National Lottery Olympic Park Run



  • Stephen RStephen R ✭✭✭

    Great event.  I agree that it was a bit like a tour of a building site, and the cold wind didn't help, but the finish made up for it.  Emerging from the tunnel into the stadium and running on the Olympic track was one experience I'll never forget.  Even beats the final turn into the Mall in the London Marathon as a "runner's high".

  • Thanks Marc Stokes re: distance. I don't really mind, but thought it'd been accurately measured and was surprised that I'd recorded short. However, the Nike+ is calibrated on stride so it's not exactly reliable!
  • HellywobsHellywobs ✭✭✭
    My watch measured short because of losing the signal in the tunnel at the end, but I definitely think it was long. At 3 miles my watch was saying 5k and my splits should have meant a faster time. I managed under 40 minutes anyway, which was my target, but I think it was actually sub-39 minutes! It doesn't really matter because it was a one-off event and I loved the Chariots of Fire touch.

    Great medal and someone beeped me today when I was running along in my t-shirt. Not sure if it was to do with the t-shirt but told myself it was!
  • Excellent, if my fairly unreliable Nike+ was short but everyone else's satellite link ups said long, that bodes well for the VLM! Maybe I'll finally treat myself to a GPS...Thanks!
  • Amazing experience. Next project it is . . . . but nothing will be able to match for sheer expectation. I am very lucky.

    I tried to go on their facebook page this morning but it seemed to be removed. Its really over
  • anybody else suffer my disappointment?
    my running number has disappeared from results database!

    so i can get my photos up (i was there -honest!) but looks like
    a) the chip was not working or
    b) registration process went to pot.
    According to number search i'm not a DNS or even a DNF - I'm a Does Not Exist !!!

    So my photo doesn't feature name, time or position - bit sad.....

    Despite all that i'd echo all others about the day - 4.7miles around a bleak and cold industrial estate followed by 1 minute of of total life-affirming privilege
  • @ Envious,

    its still there, you just cant search it, you need to follow this link
  • Cheers Mark, thats much appreciated. Dont want to let go just yet! I probably need to get a life!
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