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  • +1 for Fink if you're relatively squeaky. I used it for season 1 last year and it served me really well. I got Friel/Byrne for Chrimbo this year and, whilst I'm really enjoying the read, it's less prescriptive in relation to the provision of an easy to follow training plans.
  • Anybody else seen this one? I don't know if it's meant to be called "The Hairy Arse", but most Welsh words appear to be no more than a nasal rendition of the English word.

    It's a new half-distance in north wales with 1,100m of climbing and a sea swim. 21st July.

    It looked like a good way to warm up for Tenby, so I've entered. Anyone else fancy giving it a crack?

  • that Hairy Arse looks like a good warm up event for IMW - good timing 7 weeks out and a challenging bike course to test your bike setup (and you) for Tenby. not for me though - no long stuff for me this year.

    pedant alert/

    I would like to take them to task for their prominent comment re: neoprene boots and gloves. yes, they're "technically" illegal UNLESS you have a medical condition requiring their use and this has been declared to the race director, and they have approved their use, in advance.

    /pedant alert

  • slower loving your welsh/ english translation... image
  • Thanks Seren. I knew I'd got it right. Adds to my lexicon of Welsh/English translations;

    Trywsus Brun/ Brown trousers

    Pedantry always welcomed, FB!

  • And from this day forth, is shall be known as The Hairy Arse. image 

  • Well guys, looks like I may be joining up for this.

    Original plan was for the double Im in June, but have just lost my bike for at least the whole of Jan and can't afford to miss a full months biking at this stage, so looking around for something sligthly later in the year and being that there seems to have been a good response from the people that did it last year (apart from the weather) this event fits the bill.

    Did it fill last year?

    Is there anyay of seeing how many extrants so far this year?

    Whats the limit?

  • It'll be lovely to see you there SA!
    Just booked my accom for the race weekend. Availability already looks sticky. Looking forward to being able to train again once I shake this 'orrible chest infection!

  • this is from he organisers

    Last year the race sold out quickly so we are expecting to do the same this year.
    Currently we have about 200 places left, and do expect these to fill very soon so I would recommend that you enter ASAP to avoid disappointment

    looks like its going to fill before I can enter.

  • SA... i wouldn't read too much into that - im pretty sure it didn't fill last year - one of Buddha's friends entered a couple of days before the race

    my suspicion is that they're saying that to hurry people into entering before they're tempted to enter a different event

    hope you get a turn in luck soon!

  • it didn't fill last year but given that it's now acquired a "must do" status, I think it might do this year.....

    as Mr Z says, there will always be some hype about entries selling quickly, but until it develops the mythical status of IM like Austria, Florida or NY which sell out in minutes, then there will be slots to be had yet. are IMW operating a reserve list does anyone know??

    but I'd still try to get the entry in asap SA so you don't miss out and I look forward to giving you some encoura.....abuse on the day.. image

  • Anyone else see this, what do you think of IMUK running Wales in 2012

    'Ironman Wales as far as activity wales are concerned long course will be off north beach. not sure who is running 2012 so best to drop IMUK a line'.
  • Finally entered this race, the only other race so far entered is a bit of a swimcycle
    un at Nottingham.
  • TD - just seen that comment on Activity Wales FB page and the reply to the question if AW are running IMW this year is " not sure yet!".

    something is going on - I'll drop a note to Matt, the Race Director in 2011 and see if I can find anything out. personally I think it would be a great shame if AW aren't involved as they did a cracking job last year. it might also sway whether I bother with volunteering for transition. if the IMUK organisers are any way involved, I probably won't!
  • could I suggest that anyone who feels strongly about this organisation issue as I do, please go to the IM Wales page on FB and make your feelings knows.

    IM Wales on FB

    there's a post from someone called Jason Briley that highlights the issue. I've posted on it

    it's all speculation still that AW will not be involved but if we can make our feelings known, then maybe something positive will happen
  • FB

    I strongly advise you to get hold of 8-iron, he has quite a story

  • SA - what makes you think I haven't??? image

  • Id be keen to know what's going on, I was thinking of entering but if IMUK organisers are involved id want 110% confirmation that mssrs Boon or TriUK are not in any way involved.
  • there's the rub Barlist - nobody can confirm what's going on - yet.

    the general feeling is that if IMUK organisers are in any way involved, then IM Wales can kiss goodbye to the loyal following and involvement of many people including Tenby locals.

    make your feelings known on the FB page - that way perhaps WTC might get to see what's what and that people want AW to continue to be involved, and not the IMUK shower
  • Ive posted on the Facebook page, anyone else who enjoyed IM Wales last year and wants it to succeed should check out the facebook page, raise any concerns they have.

    You may also want to look on the WTC website for their contact details.  If enough people make their feelings known things may change, they did over IM Access.
  • Oh crumbs, not IMUK getting involved.
  • I posted on the FB page to show my support for AW and keeping the event 'Welsh', but as I'm completely in the dark about IMUK and how they could potentially impact the event so I can't really join that debate.

    It was awesome last year. AW were fantastic especially given the last minute changes due to the weather.

  • Reading back it seems as though IMUK could learn a lot from AW organisational skills to say the least.
  • Facebooked and emailed . At a loss to understand why they would even consider changing things after the superb event that AW put on last year .. Sigh
  • I received the email from AW with 2012 events, and sure enough there's not even a mention of IMW!!
  • there's more detail coming out on the FB page as to some of the issues -as you'll see a lot of it revolves around IMUK/WEUK not paying invoices from AW and others. there is a lot of money still owing.

    AW carry the support of the local community, without them I doubt WEUK can - and that's a key issue. without the goodwill and support of a rural community like the Tenby area, a big company is likely to fail in putting on a great event. WTC can get away with this in big cities like Frankfurt, Zurich etc but in small places like Tenby they won't.

    I hope it gets resolved in AW's favour but I fear some legal eagles will be making some money from this now - a sad time.

  • Massively dissapointing ... Gutted to have already paid my entry , and even more gutted that i convinced two friends to do the same  . leaves a pretty sour taste when you hear that the people involved in last years event still in some cases have not been paid .

    Sadly it looks like i'd only get 50% of the fee back if i cancelled now (although i have written for clarification of this given the situation with AW ) , so ... to take a hit, risk it being an ok  event afterall, or try to move the entrys to a different event .   Such a shame to have this cloud over proceedings .

  • Slag - the issues are still rumbling on and I suspect it will all be settled and AW will be involved so I don't think you need to pull out. the event is still there and that's why you entered again - I'd still go for it and hope that everything works out OK in the meantime.

    focus on the training and don't sweat about stuff that you have no control over
  • Good advice FB as always.

    I still may have to withdraw anyway depending on the result of my "consultation" at the sports clinic - still 54 days away. If I'd been privately insured, could have been evaluated in December already. So I won't know until March if there's any hope of me running again. Now I'm really getting antsy - if my running days are really over I need to cancel as soon as poss. Meanwhile I'm still swimming and cycling.

  • indeed FB... am hopeful that things resolve quickly , and with positive news re AW involvement . I really want the friends that i signed up to have the kind of experience we all had at last years.   Good to see so much dialogue on here and on the antisocial networking sites .. hopefully it will help get the point accross ?

    Training hard regardless as have outlaw to worry about first anyway . Aiming to not be in the bottom 5 of at least one event this year image

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