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  • Patmo, your first tri was an iron distance? Shame about the run. How did you find it otherwise expect for the snow?

    My tri took more out of me than I realised. Wednesday was Cycle to work day so off I went on my bicycle and had the worst ride in ever. So tired.  Also must of overdone it as back seized up during the day. It was ok on the cycle back but been seized up since. Doubt I'll be doing a long run this week. The training for the half mara is not going well. :(
  • Ok, so I need some help! ButterCup, Pixie, Mathschick and any other runner.

    So my run training hasn't gone to plan for the half mara for various reasons. The race is in 3 weeks time and at the moment I'm laid down with bad back. I think my longest run has been 11km so nowhere near enough. What's the best thing to do in the next two weeks before the race (provided I'm able to run, back usually clears up in a week)? Do 2 long runs but how long? Try to go at least 10 miles? I've definitely going to do run/walk 5:1 at the race. Many thanks in advance for any ideas!
  • mikasa - I am very experienced in races where I haven't trained enough!!

    I would say do a different run/walk ratio. I find 30/30 (seconds) works well for long runs. It feels odd to start with but does work well. First you need to get your back better. Then, well, no point doing 2 long runs. I have read that it takes 2 weeks for your body to reap the effects of training, so really, once your back is ok, I would say do some short runs practising the ratio you are going to use and make sure you are fresh for race day. On race day expect to be slow and for it to be uncomfortable! It might help you to look at the Jeff Galloway website about his run/walk method
  • Thanks MC. I will look at the website. I'm totally ok now with the HM taking me anywhere between 2:30-3hrs, can't be helped. Slightly disappointed with the lead up but again, what's done is done and I'm still going to finish. So really no point doing any long runs now?
  • I have to say I really dislike run/walk method from the point of view that I always prefer to run the whole way. However I realise that this time it will be impossible for me to run all the way and I will definitely be quicker and will manage to finish with the run/walk method. But 30/30 or even 60/30 seems so little running I don't know if I can get my pride around it...
  • it will keep you going to the end....
  • try a couple of runs with different ratios this week and see how you get on

    I still do all my long runs as run/walk and my shorter ones as just run. After my big knee injury in 2012 run/walk has meant I have been able to keep running, do some marathons, loads of half marathons and stay injury free. Sure, it would be nice to be able to run it all, but I am rubbish runner, am not a natural athlete at all, and this keeps me fit and means I can participate in events which I enjoy. You do have to get your head round it and accept it. You are younger than me, so you can see it as a step towards getting back to 'just running'
  • Oh I have accepted I'm not going to manage this run without walking. Good idea to try different ratio's of run/walk. But what kind of distances should I be doing? 
  • what kind of distances would you normally do? To be honest, this close to the race and if you haven't been doing a lot of running I would say a few 2/3 milers and maybe 5 at the weekend? Then another few 2/3 milers next week
  • I think you're right MC, those about the right distances. Back is finally getting better so will try a short run/walk tonight.

    Do you start your run/walk straight from the beginning in the race or could you have a 'warm up' first? ;) 
  • Ok, so my short run done, 2.2 miles with R/W 60:30. Found I got more out of breath and took longer to settle my breathing because of the r/w. Obviously I probably ran faster than should have done in the beginning. Slowest run to date though on this route. Will try a longer run at the weekend.
  • I run at my normal easyish pace when I run/walk - you don't want to be printing the run bits! I start run/walk from the start, as this is best. good to hear your back is getting better
  • Yeah, I need to remember to take it easier at the start.

  • I did a 10k run today (which classifies as a long run for me). I decided to try 5:1 ratio in case I could use this in the half mara. It went ok but my legs were getting bit tired towards the end and not sure I could've done another 10k and a bit  with this ratio. It took me 1:21:26 so I'm looking at a 3hr half marathon. :( I'm still going to do it. And just train more for my next one.

    Great work everyone doing Equinox 24hr race or any other this weekend!
  • well done mikasa - you still have time to try out different ratios, just choose something that will get you round without injuring yourself

    I managed 16 miles today, longest run since outlaw
  • Thanks MC. Yeah, couple more runs to play with I reckon. 

    Well done on your run! That's proper long run territory. I'll get there on day.
  • Mikasa, I like a 2:1 run walk ratio, but whatever suits you will do. I have started looking at a few events for next year. That means I need to get training and also find out if the events will let me use walking poles as that seems to take the strain out of my hips.

    This morning managed my best swim session for a long time. 1050m in 40 minutes, feeling tired now but will do stretches later.

  • Thanks Steady. I ran home from work yesterday and did 2:00/0:30. But I think my legs were still tired from Sunday's 10k so not a fair comparison. I'll do one more 10k this weekend and next week I'll just do a short run at the beginning of the week.

    Went to have a sport massage today. Did wonders for my tight back. Outside of calves were really tight. 
  • Ok here's the thing!! I'm back lol yes back again and need HELP. I'm now 17 and half stone
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Hello SuperCaz!

    Silver Trucker is back! It's been a few years? What are you up to?
  • hi supercaz - and Silver Trucker!!! How are you? Hope you are ok despite being heavier than you would like

    York marathon for me on Sunday....

    good luck mikasa and others doing Oxford half
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Thanks MC. Good luck for your mara too! 
  • Good luck MC.

    I'm hopefully putting behind me 5 bad years and starting a new life in a different part of the country.  I want to get back to where I was in 2009 when I was fit, healthy, enjoying my sport and up for anything.  Baby steps though.
  • Hi Mikasa MC :) 

    i went back to playing Rugby which the size helped
  • Supercaz sounds like your in same boat as me
  • well, rubbish weekend, started getting a cold on Friday night, felt bad yesterday, worse today - there was no way I could do a marathon. SO weekend in York cut short :(

    Supercaz, you will get back to fitness, might be in a different way to before because ageing and everything you have been through will take its toll, but knowing how determined you are when you put your mind to something, you will get to where you want to be!
  • Ageing?  How very dare you!

    Good to see you Silver Trucker.  I don't remember you from before, but it will be great to have a buddy to encourage me back to fitness.

    First obstacle:  I've left my OW swimming stuff in the Midlands so it will have to be pool swimming this week
  • OW in October!! Glad to see you are still mad Caz!! :D
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