Things you say to yourself when running

Now, if this is just me I'm going to look silly but...

I almost always  run alone and, if I have enough breath, like to say* things to myself to pass the time. My top three are:

  1. "Contact!" - when another runner is spotted. Stole it from a friend who likes war films. Don't bother saying with cyclists/walkers (i,e, civilians).
  2. "I need an exit" - When running along tow paths etc looking for the way back onto the road. Stolen from the Matrix
  3. "I don't eat invertebrates for fun"  - When running up big hills/in torrential rain/very early in the morning. Bit of a stretch this, but originally came from Blackadder. Usually panted out breathlessley, syllable by syllable Helps with bloody mindednes.

Anyone else do this? Even if you don't, any suggestions for  random things to say whilst running?

 * breath permitting



  • if I'm trying really hard I sometimes repeat, in time with my footsteps, the line "you can go hard, or you can go home"...... 

  • Foose the legs is what I generally say.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    - This to shall pass (repeat as necessary)
    - COME ON! (before a big sprint/increase in pace)
    - One step, two step, three step, floor (based on the tequila drinking song)

  • Another one with "This too shall pass" - in fact for Christmas my husband got me a necklace with this on that I always wear when running and it 'jingles' occasionally which is a good reminder when the running gets tough
    Also I sing "turning Japanese" to myself as the rhythm is perfect for a good cadence for me.
  • I generally say NOoooooooooooooooooooooooo  not here before  jumping over the sea wall onto the beach - and then running along with a little bag to find a bin - trying to put on an expression that says bl**dy dogs.
  • Generally say its not too late turn back no one will tell but then turns into ive got to bloody get home now ive come this far away oh shit.

    Or another one for the Come On run you fucker

  • "come on"

    "dig in"

    "this is easy"

    "no way back"

    "smash through"

    "yesterday you said tomorrow"

  • "come on you fat get"
  • "Just keep run-ning, just keep run-ning, just keep run-ning, running, running" (like Dory's just keep swimming song in Finding Nemo) - I've had it going round my head for up to an hour, which sounds annoying but strangely helps...
  • I just say 1212...  to keep cadence at 190 steps per minute.
  • When I'm finding it hard to keep going, I count with each step: 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4. I think I read it in in an article about either the Tour de France or triathlons, and it was for the horrible hill climb bike sections. When you think there's no way you can keep going and you'll never get to the top, even if you can't get all the way, you can surely manage four more steps. And when you've done four, you can do another four etc etc. When I first read it, I was sceptical, but wowee does it work for me!
  • "No hill lasts forever"
  • "This will soon be over"

    "Think how nice that beer will taste"

    "I think I want to be fat instead"
  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭
    Pick your feet up you fat bastard........and RUN! image
  • Frodo, me too! The other one is, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Oh, and if I've been overdoing it, come on lumpy.
  • "wonder what bonkers posts will be on the forum once I've finished......."
  • "Run fat boy run"
  • Stop being a pussy and climb up that fucking hill, usually works for me....

  • There's a few here that I use too - "go hard or go home" has been a recent one.

    When I was coming back from injury I would get paranoid I could feel twinges in my healed foot. I used to stop and check with a 'poke test' but then later I would say 'it's all in your's all in your head" to force myself to carry on running (i'd had the all clear from the dr, by that point that it was all in my head). Must have worked because I haven't had to say that one for a long time.

     If I am doing intervals I say 'just one more' and if I start out too fast I have to say 'come on rein it in'. Which seems to make me slow down more than just thinking it (and confused people racing next to me).

  • I spell out words/names of places or people. If I go wrong (which happens frequently) I have to start from the very beginning
  • I mentally slag off every car driver in sight.  That said, I've taken to avoiding roads altogether if I can as I am aware that my hatred of cars is starting to get a bit obsessive.
  • To the next lampost

    to the next sign post

     to the corner


     I know how fit/ unfit I am by how soon / late into the run I start saying it to myself image

  • I could kill a crabbies right now.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    I tend to count. Or sing David Bowie songs in my head. Or if I see another runner up ahead I find myself repeating "chase the rabbit". And if I catch them, I kill and eat them.
  • Started doing the 12341234 thing last night - it did help. Made me more aware of how quick my footfall was and helped when my legs started trying to tell me they were FAR too tired to do the last me round with no walking at all. image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)
    I spell out words/names of places or people. If I go wrong (which happens frequently) I have to start from the very beginning

    I've heard that this works great! My dad used to do it for staying concentrated on the road. I'll give it a go this weekend image

    When i'm tired I count 1,2,3,4 in different languages to take my mind off it.

  • Emmy_bug wrote (see)

    When i'm tired I count 1,2,3,4 in different languages to take my mind off it.

    It's funny how people differ. When I'm exhausted, the most I can manage are single word mantras: I feel like any brain activity at all is 'the straw that broke the camel's back' in terms of effort. 

    Taking a few sips of water on the move, or sorting something that's falling out of my pocket leaves me breathing as hard as knocking 30 secs / mile off my pace. 

  • I always do sums in my head - work out how far I will have gone if I keep up x pace for y minutes etc.  At the end I count - trees, doors, houses to keep me going. Will definitely try out 12341234 from now on though. I've read somewhere that Paula Radcliffe counts to 300 and she knows that that's a mile.

    I sometimes I chant Mind over matter - as in theory my mind is bettter than my body matter.  That's not saying much though.

  • I used to do the counting to 300 thing on a treadmill. Otherwise I just stared at them time. I also count through intervals otherwise I clock watch too much.

    As for mental games to keep occupied, Sometimes when running in fairly quiet parks I try to memorise every person I see so that if I later find out a murder has been committed I can tell the police about everyone that was there! Bit morbid really.

  • "You will survive this" - Bit dramatic but I feel like death on some runs.

    "Go hard or go home" - Interval training mantra.

    "Hoo Rah!" - I have watched Generation Kill too many times and have an army background(don't shout it or you look like a nutter.)

    "We got it going on" by Bon Jovi because it's a jamming tune and it keeps me pumped up and happy.

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