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  • Rondo, all makes sense.  I did my cycling as a base endurance thing (I was injured so couldn't run).  It does work.  Didn't run a mile between July last year and end of January and I'd only lost 20 seconds a mile off my 5K time.

    I might try your swimming idea as an extra / x training session.  Anyway, all sounds good - keep going!

  • Rondo, there are a lot of theories out there about training for endurance runs. I'm with you on what you're doing though. I've checked my training log and last year I did absolutely no running from Brighton Marathon in April until I returned from Italy at the beginning of October. I did however do a lot of cycling (120 miles + a week) including a 300 mile trip (4 days) to Newquay at the beginning of September. I ran one 20 mile run two weeks before BHM and a few short runs after that, then, although expecting problems, managed to finish BHM OK (top 50 I think).

    This year, although I'm running more I'm really struggling to motivate myself for the long training runs and also aching more because of it. This change in the weather's not going to help either!

  • See you guys out on the Seven Sisters, this sunny Saturday?

    There's been a noticeable pick-up in runners during September, presumably breaking in the legs (hopefully not breaking up!) ahead of October's event.

    Think I came across last year's Ladies winner.

    Aching, but gotta get on with it! 

  • forgot to mention i'm supposed to do leg excercises twice a week. just sort of lunges and squates, but the inclination and energy is just not there.

    i did 13 miles this morning and really enjoyed it. 9mm with the last two at 7.30mm.

    Because i'm not doing the longer runs I don't have a dread of them. I've had no injuries and even though my mileage was 22 along with a mile of swimming and the 120 miles on the bike i'm not fatigued.

    I think you can argue it anyway you like, but i want to be able to do many more marathons and running 50 miles a week with a family and full time job doesnt work, whereas my current program does. this is actually much more the deciding factor than all of the theories.

    question for BHM vets. fast or slow down the hills?

  • oh and good luck on sunday lombster

  • rondo wrote (see)
    question for BHM vets. fast or slow down the hills?

    depends if you fall over !  most of  'em are too steep for me to run down!

  • "fast or slow down the hills?"   depends on how the legs feel....

    early on you'll go down fast, but by the time you hit the 7 Bitches and your legs are knackered, you'll be going down slowly as the quads will be killing you!!

    are you training for an Ironman rondo??  I've done 5 and as you have been advised, you don't need to do a high volume of long runs as the training is more endurance based with an emphasis on long rides with shorter runs off the back.  when you hit an IM event you know pretty much that you won't run the whole marathon so why do 20 mile runs in training?  but I have to say that if you want to improve your marathon times, you're still better off doing focused marathon training.


  • Cheers Rondo.

    I "ran" all of the marathon last year, although some of the downhills are so steep you do have to reign it back a bit otherwise you'll end up taking a tumble, as my mum did fairly early on into the race (she did go on to complete it after she was patched up!). Some of the uphills are again so steep that you can't physically get much speed; I definitely recall having to use my hands on my knees to help get me up some of them towards the end!

  • hello fat buddha,

    i'm not doing an ironman, just have an ironman trainer. the cycling is a necessity as its the best way to get to work ( same time as driving but a lot cheaper and less stressful) and I wanted someone who didn't just say stop cycling.

    i'm not too worried about marathon times, but doing this to give my fitness routine a purpose. i figure if i just randomly do excercise i will just give up.

    and five IMs? are you mad?

  • re the hills it seems just go with the flow. its going to hurt whatever i do

  • "and five IMs? are you mad?"

    the only place I'm mad is outside of the IM world......image   anyway, 5 is nothing compared to some who've done many more.  and don't start with the true nutters who do things like decaman (1 a day for 10 days), double-deca (20) and for the 1st time this year (starting soon I think), 30 in 30 days.   they are the real headcases.  

  • Hey FB are you and Petal marshalling again this year ? I hope so as I would miss the abuse hurling if you were not. image

  • TG - yep - hopefully usual spot at Lullington Heath and then above the finish line later

  • Got a place from a club mate a few weeks ago. Horrible realisation that there's nearly as much ascent in this as in NDW50, but to be climbed (and descended) in half the distance... Must do more hill work!

  • I will look out for you fat Buddha image
  • ok BHM veterans

    whats the most boring bit

    worst bit

    favourite bit

    want to prepare myself. I'm kind of familiar with the area, having driven, walked, cycled various parts of the course over the years. Never yet run it though.

  • most boring - the track from the feedstation at the top of Bo Peep Hill to the road crossing at High and Over.  it goes on and on and on and.....on. and you pass the 1/2 way stage on this bit which kind of does the head in knowing you're already knackered and you're ONLY 1/2 way.....

    worst bit - the long drag, mainly uphill, from the feedstation at Birling Gap to the top of Beachy Head.  it feels a damn sight longer than 3 miles!!

    favourite - although toughest - the 7 Bitches.  on the right day, the views are to die for and you know that you haven't got far to go to the end, although those last 6 miles are very hard.  

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Worst bit?  Those blimming steps!  They seem never-ending image

    Best bit?  Well almost all of it really.  It's a wonderful route with glorious views image

  • thanks for that. i know that birling gap bit is a very nice walk, but maybe not after you've run 13 miles.

    Did a quick 45minute run this morning and felt great which was good as I rode 135 miles on Sunday. Heart and lungs feel like theyre nearly ready. Legs felt a little tired, but overall not bad considering.

    my online trainer man just did the Barcelona ironman and ran his marathon on 3hr 15. quite incredible after all that swimming and cyling. he did the whole lot in 9hr 33. Hope he doesn't expect the same from me.

    Currently really looking forward to it.

  • Redhead wrote (see)

    Worst bit?  Those blimming steps!  They seem never-ending image

    Best bit?  Well almost all of it really.  It's a wonderful route with glorious views image

    unless the clouds are down on the tops and it's pissing down - then it's not so glorious....

    and the way the weather is at the mo, and has been, I would reckon it could be a trail shoe day.  depends how much more rain comes over the next 3 weeks or so

  • damn and i just bought some more road shoes thinking i could get away with it

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Tee hee FB, good point!  One year I got blown over as I was climbing over a stile and when my hubby phoned me he couldn't hear what I was saying 'cos of the wind (I'd forgotten that!).

    Trouble I have with trail shoes is on the flinty bits as I have a tendency to slip on them and kiss the earth image

  • I was looking at trail shoes at the weekend, I think I may purchase a new pairimage

    I agree FB the most boring bit is the bit at around half way. The rest I would say is interesting as various part of the body start to complain for either go up or going down.imageBest bits are the water/food stations

  • Am dreading a repeat of 2009 mud.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Oh and also beware photographers at the feed stations, especially if TraceyG's lovely hubby Bernard is about as he caught me stuffing a hot cross bun into my mouth one year!

    I think I'm going to struggle on the steepest bits this year as my asthma is still dragging me down image  Still, there are still 2 and a bit weeks to go so maybe it will have eased off by then.

  • Redhead - you can snap Bernard stuffing his face this year.
  • redhead have you ever been given Symbicort. I managed to get seen by a consultant a few years ago and got myself on it. Literally transformed my life. Peak flow rate is 50% up and i rarely use my inhaler. GPs gasp that I managed to get it prescribed, but once you're on thats it.

    re feed stations can I ask how many there are and what they offer. i have heard rumours of he buns and sausage rolls, but just after some more details.

  • feed stations are at (roughly):

    • just before Alfriston as you come down from the Long Man
    • top of Bo Peep Hill
    • in Littlington village
    • at Birling Gap
    they all have a selection of foods from bananas, Mars bars, buns, etc plus water (maybe High 5 as well?) and the one in Littlington also does tea, coffee, soup plus sausage rolls - usually quite a gathering at this one!!   there's also a mini one run by the Coastguards on top of Crowlink before Birling gap - water and some chocolates.  and there's usually some water just after you cross the road at High and Over - but as you're only about a mile from Littlington it's hardly worth a stop for it.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Rondo, I have tried Symbicort (I love the name 'turbohaler'!!!) for the last 4 months and it made me feel really grotty so I've just changed to another similar combined thingy and it seems to suit me a bit better.  Thanks for the suggestion though image

    I love the feed station in Littlington!

  • Last Year there was a drinks station in Jevington as well

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