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  • Oh dear, I seem to have managed to sunburn the top of my feet! image
  • Someone's nicked the sun and it almost rained when I was out on a little run this morning.  I wish it had cos it was a bit sticky.

    Managed a very nice 45 mile ride yesterday on fairly quiet roads, some of which were silky smooth, the rest were similar to UK but without the potholes.  One of the great things about riding around here is that most of the main(ish) roads have a nice wide shoulder which means you are separated slightly from the traffic.

    Hoping to get down to a local lake for a swim tomorrow then repeat the cycle ride on Friday and maybe again on Monday.

    Bad news from Happychap in Taupo, she set out for a bike ride after reassembly the bike and one of the cranks came off image

  • Oh noo !!  Is it mendable?   Too much effort getting them pedals off I suspect !!!

    Glad it all sounds fun down there .. all set for race day?
  • New crank on order but didn't arrive today. I'm guessing she went to the local AvantiPlus bike shop in Taupo and, as Avanti are bike sponsor for the event, I'd hope they'll get it sorted sooner rather than later.

    To add insult to injury, apparently it's been persisting it down all day in Taupo and Toucs is leading the team Run to Live cribbage tournament by some margin!

    As for being set for race day, I've got a pretty accurate idea of how much it's going to hurt and I've only got myself to blame for that image

  • Ah, big bottom brackets (((()))) for Happychap's crank.

    Glad you're all settling in well, and that the emergency training is going well image

  • hope HC gets her crank sorted out - had she taken it off to pack the bike?? you don't need to remove the cranks to pack a bike box - pedals yes, cranks no
  • Oh that's a nightmare on the crank, hope it gets sorted soon.

    Can't believe the race is upon you already, it seemed so far away when we were in Regensburg. I'll be tuned in to see how it goes.

  • Only pedals removed for packing - by the LBS in the end I think.

    I may be reporting inaccurately here cos I'm not sure exactly what broke - text said ".. at 5 miles one of my pedals fell off, new crank ordered ..."  so it may just be the screw threads are shot. Not that it makes any difference, still needs a new crank to sort it.

    Plan for today is a spot of OW to remind myself how to swim in a wetsuit - and how to sight.

  • Are you lot stayin in the same place then??   image
  • At the moment I'm staying with friends in Auckland, HC and Toucs already firmly settled in Taupo.  I'll be heading for Taupo next Wednesday, with friends in tow, and staying about a mile from team R2L HQ.
  • Ahaaaa  tis all clear now   image

    makes for very strange reading as I thought you were all together, had visions of you all sat on the same sofa texting each other !!   (that reminds me of an old post FLM photo in the pub with leppie and Cougs and others doing just that !)
  • Sounds like someone stripped the threads putting the pedal back on.  Hope it gets sorted, at least it's an excuse to get the LBS out there to double check everything's on tight.
  • Lol Meldy, understandable confusion!

    My bike passed its health check today. My helmet did not; I've obviously dropped it on the floor once too often and it has a slight crack which I hadn't noticed. There's my something new for race day then image

    Went for a little ow swim in a mostly weed-free sailing lake. Pleasantly surprised to find wetsuit seems slightly more comfortable than I remember it being last September.
  • What was the water like?
    Hope the long range forecast is predicting pleasant weather for you.
    I thought I was going to get done for my helmet in Regensburg as my aerohelmet wasn't as tight as the checker would have liked (even though it's the smallest available size set to the tightest setting) and I thought she was going to say it wasn't tight enough.

  • Good luck to Team R2L and Trogs. image

  • any idea what time they go re GMT..??image
  • Pro's start Friday 2 Mar 1745 GMT, rest of us off at 1800. 17hr cut off = Sat 3rd 1100 GMT

    Ironman dead coverage throughout, allegedlly image
  • Orca - the water was lovely though suspect Taupo may be marginally cooler being a much larger body of water.

    M.eface - ta image
  • Ohh good, thoughht it was this weekend!!

    Next weekend I think I may well be on nights which will work well   image
  • Oh good, Meldy, then you can post everyone's progress while the rest of us get our kip!
  • Good Luck to HC, Toucs and Trogs.
  • Hello all

    Thanks for the brackets. Piri is going to need them, she's been in and out of bike hospital all week. The pedal fell off threading the crank arm thingy (soooo Toucs fault, honest). So they had to order a new crank. With that installed I set off again with the shoes refusing to attach to the cleat. They couldn't get the cleat off the bottom of the shoe. So I had to get a new pair of shoes and cleats. Then on the ride back the rear tyre blew. We're on first name terms with all the staff in the shop, I think they're on the verge of inviting us back for dinner to say thanks for boosting the takings so much.

    Still Toepaw is lovely and the lake stunning :0) we're burnt to a crisp, factor 20 wasn't enough it turns out so at the annual comedy tan champs I'm going in as favourite :0)

    wish you were all here...
  • Bloody Hell! What a nightmare! Still, something new to wear today!! Good luck everyone!
  • Great updates guys, keep them coming! Hope less visits to bike hospital in the coming week (nice to have some new bits on the bike though and better to have any issues now rather than on the race)
  • Glad you've arrived ok (even if some bikes seem to have jet lag).

     Weather isn't looking like it's playing ball, so don't get complacent and I am expectign it to be cold for the start of the bike on Saturday - you will probably need a gillet or more. 

    I'm getting down there on Wednesday AM and will have most of a bike workshop with me.  Any bike issues then free free to drop me a line.  Avanti will start gettign chaotic from mid week, although there is another great bike shop in town too - jsut a little hidden away.

    I went down for a training camp 2 weeks ago.  Swim - disaterous.  Was the first time I'd been  in westuit or open water since 8:15 2008 when I exited Lake Taupo so no surpise, but navigation was awful.  My pool pace implied a 1:15ish, my actual was bang on 2 hours including several massive detours out to the middle of the lake / hitting the shore and at one point swimming 180 degrees wrong straight back towards the only person behind me.

    Bike.  Perfect conditions with no wind.  5:34 for full distance + a tiny bit due to not being able to use the private road.  Surface is rough though, and shook the bike to bits.  Shifter and one aero bar came loose, so make sure you check all the bolts and I've threadlocked all of mine. 

    Run.  Like the new course.  Not as many hills, and will be more people on course / spectating.  Big thumbs up compared to the soulless far side.  Runs off the bike both felt good (did 1hr 10 after the one lap on the bike on Friday, and then half an hour on the Sunday after the 181km).

     I'm staying at the Chelmswood on the lakefront, just at the far side of where the bike course turns up to the north. 

     Hope you all enjoy both the race and some of the other things NZ has to offer.  If there's anything  can do to help whilst you're here let me know. 

  • Answering previous question, race starts 7am saturday NZ time which is 6pm friday night. UK

  • Dearie me HC sounds like your poor bike is in shock at being ridden!

    Still at least you've got nice noo shoooooos to try on race day image

    Always best to use up any bad luck before the day anyway, and have a lovely smooth ride on the day!

  • Beautiful dat in Taupo today. The lake is like a mirror. It just shows how quickly the weather changes after the ferocious winds of the last two days (which for once had nothing to do with Toucs ;0)

    There was a kids tri on this morning. Road closures and everything. They really know how to do these things properly.

    D74 we have been using Top Gear cycles as we didn't find Avanti until half way through las week. Would totally recommend Top Gear, they've been awesome.

    Would agree with the road surfaces too. Bloody awful is an understatement. Theyve really taken the gravel the surface until you slide British approach to heart. Needless to say I've swapped the exploding race tyres with full Kevlar ones

    Toucs is still storming the crib champs but I'm off to kick his arse at crazy golf soon.

    Have fun y'all
  •  6pm friday

    does that mean they are all done..? or am I week early?image

  • A week early. Next Friday OC :0)
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