Liverpool Half Marathon 2012



  • Have to disagree Xabi.

    The start did cause me problems, lots of people to get around literally till Otterspool. Ended up speeding up & slowing down and maybe cost me 1-2 mins time wise. Have gone much faster in training.

    A staggered start based on expected finish time might be good, waves or whatever. Manchester does it for the 10k . If you don't give a time you're in the 2:30 block perhaps, doesn't have to be timed pens. Marathon I had no problems with this.
    Pier head sounds good but won't fix this.

    So for me, start & general congestion not good, I know a few have chosen wilmslow next Sunday because of this.

    Other thing was the sheer number of headphone/ iPod wearers.
    Beyond a joke, especially when people blocked you off so couldn't pass or then had accelerate around them. Every mile I did was 7- min something but every mile had a section at 6-min something working around these

    Make a stand about this or get them to run in a special banding section (for deaf people! image)

    Car parking was excellent as others said. £5 let you run, get food, see city.
  • There will be time indicators next year. The problem with the current location (despite it being too small) is we have to work off the narrowest point of the road because of the traffic calming measures. If we did that we would one remarkably long funnel stretching back to the Marina.

    As I have mentioned previously we will relocate to the Pier Head which manages the Santa Dash quite comfortably - and that has a bigger turnout than the Half Marathon.

    ipods are a pain and people don't appreciate this. I helped out at the Blackpool Marathon a week or two back and managed the split where half marathon runners went one way and marathon runners went back out on to the road.

    Too many people simply could hear my instruction and wondered why they were going the wrong way and were getting perplexed and looking at me as if it was my fault they could couldn't hear instruction.

    Eye of The Tiger... my arse! I've been running for more than 35 years and never needed audio motivation. Motivation comes from within!
  • Thats funny. Wonder how many did a full marathon instead of a half by mistake image Idiots.

    I did pass 2 runners, not necessarily together, but maybe had teamed up. Both with headphones on, but still talking to each other? Weird. really. Like a comedy sketch.

    Conversation went something like this
    All whilst not running in a straight line.

    I did get shouted at by one woman with iPhone & headphones on, brushed past as she slightly changed direction and said "mind me!"? Well I would but you couldn't hear me and running oblivious to others.

    I also saw someone, phone against ear, talking to someone about the next days business.6-7 miles gone in SP, and still running 8ish min miles as I passed them. Insurance?

    Alan, Changes sound good for next year anyway.
  • Your run sounds exactly like mine FTC.
  • Yep.........that's the other thing................i-pods.........................I agree with Alan. Who needs them ! ?.........they should be barred in races.

     I agree with fit running cat. i averaged 7.40's but sometimes ran a lot faster than that according to my garmin..................this was only to get past people and dodge the i-pod wearers. I do think the colour coded start would help.

    It was still a great day thoughimage

  • wow what a day sunday was love the tec tee and medal great weather loads of support pity i had a shocker of a the half way mark at 54 mins got cramp at 7 miles ended up with a time of over 2h 25 mins gutted but can laugh at myself now.
  • My first Liverpool half is less than four weeks away and Im bricking it!
  • Michelle - that's plenty of time for you to clam down and enjoy the day!

  • Doing my first half marathon here as well.  Ran home from work last night to try out the Upper Parly Mountain and it was okay and in fact made everywhere else feel downhill.

    Looking forward to it now. Having read the above comments and with my target just being to enjoy it/finish it I will be starting at the back and I will not be wearing any music device!!

    Bring it on!!!!!!!!

  • I think there is a more up to date thread for LHM. This one relates to 2012.

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