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  • Today was the most surreal, amazing and actually overwhelming day!image

    So much to tell about the day - I am so, so lucky and feel very priviledged to have met and to be working with such lovely people.

    Full report to follow - along with a review of my new asics support tights - they should help stop me wobbling and recover quicker ... ooo er!image

    Going to try a more comprehensive report about the day - once I have come down to earth!image

  • Hey Emma

    Great to meet you today. Hope you're home alright. I'm still on the train just past Berwick adjacent to a guy who, having been drinking special brew steadily since Kings Cross, is now supine on the floor in the aisle eyes-to-ceiling slurring "it's just as well I'm not pissed". His slightly more sober mate is trying to engage a large upright suitcase in the luggage rack in conversation. Did I tell you about mince pie man on the way down? I don't have much luck with trains! What an incredible day though, am still a bit stunned by it all..

    Good luck for fitting in that extra run! image

  • My oh My sounds like the Journey from hell!

    I'm hoping that he doesn't relieve himself of all that special brew... get ready to put him in the recovery position!image

    Can't wait to wear my new tights tomorrow - I may or may not have a running partner for the morning as she is out on the sauce tonight!image I might have to try a country run on my own - with out my dog protection!

  • I lied in one of my earlier posts - I'm 39 not 38 - managed to forget my birthday in September!
  • Congratulations Emma image  Did you get a running partner this morning or not?

    I have to agree about the asics tights - I have a black pair that make my legs look fab!

  • I did manage to get a running partner and we went out for a rather frosty, but lovely country run this morning - Thank you for asking Ultra Sparkly Bridget!

    I wore my new tights (Asics of course - but more importantly Performance leg balance tights) that are meant to reduce your muscles wobbling.Given that I have a fair amount of leg and bottom to wobble I was a little dubious about the claim.

    However I LOVE THEM! Trying to get them over my hips also provides some resitance workimage. They feel great and I know its very girly but they are smoothing and slimming. Usually to get tights that actually fit over my bum and thighs they are massive on the waist so they slip down when I run and I get webbed leg effect - not comfortable or attractive! These stayed up really well and even held my post- baby tummy in place! Sorry this sounds like an advert for asics, but I have purchased so many pairs of tights that were fine in the shop and useless when I went out running. I would also add that I think asics come up small (can't possibly be beacuse I've been eating too many pies!).image

    The other bounus is that I really don't feel as achey in my legs as I usually would! Yay!

    We ran a bit over 11 miles (forgot to restart watch after a tricky road crossing) and I was chuffed that I managed to do the last 3/4 mile at somewhere between 1/2 and 10k pace. Some of this was due to being downhill but mainly because another lady for my running club glided past me effortlessly running much quicker than my 10k pace having only had her baby a few months ago!image

    I also ran past 4 dogs not on leads without freaking out - that said I wasn't on my own and am happy to use Colleen as a human shield if needed!

    How is everyone else doing?

  • You've got to be kidding me - you're tiny!  Never mind wobbly!  Isn't it funny how we're all so self-critical! I would never guess you were still carrying any baby-weight because you certainly don't look it! 

    I love ASICS tights too - I don't know how they do it - but I find the waists perfect even though mine don't have a drawcord! 

    Hope you're feeling super slinky today - just think of the thighs of steel you'll have by April.  Glad you had a fab day.  Hope the fitness test wasn't too torturous.  Tell us more - looking forward to the full report...image

  • Hi emma
    what advice did they give you re running shoes......what new shiny ones have you got and what were you running in.
    i loive running shoes......way too many in my house......

    I like the sound of those tights.........i don't run in tights at all but they sound good to go under trousers when out and about for christmas dos image
  • What other stuff did you get??? Shoes??? Need more details Em?? Good running yesterday well done.
  • Thanks for all the questions everyone - I'm feeling really excited about running in the cold how crazy is that?!

    Sleepy Bear - thank you for the compliment - my youngest is four so I can't really get away with saying baby weight! However my body has changed so much after 2 pregnancies that it takes a long time to adjust!image

    Seren - I totally recommend them for under normal clothes they are like super spanx for the entire body- marvellous!image

    mcs - I am rationing my new kit so I am allowed to get a new bit out once I complete a training run - that way I can spread out the excitement! The tights are going to take a lot of beating though - they are the best I've ever used and even if I don't get any more I will go out an buy some! New trainers will be reviewed tomorrow after my clubs 'ho ho ho Santa run' where I will be dressed as an angel - again!image

    Full account of Saturday to follow - it was so fascinating so want to share it with everyone! But first we are having a special family day - lunch out and cinema to watch Happy Feet 2 (we got a cheap deal).

    Have a lovely day everyone!

    PS slept for 8 hours for the first time in about 18 months - now I feel like I have been kicked by a horse!image

  • Enjoy Happy Feet Emma- guys at work said its a brilliant film!!

     Looking forward to hearing all about yur adventures at the weekend... think I might have to get some of those tights myself!!!

    Love the fact you are rationing the new kit- it's a briliant idea!

  • SKINZ are the ones for em.
  • I like the look of skinz on other people - but when I put them on I look like a blimp! The flab rolls up and down and I end up with fat ankles and muffin top! Think they are good if you are already skinny!image
  • My thread doesn't seem to be updating - unless its my laptop?

    I enjoyed Happy Feet but my four year old got board and kept on asking to leave! Great!image

  • Evening all - no running tonight so I will spend a little time to tell a little about Saturday...

    It was an early start and I was in central London for about 8:30, I met up with Lee (Choisty) and we went for a coffee. Once we met up with the rest of the runners and folks from Asics and RW we went off to the store where we had gait analysis and a 3D footscan (I have got short wide feet - bit like spatulas). The final shoe that I ended up with is the GT 2170 in a wide fitting! Will take them out for a test drive tomorrow and let you know how I get on with them! (Rationing you see)

    We had time to shop in the store which was amazing except that I went completely blank and couldn't work out what I really needed and actually got a bit overwhelmed. I ended up getting a bit tearful on the lovely Marketing girl from Asics - she must have thought I was crazy! But I found the best pair of tights (as reviewed previously), couple of tops, capris and a lovely convertable jacket! WOW!

    Then we had a photoshoot - in the middle of Regents Street - literally. Bonkers and freezing, with tourists taking vidoes of us!

    Off to Bupa next for our fitness tests and meeting our coaches. Sam is lovely and we talked about my previous training, days that I can/can't run and races that I would like to try and include (I'm hoping to do Watfor 1/2 and Tunbridge Wells half and hopefull the Spitfire 20. She also showed me some excercises to do at home - I am pathetic at the plank! Amazingly Sam thinks I could aim for slightly faster than 4:30 - that would be fabulous!

    I had the fitness test - on the treadmill with about a million electrodes attached to me, a nose clip, a blood pressure cuff and breathing in to a piece of hoover tubing attached to a snorkel mask type thing. Its a look not many can carry off ... so delighted that I was videod for this bit! Some good news and some less good - my body fat % was hideously high (not to be declared), my lung capacity wasn't particularly good and I'm shorter than I thought I was. But I weigh less, my VO2 max is 42 and my flexibility was very good.

    All in all an amazing day - amd the rest of the team are lovely.

    I should be getting my orders frm Sam soon so I will let you know how my first training runs go!

    Happy running all!image

  • seren nos wrote (see)
    Hi emma what advice did they give you re running shoes......what new shiny ones have you got and what were you running in. i loive running shoes......way too many in my house...... I like the sound of those tights.........i don't run in tights at all but they sound good to go under trousers when out and about for christmas dos image

    Seren - I am currently on my 3rd pair of Brooks Adrenaline 11's (have absolutely loved them as they are supportive but not too bulky and cushioned). Been suggested that I try the 2170s in a wide fitting. Doing the 'Ho Ho Ho' run - around all the houses with the most lights in the town - with club tonight and will try out new shoes as shouldn't be too fast or far!

    You never wear long trousers ever?

  • Did you just get one pair of shoes Emma? They will be worn out by Paris thought you might have got a couple of pairs. Sounds like you had fun, ever so slightly jealous!!! But obviously they went for the younger generation this year with the prospect of some seriously quick times looking at the ones they have selected.............hope you have a nice hols and look forward to seeing your schedule. This is the hardest thing to sort I reckon as there is so much choice out there............all the best and happy running.image
  • I think we are all between ages of 31 and 42. I'm the old lady of the group and by the looks of things will be taking twice as long to complete the Marathon!

    On a positive note - this means I get longer to take in the sights!image

    I think I should get another pair when these wear out - most certainly don't want to be running in a pair of shoes that have clocked 400 miles, more like 40 would be ideal!

  • You will be fine I am sure, aren't you and Craig aiming for a similar time? One of my daughters flew to Paris yesterday to enjoy the sights for a week with her French cousins.    You want have time to look at them, Sam and Steve will be encouraging you to look straight ahead and keep going!!! Have you looked at last years videos of the day..........that sunshine is nice!!!

  • The temperature looks very like London this year - I absolutely wilted. Knew I was going to struggle by mile 3! However I didn't wear a cap - a mistake I shall not make again!

    I think Craig might be aiming slightly faster - to be honest on your first marathon it is all so unknown and each time you learn a little more.

    Sam has told me that I have the speed but not endurance (marathon times as indicated by my 10k and 1/2 marathon pace would indicate a much faster time). I should imagine she will be planning something to improve my endurance - whilst taking in to account my genuine issue trying to "Juggle a busy lifestyle" and my fear of dogs (makes running on my own tricky!).

    By the time I hit end of Feb I should be able to guage progress by comparrision with last year - hoping to do the same half marathon and see if I can knock about 4 mins off!

    I see what you mean about sight seeing - in VLM 2010 I was in so much pain I didn't even see Buckingham palace!image

  • msc: I've got to have a look at the videos...

    Emma: How cool was the photo shoot??? That really was an 'Alice through the looking glass' moment for me. What half(s) are you thinking about doing? I've asked Asics for Fleet to practice timings, MP and fuelling after talking to Sam, if I can stay disciplined...

    Re: Speed, the plan is to take it cautiously and see how we go from there. She might make adjustments as and when on the paces rather than the milage. Makes sense to me.
  • What videos are these?

    Craig - the photo shoot was one of the most weird things I've ever done in my life! It was bloomin cold wasn't it? I have asked for Watford as it is at start of Feb and want to do the Tunbridge Wells half at the end of Feb as it is a fab race - although a very tough course!

    Sam is currently working on my schedule - aparently it is causing a bit of a headache. My speed at shorter distances ismuch better than my longer distance times. I think that is what Sam is going to focus on in my training.

    We will have to make adjustments too - parents evenings, poorly kids etc.

    Wore my new trainers tonight - once piece of kit at a time!

  • If you go on runners world tv on here you will see the Birmingham boot camp days from last year and this year, think you and your blue Emma shirt are in the first shots. There is also a video of Paris last year. If you can't find it I'll send you the link. I have endurance issues when it gets to 17,18 miles so look forward to seeing what tips Sam has for you.
  • Seen the video now. Quite good,
  • I look shocking with a terrible double chin!
  • Emma, in what world do you have a double chin??? Not in any I've been in.

  • Ahh thanks you Craig - but I am not photogenic at all. I usually look like Bruice in a blonde wig!
  • Seven miler in one hour two mins at my marathon pace ish! Got your schedule yet Emma?
  • Emma you look great, you even managed to pull off looking great in that Regents Street shot! (which was just as well, as I need someone to distract everyone from my it's-cold-and-there-are-tourists-staring-at-me-face!) I was just catching up on your thread and was feeling all relieved they videoed you on the treadmill too so noone will have to hurt their eyes looking at the video of me. There is no doubt in my mind which will look better. Though I'm sure the one of me trying to keep the mouthpiece in place, not short the ECG machine, hold my arm out for BP measurement, and follow instructions, while running, will make it onto Youtube (or, more likely, you've been framed) eventually. Multitasking isn't a strong point at the best of times!

    Glad the new tights are working out well. Have you broken in the trainers yet? I was so cold the other night on my run I stopped rationing my gear (your idea to do that was fab though, and I was trying to be just as restrained) and instead wore it all at once (well, almost).

    Hope you have an amazing Christmas if I don't speak to you before.
  • Oi, don't you two go all diva on us...have you seen my barnet it looks like moths have taken a shine to it.

    On the topic of skins my training partner can't wear them as the XS size ends up looking like Nora Batty's tights (does that age me?)

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