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  • Guys, just heard the news from my family in NZ - I am so, so, gutted for you image

    I did the race in 2010 (I was the one whose house burnt down a week before I left!), and I know all too well the hard work and cost that goes into getting there - I'm so sorry you won't get a chance to complete it. Sending hugs. 

  • I'm upset for you all, what a nightmare. Hope you do at least get to race something after all the training, and the money and time in getting there. Stay safe guys - there'll always be another race day.


  • Well there's no way I'd ride a bike out there at the moment.  Swim is rouh, but actually the wind direction is meaning that the swell / waves aren't too bad - simmilar to Thursday at the moment.  But standing is tricky, so forget riding in this, especially up the hill on the plains.  Even worse now they've done the logging and left the road more exposed than previous years. 

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    So, 70.3 it is.

    Start at 7.45am for pros, 7.55am for blokes and 8am for girls.

    Swim will be half the full course, bike half the full route, so just one trip out and back with the odd deviation. Then two laps of shortened run route along the lake.

    Weather forecast looks much improved with winds of around 20-30 knots.

  • Sun's blazing down but it's still blowing a hooley and if they'd gone ahead with a bike/run I reckon I'd still be fighting my way back from the first bike turn-around, well outside the cut off image

    This afternoon's briefing confirms IMNZ(70.3) will go ahead tomorrow. Pro start 0745, (1845 uk time) male age groupers 0755, female age groupers 0800. One lap swim, one slightly modified bike lap, two slightly modified run laps.

    Weather forecast 6-9c first thing, cloudy, some light showers/drizzle, lightish winds.

    Finishers will still get IMNZ finisher's medals, t-shirts, etc and, not that it applies to me, Kona slots will be awarded as if it were full distance.

    Should be a good day image
  • Race well guys ... enjoy what you can !
  • And Happychap types faster than me image
  • Morning Meldy, still on nights then image
  • You guessed it  image
  • at least with a shorter race you will have more time to search for my present  image
  • I'm tempted to ask on Slowtwitch, but does anyone know what tyres have the lowest CRR for racing in snow..... 

    That bit of the forecast wasn't what I wanted to see....

  • just heard about the weather you guys are having.... gutted for you. Have a cracking half and enjoy the medals/tshirts etc.....

    LOL re slowtwitch - go on I dare you. image
  • Sorry to hear this guys, you must be so disappointed!

    Good luck for the half. Race well.  image

  • Done.  Lets see if anyone bites.

    Hey, after this weekend surely I'm allowed a little bit of fun...

  • £5 on butyl. image
  • Will the 70.3 still be put up on IM dead?

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    It looks like it will be SA.

    We're up and finally the wind has died down. Fingers crossed the lake has followed suit and were in for a smooth swim.
  • Just seen Trogs go out of T1
  • Happy chap telling someone in pink where her bike is in T1
  • Happychap just leaving T1, she's had more time on vid than the elites heheheheheh
  • Nicko,

    Where are you watching this?

  • I'm on the Ironman Live video feed. So far I've seen an empty transition field, and an advert for that shallow turd Olly Murs's latest dross.

    So to be fair it's considerably better than normal.

  • IM NZ

    Feed seems pretty good on this site...

  • Gooooooooooo pirates idea on timings.....are they done yet? image
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Oh deary dear.

    We're all still alive, some just. An exciting day. And a very long, dull race report to follow.

    FYI Trogs transition time in T1 was long enough for her to go back in and do the swim again ;0). What were you doing?

    Mine was longer but I have an excuse innit, and no, I didn't lose my bike.

  • I cant wait to hear this one    image
  • Well done you lot. Looking forward to the gory details.
  • LOL! Well done guys!
  • Well raced guysimage
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