Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012



  • Lee the Pea wrote (see)
    So are Michelle and Konrad back doing the deca? Wasn't sure why they're showing up on todays time but didn't yesterday?

    I don't know why Konrad pulled out but if it wasn't injury for Michelle, maybe she wants to end it on a completed IM or two. You know one for the road.

  • 'one for the road', lol! Some folk are definitely in a different league, physically and mentally!!
  • Great news about Symes, I know he can do this I think Mrs Symes has the right approach for him this year, the boy needs tough love.

    Glad to see Purple and Seren are going well on the bike.


  • Soooo pleased to hear that the weather has improved...  geezz..  what an epic event this is...   go pirates!!


  • Mrs. Symes, I love the 'we had words' bit too. Good on you and top supporting. As the others have said your doing a fantastic job of helping Symes achieve his goal!

    Thought of Symes, Seren and Purple lots today.
    Keep at it guys. You are amazing!!!!!!! image 

  • Those doing these events are so inspiring, i am in awe of you all.

    Been following fellow TriAnglia member Will Hall who's doing the quintuple. If anyone down there see's him, give him a cheer & let him know the whole club is rooting for him please.
  • only 3 laps left of the bike for both

    Go Purple

    Go Seren


  • Thanks Mrs SA image  They should both make the 9am cutoff, assuming Enduroman enforce it.

  • Golly, it's a war of attrition out there. All best wishes to racers and crew for the final day. Having seen them at work I have to say Steve and Eddy do a great job. It's astonishing they've managed to keep the show on the road this week. Good luck everyone for the final day.

  • Go ladies, you're both doing so well, as we all knew you would image  Gooooo Symes too!  Last day, can't believe it!!!

  • GO PIRATES. You are all superstars. image
  • Hope everyone's up and at 'em today. (and obviously still going for seren and purple) Last day! Hurrah!

    And have fun those who are joining today for the single and half.

    Hop, hop, hop!
  • Have we lost Symes, Enduroman has him as dnf last night !!!

    Hope all is ok

  • (((Symes)))

    Hope the dnf is wrong. image


  • Symes fell over on the run last night, his knee is fecked and the medic pulled him off the course. image

    Lots of good vibes to those still out, and to all our competitors in various events today.
  • Bugger. Hope the knee isn't too fecked Symes and you mend soon. Top effort all the same.

  • Bad news about Symes. Hope the damage is not too serious image

    Seren and Purple look to be going well - keep it up ladies image

    And race strong for all those 'just' doing the single/half today image

    If I'd got my act together and gone out for a bike ride yesterday I'd be heading down to support you all today.  As it is, I shall sending virtual cheers as I pedal today.

  • Peepoobellybumdrawers for Symes. image Knees are the very devil and it's about time evolution did away with them.

    Go girls, and halfers.
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Really sorry to hear about Symes  image

    Come on Seren and Purple, very proud of you both image


     Weather looks good today. A few Pirates in here, one suprisingly quietimage I think that's Purple around 3:24?

  • Looks good image does anyone now what laps the girls are on, as rhe tracker is all scrunched up, so can't see the earlier laps?

    Sorry to hear about Symes' knee; what a pisser image
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    Oh bad news about Symes - it must be so gutting to have your race ended just like that.

    It seemed from FB that Purple has had to pull out too, due to an inability to eat or drink image



  • Rotten luck for Symes. image

    And gutted to read on fb that Purple is out. image

    Go Seren! image

  • Seren's still storming the run and was past lap 12 at 14:00.

    There's two half Enduroman finished as well. I don't know the Pirate names of the singles.

  • DTB and Harrier Half did the half

    Runs off to check FB


  • DTB was first lady home for the 1/2!!

    Seren has gone through half way on the run about an hour ago doing 15-17 minute laps

  • Just back at Hotel.

    Just left as Seren hit 26 miles, she was looking strong

    I'm fine. Things happen that you can't control and you just have to accept it. It's a fab race and I have no regrets. image

    I will write a full report tomorrow.
  • Aw Purple, totally gutted for you, but glad to hear you're in good spirits. Well done for getting so far with nutritional difficulties!

    Go Seren, you're doing grand!

    Well done to DTB TOO image
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear your news Purple but still a fantastic effort image

    Great to hear that Seren is looking strong

  • Anyone know what's happening? Tracker hasn't been updated for a while. I'm off out for an extremely paltry run of about 2 miles....keep going Seren, thinking of you powering onwards!
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