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  • hellen - mentalist image

  • Glad it wasn't me Hellen!!!!

  • AC -  Sorry did n't get the time you were after, but at least you enjoyed the race.

    My legs feel better after yesterday's massage.  I've got Florence mara 25 Nov so trying to work out what to do between now and then.  Don't think I be at Abo next year, I'm  planning to do Berlin.  Take care all and enjoy.

  • I'll be resting for the full week then a bit of cross training the week after before picking things up again. Although that doesn't fit in with my plans of racing a 5 miler two weeks yesterday lol.

    Hope everyone's legs aren't too bad mine seem to cramp up a bit in my sleep which is a bit of a nuisance but sure that'll soon subside. Now when do those entries open againimage
  • Oooops - bit slow here. Did 3.56 on the nose and was very happy. My 13th marathon this year and was wanting another sub 4 before I knuckle down to some serious Comrades training so very pleased.

    Abo is a great event and my second time there. I do prefer hilly cross country runs and was not really looking forward to hard flat road running at this one, but am happy to report it was much better than I expected.

    Fab marshalling and great buddyness amongst the runners.

    Walking a wee bit funny today but hope to get back to 'normal' soon as am doing Beachy Head on Saturday..........I will however be doing it at bimble pace and will have my camera at hand as the weather is looking cold but sunny and may as well take some snaps whilst I am crawling around !!

    Well done everyone for Sunday.....some great stories on here.  image

  • Warren - my pal Steve was 2 places behind you - 2.55.03 and his first sub 3. I can only dream of being that fast - well done.  image

  • A bit late but I can't stop smiling.

    My 6th Marathon and ran with a shirt of "Paul" on the front and "Run Forrest Run" on the back.
    Settled into the start line and met a guy from Bracknell (John) who said he was running about a 3.20 ish. Me aiming for anything better than a 3.27, so we ran in synch.
    The original plan was to run at between 7.50 or 7.40 at a push !
    After a few miles it felt a nice comfortable run and amazed Garmin was pinging at 7.35 to 7.40. Didn't have too much of a plan on the gels as didn't use them in training, so planned for water at each stop and a gel around every hour and stick to that. The race went well and with good support hit half in 1.42 a little slower than thought but the pacing felt good. A top up of lucozade sport at 14 allowed for a bigger drink and then off for lap two. I still felt strong and our two man team began picking of people (Un-intentionally). Great Marshall support and made a point of thanking as many as I could. At 19 miles I was feeling amazing and felt strong. By them I wanted home and kicked in. At 21 I looked back and started to see John drop and despite giving a shout was told to carry on. By 22 miles I felt I was flying. Never had this energy before at this stage and told the group on supporters at the lane turn "I'm going home !!" I came across more people and they slowly slipped away behind. At this stage I can only put it down to repeating "Stronger, Stronger" in my head from 18 miles. I hit the river stretch my pace had increased I'm now doing 7.30m/m at 23 miles !!!??? out into the centre and pass 24 feeling in good shape but with heavy legs. Under the subway and took the slope easy coing out and knew I was gunna be on for a good time. More water (Just in case at 24.5 and then on to the bend at 25 miles. At the entrance me support team caught up on their bikes (Where had they been?? ). Entered the park and was flying nothing was going to stop me now. Saw the mud and puddles at the back and depsite thinking I didn't want to get my trainers dirty, ran straight through and up to the stadium.
    I entered the track and caught another person up, he looked at me and said "Don't you make me race you, I'm happy with my pending PB" ..."Yeah.. right come on join me!!". 200m to go and reflected on how this time last year I was in big trouble here. Breezed past congratulating myself and whooping !! Come to the last 100m and the annoucer calls my number and name and I turn to show him my t-shirt back, He reads it out and laughs, I pass the point where I went down last year grinning big time now and shaking fists in the air I cross the line feeling absolutely fantastic. I look at the time and it's 3.22 the official ends up 3.21.59. 5 minutes better than my PB and no crashing out. An amazing run.

    I waited to thank John as he came in at 3.26. His initial drive meant my best ever run. Thank you.

    Marshalls - Quality ...thank you for the support and the seemless crossings

    Mick n Phil - Legend. At 20 miles you shouted "you're enjoying the pain, you love it !" ....and actually I was ...Thank you for your two lap encouragement.

    Fetch - Amazing water station I felt you all knew me !

    Tip - Wearing my name on my t-shirt meant so many people called my name I felt awesome !! (see above three sections at least). Try it !! unless you get bored of saying Thank you image

    Another great race and well done Abingdon for your support and organisation.

  • Congratulations all on your times. A tough race for me and well outside my goal but toughed it out and reminded me to respect the distance (and run some more marathon pace miles in training !).

    Echo the comments on the marshalls and logistics, excellent organisation to run the race and keep the roads open (local onside).

    Shadwell - I remember the t-shirt logo as you pushed on, you looked like you were in control - good time and race report.

  • I think I am coming down off my Marathon high. I really want to do another one though. I am hoping I can do London next year with a Giant Teddy strapped to my back for Charity purposes.

  • Ecky I've been at depressed.com all week lol

    Best setting yourself another target soon, I'm doing London then abingdon again, and the probably London so that's me sorted for 18 monthsimage

    Thanks everyone for coming along on the journey and hope to see you all on here next year too image
  • Extended my marathon high on Saturday by discovering that me and my son broke the Guinees World Record for the fastest parent and child in the same marathon !!!!

    Our cumulative time was 5:42:19, which beats the current record of 5:47:58 by 5 mins 39 secs. Have applied for it to be recognised, but there's a risk that it might not because we didn't notify them in advance!

  • Congrats dart that's two world records set at the same race. Hope you get the rit recognition, I don't see why you would need to tell the first. It's an official measured course and you both have an official finishing time!! Getting back on the horse today first one back nice and easy image
  • Dart - that is a massive achievement  - hope it is recognised, and as MG says, you both have officially recorded times

    I managed to maintain my "rule" of running a minimum of 26.2 miles per week by going out twice yesterday (9 & 3 miles) - feeling pretty good as it happens, so a muddy 10K in Swinley forest on Saturday and the Marlow Half on Sunday should be OK image

  • Dart - Congrats, impressive stuff, that is a great record to hold.

    I am getting back on it after 5 days off, Florence Mara for me on 25th Nov with Swindon 10K a week earlier

  • Thanks Guys - All that you say is logical - I'm sure Haile Gebreselassie didn't notify them of his record attempts in advance - just hope that logic holds out. Apparently it takes an average of 4 weeks to decide! Haven't lost anything if they don't ratify it, as I didn't know it existed beforehand - we'll just have to break it properly next time.

    Have been ticking over since the race, including a Plymvalley Park Run which is only in its 6th week. First serious club night tomorrow - think I'll struggle !

  • Steven T:  I read your report with due respect. Sure, if you try to race to the aspiration but with less than a perfect build up, then you know that the outcome will be below par. I still think that you toughed out a great performance despite the broken preparation. However, your disappointment with the course may well be mixed up with the personal factors. Come back and try it again on a dry day. Mind you, 2:57 on a below par performance? I’d take that tomorrow.

    TICK TOCK, Brilliant, I had a suspicion that you’d do 2:55. I’m so happy.
    Warren K 2:55 as well, blimey, I was on for a great spread bet here.
    Also Ran? Nope, I had no idea that you were in the frame for sub 3. That sounds good. SUB 3 hours! Blimey, that’s a serious commitment to training.
    Martin G15 delivers a 2:48, and here I am wishing that I’d put that bet on.
    Dart More? I must say that I missed out on your progression.  2:53 for 1st v50 is a seriously respectable result. I know, I’m in the ball park.

    To those of you that have just completed their first marathon. You are due respect. Honestly. It takes round spheres to get out there and train. To get that lard converted into endurance muscle. It’s not easy. The inability to walk properly for a week? That’s your badge of honour. Gloat in it.

    Shadwell. Your report summarises the whole event for me.

    It’s a good one isn’t it?

  • Well done to all the runners- glad you had a good time.  I enjoyeed the mrashalling this year- less training involved than running it last year.  A few pics are at:



  • Anyone know when entries open for next year?

  • Usually 1 Feb, but keep an eye on their website in the new year.

  • Thinking of doing this next year.  it states multiple laps - how many?



  • Thanks Barry. Will do

  • Little loop of about four miles then two loops then a couple of miles back to the athletics track, It was my first abo last year and I couldn't recommend it enough, it's a fantastic race and you will be hard pushed to find a better course IMO. I will certainly be back next year!!
  • Tired legs- being more precise, its 5miles to the beginning of 2 loops of 9.5miles each and then a final 2 mile "sprint" back to the finish on the track where you started from.

  • Well, just a few weeks after entry opened but already filled up now - but luckily (?!) I'm in!

  • Bus, this thread is sooooo last year! There's a 2013 one knocking around somewhere a few pages down...

  • Ah, thanks Scud - will find that one!

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