Weedfree OW swimming



  • Weirwood looks lovely on the website. Wrong side of the M25 for me though.

    Just checking the bank holiday weekend opening times Moulds
  • Tonka - I think East Grinstead tri have been using Weirwood this season for swimming but if you look at the water levels in there now, I doubt there is any swimming happening as they are so low. rode past there the other week.
  • Still clear in the channel!!!!
  • yep - still clear in the sea. 18C water temp today
  • FB..Thats not good news..must be due a water restrictions soon then?image

    Will the normal lakes be open on BH Monday do you think? Have not used Heron or Datchet at all this year yet.

  • Datchet isn't open on Monday, not sure about Heron but Denham is open in the evening on Monday.
  • +1 on the coast!  Dover was busy yesterday..........
  • Thorpe seemed a lot worse weedwise yesterday. Bleugh.
  • Much worse than a couple/three weeks ago?
  • Just went for first OW swim this morning at Shepperton in Ferry Lake - beautiful lake, lots of first timers and really nice, friendly organisers.

    Managed not to drown or wee in wetsuit (it was far too tight!)although very slow. thanks Mr Happy for recommendation.

    Holly - not a weed in sight!

    Here is link - first swim free, thereafter £4
  • I've just been for a swim in the Serpentine today and it was weed free, although I wouldn't describe it as beautiful - rather just pretty murky. Dorney lake is ok at the mo as well image
  • Ah Debster - that's good news re Shepperton - we were planning to try there on Wed. image
  • Blimey - swimming to 11 on Saturday and Sunday!!!!  That means not crawling out of bed at stooooopid o'clock.


    Thanks, debster!  

  • How can you not wee in your wet suit....i thought it was compulsary................image
  • It's so tight i can't even breathe in it! Srsly i have never been able to wear a wetsuit without weeing in it at some point but there just wasn't any room. i swear all my faculties just seized up, lol!

    Definitely recommend the lake though. You can run round it too and some energetic peeps were doing a few circuits.

    There's biscuits and tea on tap too. Me likey very much.
  • Sounds a nice lake Debster - I might give it a go on Wednesday. Thanks. image
  • fancy some company soups?
  • Even more company? I'm off this week so fancy a cycle there, swim and cycle back!
  • Sounds like a party on Wednesday!  Great. image

    Any more??

  • Do they do cheeseburgers?
  • Couldn't see any on Sun morning Dustboy but they obviously hadn't fired up the BBQ at that point image

    Would love to come on Wednes too but sadly I work until 7/7.30 most days so unlikely to make it. Hope the weather holds for you all.
  • Anyone know the loop sizes? 400M? 1500M?

    Will Siggy be able to get up enough speed to tow the water skiers?
  • Dusty, you say that as if I'm quick! I'm no quicker than In the Blue or Trogs, who both did a faster time than I did on the Thames swim!!
    I hope there aren't any speedboats! The waves are a right pain!
    I intend to try out my Pirate kit cycling over and back, weather permitting!
  • Dusty, they have two loops there, 400m and 750m.  No speedboats.

    It was a good venue, earlier in the summer when it was quiet.  If you lot are all going that'll change image

  • Hi CD has Schmunks got hold of you yet?
  • read the thread title too quickly and thought it said ' WEEFREE swimming '....image

  • You'll be alright then lou, see you there?
  • ooo where are we going swimming without weeds or weewee then? yes of course i have to have wee free waterimage...wee wee would ruin my hairimage....
  • Weedfree and wee wee free? You are asking a lot this time of the season image
  • i dont ask for much !!!image.....if it was all female swimming itd def be wee wee free....image
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