Who's entered the ballot for the Olympic Park Run?

5 mile run, finishing by crossing the line in the Olympic stadium.  There are 5,000 places up for grabs, to be drawn by a ballot - if you're chosen, it's £15 entry fee which includes various goodies including a runner's t-shirt and two stadium tickets (for the event presumably). image

I've entered, has anyone else?  Hopefully I'll be getting a couple of park runs under my belt before that comes around. image



  • You probably won't be able to move. Think it will be more a promotional event than a proper race/run
  • I hope I'd be able to go at least at a sedate pace - if not, that's put a bit of a downer on that - no point just walking five miles, what's the fun in that?  Probably won't get picked anyway. image
  • It's in the bottom ten of events I'd choose to do.

    Do you have to run through the shopping centre to get to the stadium?

    And £15 for a five miler? image

  • 5000 runners.only a 5 mile race and having to get into a stadium for a track finish............seems like there might be a bottle neckimage

    fast runners maybe about 23 mins...........slow runners at 60 mins...so 5000 runners finishing within 38 minutes....all inside a stadium......can't imagin ethere not being a problemimage

  • image I'm actually quite excited about it, I've never run on an olympic track before.  That said, if it's a rerun of my experience of applying for olympic tickets then I haven't got in.

    Wilkie- IIRC it goes 'through' the olympic park.  I don't recollect having seen a route map.

  • I don't recollect her saying it did. She asked a question.
  • I have entered - once in a lifetime event I reckon, slow or fast.
  • £15 for 5 miles does sound a bit steep, but most 5 mile runs don't finish crossing the Finish Line at the Olympic Stadium!  Chances are I won't get picked, but it can't hurt to apply, eh? image  What's annoying is they reserve the £15 on your account as soon as you enter, but only actually take the money if you get chosen.  Between now and then that money's unavailable, which is a bit of a pain.  But as others have said, it's a once in a lifetime event - but there are probably millions of runners around the country and that doesn't go into 5000.  We'll see, eh? image
  • I've entered. But on the basis that I've failed to get a FLM/VLM place 5 times in 6 years (the gap being missing applying, not that I was successful!), failed in the GNR every year since it went to a ballot system, and not getting a place in the first Kielder marathon last year which was done by ballot - i.e. every single race ballot I have ever entered, I'm not holding out much hope! I figure I probably have more chance qualifying for an actual Olympic place than being successful in the ballot (i.e. no chance whatsoever).

    Edit to add: and I didn't get any olympic tickets either!!!
  • Thanks for the heads up folks.  Entered.
  • I entered hoping that I may one day be able to show the grandchildren my Olympic medal...image

  • I entered. Not expecting to get in. Just thought it would be a nice way to see the stadium. Don't really care about times so (hopefully) won't mind bottlenecks.
  • The organisers have really got the marketing right on this, I'll say that for them.

    Making it a ballot so ALREADY people are saying "will I get in?" - nothing is as desirable as something unobtainable.

    Making it a "once in a lifetime event" - will you be surprised if actually, since it was SO successful, they decide to hold it again the following year?  I know I'm a cynical old bat, but I'd put a tenner on that!

    And where is all the entry money going? Good causes?  I couldn't see any information about that on the website. 

  • I entered. If I get in fine I get to see the olympic track and run on it. That would be cool.

    If I dont then it wont ruin my life.

    I dont know why people on here have to be so bloody miserable about everything.

    Dont enter if you dont want.

  • I've entered, it will be fun if I get in, if not I'm not going to be that bothered, just seems a nice way of seeing the Olympic park and stadium for the first time.

    Perhaps they will put the event on again the next year, would I be interested? no probably not, I'd like to do it in the Olympic year, it wouldn't be so appealing otherwise.

  • Ultra AJH wrote (see)

    I entered. If I get in fine I get to see the olympic track and run on it. That would be cool.

    If I dont then it wont ruin my life.

    I dont know why people on here have to be so bloody miserable about everything.

    Dont enter if you dont want.

    That's how I see it - I know there's very little chance of being chosen, but if I am it'll be an amazing experience.  If not, then so be it - it won't haunt me for the rest of my life or anything. image
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Well it will literally be a once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the Olympic stadium and cross the line before any Olympic events take place.  Hardly life changing but still pretty bloody cool.  I'd be up for this if it wasn't likely to be way too soon into my injury rehab.

    And 5,000 runners is hardly a guaranteed bottle-neck at the end of a 5 mile race is it?  I can't see them sheperding you through turnstiles to get into the stadium, innit.

  • If you cant beat em !! 

    I have entered, if I get in I will do it walking in an Antique Divers Suit, should be finished a week later !!


  • Well if they're going to apply Olympic level security then any chance of a PB goes out of the window while we queue for the metal detectors and they check to see if we're carrying more than 100ml of liquid or an excessively large picnic.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Oh and how can you moan about the cost of entry in relation to the distance of the race?  Charge a couple of your mates £5 each for the free spectator tickets (how many people will get a chance to get inside the stadium before the games?) and it'll cost you a fiver.  image
  • S_L_O wrote (see)

    I entered hoping that I may one day be able to show the grandchildren my Olympic medal...image

    Haha, that was my reason for entering too! And it will be pretty damn cool to cross the Olympic finish line ahead of Usain Bolt image 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Sod it, changed my mind.  Unlikely to be in PB shape by then but all being well should still be able to justify my allocated zone in order to avoid this dreaded bottleneck.  image

    It also gives me a chance to reccy the stadium layout for my planned sneaky entrance disguised as an Olympic mascot to watch the men's 10,000m and women's heptathlon finals. 

    Me and my mate Kevin, yesterday...


  • I'd recognise you anywhere, sweetie. image
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    It's the blue crotch, isn't it!
  • I didn't even know about this until I read this thread.

    I've entered, but if my luck, to date, with the lottery or race ballots is anything to go by then I shouldn't get too excited! I will though (get excited) I can't help myself image
  • I'd love to do it. Would be great if they could squeeze me in image
  • Ah well, one more rejection for me .... sniff

    Looking on the bright side, at least I haven't used up any of my lottery luck image
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Wondered what you were going on about then, but I've just received the same e-mail.  Ho hum.  Back to the sensible "return to racing" plan then...  image
  • I didn't get in either, there goes my dream of an Olympic medal! image
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