Fat club - Friday 20th

Might as well do something useful.

Training has been a bit dodgy since I donated blood on Monday, but should be ok for the weekend. On a sudden urge I bought some liver last night, thought the iron would do me good. Well, to tell the truth, I went to Sainsbury's for wine and bought the liver on an impulse...


  • Is there a new Fat Club thread every day? Can anyone start it? Okay, okay, I'm a control freak, I think inside the box and I need to know the rules!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Sassie, yes there is a new thread everyday, and yes anyone can start it. There's usually only one thread for the weekend.

    If you want to start it yourself you might have to get up early. One or two this week jumped into life in the very early hours.

    If Fat Club members were any good with rules we wouldn't be fat, would we?
  • Glenn, it is red wine that's such a rich source of iron, isn't it? Is the liver just to wash it down? :)

  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    The liver just gave me an excuse to drink it. Any nutritional justification would be a bit iffy because it was white.
  • You eat liver, Glenn? Respect! For me, the announcement in 1990 that liver maybe wasn't a good thing for pregnant women to eat after all came as icing on the bun in my oven. I've tried to get to like liver, but the taste reminds me of cat pee (yes - I HAVE - please don't ask).

    Just rounding off my portable breakfast with a box of strawberries. The kids will be furious because they wanted me to use them to make Nigella's strawberry ice cream. Sainsbury expedition tonight so can always buy more...
  • Morning all,
    Well the day has started off the same as usual, with the Mr. climbing over the garden fence to retrieve one of the nutty boys.. again, the nutty boys are now under house-arrest and they are protesting very, very, loudly! Anyway, was very good yesterday.. halo re-aligned! After my 10 mile run..! (still cannot believe I ran that far..!!!).. I had pasta for dinner and then went out with a mate to the pub.. only drank mineral water with lime..!! I'm turning into a saint!!! Anyway, it will all go rapidly downhill from tomorrow when my holiday begins and me and the Mr plan to start as we mean to go on.. with a champagne breakfast!! Sassie - read your thread yesterday about your poodle and getting another pup.. ooh lovely! Still no joy with the Mr about the getting the deaf white kitten.. but maybe I can work my magic on him over the holiday..!!! By the way, we call one of the nutty boys Sassie! (real name = Scorcese - obviously already named when we got him!!!). Anyway.. don't know whether to go out for a slow jog or to go the gym this morning...seem incapable of making any decisions (must be lack of food!!). Have a good day everyone.
    Michelle x
  • Well done, Michelle. Ten miles - yahoo! And no lemon meringue ice cream afterwards. You're a star.

    I ate rubbish almost all day yesterday, but probably run enough to get away with the occasional day of eating rubbish. It was my own fault - got trapped in a car with a bag of toffees during rush hour, and both the rush-hour car journey and the presence of a bag of toffees were self-inflicted. No problem running up the hills afterwards. My legs must have been stuffed with glycogen.

    When my little sister was a toddler we called her Sassie. When "our" Sassie came online I wondered if she was baby sis but now know different.

    Pixie, the strawberries weren't that brilliant despite supposedly being British rather than imported. Could have done with a shake of sugar or a couple of scoops of ice-cream.
  • Vrap

    ref tasting Pee

    you must have missed that the prof dips his index finger and then licks his middle finger. don't tell us you were the poor student who verified the sugar content, and fell for that one.!!!

    No wonder you want to rip flesh etc.....

  • Even a cup of tea isn't safe in this bloody place.

    A few months ago I started a fashion for drinking hippy fruit teas and the receptionists and I brought in a selection. Then Lay-Zee-Boy started walloping through them so someone suggested that he might like to consider making a contribution. He obligingly brought in an unlabelled box of little bags of something that is green and smells like kippers and mown grass. Completely undrinkable. Presumably he only brought it because he and his wife Anna Recksia couldn't use it at home.

    Today one of the receptionists who wasn't in on the game from the start has brought in a tub of Whittards instant fruit-flavoured tea-like granules. Which is very kind, but she's missed the agenda a little, and the stuff tastes like the syrup from a tin of strawberries. Not unpleasant, but seriously tooth-rotting.

    Ah, well, water is good for me.
  • I must be the only skinny bloke in the world with stretch marks!!! I think rubbing moisturising cream into them is meant to reduce them but not make them disappear. As I am a bloke I've never been near the stuff so I don't know.
  • Started the day very very very badly. It is two years to the day since I met my fiancee and one year to the day since I surprised her with a trip to Venice and proposed to her. So, to celebrate I surprised her again (on a slightly smaller scale due to saving up for a wedding) with a lovely breakfast. So far we have had a bottle of champagne, strawberries, croissants spread with loads of nutella and a maple syrup and pecan nut danish. I think I'll go for a 26.2 miler this afternoon to burn that off (or perhaps I'll just lie on the couch and watch my belly expand)
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Moisturising cream? I'd have to shave first.

    You probably didn't want to know that.

    Oh, Gordon, I do use it on my face in winter - protects from the cold, you know.
  • I'm a Scotsman loving in London... it doesn't get cold (and I've got greasy skin so it never gets chapped)
  • Gordon, when you said the day had started very very very badly I had to skip to the end of your post to make sure the lady hadn't done a runner. Congratulations on you anniversary, enjoy your celebrations, and a bit of fat is good for skin elasticity so you might even have improved your stretch marks.

    EP, if I had the answer to the geographical tum problem I'd be on it by now! If I didn't work my abs, my belly would look like a prune - something to do with having lots of babies and putting on at least 4 stone each time (almost 5 with the last one). Putting creams and things on doesn't help; cosmetic surgery might, but then you get left with a scar like an ear-to-ear grin across your tum and another around your bellybutton. And I have only once managed to secure an NHS abdominoplasty for a patient (who had had two sets of twins and four caesarean sections in her reproductive career) so for most of us it would be money better spent on nice food and running shoes.

  • Sassie by name, Sassie by nature, that's me! Fancy having a baby sister and a puddacat to live up to. Tall order. I'm feeling virtuous, no lunch, because I'm going to yoga instead.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    EP: relax. Imagine you are advising someone down the phone. Keep repeating "turn the machine off and re-boot after five minutes".

    Should get you through the first term, let alone week.
  • Hang on Glenn - thats all fully qalified people tell me, so EP - don't panic - just adopt that as a mantra! You'll be fine!
  • Right, I have spent all morning writing a short children's story (not a story for short children..a story for children that is not very long..!). I'm worn out now, but have got to go out and get necessities for holiday that I should have bought the other day, but instead I came back with lots of new running kit... Have not been too bad today - have eaten 2 x toast for lunch.. and am starving! By the way Sassie - my cat Sassy is also very sassy, very disobedient, very loud, but very loving! And today I am wearing my pink top which has a sequinned white standard poodle on the front of it.. just thought you might like to know that! Right I'm off now..
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭

    Please forgive me, but your last post appears to show some symptoms of pre-holiday derangement. Only chocolate and an alcoholic drink can save you:)


  • I think maybe we ALL need chocolate and alchol - Glenn as a reward for giving blood and to make sure he can cope without it; EP to stave off the pre-college nerves; Michelle as a coping mechanism fro being without the forum while she is away, and me.... me because..... er..... Oh, I know, to help me cope with the WEEKEND!!!! Oh but its been such a long week and chocolate and alcohol will help me forget it....
  • And I've got to go to a church function tonight where I am definitely NOT allowed to be Sassie, so I need a drink too!1
  • That's it then - drinks and chocs all round - Hoorah!
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