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  • Oh, I have spare pedals, cranks, (actually bikes too if needed!), jsut let me know if anyone wants anything specific bringing down.

     That bike shop runs (or rather the owner) the Taupo half IM. 

     Nice ride up here in Tauranga today, bit breezy, but not too bad. 

  • Scorcher in Auckland today and I spent most of it repaying some of my friend's hospitality by helping out at her pony club one day event.

    Good to hear the new run course leaves out some of the hills, thanks for that D74. My memory of the roads from 2009 was that they were actually better than many minor roads at home.  Maybe that was just my brain cancelling out bad memories. Either that or 3 years deterioration of the the surfaces image

    Yesterday's (Saturday) ride gave the bike a good shake down on much rougher roads than previous rides out here.  It also seemed to be perpetually uphill and into the wind so a really good preparation for next Saturday (eek!!)

     Last long(ish) ride tomorrow - might even do a brick image - then a short run on Tuesday before heading for Taupo on Wednesday. Think the holiday home we're staying at is somewhere around Two Mile Bay/Richmond Heights

    Oh, and my shiny new bike helmet seems lighter and more comfortable than the old one image

  • Some of the course isn't too bad, but 10 km south of Broadlands through to 3km to the north is real boneshaker stuff.  Rest of it is just rough. No real potholes, just rough chip surface. 

    I'm a bit torn as to the plan for this week.  Would be about done for the bike, but it's bike month in February in NZ, and I'm 40km shy of 1000km for the month, and my team of 6 (with only 2 of us with more than 1 ride for the month ) is in second place in the office competiion behing the team of 40.  So I would kind of like to rack up another 100-150km before end Wednesday..... 

  • So 13k of pure hell and 77k of uncomfortable.  Twice. Ho hum!

    Dunc - I'm sure you can fit in a quick 40 to reach your 1000k; that would only leave another 60-90k for the office competition. OR, kick some of your less active team members out to clock up a 20-30k's each image

    Another scorcher in Auckland and another 48 miles pedalled.  Pretty much the same route as early last week with a couple of minor changes making it slightly longer.  Average speed was better today and, despite it being hotter today, it generally felt more comfortable which is encouraging.

    Tried out some locally purchased flapjack with apricot and chocolate chip for variety from gels etc. Suffice to say I'll be off out to buy the shop's entire stock later, nomnomnomnomnom image

    Have a good day all

  • Last pool session done. Thank flip for that.  Now under 8mins for the 400s, so I hope that my training camp 2 hour swim will be a worst case outcome. 

    Major event of packing to do tonight, not sure if I should have tapered for that.....  How come we spend a fortune to get the smallest, lightest race gear, and then it takes a box van to get that stuff down to the race?   I suppose the full shimano service centre bike repair kit isn't a good start.....

    Latest Weather forecasts suggesting rain with headwind on the return legs for the bike, so pretty normal.  Will be cold too.  Friday is a northerly wind, Saturday Southerly, so it depends on when and how quick the wind changes as to what the swim will be like.  Norhterly, nice and flat, southerly, will be a fair swell.  But as this is 99% out of my control and will apply to all, then who cares.  Prefer a headwind to a side wind as that means that I get to use my ponce wheels and at least some of the time it's a tail wind.

     So if you see me around come and say hello.  You'll recognise me as I'm the tallish bloke with the carbon bike and wheels.  On the off chance that doesn't narrow it down enough, then I'll be wearing Oakleys and an old IM race t-shirt too......

  • Good luck to all, I have never met any of you, and am unlikely to meet some but I'm willing you all along anyway.
  • Just as well I thought to check in, I would have been (remotely) cheering 24 hours late.

    Race strong everyone- hope you all have storming times.

  • D74 wrote (see)

    You'll recognise me as I'm the tallish bloke with the carbon bike and wheels. 

    Sounds like you're more likely to get recognised as the guy crawling around the shore of the lake in your wetsuit, looking for a swimming race! image

    Loving reading these posts from the first proper event of the year. It's really firing me up for an epic spring/summer. I hope you have fantastic racing and the weather's kind to you. Good luck!

  • Go get 'em, Pirates!
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    All registered :0)

    The forecast for race day really couldn't be any worse. Heavy rain and gale force winds at the moment. Sunday has a glorious forecast so hopefully the front will come in early and blow itself out before Saturday. If not, we might need a few Hail Mary's. :0/
  • Just back from pasta party / race briefing.

    Hmm, additional race weather briefing for athletes at 4pm tomorrow with updated contingency plans.  "If the weather is as bad as the forecst then we will be running a duathlon"

    Winds gusting to 45knots (51mph/80kph) on the bike. Temperature dropping to single digits. 

    Can't wait, this is going to be one epic finishers medal!

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Kind of what he said (Erm without the cant wait). ;0)
  • A duathlon?  Of the run-bike-run variety, or the IM China 'drop the swim and start everyone on the bike at intervals' version?  It'll be a shame either way, I hope the swim goes ahead safely.

    Mind you, it's your own fault HC, after you sat on a sunny beach instead of freezing at the Ballbuster last November.  It sounds like we'll be warmer at the spring version on saturday than you'll be image

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    The IM china, drop the swim, waves three minutes apart with a legal draft zone of 5k before the non draft rule kicks in.

    Weather forecast hasn't changed overnight.

    Weather karma follows us everywhere Dave. ;0)
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Less than 24 hours to race start. Bike racking and bag drop off today.

    Start list
    951 Happychap
    1262 Toucs
    1439 Trogs
  • Good luck!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Hope it all goes well, and the weather doesn't mess things up too much. Good Luck all!
  • 653 d74
    All racked and just waiting for the weather update briefing from the organisers at 4pm
    place your bets now. Tri duathlon or short duathlon?
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Well, what an eventful week.

    Just back from an interm briefing where they have announced the cancellation of Ironman NZ 2012.

    Storms forecast are now expected to be 'some of the worst in Taupos history'. Army and emergency services are on standby.
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Against all odds the event team have announced they are looking at the prospect of holding a 70.3 on Sunday.

    This despite not knowing what were going to wake up to on Sunday morning.

    So, back for a briefing tomorrow at 4pm. Where it looks like we'll all be off at 8am our time. The route will obviously be changed. Other than that, everything is up in the air at the moment.

    The weather forecast for Sunday looks beautiful.

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    We feel very much for the organisers who looked knackered and gutted. Not a very pleasant decision to make.
  • <looking up smiley thingy> wot she said.
    Who'd be a event/race director?
  • Oh no, that's awful. At least you'll get a race (hopefully).
  • Really sorry to hear this guys. It sounds pretty extreme over there. Stay safe everyone.
  • gutting for you all..including the organisers....take care
  • gosh sounds a nightmare, hope you get some kind of a race.

    cant believe it was 3 years ago we were there and will be back there in 2 weeks, enjoy your stay whatever happens, be safe

  • Whatever the distance, whatever the format, race well.

    Good luck!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    What a nightmare.
    I hope you get a race somehow - glad to hear the forecast for Sunday is good.
    Sounds as though you're all staying cheerful and making the best of it. Stay safe and have fun.
  • You must want to puke. How frustrating.
    i feel bad for the competitors MUCH more than i do for the organisers. Sorry if that sees me shot down in flames, but i really feel for you.

  • all that training and traveling to far flug corners of the world and we still are at the mercy of mother nature.

    gutted for you all

    stay safe

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