Not The Ridgeway in summer



  • FeFe - what size frame would you be looking at? I may be able to lend you an MTB
  • FeFe - what size frame would you be looking at? I may be able to lend you an MTB
  • FeFe - she ARXED you a QUESTION!!!

  • I think Schmunk's keyboard has hiccups.

    Evan's Cycle chart suggests either  19-20" or L.

  • Lil Sis, you would be more than welcome

    Fefe .. I would think a hybrid would be ok, I dont <<cough>> know that stretch of the Ridgeway that well but it is a bridle path and good for walkers et,c so I expect the answer to be yes dependant on the robustness of the hybrid?
  • Ta, Melds- it would be the same one I did the Downs Link on (I think you brought your CX out to play that day).
  • I would say it would be ok .... at best the ground is still dry so that should help

    I cant imagine it being too bad for a hybrid but if it is you can zip up the road and save a place in the pub garden!!!

    A look at the Ridgeway website may give a clue as to bike suitability?
  • Oh me oh my.  How the heck did I do that?  5x posts one after the other image

    FeFe - The MTB I can borrow is a 19".  No hassle shoving it on the top of the car roof with mine

  • mtb best. hybrid iffy. 40mph easy in places.

  • How the heck can you get to 40mph on The Ridgeway?!
  • FeFe - I have permission for the lend of an MTB.

  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    How the heck can you get to 40mph on The Ridgeway?!

    image image

    Probably best not to ask!! Besides you haven't seen me in full MTB mode!! image

  • Im looking forward to seeing schmunks in 'Attack Postion' now she's been on her MTB Pro course.

    So whats the plan for Monday, time location etc.  Can we not meet to early as I fancy some modicum of a lie in.
  • RTFT  image
  • Schmunks that would be marvellous thank you. 
  • I have RTFT but still not sure where we're meeting and far we're going....what the terrain is....or what fecking shoes to wear cos red suede kitten heels are soooooo last year!
  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    OK .. plan so far

    Meet at Cowleaze Woods car park which is just off Junc 6 of the M40

    We can then cycle along The Ridgeway or The Icknield Way (whichever favours cyclists) and go to Wallingford or Goring as time allows for a spot of lunch by the river and come back up to the car park

    Cowleaze Carpark directions

    alternative directions!

    Looks a bit tricky to find by all accounts but if you look south of Junc 6 on a map there is also a car park at Aston Rowant nature reserve so as long as we are all there or thereabouts it should work !

    Not sure how far it is, but we can cycle out for an agreed time to a pub and then come back again!

    Wellies might be an idea

    Hoping to meet at the Cowleaze car park and source the Ridgeway from there

    Holly reliably informs me that it is trails rather than hardcore mtb territory   image
  • I've got a good MTB guide book which is showing a reasonable number of pubs close to the Ridgeway in that area! I'll try to remember to pack it!
  • 1100am Cas?

    Lil Sis, we wont be short of them if we head to Wallingford/Goring but the book would be a good addition and I also have a map    image
  • So you've told Barley 10 am, right?

    I'm sure we can manage that...going to go and see my gran afterwards....poor woman is deluded as she thinks Smiffy is wonderful! image
  • 11:00 am Ooh I get a lie in!! image
  • We all get a lie in, its a BH after all!!!

    She certainly is deluded Cas!
  • I won't....I will get woken up at 5.30am on the Sunday and the Monday! image
  • You make your bed ... you lie in it Cas   image
  • I like the way that even the website says this car park is hard to a challenge don't you Melds
  • The Ridgeway is the Holy Grail and there is no need to make a carpark easy to find  image
  • Now you sound like Yoda
  • Meldy, I trust youll be doing a recce a couple of days before to ensure we dont accidentally happen upon any signs pointing out the ridgeway.  We dont want to miss any opportunities not to find it.

  • Good point Coach

    Flatty you sorted out a day off yet or you still on community service?
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