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  • Sam: in the words of Homer Simpson, douh... *slowly bangs head on table in frustration at stupid self*

    And I was feeling so on the ball...
  • Bo - your dedication to the cause is very impressive - there's only one thing i would get up for at 4:30 in the morning and it's not running !!!!!

    End of this week is half way for you - flown by hasn't it?

  • No way - half way - crikey it is isn't it!

    Loft insulated - time to get on with my life! image

    If anyone needs any kit - just had an offer through the post 20% off at until 22 Feb using LMTW1 at the checkout. (Small print says : type the code in the extras box in the shipping section of the checkout and your 20% OFF will be deducted after you have placed your order - don't know what that means but my friend placed an order last night and the code was accepted but the discount didn't show up as she checked out - so presumably it will when they actually process the order).

  • Roasting beetroots for dinner. Their high nitrate content can help to improve oxygen consuption even in absence of training, says research. Add walnuts, watercress and dressing, yumimage
  • KR: thanks fella. Not quite an ex-smoker but getting close to being able to be smug... That's gonna be nice... I know 4:30 sounds early, but I'm going to bed in a moment, so not that good.

    SB: I know, eight weeks on Sunday scary Mary. Thanks for the money off tip. Do they do tents??? Going to camp for my halfs, travel and then having to run after and then drive home doesn't sound like a good idea to me. So camp the night before (can't afford hotels I'm a skint Probation Officer) makes sense. Just need a smallish tent to sleep in... Two cool things at once. Nice.

    Sam: I ADORE beetroot... With parsnips, truly they are the kings of the root veg world... Potatos; pah.
  • I know what you mean - we usually take the camper if the race is a bit of a trek - used to be a tent but we've done our stint under canvas. However ...

    You're more than welcome to crash in our spare room after Fleet if you wish - you should be used to quarters by now! We may or may not have furniture as we now move the Tuesday after so bring a sleeping bag just in case! We're only an hour away so a slightly shorter journey.  Only one condition - we'll be having fish & chips most likely for tea (post race treat) so as long as you're not gonna make us feel guilty by nibbling on a rice cracker in the corner - you'll be more than welcome!  (just kidding - the offer is there!) Maybe oscarr would like to come say hi too??

    Cheap tents - you've asked the right girl - try:

    Sam : +1 for the beetroot - really nice juiced raw with apple too!

  • I never turn down fish and chips !!
  • Hi Craig, was just thinking... you never got to do that long run with the MP bits in it, did you? Well, this weekend's one has the last 3 miles at MP so see how that goes.

    And looking ahead to week 9 (past halfway!image) This next four weeks is where mileage climbs to its peak, so be especially vigilant about recovery strategies - stretching, nutrition, addressing any niggles and getting enough rest and sleep.
    I've swapped the 7 mile steady on the RW sub 4.30 programme for a progression run and you're a bit ahead on the long run (the sub 430 schedule does 16 next week which you are doing this week..)
    The long run is important this week so if you need to juggle or amend then reduce the Thurs or Fri session a little. Enjoyimage

    Week Nine w/c 20/2/12 (37M)
    Mon Rest
    Tue 6M of 1M jog plus 4 x acceleration strides, then 10 x 2 mins fast (7.20ish pace), with 2 min jog recoveries, then 1M jog
    Wed Rest
    Thu Progression run: 1 M jog, then 2M steady, 2 miles brisk, 1M fast, I M jog
    Fri 6M slow
    Sat Rest
    Sun 18M off road, easy
  • Cant beat roast turnips, parsnips, carrots and beets with olive oil and some honey with a few herbs from  your own garden on top roasted for lunch with some spuds too!!!! Can you tell I am hungry just had cottage cheese on toast again and a banana but still hungry.....

    All the best for Sunday Craig, have a good run stay fit.  Did a four mile interval session home last night first mile at 9.37(very disciplined and slow) then 8.30 and 8.15 (too quick really) then 9.15 home........ right hammy is tight must do some stretching in front of the fire tonight.

    Happy weekend all.

    Calendar reads........the only source of knowledge is experience.not really true on here thanks to Sam et al.

  • Just had a good catch-up with Craig. He had to remind me that he actually has Roding Valley Half Marathon on Sunday week 9, which I had forgotten.image Sorry Craig!

    So Week 9 is now revised to reflect this, as follows:

     Week Nine w/c 20/2/12 (32M) (have scaled back mileage so he reaches race day not too knackered!)
    Mon Rest
    Tue 6M of 1M jog plus 4 x acceleration strides, then 10 x 2 mins fast (7.20ish pace), with 2 min jog recoveries, then 1M jog
    Wed Rest
    Thu Progression run: 1 M jog, then 2M steady, 2 miles brisk, 1M fast, I M jog
    Fri 4M slow  (for bit more recovery)
    Sat Rest
    Sun Half marathon (15 M inc warm up and cooldown)

    Have a great weekend all, running and non-running!

  • Bo - have forgotten what your target is for a half - can you remind us all what your current PB is and what your are aiming for on Sunday please - the very best of luck with the race and i'm sure you will really enjoy it with your new fitness state - we'll keenly watch for the result being posted
  • Are you allowed to race this one or are you 'training'?  Can't wait to hear all about it ... Have a good 'un!

    mcs - you really do have the knack of making me hungry  - wonder if OH'll notice if I eat the edges of the lasagne and then squish it a bit to make it fill the dish again? Glad the quotes are back - have been wondering what gems we've been missing?  Does the calendar have a nice spot in the new office? How is it?

  • Hi Guys,

    Hope everyone is OK and had a good day.  I've largely spent my morning stressing about things not getting done right at work and moaning very loudly about it.  Then realised that I could finish quite early, so bonus... And got my second ever half next weekend, yea!!!

    SB: The offer is wonderful, thank you. I'm deffo up for it, but will be needing to go home afterwards as OH would not be too happy with me being away for two nights in a row.  PM me and we'll talk. I never, ever refuse fish and chips... Peas and a bread roll too... Oh, look, I haven't been good today and now really tempted to go to the chippy and claim my free chips with the local rag... Don't tell, but I had eggs Benedict this morning after my run. Only ordered a coffee, but it turned up anyway...image Yep, I'm racing next week!!! Yea, so excited! And do it, he won't notice. 

    mcs: Gonna have to try cottage cheese on toast. Do you grill it. Something I really miss from my 'heavy' days.  That and donner kebabs... Mentioning Donners, check this out:  You know you want to really... By the way I'm loving stretching. I can touch my toes now without bending my knees. I've NEVER been able to do that (except as a baby but you know what I mean).  I have to disagree with the quote too, that's why we have books, but love you posting them, thanks.  Good running today and good luck over the weekend fella.

    oscarr: My one and only other half was in October and got chip time of 2:02:38. That was off five months training and I couldn't run to the end of the road then.  Expecting sub 2:00, somewhere around !:55 would make me happy anything quicker than that and I'll be over the moon.  I know it's not quick, but it's the evident progress that I like.  Had same amount of training again and had really good advice from Sam so optimistic.  image

    Louisa: I forgot to ask how your sports massage went... How did it go?

    Sam: Thanks very much for the chat and the new plan. I'm printing it off and applying to kitchen wall.  Really excited about next week. Want to put in a good performance, get a good time and also a nice negative split. Oh goal setting. 

    This mornings run splits:

    1    10:20.4    1.00    10:20
    2    8:28.8    1.00    8:29
    3    8:32.5    1.00    8:33
    4    8:35.4    1.00    8:35
    5    10:17.1    1.00    10:17
    6    :04.4    0.01    8:26

    Ave HR was 155 bpm. Right gonna play with my kiddie.  Have fun guys! 

  • Hey Craig!  Oh yeah...the sports massage was interesting actually.  The Physio lady was lovely and spent 20 minutes finding out about my lifestyle and what I'm up to i.e. marathon of course, and whether I have any niggles at all anywhere.  I explained some neck and shoulder issues I tend to get on my left side and sometimes have tight calf muscles.

    She then spent 40 minutes on the massage and explained what she was doing and feeling the whole time.  Felt very strange when she found knots in my an ouchey kinda way...and then could feel each one going as she worked them...very strange but satisfying feeling.  She explained that my muscles are actuallyin quite good shape with just a few knots in various muscles up the legs...can't remember all the names image.  My shoulder and neck have felt great since actually.

    Only problem now is since my LSR 12 miler Sunday I've had a slight sharp pain on bottom of my right foot...felt it Tuesday, and so haven't run at all since Sunday to make sure I rest it and have been RICEing it.  Has felt fine today though...did some yoga earlier (and I took it easy as you said Sam image), and so think I'll try a short 3 miler tomorrow to see how foot feels and if OK, do a longer run Sunday again.  Though maybe not the full 13 miles I'm meant to do seeing as haven't run for 5 days...not sure.

    Anyway...I'm waffling.  Well done on the nicotene patches!  and with the HM next week!

  • Hi Bo have you still quit smoking


  • Good going Craig, and good luck with the forthcoming half marathon.

    I'm laid low with a virus. Alternating between feeling very hot, or very cold, and aching all over. I went to bed at 9pm and didn't get up until 9:30am. The wife has it too. The kids, having passed it to us, are recovering well and playing skylanders.

    Another day, another missed run :/
  • Get well soon Ten we had that last weekend. Still got a sore throat but better.
    Nice kebab there Craig had to look. All the best for the race. Don't usually toast cottage cheese have to try it. Snowing abit here now.
    Louisa sounds a worth while exercise having a massage, not had the cash to splash on them but sounds good.
    Our fridge now has three schedules on my oh has a copy of a certain S.Murphy's half schedule, my twenty year old daughter has a half schedule up and mine too no room for the times table chart of my ten year old! I have a copy at work too scribbled on with current times. Anyone record online? I use another site Runners Forum have done for a couple of years for my mileage and times.
  • Louisa: They are good, and loads of tips on stretching and stuff too. How's your foot doing and did/are you getting your LSR in today? Good luck.

    Twinkle: Yep. I am now going to call myself a non-smoker and be a smug git... image Been off the NRT for a week after being sick last week. Am eating much more though so will need to keep an eye on that too. What about you???

    Ten: Bummer mate, your not having a good run at the moment are you? Sending my sympathies and all that to you and your wife.  Get better fella, makes sense to sleep when you feel like that.

    mcs: The weather is really nice down here at the moment for once, was about 2 degrees when I went out and sunny. Ordered a new pair of glasses yesterday with a free pair of sunnies, needed them this morning really... 

    I went shopping yesterday and bought all of the wholewheat pasta in the store, loads of stir-in-sauces, muffins, honey, jam, Hi Juice, peanut butter, dried fruit, bananas and porridge... Going to have crack at keeping my carb intake at around 70% or about 650g per day... Was looking for a menu/guide/plan thing but struggled... Is is me being silly again?

    Long run this morning. Went out without breakfast, but had some gels... Needed to go out early as got somethings to do this afternoon. Very strange day. Firstly, I got lost on a new route, despite having attempted to memorise it for three nights... Short term memory issues. Had to take maps and constantly having to stop to check them.... Ended up doing 17.3 rather than 16... Did maintain MP though... Also my club were having a handicap race and I didn't know/remember.... Felt guilty about not coming out to play with them... Oh well.

    Splits and all that:

    1    10:15.2    1.00    10:15
    2    9:59.0    1.00    9:59
    3    10:01.9    1.00    10:02
    4    9:57.7    1.00    9:58
    5    9:40.7    1.00    9:41
    6    9:59.1    1.00    9:59
    7    10:05.8    1.00    10:06
    8    9:58.4    1.00    9:58
    9    9:43.6    1.00    9:44
    10    9:46.1    1.00    9:46
    11    9:30.4    1.00    9:30
    12    9:52.2    1.00    9:52
    13    9:49.1    1.00    9:49
    14    9:05.5    1.00    9:06
    15    9:03.3    1.00    9:03
    16    8:54.1    1.00    8:54
    17    9:11.6    1.00    9:12
    18    2:43.7    0.30    9:09

    Have fun folks and good running/getting better.

    BTW, thanks for being on here and talking and all that, I really appreciate it. image 

  • Looks a great long run with progressive pace - well done - how did you feel when you finished?  could you have done more? quick recovery ?

    Sam will be pleased with my LSR today cos it's probably the first time i've actualy gone so slow for the first half in true LSR fashion - 16 miles offroad with first 8 at MP+100secs, next 7 at MP+75secs and last mile at MP+45.  I think i'm getting the message finaly!!!! 

  • Woohoo BoD & Oscarr

    Boo for Ten - get well soon!

    BoD - this the one that Ruth posted somewhere before (can't remember where but I'd copied it for future use).  You can chop the extras out of this to get it down to 650g: 

    Breakfast: 60g of porridge (36g of carbs) plus large spoonful of honey (15g carbs) and 28g of dried fruit (large handful = 20g carbs) plus 200ml of semi skimmed milk in porridge (10g), plus 200ml of fruit juice (22g) and 2 slices of toast with  generous spread of jam (50g): Total carbs at breakfast= 153g 

    Mid- morning or grazing all morning: 500ml low fat milkshake (40-50g)  with banana/honey sandwich (50g). Total carbs= 100g  

     Lunch: Medium baked potato/250g (43g) with 1/2 tin beans (30g) & pot of low fat yoghurt (16g) and 250ml of fruit juice (27g) and 3 jaffa cakes (23g). Total carbs= 139g

    Mid- afternoon: 2 x malt loaf (40g) & 4 jaffa cakes (31g). Total carbs = 71g 

    1000ml/1litre of high juice over day = 104g of carbs

    Dinner: 100g of pasta with tomato based sauce  (80g) plus half can of tinned fruit  (23g) & 1/2 can of rice pudding (35g). Total grams of carbs =138g
  • BoD - great LSR despite getting lost!

    I did 17 yesterday, much more slowly than BoD! walked a bit, hurt lots, but still alive!

  • oscarr: good work mate. Seems to make all the difference being disaplined about pace on these runs. I was going too quick too. Did a 16 miler before Christmas and it nearly killed me... Seriously, Rachel wanted to take me to the hospital, was shaking like a turkey at Christmas... Slowed down the following week and was OK. They are still my fave run of the week. Today felt good until I realised I was over a mile and a half out still... But seem to have recovered OK, been out walking with the folks by the local lakes. Could have done a couple more, but glad I didn't have to, if that makes sense.

    SB: thanks very much. That really helpful. Saw a US/Ozzy one but all in cups and strange things like ounces... What??? I'm starving by the way...

    MWW: good work on the 17. Shame about the pain, but builds mental strength... Got to remember its pancake flat around here. Can't even do hill sessions because of the flatness....

    I really am hungry.... Big barn farm is on and I'm eyeing up the sheep... Garlic, rosemary, mint sauce....
  • Ended up doing nine instead of scheduled eight at 7am this morning saw a bootiful sun coming up over the hills. Lovely morning and kept the speed down apart from a couple coming home. Ran 1.24 for the nine miles. No water felt fine had a big glug on the way out and listened to Haille on the Marathon talk podcast great listening. Good running guys stay fit and enjoy your tea Craig!!
  • Wow - well done Craig!  very good going.  Thankfully my foot/ankles felt ok after a slow 3 miler yesterday so went ahead with my LSR today...schedule said 13 miles slow, so as Ihaven't done all scheduled runs this weeks since 12 LSR last Sunday thought I'd get to 10 and see how I felt.  Did that and felt I still had some in me so ended up doing 3 more to 13 miles.  I have to say...feel knackered! image  Legs finding stairs very tough and now sat on sofa waiting for OH to cook dinner image.  Had a slice of toast with crunchy peanut butter as soon as i got in with pint of that for post run snack.  Think I'll sleep well tonight.

     Well done all!

  • Craig - your recovery after todays long run sounds really good and is a significant factor in assessing how your fitness is going so you should be well pleased that you felt strong at the end and recovered quickly for the rest of the day so be encouraged that you are slowly but surely getting fitter and stronger and showing a good deal of patience, well done pal.

    mcs - great run with added inspiration from the master as well

  • SB - thanks for update on family. image

    Ankle doing okay will try and do easy run tomorrow as want to race next weekend. Fingers crossed.

    BoDuke - like Sam has mentioned lets practice fuelling for that long challenging run, what gels have you be using and are you planning to run with some fluid - water, sports drink just to practise? Let me know what time of day you plan to do this on and perhaps  I can guide you  and use this as practice race day prep?  

  • Morning all!

    Well done Louisa - we all have days like that if it makes you feel any better.  I owe you a big thank you for kicking me up the butt about yoga - my dvd is on its way - how are you getting on with yours - I didn't go for the same one - yours looked too hard! Mine is called something like yoga for flexibility - hopefully lots of relaxation in it image

     Am apparently not allowed to leave the house today until man in his van has been as footpod is being delivered - weeeeeeeeeeee.  After which I must resist the temptation to sneak an extra run in to calibrate it - that's tomorrow's job. Gota wait in to meet a lady about the march-out anyways so two birds - one stone and all that!

    What's everyone else up tto?

  • Popping pils and orange juice to get rid of the flu which has come back a bit
  • Oscarr - oh no not back again...fingers crossed for ya.

    SB - ha problem.  And having had a go at my Yoga DVD for first time on Friday afternoon...I see what you stomach muscles still feeling it a bit image.  Your flexibility one sounds good!

    And after my 13 mile LSR yesterday finding my ankles very sore this morning...hobbling round the house after deciding to work from home today...deffo think I may have plantar fasciitis (if that's how you spell it) judging by websites I've read this morning.  Any ideas how to sort this out?  It feels better after walking around for a bit but still sore...any ideas anyone?  Praying i don't need to skip loads of trg runs...really enjoyed yesterdays in the sun round Victoria Park

  • Oh no - get well oscarr - am not really surprised - the weather down here is nuts : - 9 to +10 in a week! Hope you feel better very, very quickly.

    Mr footpod has arrived - I hereby christen him Farah and I will be attaching him to my shoe very soon.  I'm so excited I could burst which I know is very sad but hey nonny nonny and all that! (And yes he is male - I don't know why I think that - why are ships female?)

    Never had PF myself but I know someone who got some relief by rolling a golf ball with their foot - I believe it helps to stretch the ligament a bit (or freeze a small water  bottle and use that to combine icing with massage). Are you sure it's PF though - that would hurt in the arch of your foot not your ankle???  

    * looks around for Sarah *

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