sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • natnif - depends on:

    What you've been doing in training so far - length and pace.

    What you want from the day eg. LSD run with neg. split or "attempt" 3:45 marathon pace.

    I managed a flat 18 miles at 8:30 m/m a couple of weeks ago but not sure I can repeat this on Sunday early doors on a more undulating circuit...only time will tell.

  • Percy

    I have to say they do not get any easier they are still tough but maybe it was tougher this week due to illness and knees?before that they did seem to be getting easier for us

    I am recovering a lot quicker from long runs before 3 hr nap, now no nap at all.Although I was in bed early last night

    We have been doing long runs since early December and I actually like doing them(I know I am mad in a nice way)We will not be doing any longer than 4hrs...I don't think we will but at least I know what my body is capable of doing the distance
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Thanks Poppy.
    I think probably that the "experts" are trying to cram in as much as possible into a 12 week marathon programme and as a result they cut back on 3 hour+ runs as they do take some extra recovery time.

    Maybe the law of diminishing returns applies too perhaps...and of course there's finding the time for them around work, family etc.

    If we were all on 6 month marathon schedules we'd be doing more and longer runs like you have....I certainly would have too but sickness and injury have cut back on my training in December and January.

    I'll still manage at least 5 around the 20 mile mark though. Race conditions (adrenalin + crowd support), a good taper and energy drinks(maybe) will hopefully bridge the gap...
  • natnif (and Percy)

    I too am really unsure about what pace to go for
    - I've been doing all my long runs at over 9 min mile pace so I'm tempted to continue with that.
    - I'm tempted to run this weekend at the pace I want to run the marathon - so 8:45 would be nice ;-)
    - I'm also tempted to run this weekend at a half marathon race pace - so to go for 8 minute miles - but I think I can hold back from that as I'm trying to go for a really good time (for me) in Reading next weekend.

    It's all so confusing - and I have this nasty feeling I'm not going to make my mind up until 8am on Sunday morning (and who knows if I'll be capable of thought at that unearthly hour!)
  • Hi all,

    I have only got three 20+ runs scheduled with a two week taper. Last year I didn't do any 20+ runs and was only running 4 times a week up about 30ish miles! This was mainly because I didn’t actually measure my LSD and have subsequently found out that they were only just over 18 miles. With that in mind I still managed 4:00:37 and felt strong from 19 miles through to the finish. With all the extra training that I have been doing I hope to take a big chunk off my PB.

  • I also think the decision will be made at
    8:30am sunday - but I suspect that I will
    start with the 8:30 group and see what happens. . . . or should I start with the
    9:00 group and go for a negative split . . .

    whoops i think i am definately, decisively indecisive!!

  • natnif - if you make the decision at 8:30 am then I think you'll already be half an hour behind the rest of us!

    My money is on trying 8:30 at the moment.
  • And now my preference is for 9:00...
  • Hi,all.
    Finally i am back into what might eventually pass itself off as a training regime-given a convincing moustache and wig.
    last week was winter sun in s africa,after a couple of weeks easing back into things following toenail recovery-it was too hot to run but i gave the treadmill a fairly stiff battering,and i've done my second decent length run of the week,12 miles and a bit,furthest i've been for a long time,and only partially recovered from a 10 on monday and intervals on tuesday.not going too quickly at the moment,just trying to build up easy mileage-9.40 miling today,so a way to go.but starting to think that i might be able to do enough to get me round in a time that won't be too embarrassing-if not sub 4 which i think will prove tough.that said,i'll see how reading 1/2 goes-not trying for a serious time,just getting round the 13 miles with a good chat with the 2002 new york crowd-ex george who will be going like the clappers,probably in the 2.10 week i start trying to push the 5-6 mile runs at a stiffer pace which is what i didn't do last year.and start getting up to 15-18 mile longer runs in place.this time last year i had a 20 2x6 and 2x14 under my belt,so some cathing up to do.i have stopped the booze now till after the race,though when england go over the welsh line for the fourth time i might have to raise a glass...
  • 2x 16 not 6 obviously...
  • Alex-good luck with your training hope you are not having a dig at us Welsh?? We are only a small nation but we try very hard:-)

    Sounds like there is a fair few of us doing Reading but have to say I am doing it to see how I have progressed with all my training and to beat my PB for a 1/2 marthon:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Not that I am competitive in any shape or form;-)or take this running serious at all or want to beat my training partner..I deny it all!!!!;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Yep Alex, good luck mate.

    Insult the Welsh all you like (at rugby). It wasn't so long ago they were laughing at us....remember that last minute try....was it Gibbs? And in the 70's they weren't bad either..;-)
  • PERCY!!!!

    How could you insult us Welsh...I am horrified by your comments...just wait till we cross the border you better very mad Poppy;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • A mad Welsh person. How very unusual...

    {note to self - must wear body armour for Reading half marathon)
  • You'll have to catch me first.....<sticks out tongue>......nah nah....
  • My ex-wife could have talked for Wales...
  • I won't have no problem catching you Percy.....(sticks tongue back out at you)

    Boy you are skating on thin ice...(Note to self if Percy is not doing Reading will seek him out at London and kill him does he not know flowers are very danerous when riled.....I will make sure I finish in front of him and then torment him:-)!!!!!)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • BntM

    Don't worry you have not insulted me so you will be fine at Reading:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • the seventies i can just about remember-but weren't they some time ago? that they have fallen so far(despite two good games at the world cup) is reflected in the fact that it isn't much fun any more-beating the aussies and french have gone up the list...

    so i welcome the opportunity to see the welsh beaten at reading by

    the welsh-go poppy,beat george please...
  • also-percy-where do you run in east london by day?-i work in the city and tend to go up towards docklands and up the canal from limehouse if you fancy a trip.
    and CA i am running for team macmillan as i did last year-you might just be able to tell from my pic.i did manage to crop george out of that was at canary wharf last year.

    off home tomorrow
  • Hmmm, torment from Poppy....I think I can handle that....;-)

    What's the target for Reading Poppy - sub 1:45 ? I trust you're going for a mini taper for this PB attempt?

    Did this weeks intervals today - mile reps.
    Not quite as nasty as the Yasso's but still nasty.
  • Alex - I'm in SE London. Camberwell, so my long runs are all Greenwich and back. Did Tower Bridge and Docklands then through the foot tunnel at Greenwich once but not overly impressed with that stretch north of the river.
  • Alex,

    I can promise you that I WILL do my best to beat George or die in the process.I will never hear the end of it if he beats me!!!!!(if I die please bring my body back to Wales to be buried)...note to self extra training is need this week especially my favorite intervals ,Mile reps
    and hillwork

    Ooh a big tough guy, Not sure if I should be speaking to you;-)

    Yes I am really hoping for sub 1.45 at Reading and yes I shall do a mini taper to accomodate this!!!!
    All jokes aside I just hope my asthma does not play me up.

    Are you Running at Reading ??
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Morning all just got up to speed on all the postings from yesterday.

    WP, Percy is only stating the truth, after all the captain of Wales even looks like a sheep now. Never mind you can still sing.

    Well I'm looking forward to this additional rest day (hum what should I do with all this extra time.... I know I might go for a run).

    Good luck to all you peeps doing Richmond you have made me feel a little guilty not joining you, but I will do 19.2 miles anyway.

    Alex I will look out for you on the day (assume you will be in Macmillan green)

  • CA-yes i will be in green-its a toss up vs the urwfrc vest,but i think macmillan gets more support on the day....
    and the point of this thread was to meet up on the day...!!
    2 days off then a 15 or so sunday night,feeling my shins a bit after yesterday.
  • Poppy, Only a 2 race build-up for me Hastings and Kingston (the week after) so you'll have to wait for FLM to unload your torment on me...;-)

    I'm sure you'll go well at Reading though, and plenty of RW company too.

    Hope the weather and your asthma are not too much of a hindrance.
  • Percy

    Will save my torment up for FLM gives me longer to think of something appropriate;-)
    Will look out for a plate of cheesy pasta:-)

    Good luck with your races I know you will do well:-)and keep me on my toes!!

    I did a 6 miler this morning on SNOW had to go slow as it was very icy in parts and knee still niggling(think it was when I went over on my ankle on a stone)

    Thanks for good wishes Percy:-)think I will need them.

    Alex of luck with your 15 miler this weekend, at least we will be able to reconise you from your picture some of us like to remain hidden from view:-)


    I feel out numbered here trying to stick up for my homeland,but lots of us are drop dead gorgeous;-)we are not all like a sheep!!!

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Haven't posted here for some time due to various niggling injuries, however, I seem to be back on my feet once more. So this week I've done:

    Wed: 01:33:54, 10.80miles, 08:42/mi, AveHR: 67%WHR
    Thu: 01:01:46, 7.11miles, 08:41/mi, AveHR: 65%WHR
    Today: 01:12:12, 8.51miles, 08:29/mile, AveHR:66%WHR

    Am doing Roding Valley HM this sunday - my first ever!!

    Apologies if this has been asked before but could someone explain what Yassos (sp??) are?
  • nrg-b good luck with your first race.

    Yasso's are thought to provide an indicator of potential marathon time from an 800m interval session.

    The idea is that if you want a 3:45 (H:MM)marathon then you should be able to complete 10 x 800m intervals @ 3:45 (M:SS)each with a recovery in between of 3:45 (this is adjustable, and most reduce it to make it harder).
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