Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Oi!


    Wind your neck in!

    I do not whine!

    I merely stated facts, those facts being that us blokes SUFFER with man flu, not just some trivial cold!

  • imageimage £10 says your wife will agree with me about the whining image
  • Well, I'm hoping to get out there next week for a gentle toddle up and down the trail that runs round my local common.  Doc said keep initial comeback runs short, so I'm going to do ten - fifteen minutes and see how it goes.  I would have to choose this time of the year to get injured because I'm going to have to walk to the common so it'll be flaming cold!
  • Hi guys,

    Did another longish run on the mill on Thursday, 7.5k (4.66miles for us old farts!)
    Started off very slow to warm up, and then upped the pace a little to 6mins per k (approx 10 mins a mile).
    Kept that steady till i'd done 3k, set the mill to a 3% incline (similar to the incline for the trowse 10k route) for the next 1k, back on the level for the next 2k, and then again 3% incline for 1k, with the last 1/2k on the level.

    Was trying to simulate the route as far as possible to get used to the feel of the incline and how long it takes to run each main gradient.
    I intend to gradually lengthen this till i'm up to the full 10k run over the next 3 or 4 weeks.
    That is all dependant on my knees behaving themselves, and subject to time in my lunch breaks.

    I now have a swollen knee again!, but not painfull. I've got some ideas why my right knee is  swelling, and will be doing a few experiments to see if i'm right, which hopefully means i can shift that particular problem quite quickly (if i'm right !)

    I'm off now to start snoring on the sofa, 3 pints of Little Sharpie (Humpty Dumpty brewery) and a Jack Daniels, followed by bacon and egg sarnies is making me rather sleepy.  image

  • Evening - long time no post! Don't worry though, I haven't been slacking quite as much on the running too! image

    Today I drove Mr Cheetah to Sweatshop to have his gait analysis and new trainers for Christmas - and not only did I get us AND the car there in one piece, I now have a running partner with proper shoes! image

    I took him and his new shoes out for a test run when we got back - he was OK with 5k last time, so I went for my 5-ish mile route. He was still alive after so I added a bit more to round it up to 10k. I beat my previous best time and finished in 00:58:42! Mr Cheetah is a bit achy now but wants to join me more often if he can walk after tonight! I'm proud of him image

    Not much else to report, I'm losing my voice - it was my work night out on Friday, and I'm not used to going clubbing and having to shout over the music!

    Hope everyone else is doing OK and injury free - how's the knee Snails?

    That's it from me, knackered to night (I blame all the wining and dining!)


  • Evening everyone, a quick post from me too. Had a really busy week at work so completely failed to do any morning running image Plus the early mornings are now freezing and frosty/icy so all the more reason to stay in bed a bit longer. Made it out yesterday morning with plans to do at least 10k but my plan was ruined. Apologies for TMI but I had to decide between disappearing behind a tree or jumping in the car and heading home to use the loo in the warm. By the time I got home it was snowing so I'd only managed 4k image Seems the visitor centre doesn't open until 11am in the winter image SO annoying!

    Tomorrow is my last day at work then I'm visiting my ma for a few days, and I'm really hoping to get back into the swing of 3 runs per week over the Christmas break. I think I need to have some kind of a plan to work to. First it was the couch to 5k programme, then reaching 10k, then the HM, now I feel like I'm slacking! I've been reading up on interval training to improve speed, plus the Sportlink people over at Taverham are organising a running club on Saturday mornings starting in the New Year so I might join them. I think I need to join a club but because I work shifts and don't get home til 7.30pm it's too late to run in the evenings during the week. Plus I don't think I'd have the energy!

    Quick question for you Cheetah: how are your trail shoes? I want to buy something that can handle the frosty pavements, it was really slippery yesterday morning and my normal running shoes just can't cope! The roads were bad enough, I took several corners sideways and it was a bit scary!

    Hope you're all well, hope recuperating knees are behaving, hope you've all finished your Christmas shopping! Night all x
  • Ah yes the trail shoes - I took them for their first run on Thursday, and was meaning to post a review!

    They were comfy on my feet - even the one with the bunion which is what I was the most worried about.

    The grip is GREAT - in my normal shoes I was going for the roughest bits of road/pavement to avoid the slippy bits - and in the trail shoes I ran on the slidy-looking bits on purpose to test the grip. I don't think I'll be slipping over with those on, so they pass the frosty pavement test!

    The only problem I found with them was that my legs felt like they were working twice as hard - possibly as the soles aren't as flexible. I'd also done a fast 5 miler the night before though, so some of it could be that my legs were still tired from that. I'll try them again when I've had a night off maybe! I did 10k on Thursday, felt more like I'd done 10 miles after though! 

  • Norfolk i know what mean about running late,its the only time i ever have to go and i wish i had chance to go earlyer.Good luck with the running club should you decide to join in the new year.

    Cheetah you seem to be doing brilliantly,i know i have a long long way to go yet but i cant wait till im running 10+ miles tho for now the 5k then 10k goals are good to aim long have you been into running?

    Secret agent i hope your right about your knee and you can shift the pain soon.Grats on the 7.5k run

    im just back from my worst run yet im gutted at how bad it went.

    The wife has had plans made for tonight for ages so i decided to still go out and do it alone,i usually run at her pace but tonight i guess i ran a bit faster than im used to and it was really hard on me,We had been doing 5k with 2 60 seccond walk breaks and this week the plan was to do it with 1 walk break but tonight i got about a third of the way round and had to stop and i took the short route home doing about another 10 mins running/walkiing on the way home .

    no excuses of late weekends or owt like that im simply not fit enough yet.its really disheartning but im not going to dwell too much about it i can only get better if i put the time in.

    i feel i should be getting used to a pace that is a bit faster than im doing when i go out with my wife,perhaps i could follow her round on my bike while she does her run then i go alone after.i dont know any sugestions?

  • Hi everyone,

    Quick post tonight.... was at physio today, and i'm now allowed to do two 1.5mile runs between now and next week - i'm so happy cos it feels like forever since i ran image. Hope to goodness i can manage 1.5miles.

    RUTG - don't be hard on yourself, i bet you just went too fast. It simply just takes time to build up the mileage you can tolerate. The best advice i got on here when i was struggling with trying to do 30mins running, was just to slow right down (even though i was always slow). Work at endurance now, and the speed will come later.

    007 - that was great getting the 7.5k done, with inclines too. Hope things continue to go well for you and that your knees behave themselves.

    Cheetah - i'm impressed you have initiated Mr Cheetah into the running thing...i also am not jealous at all that he can do 10k in less than an hour, and he has only just started image I'm definately going to get myself some trail shoes - but i'll wait till after Christmas to see if they're reduced.

    Norfolklass - do you think you'd try a marathon training plan in the New Year? I'm like you, definately need a plan to follow. It's awkward with shifts though.... could you run at lunchtime when you're working - or are you like me and only get 30 mins?

    Minty - hope all is well with you. I'm sure there's alot of excitement in your house with Santa coming. Have you been out running at all?

    Happy running imagexx

  • Aaargh just typed outy a long post then clicked the wrong thing and deleted it! Scuse me whilst I try to remember.....

    Yaay on being able to try a couple of runs again Snails!image

    Poor Mr Cheetah can't walk today, I must have worn him out! image I am also jealous of his 1st 10k time - he does a lot of other excercisey stuff though like karate, weights, and the cross trainer - so he was pretty fit anyway (plus he has long man-legs!)

    Hi RUTG - i started running in May, from doing pretty much nothing in my whole life before that! As for your pace, I agree with Snails - it sounds like you went a bit too fast, and even though it might feel wrong you need to slow right down and concentrating on building distance and time - the speed will come later. I've found myself getting naturally faster as I've progressed without really trying - first over the shorter distances (slowing down for the longer runs) and now I can keep it up for some of the longer too - although I may have to slow down again or cut down on my mileage a bit as my knees are playing up a bit at the moment!

     Keep running with your wife - she'll help you not to run too fast at the same time as you'll help her go a bit faster. Words of wisdom from Mr Cheetah here - it's like rubber bands! When he used to run he's just sprint off somewhere and knackered his knees pretty quick. Keeping pace with me enabled him to run further and it's (hopefully!) less painful. I also go a bit faster as his long man-legs mean he's normally slightly in front of me, but I have to keep up slightly to give directions (he HAS to slow down if he can't hear me to avoid getting lost hehe!)

    I went to the running club tonight as I've got my driving lesson on Wednesday this week - 3.88 miles at 09:32m/m. I treated it as a recovery run! My knees get a day off tomorrow apart from my 20min morning cross-trainer session - then I've decided my long run on Wednesday won't be any further than 10k. I might try increasing the mileage again after Chrimbo - but need to remember to SLOW DOWN or my knees might fall off! 

    That's it from me - just noticed it's the middle of the blimmin night and bed is calling! Night all xxx

  • My bloody knee is misbehaving again! image

    I had a theory that the recent swelling could have been caused by a new knee support that was a bit tighter than the last one, and thought it may have been putting too much pressure in the knee cap causing it to get iritated and swell.
    OR it could have been because I did a longer than usual run, which may have been too much. So i havent run since Thursday, and the swelling went down.

    Today, I used the exercise bike for 30 mins, on a light resistance setting, just to keep my legs moving.
    No particular stress, no impact, just gentle exercise.
    I am now sitting here with a swollen right knee!   imageIt is a bit stiff and aches a bit too.
    Looks like i'm going to have to go back to the doctor and see if he can determine whats going on.

    On the up side, last day at work tomorrow , then 5 days off. image
    Collecting my beer order on Thursday morning from the Humpty Dumpty brewery  image

  • snails its great news that your able to run again i bet your back to your best in no time.

    Happy new shoes to me!!!!!! im off to test em

  • Update - here's a post I made in 'Just a little bit further 2011'.

    RoadRunner76 wrote (see)

    -Loula: All CRAC members, and anyone else who's interested is welcome in my Gym thread. image

    I went for a run today!

    Summing it up:  could've been better, could've been worse.  The good news is I felt I could've gone for a long time, I felt good and not as though my fitness level had gone south - the bad news is I only went for about thirteen minutes.   My knee wasn't playing up, it wasn't a 'twinge' as such like last time, but it was more noticeable than when I first started.  So with that in mind, I thought I'd finish the length I was on (I was just running up and down a trail that runs alongside the local common) and then pack it in.

    I'm going to try and add a few minutes on each time out and see how it goes - hopefully it just needs 'easing' back into it.  If I can still notice it after fifteen minutes or so after another week or two, I'm going back to the doctor.  With any luck, I won't.

    I wore the running tights, an exercise vest, short running top and long running top.  I was fine on the way there and during the run itself - not too hot, not too cold.  Of course, the real test for that setup comes when it drops to 6 degrees or so during the day the way it's been for the past week or so.  image  Today wasn't too bad.

     So my next run is due tomorrow.  Hopefully it'll be better than it was yesterday.

  • Another Parkrun done this morning.
    Over 300 runners, in various states of fancy dress, including santas, elves, snowmen, christmas trees, and 1 grinch, in full green fur outfit! (oh, and a scooby doo as well!)
    Managed the run in 26.03, though i've got an occasional twinge in the knees. Just waiting to see if the right knee swells up or not.

    I'm sure I saw  a runner who looked extremely similar to Norfolklass.
    Difficult to say for definate, because
    1,  i've only ever seen the photos of NL in the half marathon
    2, I wasnt wearing my visual clarity enhancement apparatus (glasses for all you non-secret agents)  image

    I did think about going over to say hello, and see if it really was NL, but didn't in the end cos if I it wasn't, it could have gone horribly wrong,

     Hi, i'm secret agent, are you the woman i've been talking to on the internet for the last 6 months?
    No, piss off you wierdo! secret agent my arse, your just a perv! Trev, this guys bothering me!!
    Oi, you trying to chat up me bird or what! Sod off wierdo! (insert sounds of breaking noses and dripping blood here)

    I'm sure Martin Scorcese would have scripted it a bit better than me, but you get the picture!  image

    So Norfolklass, was it you or not?

  • 'Twas the night before Christmas… one more sleep!

    Back from my ma's, planned on running but didn't manage it image but I did manage to get out for an 11k run this morning. And no it wasn't a parkrun so good job you didn't accost that runner Secret Agent - it seems your powers of deduction would have let you down, although your version of how it might have gone did make me laugh!! Good to hear that you're still able to rack up some good parkrun times despite your knee probs. Hopefully it hasn't swollen up since this morning?

    Cheetah, thanks for the info on the trail shoes. I've been doing a bit of research and have a few brands to try out, just need to head off to the shops to try some on for fit, then go home and find them cheaper online image Sorry to hear your knees have been playing up, it must be the season for it as mine starting hurting for the last couple of km this morning. I've had the pain before (usually from a day of continuous walking) and am fairly happy that it was just because I've dropped down to one short run per week, so hopefully when I pull my finger out and get back on track my knees should be fine. On the other hand, it was nice not to have any shin pain for a change! Hope the driving continues to go well image

    RUTG, brill name by the way - if my cat could control the thermostat we'd be lounging about in 80 degree heat! I only started running in May of this year too, you'll be running 5k and 10k in no time. What Snow says: the key is definitely to take it nice and slow when you're increasing your distance. It's all about getting your body used to running for longer and it will take time to adapt. More mileage = more speed eventually. My 5k time only started to come down after I'd been running longer distances at a much slower speed. A sure way to get injured is to try and do too much too quickly, so definitely take it nice and easy. How are your shiny new shoes?!!

    Snowy Snails - YAY!!!!!!! Hopefully by now you've been out for your first run and it's gone well?? Do let us know how you and your knees are! I'd love to go out running at lunchtime but yep, only half an hour, plus I get so hot and bothered I'd need to shower afterwards so sadly it's really not an option. But the shortest day/longest night has been and gone now so the mornings will be getting lighter (glass half full image) so that should make it easier to get out of bed <crosses fingers> Re a plan, I think I'm going to just try and stick to a nice long slow run at the weekend, aiming for about 10miles, then two short 5ks during the week - one for speed and one for hills. Ran the bit of the Trowse 10k race again this morning and the hilly section is really hard!

    Roadrunner, glad to hear your return to running is going well so far, I hope you don't have any more pain or problems with it. How did yesterday's run go?

    Minty, hope you and your family are all well and ready for Christmas, bet your littles are excited!!!

    Beccy, have you taken your new jacket out for many runs? Hope your running is going well, can't be long until you hit the big 30!

    OK, off for a coffee and a mince pie. Merry Christmas one and all, I hope you all have fabulous festiveness and if you manage any running may it be injury-free! xxx
  • @Norfolklass:  It didn't.  During the cardio warmup for yesterday's Total Trainer session, my damned knee started playing up.  The warmup hardly puts any pressure on the knee at all - your arms do most of the work, but it still set it off - four minutes in, it started hurting.  So, I'm going to go back to the doctor's and see about getting some sort of physio.  It helped with my shoulder problem, so I hope it'll do the same for this knee.  No injury for the best part of two years - making up for it now!  I don't think running on this would be a good idea right now. 

    I didn't want to 'hibernate' over the winter, but the way things are going I might have to regardless.  

  • Hi Everyone!

    Just wanted to say hope you are all having a lovely day. I've been rubbish and haven't run since the Buxton 5K image, so sorry for my absence, but I will be back this week! Has been crazy finishing off Christmas present projects for the kids, but my evenings will be my own again so going out for a run in the next few days. Bit worried that I'll be back to square one, but we'll see.

    Anyway, Happy Christmas to you all! image

    Minty xxxx

  • Hello all, merry cristmas.

    My knees are behaving reasonably well at the moment. There has been only slight puffiness above the right knee cap since the parkrun on saturday, but that has gone down very quickly.  A little bit of discomfort/irritation in the right knee, but nothing much to worry about.
    Been taking ibuprofen over the last 48 hours anyway for neck pain (if its not one thing, its another!) which will have helped with the swelling anyway.

    Feel immensly fat right now, having a rather full belly having consumed nibbles, a prawn in garlic and ginger starter, roast pork veg and stuff, and now cheese n biscuits for tea.
    My beer has  run out , just drawn off the last pint image

    Might have to speak to Jack Daniels and see if he can help me out.

    My daughter and boyfriend are staying tonight. They were both given all in one pyjamas by his parents as a gift this year! His is a devil complete with tail and horns ROTFPMSL.
    I'd post a photo, but the poor lad still has to live and work in this town!

  • Hi everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS a bit late!

    We went to my parents' place for Christmas, and they live pretty much in the middle of the Wyre Forest with lots of nice trails nearby - so I packed my trail shoes and took advantage!

    Mr Cheetah came with me on Christmas day - I had my santa hat on and he was wearing the tiger paws i got him for Christmas, so a couple of cars beeped us! Once we got off-road I'm pleased to report we got well and truly LOST and didn't find the viewpointy place we were aiming for - and ended up with evil hills instead! But we still managed 3.6 miles before Christmas dinner!

    Today I wasn't planning to go for a run at all - but I sort of realised where we went wrong with the directions before, and really wanted to try it anyway - Mr Cheetah didn't join me for this one but I really enjoyed it! i went the right way, then decided to try a few interesting looking forest paths to make it a bit longer and see where they went (I figured i could always turn back if I felt a bit TOO lost!) I managed 4 miles - 9:59m/m according to the Garmin which I'm quite proud of due to the fact I had to jump over fallen trees and slink past random brambles for most of it! 

    I enjoyed my forest running so much that I have now entered that scary looking race I mentioned a while back - it's through a forest, which I now know I can do - only at night, in fancy dress, with obstacles.... image

  • Morning, hope you've all had lovely Christmasses? We finally finished the turkey last night - hurrah! Haven't done much running, but I'm blaming the weather: either raining or blowing a gale, or both. But this morning the sun is shining, I'm up and I've got no excuses left so I'm heading out in a bit. In an effort to keep running during January I've signed up for the RW Forumite January Mileage Challenge that kittenkat has organised over in the General Running forum. Basically you just sign up and log how many miles you run each week, and the team with the highest average per person wins. Think I'm going to need all the help I can get staying motivated during January!

    Roadrunner, how's the knee? Any progress on getting some physio sorted? It sounds very frustrating, I hope it gets better soonest.

    Minty, hope you had a fab Crimbo? Present projects sound very exciting, bet your kids loved them! Have you found time for a run yet? I'm still only managing once a week.

    Secret Agent, hope your knee is still behaving? Your Boxing Day menu sounds delishus! A mate of mine bought her Dad a white Elvis jumpsuit pyjama onesie thing and sent me a photo of him wearing it (over his clothes!) at the dinner table - very fetching!

    Cheetah, your trail running sounds great! We headed out to the beach on Tuesday for a nice long walk and some fresh air, and I found myself looking at the tracks in the sand dunes thinking what a great place it would be to run - hard work but fab scenery. That race sounds bonkers!!!

    Snowy Snails, hope you're having a lovely Christmas!

    OK. Must step away from the computer and get my bum into gear… x

    * * *

    Well I made it out for a run. Was aiming (optimistically) for 10 miles but only managed 10k due to hurty knees again. Hopefully it's nothing more serious than dropping from 3 runs per week down to just 1. Trying again on Sunday!
  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all doing well and have had a good Christmas.

    I did a 'trial' run last week - it was so woeful i'm going to erase it from my memory and pretend it didn't happen (no knee pain, just couldn't run more than 5mins without a walk break). So, i'm starting out tomorrow again, it being NY Day and all that, and hopefully i'll do better.

    Enjoy yourselves tonight, and Happy New Year imagexx

  • Going to see doc. on Thursday and I'm going to request physio because whatever they gave me before obviously didn't do the job. image
  • Hi Everyone! Happy New Year to you all! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We had a nice, relaxed one at mum and dad’s with various family. The kids really enjoyed themselves though they seem to show absolutely no interest in the whole Father Christmas thing, even though I went to the effort of putting sherry, mincepies and a carrot on the mantlepiece, and even left a stump of carrot with reindeer teethmarks for them to find in the morning, they weren’t convinced at all.

    Haven’t done much running at all over the holiday. Was really psyching myself up to do a 5K tonight and managed it, quite surprisingly! I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true that so much of it is down to your attitude (injuries apart!). If I really give myself a challenge and think positively about it all day, it’s amazing what a difference it makes when I get out there.  I also did it in my best time so far, 33.14, though I did pause my sportband while I popped back indoors to change tops as I was too hot, so I did have about a 30 sec break which I didn’t include. My friend is hassling me to do the parkrun, so I have agreed to have a go in a couple of weeks time. Eek!

    Snails, did you go for a run today? Great news to hear that you’re running again. Must be a bit frustrating but I’m sure you’ll get back to where you were in no time.

    Norfolklass – glad I’m not the only one who has slacked a bit over Christmas! I like the sound of your January challenge. It’s really motivating to sign up to something. Did you make it out for a run today? Hope you’re knees are OK. 10K is still great going though!

    Cheetah – well done for running on Christmas day (whilst I was already on the sherry!). That’s very dedicated! Loving the sound of the night run, it’s crazy but I'm sure it will be great fun!

    Secret Agent – glad you’re knees seem to be improving. Did you do the parkrun yesterday? Might see you there in a couple of weeks! (And don’t worry, my husband has promised not to think you are a weirdo and break your nose, as per your Martin Scorsese script!).

    Roadrunner – sorry you’re knee is playing up again, good luck at the physio, hope they can do something to help.

    Running up that gasbill – how are the new shoes? Sorry you had a rubbish run, and I know it’s another cliché, but everyone has days like that. It could have even been something like not drinking or eating enough that day. I remember Cheetah said that she couldn’t figure out why her Sunday runs were harder than other days, until she realised that on work days she drank a lot more water so put it down to dehydration. Have you been running since? Hope it went better for you.

    Well, I’ve been decorating the kids room the past few days and  I’m supposed to be doing another coat of paint on the woodwork tonight, but don’t think that’s going to happen now! Glass of wine instead I think!

    Night all! xximage

  • Think I jinxed myself after signing up for the January Mileage Challenge: woke up on NYE with a stinking cold and temperature and haven't been able to run yet image Next planned run is Friday, so keeping fingers crossed that germs have gone by then. Hope everyone else is fit and well and hasn't been washed/blown away by the weather?!?
  • Aw NFL, its only the 3rd so don't depair just yet. I think some of your germs came down through my USB though cos my nose has a cold today - i don't normally get colds so maybe it'll be away tomorrow. I hope you feel well enough for your run on Friday.

    Twas very stormy here last night, though much much worse for anyone in coastal areas. At Malin Head (Irelands most northerly point, there were gales up to 105mph).

    I forgot to call in yesterday to say i runned my 1 mile - no walk breaks either. So, plan is, 1mile Wed, 2m Fri and 1m Sat.

    Roadrunner - i shouldn't laugh at your new avatar, but it is funny. Hope the Doc can get you referred quickly for your knee.

  • Don't worry, it's meant to be funny. image
  • *Joining Norfolklass and Snails in the quarantine area* image

    After keeping up most of my normal running/cross training over Christmas - I missed Sunday's

    (hangover! image) - managed 4.2-ish miles on Monday with the running club, Mr Cheetah came cos I told him you can get free stuff when you get enough stamps. I was doing 9:34m/m so not bad, but not as fast as normal for my Monday run - probably as I kept having to stop and sneeze! 

    Since then my nose has gone from bad to worse and I've been up all night sneezing - it finally seems to be easing up a bit though, so I've postponed my long run til tomorrow.

    I did TRY to go tonight - got about 2 minutes down the road with the cold wind slapping the rain into my face, and figured it wouldn't help my precarious recovery. Tomorrow the weather looks better - less wind and no rain, plus I should be a bit healthier to start off with by then! image

    Norfolklass - I have also signed up for the January mileage challenge - I'm not much of a threat to you southerners at the moment though! I logged my measly Monday run - have you SEEN the top of the leaderboard? image

    Snails - well done on the mile! Great that you can run again, hopefully with no dodgykneeitis! 

    Roadrunner - hope you get a physio referral, they'll probably know what they're talking about more than the GP (from experience I find alot of GPs PRETEND and make stuff up hehe!).

    Minty - big well done on your 5k time - that's great! Every time I see your festive name I crave, erm... mince pies and baileys! (With liberal helpings of brandy sauce on the pies...)

    Oooo and speaking of Christmas - Mr Cheetah got me THESE ! Nothing to do with running, but I love them - I already have the black ones and have wanted the purple ones for AAAAGES but they stopped doing them by the time I could afford them! Hope Santa was as kind to everyone else! image

    Happy running and anti-man-flu vibes to everyone xxx

  • Hello everyone, hope you're all well? Due to horrid germs I didn't make it out for a run until Friday. I was hoping to do a nice slow 10 miler but my knees are still playing up after about 10k so I'm going to stick with that distance for the rest of the month with a couple of short 5k runs during the week and hope that my knees man up! I might google some strengthening exercises and see if that helps at all. It doesn't feel like anything serious, just the usual pain I've always had after too long on my feet so I'm not too worried. It's a bit frustrating though as I definitely feel as if I could run for longer, but I don't want to join the ranks of the seriously injured, I know how frustrated you've all been image

    Roadrunner, how did it go at the Doc's on Thursday? Any physio lined up?

    Minty, well done on your 5k time! And best of luck with the parkrun, I still haven't been… Are you sticking at 5k or do you think you'll increase your distance? Hope the decorating is finished. I HATE glossing - actually, that's not true, it's the preparation I hate!

    Snails, how's the return to running? Has it gone according to plan: 1, 2, 1? Hope your knee is completely better and letting you get back into it again. Hope too your sniffles have cleared up, sorry for sharing the germs image

    RUTG, how is your running going? Hope your new shoes have been blister free!

    Secret Agent, how are the knees? It sounded like you were doing OK again, hope that's still the case?

    Cheetah, hope your germs have gone too? I've just logged my tiny mileage on the January Challenge. Think I'm about 137th out of about 145 or something equally pathetic!! Annoyingly you northerners are in the lead! Although I've since realised that I should probably have signed up for team North due to being born north of the Watford Gap - oops! But I don't like gravy on my chips so I must be a southerner at heart image Fabulous shoes by the way!

    Right, off to the allotment before it gets dark! Happy running everyone x
  • Hi everyone,

    I am so right back to the beginning with the old running cos i didn't do any for so long, and also cos i'm now afraid in case the knee flares up again, so i'm taking it really easy. I have went out four days this week and done just one mile each time, and next week i'll add another half mile in on one day. I'm thinking that before, when i was doing the four days, i sometimes did three in a row and i think that probably didn't help my knee. So, i'm going to make sure i get a rest day in between, and never do more than two in a row. Its really lovely though to be back out again, i actually really missed it.

    Norfolklass - 10K is still brilliant, and its better to ease yourself back into it anyway. Glad your germs are better. Mine only lasted about two days - i have the constitution of a horse i think. Well done for doing the January challenge. If i was running properly i'd like to have done that. Don't know what team i'd have been on, probably Northern cos i'm NI, and i also love gravy on chips image.

    Cheetah - hope you're feeling better now too. Your speed has really picked up now, very impressive - i never ever have been able to sustain under a 10m/m. In fact every mile this week has been around 11.30m/m. I love your noo shoes too. Its great Mr Cheetah is still running with you too.

    Minty - woo hoo on the 5K time. Thats brilliant you are going to do the Parkrun too. I definitely agree with you that alot of achieving your running goal is psychological. If i go out with the thought 'i'll never do this', then i generally don't. I think thats what happened last week when i had to walk so much. Haven't had to stop this week.

    Roadrunner - hope you've got your physio referral and that it won't be too long before you get to see someone. Its so frustrating when you want to get a run done but can't. I still ice my knee every day, cos i'm worried it'll get sore again.

    RUTGB - well have you got your noo trainers broken in yet? Hope you and your wife have been able to get out for a run since New Year. Did you slow your pace down any if you've run on your own? Just wondering if it made any difference for you.

    Secret Agent (though i do prefer typing 007) - how has your knee been behaving? That was a great Parkrun time you did before Christmas, and i did laugh at your 'imagined' dialogue and fight with Norfolklass and her hubby image. Have you been able to do Parkrun since?

    Hope everyone has a good week,imagexx

  • Evening - I managed my long run in the end last Thursday - 10 very slow miles as it was still very windy and somehow most of my route was AGAINST the wind! (if only it had blown me up the hills....). I wasn't that bothered about speed though, I just wanted to see if I could still do 10 miles after a couple of week not going over 7 - glad I did!

    I decided to carry on with my Friday run as normal despite it being the day after the long one - and a strange thing happened! i did just over 5 miles, and the first 4 miles HURT, my legs were all wobbly afer the long run and I was struggling to go downhill let alone UP - but then the last mile felt GREAT, and I didn't hurt at all afterwards, or the next day! Maybe it cured me! image

    Mr Cheetah joined me last night - 5.54miles, not a great run for me (the 15 miles in two days probably caught up with me)

    Then as it's the running club on Wednesday this week (a nice flat 5 mile route so hoping for a bit of speed) - I did this week's long run tonight. It was GREAT! image 9.29 miles and I loved every minute of it - I could have gone further but thought I'd better not push my luck. I managed 10:13m/m too so I haven't slowed down loads as I feared! My legs feel OK so far too - so as long as I stick to my rest day tomorrow I'm up for a good run on Wednesday I hope!

    The germs have all gone too - they didn't get much further than my nose so I had a lucky escape there!

    Norfolklass- let me know how you get on with the knee exercises - mine have been playing up in a similar sort of way. I made myself limit my long runs to 10k for a couple of weeks (it wasn't that hard over Christmas hehe!) and my knees seem better for now. If not I have a feeling my health insurance may cover a physio session or two so worth a shot!

    Snails - great to hear you're still managing a few runs even if it's not as far as you'd like! I think 3 days in a row would probably kill my legs and I'd need a week off - so that's very sensible (I normally do 2 in a row - although last week doing two lots of two in a row was bad enough!)

    Everyone else - hope you're injury-free and germ-free! 

    Off to treat myself to a rum and ginger now as a reward for a good run! Night all xxx

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