
  • Look after yourself Buttercup. I had one good week of exercise, then this week nothing due to a stomach bug and feeling wiped out. I intend on doing at least one sportive next year and if possible a little mtb ride.
  • CJ - hope you recover soon, stomach bugs are horrible

    buttercup - rest up and sort your leg out

    last Sunday was the Stilton Stumble - local 10k with a lump of cheese at the end from the local creamery - some nice Cropwell Bishop Stilton, yum :)

    tomorrow is the Thoresby 10 mile run, in a lovely park not far from here, in the Sherwood Forest area, I think I might be last - I was last time I did it and haven't got much quicker :) Normally a good medal though
  • I've found my local Parkrun.  That's about the extent of my exercise.  I was planning on getting the bike on the turbo, but both are up north and I'm down south and there wasn't enough room in my car on the last trip
  • I did a Parkrun for the first time this year. Managed 1km of run before getting caught by the run/walk leader so did one minute run and walk to finish the course. There is going to be a new one near me soon probably won't start until the new year, but will save a 10 mile drive to the nearest one at present which is flat.
  • Parkrunned again yesterday and met a lady who swims in the sea near me.  I was going to go in with her today but the teen had other plans and the weekend went to pot.  I'm thinking that this getting fit malarky is going to be more difficult with an adopted family in tow.
  • Well Parkrunned Supercaz and boo hiss to not getting a swim, I understand the frustrations of fitting in the getting fit with family in tow and I only have a husband and one pair of oldies to deal with.

    I did a spin session on Saturday and walked Hove to Brighton marina and back on Sunday looking at the veteran cars as we went.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    I've not done anything since the half mara at the start of October. My foot is better now and will try to get a run in this week to see how it goes. We had a trip to Seven Sisters and overnight stay in Eastbourne for my birthday this weekend. Came back via the coast road turning off just before Brighton but saw lots of the veteran cars Steady. I will be very busy studying till the end of this month so getting exercise in during the week will be a problem. Still hoping to do the Farnborough half at the end of January but will have to see how it goes.
  • Me again, been a while since I was last in here...

    Back to training now after breaking my collarbone. Did a few bike rides and runs whilst crewing at DecaUK, and been getting in the gym fairly regularly since getting back. Also done a couple of parkruns (and got myself up to the magic 25 on volunteering as well). Did a big day last Wednesday, starting with a 5.5 mile run first thing, then drove up to Capernwray quarry near Lancaster to meet some tri club mates for a 35ish mile bike ride before doing the Capernwray Fireworks 500 night swim. That was fun, water was chilly but not too bad after a few minutes. Was concerned about my arm as pool swimming had proved painful the week before, but I think the cold water helped. The plan now is to just keep active until the new year, before launching into some proper structured training for next season.
  • hi all

    supercaz - it is definitely harder to get things in when there is family to sort out. That's why I used to do most of my session early morning before I was needed by anyone - haven't done that for ages though, I have just been too exhausted. Sometimes though, if they are just doing my head in then that is motivation to get out for a run, even if it is just 20 minutes!

    mallowpuff - good to hear you are back to it.

    CJ - I lived in Brighton in the late 1980s and it used to be such a lovely walk out to the marina, but that was before they built up the whole marina area - it is just hell up there now, it used to be such a nice old-fashioned actual marina rather than a retail outlet!

  • Mathschick, they have built houses twice in the marina now, I agree it is a retail place now, never even see the boats.

    I run/walked again today. 3 min run 2 min walk for 2.5 miles. A long way to go to get to 10 miles but all progress and the run bits seemed a tiny bit easier and a few seconds faster which the garmin proved.

  • Good afternoon after months of mincing about moving home and then moving in I'm finally got some free time to look at the internet and wonder about next year there appears to be a few local years down year  o:)o:) how you all doing kids and sorry for not being about to much this year. 
  • Hello Cake.  I am doing Larmer 10. Nothing else planned as yet. Are you up for a bike ride with Dustboy in the warmer weather next year, you can come out in the gentle Surrey Hills and a pleasant café stop afterwards.

  • cake!!! haven't seen you for ages!
  • Next event for me in 2 weeks, the half at the Nottingham Christmas Marathon and Half. Should probably think about trying to do some training for it...
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    I was planning to do the local half at the end of January but as I haven't run since the half in October and home and work life is busy, I may have to think about not doing it as my base is not very good and I don't want to get injured again. Need to decide by the end of the month as the prices will go up then to enter. Doing lots of walking at the moment but that's about it...
  • CAKE!!!

    I'm beginning to think about events to enter next year.  This may or may not be related to me thinking about how much work I need to do to be able to sell my house
  • Mpuffy boy see you there at nottingham. I'm trying to work out if I can find some sort of unicorn silliness for it just because if there is a afterlife it's going to make someone smile. 
    Steady would be well up for a nodnol trip to meet up. I'm up for Larmer as well. I'm err keep looking at Jurassic man. Know I can do it but not sure if going to have the time to train for it. Alas I'm to far south not to be able to get to outlaw next year so should I?
  • Jurassicman will be fairly generous on the cut-offs Cake, Claire assures me that basically she just wants people to finish it. I'm gonna look at it as a big day out rather than a race...
  • Also I may be heading down your way several times over the next few months so will need to arrange to catch up.
  • Cake, you are still only a 2 and a half to 3 hour drive away, just this time I go south to visit not north.

    I need to look up races for next year and enter something, but I don't feel like doing the same old races again. Might look at doing a few single sport events instead or possibly LCW.

  • Mallowpuff just in case we now have a spare bed all set up and usable on short notice. Open to all if needed. We also have a shower post race and always bacon in the fridge.  ;)   
  • Spare bed shouldn't be needed as I've got somewhere to crash in Christchurch, but bacon is always needed.
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