Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Just a quick one to say that my knees are still causing problems image Went out for 5k this morning and they started hurting after about 3.5k. I'm hoping it was because I was running at a faster 5k pace. I'm going to have another go at 5k on Friday morning and if they're still playing up I think I'll have to spend a bit of time on the injury bench image

    And it was all going so well...

    Hope everyone is OK x
  • Hey all,

    I have just started this plan after deciding that I needed some sort of structure to progress with running. (I had just been getting outside and setting off and stopping when I had enough!)

    I am running every other day, so after 3 runs, I'm planning on going onto the next stage. Enjoying it so far, week one has been relatively easy and I can't wait to improve!

    I hope I am able to cheer you all ^-^
  • Hi Sparklestar  (that's my cat's name - Sparkle to his friends hehe! image)

    Good luck with the plan, I can't recommend it enough - I only started it in May I didn't even think I could run then - and I can do 10 miles now without dying or anything!  Sounds like it's going well so far, let us know how you get on with week 2!

    Sorry your knees are still playing up Norfolklass, hope they're better tomorrow. Mine have always been quite "cracky" when I bend down, not painful but makes other people cringe image - but when they get hurty after running they crack more and louder than ever - I've decided if they start playing up too much again I'm just going to have to slow my pace - and find a physio! 

    Looking forward to my run with the club tomorrow - hope Mr Cheetah comes, I get a lift home then!

    Night all xx

  • 5.12 miles with the running club at 9:22m/m - not bad, was sort of hoping it was faster though! I had Mr Cheetah as a pace marker and we overtook a few people so not too disappointed! No aches or pains yet, I actually remembered to stretch afterwards for once so fingers crossed! image
  • Just finished the 1min/90sec run, which means I will be starting on the 2/1min on Saturday. Looking forward to actually running more than walking, I just hope I can keep going!

    @Cheetah - Aww, that's so cute! I'm more of a dog person myself but I'm still partial to cats. Hopefully you don't get any aches and pains after that run.
  • Morning all image

    Welcome ran impressively early this morning. I always find the first day you run the increased time its hard, but by the end of the week its easier....if you find it isn't then just repeat the week.

    Norfolklass and Cheetah - we seem to be a thread full of dodgy knees at the minute don't we - hope all the aches and pains improve soon. Well done on the 5 miles Cheetah - brilliant pace too.

    Plan for me today - one solitary mile again. I'm really going to ramp up the mileage at the weekend and do 1.5miles image

    Happy running imagexx

  • Hello all, hope you're all OK. I was in two minds about running this morning, thinking I should rest for a couple of weeks, but I decided to take it REALLY slow and see how my knees were. And mostly they were OK. A few twinges so as soon as I felt a little pain I slowed down even more and the pain stopped, so I think I'm going to keep on running super slow and see how it goes. The good news is, if you live in Norfolk - sorry other folks - that there's a new half and full marathon organised for May 13th in north Norfolk around Holkham and Wells, see here:
    EXCITED!!! And 13th May is the exact date I started running last year, so I have to sign up for this image

    Snails, I'm so glad your running is going well and that your knee is healed. I think you're right about making sure you have a rest day between runs, I don't think I've tried running two days in a row more than twice and I remember finding it REALLY hard. The January challenge isn't quite going to plan, but there's always next year! I hope your 1.5 miles goes well over the weekend image Are you still running the same route past the goats and stags? And are you running on pavements or sticking to softer surfaces to help your knee?

    Cheetah, more impressive long runs and times - do you want to take over my January Challenge mileage for me?!? I don't bother looking at the top of the leaderboard any more - I don't even DRIVE that many miles in a month! I haven't done any knee exercises yet, too lazy to look for some, but I did read a blog by "pursuedbyangrybees" (he started a thread in the beginner section on here) and he tried running like a duck and he said it stopped his knees hurting. Sort of running at a slight crouch without properly straightening your knees, as if someone's pressing down on your head. So I tried that this morning as well, and it seemed to help. Bloomin good job it was dark, I must have looked a right weirdo running like that in slow motion!

    Sparklestar, hello and welcome! I hope your running is going to plan? The best thing about the plan is how quickly you progress, even if you repeat a few weeks. I still can't quite believe I went from couch potato to a half marathon in 6 months. Each stage feels pretty hard but it really works!

    Calling Secret Agent and Minty! Hope you're both OK and are running without any injuries. See you both at the parkrun soon??

    OK, off to get a coffee then watching Madonna and her enormous puffy cheeks on Graham Norton! Take care all xxx
  • Back from a run again, and boy was it challenging! The first two minutes/1 minutes actually felt like hell on earth although it got progressively better. My legs were like lead weights walking back up the hill to get home, and my running partner felt the same so it's reassuring. (our other running partner didn't turn up this morning, so we hope he can catch up on Monday as we are following the plan together - he is fitter than both of us anyway!) Apart from that, I'm feeling pretty good now and I can't wait to see if it is any different on Monday.

    @Snails - Yeah, I have to get up that early so I have time to shower and grab food before college. Plus I hate running when there are loads of people around XP Hoping the 2min/1min gets easier on Monday, but I don't mind repeating a week.

    @Norfolklass - Going to plan so far! As I have always said (ok, maybe just now) if it's not hard it's not worth doing.

    Also, signing up for a 10k in may at Marwell zoo, it definitely gives me that extra incentive to get up in the morning.
  • Hi guys, I am here! Just lurking and not running! image Will try to say a proper hello this evening. xxxx

  • Hello again,

    1st post since boxing day.

    1st run since christmas eve!

    I had an intentional break from running after christmas eve, thinking that the usual festive over indulgences would put mockers on exercise any way.
    What i didnt expect was my knee to still give me agro for weeks after my last run.
    As I said in my last post, there was some swelling after the parkrun, which went down after a couple of days. I also developed a bit of an ache. I still had an on/off ache in the knee and down my right lower leg for 2 weeks after that. I didnt do any running, gym work or cycling for 3 full weeks and its only just gone.
    I have changed my work boots, as the heels are wearing down very quickly, which I am sure isnt helping because its causing the foot to roll more than normal and is probably not helping with pressure on the knees.

    As a result today was my 1st run for 3 weeks.
    Just a mile and a half, in 12.33.
    I'll do the same again on wednesday IF I dont have any knee issues. If all goes well i'll do a couple more before I start to up the distance again. I'll stick with times rather than planned distances, so will go up to say 14 mins, then maybe 17, 20 etc over a few weeks and see how things go.

    I still plan on the Trowse 10k at Easter, but will need to be very careful if im to be fit in time, but without knackering my knees again.

  • Hello i hope you have all had a great christmas and new year,iv still been running 3 times a week only missing christmas day and once last week since my last post.

    about 2 and a half k ish into my run theres a really steap long hill that has been doing my head in for ages iv not been able to get all the way round my 5k route yet cos of haveing to take a rest half way up.well tonight me and the wife got to the top and even ran a while after,she does not read this but i still have to say im very proud of her.

    my new trainers are great makeing a real difference to how my achiles heel feels the next day i can now walk fine when i get out of bed and during the day the pain i felt in my heel is now gone.there asics gel cumulus 12s.i didnt get a gait anylisis done but i bought them anyways cos they feel comfy and if anyone needs a pair of cushion shoes i recomend them.

     its great to hear the walking wounded are back running and those with minor niggles are manageing them ok.heres hopeing we all have a great year improveing our times and distances yet staying injury free,touch wood eh (touches head)

  • i had to go out alone tonight and i managed 5k without stoping,im over the moon image

    going from someone who used to get knackered just from walking up the stairs to doing 5k is great for me,im going to have to give the wife a kick up the arse now and get her doing it in the next few weeks.

     i have no idea what my time was cos i didnt expect to get all the way round without any walk breaks but to be honest,for now distance is way more important to me than times.

    i hope it is going well for you all

  • RUTG - that's great, congrat to you and your wife, especially on making it up your nemesis hill!

    007 - glad your knee is working properly!

    Oi Minty - go for a run! image

    Sparklestar - well done on your progress, you're doing great!!

    Norfolklass - hope your knees are OK, mine have been coping better with the long runs lately, I started taking cod liver oil and glucosamine sulphate around Christmas time, not sure if that's what's made the difference or not. I also read an old thread on here where someone suggested doing plies (something to do with ballet?) so I've been doing something vaguely resembling the description every so often - normally when I'm waiting for the bus so I get some strange looks! image

    I ran my best pace EVER at the running club yesterday - it was about 5.31 miles, and my pace averaged out at 9:19m/m despite an evil-ish hill in the middle! I'm very pleased with that, but I really had to push myself so don't think I'll be getting any faster any time soon! Mr Cheetah didn't come this time - I think I wore him out with the Sunday run! 

    I also managed a decent pace for my long run on Monday - 9.43 miles at 10:05m/m. I could have gone further but I set off really late as I had my driving lesson first, and didn't want to be running round the streets at midnight! image I'd quite like to try 11 miles again if I ever find the time. I think it's just a case of getting my butt into gear after work and getting out of the door again earlier!

    Hope you're all enjoying your runs - I'm just having the beer I've been promising myself all day (stress at work!) before bed - random run tomorrow night, then the obligatory Friday night chilli!

    Night all xxx

  • Hi all!

    Long time no post! Sorry for my absence, I have been avoiding as am a bit ashamed.image

    I have, in a word, been crap! Haven’t run for at least 3 weeks now I think. I’ve just let it slip and now I think I’m worried that when I do go I will be rubbish. Here come the excuses image: My daughter’s daytime nap is getting later and later which means I now have to keep her up until 12.30 so I can collect my son from preschool at 12, which has had the unfortunate consequence that she is no longer going to bed nice and early. She used to be asleep by 6.30 – 7 which meant I could go straight out for a run after, but recently she’s been up til 8 or 9 by which time, having not had a break since 6am, I’m really struggling with getting out the door. Not sure how I can get around it, except by going out as soon as my DH gets in at 6, and maybe fitting in a run at the weekends too. Just have been feeling exhausted and lethargic generally. The cold doesn’t help! Anyway, we have another mid - week break at Centreparcs coming up on Monday! Yippee! So maybe that will refresh me a bit so I can get motivated again. We decided to go again so soon as my son will be starting school in September so holidays will be a bit more difficult to fit in.

    In other news, we are taking the plunge and are expecting a new addition to the family, of the four-legged variety, I hasten to add! We’re adopting a cute little fat black cat from the RSPCA. She had been nicknamed “Houdini” (shortened to Dini),cos apparently she tried to escape a couple of times, but I think she deserves a better name than this. Trying to come up with an alternative. “Nigella” (image)and “Treacle” have been shortlisted, but not sure yet!

    Sorry not to reply individually, I’ll have a proper read and catchup with everyone else’s news now. Hope you are all doing ok and hope the injuries are all on the mend.

    Here’s hoping for some running inspiration! imagexxxxx
  • Well - hello all.  Today is day 1.  Am overweight/over 50 and never ran in my life.  Daughter - Maamalade - is encouriging but does not live near so cannot be there all the time in person (although is in spirit and by phone etc) - today did 2.06km - 5min walk warmup - then 20sec jog/100sec walk x8 - then walk to cool down - in 23.35 mins. - today was with daughter - on own till her next visit.  Will work to imporove over time - so looking for lots of encouragement
  • Evenin all, hope you're all well? I'm pleased to say that I finally managed 10 miles this morning, after having to abandon the last couple of attempts due to rubbish knees. I did get some knee pain but I slowed down till they stopped hurting, then through trial and error found that if I speeded up again they stayed pain-free longer than if I carried on running slowly. Makes no sense but I don't care! Rest day tomorrow then hoping to do 5 miles on Tuesday morning. Outside of running I had an eventful day yesterday when I got stuck in football traffic and the radiator in my car blew image I thought it was exhaust fumes from the car in front then realised it was steam coming out of the front of my car! Thankfully I was right by a hotel so I pulled into their car park and a passing good samaritan dressed as a security guard took pity on me and stopped to help. One bottle of RadWeld, two litres of Morrison's own still mineral water and some torrential rain later and I managed to drive home. On the plus side my lovely lovely elderly neighbour gave me her 1970s Kenwood food mixer image so I've got a fab new toy to play with!

    Sparklestar, hope your running is continuing to go well? A 10k at a zoo sounds great! Do you actually get to run around the zoo?? I think that beats my swans and geese and Snails's stags and goats!

    Secret Agent, sorry to hear that your knee has been so troublesome for so long image how's it been going since your last post? I've been thinking that I wouldn't be able to do the Trowse 10k either after getting knee pain at about the 8k mark. I haven't run the route recently and am a bit worried about the uphill bits. I hope your knee is definitely on the mend now.

    RUTG, yay!!! Well done on running three times a week over Christmas and New Year, well done on defeating your hill, and well done on running 5k non-stop! I have the same shoes and they've been great from day one: no rubbing, no blisters, no problems at all. I just hope they haven't stopped making them by the time I need a new pair!

    Cheetah, glad your knees are coping. I've taken your advice and bought some glucosamine and chondroitin tablets so we'll see if they help at all. I hope so cos they're ENORMOUS! There's a page of knee exercises in the latest copy of Runner's World so I must cut it out and stick it to the fridge or something and give them a try. I can't remember the last time I had a completely pain-free run image

    Minty, congrats on the new addition, bet you're all super excited!!! Don't beat yourself up about not running as much as you'd have liked, everyone goes through the same lack of time and motivation, I'm sure you'll be running again soon. It'll get easier once it's a bit warmer and lighter in the mornings and evenings.

    Maamy, welcome to the thread! I'm overweight and 40 in a couple of weeks and hadn't run since I was at school. The run/walk plan is a great way to start, and everyone on here has been running for months rather than years, so we were in exactly the same position as you not that long ago. Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress!

    Snails, how are you? How's your running going? I hope your knee is completely healed and you haven't had any problems with it. Looking forward to hearing how it's been going.

    Time for a nice cup of coffee and a recipe book image
    Take care and happy running all xxx
  • Well went out again this morning - on my own in the frost - 2.5km in 24mins - warmup walk then walking with jogging between lamposts - got to get stop watch.  Got to work to 1st level on 8 week programme - but will try to get out approx 3 times a week - working to improve time/distance/length of jogging spells
  • i had an absolute shitter tonight (sorry for language ladys but there is no better way to describe how my run was)

    i usually take 5 mins or so to get into my stride and feel comfortable but tonight that wasnt happening,then my hips were hurting i got a stitch and my left heel was in pain the whole way,i only done 3/4 of my usual run distance boo hoo poor me eh image

    im putting it down to experience and i will just make sure i do a lot better next time out.

    welcome to the thread ma'amy and good luck with the running.the 8 week plan is great for a rough guide just dont feel ashamed if you have to repeat a week  or change the running times some weeks to suit your own needs.

    norfolklass well done on the 10 miles makes me ashamed how im posting how i couldnt do my 5k run then someones running thru the pain barrier to do a 10 miler on bad knees lol.bad luck on your car radiator tho,at least it got you home safe in the end.


    cheetah well done on the 9.19 m/m your user name is out of date your fast already,good tip on drinking water iv been drinking loads and except for tonight iv had some great runs lately cheers

    i hope everyone else is doing well

  • Well, I decided to get started on the 3 minute/1 minute run which went well for the first two repeats, then after that it all went horribly downhill! So I tried to struggle on, but I wasn't even jogging by then, just enthusiastically walking. So I'm going back to 2min/1min for two more runs and then I will try it again ^^

    Quick question, last week my shins were really starting to really play up while running, so I went running in a field instead, yet I think it made them worse. They haven't given me any trouble so far this week, so I'm hoping it was a random event. Anyone else had this?

    @Secret Agent - I hope your knees stop playing up, It might just be slight rebellion after the break!

    @RUTG - Couldn't think of another way to shorten your user name! Everyone has good and bad runs, hopefully everything goes uphill from here (metaphorically of course ;D)

    @Cheetha - Well done! That is a brilliant time, one day, one day I may even reach it~

    @M+B - Hope you are enjoying your break image

    @Ma'amy - We are basically at the same point, I hope to cheer you on ^^

    @Norfolklass - Wow, sorry to hear about your car, that must have been a nightmare. Yup, we get to run through the zoo, although it goes out into the surrounding town for a bit. I talked to a friend who ran the course and they said it was super hilly for about 6k, so I am slightly terrified :,D

    I shall let you all know how I get on with repeating a week and I hope to get up to 3/1min soon!
  • Allright, allright everyoneimage! I went for a run yesterday morning, you'll be pleased to know! Did 4K around Centreparcs and it wasn't too bad at all actually! Had a couple of walk breaks, but was pleased overall. Gonna try to do another while we are here, but came down with a cold yesterday and am feeling a bit rubbish today. Will try for another tomorrow. Having a nice time, but have zero phone reception and only the internet whilst in cafes in the centre, so feeling a bit weird and out of touch! Again, sorry to not reply individually, but will do when I'm back at home.


  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all doing well. I've been very bad and not posting or running this past week, but i will rectify that situation next week (i hope) - no reason for it either, just laziness.

    Welcome to the thread Ma'amy, and well done for getting out there. Stick around on the thread - less than year ago we were all in your shoes, and though we have all progressed at different rates we all rememeber how it feels to start out, so you'll get lots of encouragement.

    Cheetah - well done on the 9.43miles at 10.05m/m!! Thats amazing. I think i'll get some cod liver oil and glucosamine tablets this weekend and see if they help - though i doubt they'll me the shove out the door that i need.

    Norfolklass - glad your knees held out for your 10miles....i'm sure you feel great having completed that distance again, so good for you. Yuk to the car problems, but glad you got sorted out okay. I scraped my car on a pillar last week (the pillar moved) and its going to cost £400 to get it fixed (the car that is, not the pillar).

    RUTG - sorry to hear your last run wasn't so good - we all get them, and hopefully your next one will be better and more enjoyable. 

    Minty - hope you enjoyed your break at Centreparc, and its great you got out for a 4K. I need a shove to get moving - once i'm out there i really enjoy it, but its actually getting out is my problem this week.

    Sparklestar - i've not had any shin problems, just knees - but i've read about shin splints and it seems quite common. Its a good idea to ease off a bit and repeat a week until your happy and comfortable. Hope its just a one-off for you anyway.

    007 - how's your knee pain? Are you still able to run on the treadmill?

    Happy running imagexx 

  • Evening everyone, thought I'd better post at least once this week or I'll forget what runs I've done! image

    I killed my legs this week image

    I decided to be lazy and not go for my run on Friday - thn felt so guilty by the time it got to my Sunday run that I nearly ran 10 miles! (9.8-something I think). Now, my legs only decided to tell me AFTER this that they didn't actually WANT to run nearly 10 miles. If they'd spoken up maybe around mile 6 and said "HEY! This is meant to be our slow crap Sunday run! Turn round! Go home!" I may have listened - but no, they were fine right until I stopped afterwards!

    I had a very ouchy Sunday evening, and had to lower the resistance on the cross trainer for my workout on Monday morning as my legs were still whinging at me. Which brings me onto Monday evening - long run night (as I'd planned the running club for Wednesday...) . My BRAIN wanted to go for a long run despite my protesting legs - so I got out there anyway. I definitely wasn't a Cheetah -more of a Tortoise, and crawled round a very slow 8 miles (10:48m/m average, I dread to think what my hill pace was!image), missing out the gratuitous hill I normally run up and down in the middle for the hell of it and cos I like the "down" bit. I also stopped dead on 8 miles and walked up the last bit of incline to cool my muscles down properly, and stretched when I got in. (Plus I'd done dynamic stretches before I went OUT)

    When I got home my legs felt SLIGHTLY better, so I thought I'd got away with it - until the next morning, when it hurt to even WALK!

    I soon decided not to listen to my legs. I went to the running club on Wednesday (Mr Cheetah came too so I got a lift!) and although my right hamstring was KILLING me all the way round - 5.3 miles - and I THOUGHT I was going slow, I averaged 9:42m/m. 

    Just to teach my legs that NO WAY am I taking any more of their protesting, I have now invested in a foam roller. The rumours are true - they blimmin' hurt! But I have now rolled every one of my leg muscles to wihin an inch of their lives (that'll teach 'em!) - funnily enough I didn't find as many tender spots doing the offending hamstring - but all the muscles around it were the worst, so maybe causing the problem. It now feels fine - so can recommend it and will keep using it!

    I'll try to reply to everyone tomorrow or at the weekend - bed time now! image 

  • Glad to see you are all still keeping up the good work

     Been out for walk/slow jog between lamposts 6times en route - 2.6km in 22mins - slight improvement so will keep on with slow progressimage

  • Late night posting as I now have 4 days off work and seem to have gone nocturnal already in preparation! image (eternal "night person" here, must be why I get on with cats so well - and run faster at night!)

    Hi Ma'amy welcome to the thread - looks like you've made a good start, well done on the progress so far! It only gets better - this time last year I couldn't run to save my life, but stuck to the beginners plan and I now think it was the best thing I ever did. Keep us updated with how you're doing!

    Norfolklass - well done on the 10 miles! My cod liver oil/glucosamine tablets are HUGE too - hope they work out for you.  My knees now only seem to hurt when I'm actually running - and then it only tends to be for the first bit. Unless they DO actually hurt anyway but my ouchy hamstring has been masking the knee pain!

    I'm also really glad I signed up for the January mileage challenge (inspired by you!) as I wouldn't have bothered keeping track of how far I've run - I set myself a target of 80 miles this month (taking into account the fact I may miss a few runs so thought that was about right). I have now done 96.14 miles so will break 100 before the month is out  DESPITE having missed a couple of runs! So I must go further than I thought! image

    RUTG - don't worry about the crap run - we've all had ones like that (once I ran for all of TWO MINUTES before deciding it just wasn't happening and walking home hoping no-one who'd seen me setting off was looking!)I'm now only a Cheetah about every 4th week, so still need to work on the speed a bit (well, a LOT...)before I can become a fully fledged one!

    Sparklestar - never had a problem with my shins (just everything else!) so I can't really advise - but I think it's a good sign they're not still playing up - hopefully just part of your body getting used to using bits its never had to before if that makes sense. I think it was Minty who got dodgy shins at first - maybe she can advise!

    Minty - YAAAAAAY you went for a run! image Sounds like lovely surroundings for it too. Congrats on your new family member - fat cats are great, we have one of those! image Purry and squishy at the same time!

    Oi SNAILS! Go for a run! *chases Snails out of the door* 

    007 - hope your knee is holding up - or I'll be sending Mr Cheetah to join you on the injury bench as his knee is playing up now too (and you're both tall long legged men so can compare knees and stuff!)

    I've decided I love my foam roller even though it hurts! I managed 6.31 miles tonight at 10:13m/m, and added the gratuitous hill back into my route too! My dodgy hamstring only felt a little bit tight as opposed to really hurting like it did on my last couple of runs.

    I foam-rolled (that sounds a bit dodgy!) some more after my normal stretches when I got in - just my calves and hamstrings this time instead of absolutely everything though. I let Mr Cheetah have a go too as he was intrigued - he was fine til I told him to try crossing one leg over the other for more effect, he now says I can keep it hehe!  image

    Right that's it from me, I'd better go to bed before it's time to get up again! Happy running! 

  • Hi all, hope every one is well

    Done a couple of short runs in the last week, 1½ miles in around 12½ minutes, and intend to do gradual increases in running time.
    This afternoons run was supposed to be 15 minutes, but the road i followed up to the main road was slightly shorter than expected and so the return run finished at 14¼ minutes.
    No great loss, i'll just go the other way out of the village next time, I know that road is longer and can just turn round after 7½ minutes.

    Now I know someone is going to say, why didn't you just run past your house a bit and come back?
    It's a perfectly logical thing to do, unfortunately i'm a bloke and logic can kiss my butt.
    I have a wierd aversion to going past the house unless I know i'm going to do another full lap of one of my routes. Mad innit!

    I'm determined that i'll be fit and ready for the 10k at Easter, and that this gradual increase back upto distance will hopefully prevent the knee swelling that was occuring prior to Christmas.

    Happy running folks

  • Hello all, hope you don't mind me butting in on this thread, but I'm working my way through a similar c25k app and am up to week 5. I thought I might gain some encouragement and insight here! image

    I'm Rachel, hello! image
  • Thanks again for the encouragement - will keep you all posted

    You are all doing good on improving - even if with good days and bad - will keep a check on how you are all getting on - so keep up the good work

    Been at work today - so will see what can get to do tomorrowimage

  • Hi All,

    First of all, welcome to the thread, Ma’amy, Sparklestar and FlightyRachel! image Good luck with your programs, and stick with it even if you have bad days / weeks because you progress so quickly. I remember once I got past running 5 mins continuously, the rate of my improvement started going up much quicker (if that makes sense!). I had to repeat weeks many times because of problems with my shins/knees. In my experience, the best thing was to repeat weeks when my shins were hurting, or have a complete break if it got bad. I really think it was just “teething problems” for me and wasn’t anything serious. I never get those pains any more, even when I have weeks in between runs.

     Well I now have a fat black squishy purring moggy installed on my lap as I type, and I have to say it’s lovely and I have missed having oneimage! We picked her up this morning and she seems to be settling in really well. Was a bit wary of my 2 year old daughter, but then I don’t blame her. Though actually my daughter has been really gentle with her I’m pleased to say.  Still not sure on a name, but we think that Jemima seems to suit her.

    I didn’t get to do another run at Center Parcs unfortunately. My and my daughter’s colds got pretty nasty so I didn’t feel up to it, but am going to try for one around the park tomorrow.

    I think I definitely need another challenge to aim for. I would really like to do a 10K this year. Just realised there is a Race for Life 5K and 10K in Norwich in May. Sounds a bit easier-going than the Trowse one. Have any of the Norwich contingency got any plans to do the Race for Life? Oh I think it might be women only though, sorry Secret Agent.  You’re sounding pretty positive and the moment. Glad you’re still aiming for the Trowse 10K, and here’s hoping that your knees will behave!

     Snails, glad it’s not just me that’s been having a bit of a lazy break! I know what you mean about needing a shove to just get out there!

     Gasbill, I know it’s been said before, but definitely, we all have really bad days, just try not to let it get you down and start afresh on the next run. Hope it goes better for you, I’m sure it will.

    Norfolklass – well done on doing the 10K, sorry you’ve been having problems with your knees. Would you fancy doing the race for life 10K? Haven’t checked the course yet but I’m hoping it’s less hilly than the Trowse one.  Hope the car is OK now, sounded like a bit of a nightmare! I would love one of those 70’s Kenwood mixers.  In fact my ex’s mother gave me one, then we split up and she asked for it back saying it was only a loan. Hrummph!  Oh and when is your 40th then? How are you planning on celebrating? Oh and by the way, I’ve met you and you didn’t look at all overweight to me!!

    Cheetah, is your nocturnal run coming up soon then? Glad your roller seems to be helping. You have turned into a seriously hard core Cheetah! Running really great pace and running through all that pain etc. Just make sure you don’t push it too hard and do yourself a proper injury!  How’s the driving going? Have you got your test booked yet?

    Right then, better go and do some sewing. Have got lots of projects on at the moment. Latest is a coat for my son, a woodland fairy costume with tutu and 27 juggling bean bags for 2year old's birthday party in a couple of weeks image  xxx
  • Sorry, correction, I mean well done on the 10 MILES not K, norfolklass!! image
  • Thanks for the welcome - still got to build up to run

    This morning went for 4.5km walk - which took 45mins (not the fastest - but tried to maintin a steady pace - which is faster than my usual sauntering walk)

    All in all feel have done okay for 1st week - looking forward to improving over the coming weeks - will keep you all posted and watch how you are all getting on - stetching further ahead of my limits

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