Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • norfolklassnorfolklass ✭✭✭

    (Forgot to say I'm currently reading Barefoot Ken Bob's book: Barefoot Running Step by Step and it's really good image that's where the bending knees tip is from)

  • Hello, can I join in here please? I'm another Norfolk runner, seems to be a popular sport locally! I spent all last year working my way through couch to 5K and this year I've already completed the bridge to 10K app so things are going much better. I've done a few park runs and did the Race 4 life 10K lat Saturday. I've definitley been bitten by the running bug.

    Someone was on about phone apps. I've got an iPhone and I use Run Kepper (free) and then I used Blue Fin Apps, couch to 5k, then bridge to 10K and now I've got the Hal Higdon Novice 2 half marathon app. All have been good although the bridge to 10K one likes to be the last app you open and don't lock the screen! I always use my run keeper app along side one of the others so if something goes wrong I still get my info. It's entertaining to see how the GPS bits differ on each app. Oh and they do drain the battery life so it's worth making sure they really have shut down when you finish your run. To do that double click the round button on your iPhone and all the apps that are still running appear on a bar at the bottom, press and hold on anyone and it comes up with a - button that you can click on the shut the app.  Urmm also I found the iPhone headphone were pretty good at staying in place when running but I've treated myself to some sennheiser over ear hook ones which are even better and have a nifty volume control on the cable.


  • Wotcha peeps,

    back from me hols in spain at 0130 this morning, and keen to get back to the club run tomorrow evening, especially as my spanish training schedule went well, consisting mainly of beer, tapas, mums cooking, beer, tapas, pizza, beer etc

    Spoke to my estate agent while I was over there, still little interest in the property market, so have reduced the price on my house again. I'm going to have to take a huge loss on the house if i'm going to sell it any time in the next 12 months. Wish I could afford to hold on to it for a few years until the euro crisis has gone, but need to free up the money to buy here in the UK.

    Cant believe the weather here over the last week! The one week I take a holiday and England goes and gets all sunny!

  • evening norfolk lass and alibear30,

    i'm a new runner (completed NHS couch to 5k last autumn. redoing it now after 2 months immobile after not doing much over winter)

    i'd be interested in where to find the 'bridge to 10k' app please, alibear30

    and your barefoot running sounds exciting, norfolk lass, i'd like to try those 'feet'.

    tell me, did you get cramp at first, by having things seperating your toes?

    are they tough enough for repeated rough/pavement running?

    many thanks

    good luck to you both

  • Hi everyone - sorry I've been a bit quiet lately, still running though! Welcome Alibear and Sarah image

    I've been a bit lazy over the bank holiday weekend - I gave myself the night off on Friday to celebrate exceeding my monthly target (I've still been doing the monthly mileage challenge thingy!) - then had a horrible cold wet run with Mr Cheetah on Sunday - as a result I just couldn't be arsed on Monday with my long run, we ordered in pizza instead! I joked that I was "carb-loading" so I could have a better run today.....

    And it worked! I just ran my second half marathon distance!!! My time to beat from my first attempt was 02:21 - and I thought I was being a bit optimistic when I entered 02:15 as my expected finish time on the entry form for the real one - well, tonight I ran 13.12 miles in 02:09:07!!!!!!!!!!!! imageimage

    I didn't know I could do it that quick, and I wasn't even trying! There was a lovely moment about 7 miles in when the heavens opened just as I needed cooling down image

    I think pizza is in order the night before the actual race! Running club tomorrow assuming my legs still work - they don't feel too bad at the moment.

    Hope everyone is running well! xxx

  • Bridge to 10K is an iPhone/Android  app

    They also make the 1/2 marathon app which I'm now using.

    I'm worried though as all the local 1/2 Marathons say the have 2 1/2 hour cut off time with a 90min half way cut off time. I'm not sure I'll manage that , ah well will see how we go.

    Ran 6 miles on Saturday int he sunshine which was very enjoyable and start week 4 of the training plan tomorrow. I'm debating going to a local running club, but they all seem to train on a Monday which is tricky for me, then there's spending more time away from the family which I don't think will go down well.

  • Thanks for the info Alibear30, i'll look it up - once i'm mobile - AGAIN off my legs this time with excruciating plantar fasciitis in left heel.

    i'd heard folk complain about this, but had no idea how sore it can be.

    well done you on the post-pizza personal best!!! good luck with the new 1/2 marathon app.

  • Had an amazing run tonight.

    I entered the Wroxham 5k, and blitzed my 5k PB.

    It was 24.57...its now 23.10!

    I was gob smacked when I turned into the finish and saw the clock had just passed 23.00 minutes. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me there was an error!

    Happy boy today   image

  • well done '00shhhh!'

    thats a great improvement, you deserve to be pleased

  • Long time no post - hope everyone is still OK! image

    First bit of news from me - I passed my driving test yesterday! imageimageimage

    It's sort of running-related too, as it meant that I could get to a free training session in preparation for the half marathon at the running club this morning (it started at 9.30 and would have taken at least 45 mins by public transport - a 10min drive though!)

    It was really useful - and we did a threshold running session afterwards, and I've decided to start incorporating some of it into my morning runs. I can also run further in the mornings now as it will be quicker for me to get to work as I can just drive myself! image

    The man doing the session has trained with Paula Radcliffe, and his "easy pace" for his long runs is 6m/m..... I don't think I'll ever be that fast however much threshold training I do!

    Ooo I can do the odd Parkrun too now, as I'm actually able to get there! (It's actually very near to the driving test centre funnily enough)

    Hope everyone is still running - I did my normal route with Mr Cheetah this evening, but it was really hard going after the session this morning. I'm thinking of driving somewhere tomorrow and doing my long run somewhere else for a change of scenery - just cos I can! image I need a coolbag for the car for water supplies i think....

  • Woo hoo, well done Cheetah image

    Hope everyone is well. I've been reeeeally bad and haven't been running in a while... hence no posting, (well, actually i did try and run 2miles last week, but it turned into very much a run/walk thing - much more walking than running unfortunately).

    I think i may have to start at the beginning again....

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