Thames Meander Marathon

This looks like a race worthy of some attention.

Does anyone out there have any experience of running it in the past, good or bad?




  • Nope, but I've entered anyway. I like Saturday marathons as they don't play quite as much havoc with my wine drinking.

  • Good point! Ok, that's good eniugh reason fo rme. P
  • Hi Paul, we hosted it last year, it was a small field as we wanted to trial it and it was very successfully received. Saturday marathons give everyone a chance to recover too before trekking back to work. We will have a great race photographer, chip timing, mile markers for the half / full, really nice hot meal post race, fantastic onsite facilities and a great bespoke medal. You'll love the scenery too, every step of the way !


  • This looks superb value for £25, and everything looks very professional so far. The Hermes Running site is pretty cool, you do some nice work David (and Mel).

  • Thanks for the nice comments, really appreciated. We have put in place lots of additonal measures to ensure that everyone doing our events has the best experience, we'll also have You Tube feeds of the Runners which seems to be very popular and I am 110% confident that the event will be thoroughly enjoyed by all, we're very dedicated about our runners needs and do take on board what  feedback we get. Have a look at the testamonials on our website and the "about us" bit !  

  • Thanks David. The 2011 field may have been small, but it was nonetheless an impressive looking lineup. I recognised at least three massochists from the 100-marathon club that I have met over the years, so if it's good enough for them, who am I to argue?

    I just hope that my annual summer holiday doesn't end up getting in the way.

  • I'm doing this as one of my pals is a 100 marathon club massochist and he highly rated it. I was running with him at 3 Forts recently and he pointed David out to me....I'm sure he did altho I was slightly delirious.

    I have some romantic notion it will be a lovely run alongside the river Thames on a gorgeous sunny summer Saturday....and then I remember I will have to run 26.2 miles !!

    I am hoping for a great event and am sure I won't be disappointed.  image

  • hey Possum Hopperimage NuNu  recovered after the Kent Roadrunner lol

    Can you tell me how it works with running the Half marathon, do they start off at the same point or does the HM start halfway along and finish at the same point, I know I could look but on my phone the signal isnt great and it takes forever to download


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    This may be a silly question but i've looked on the website and cannot find the answer - what is the cut off time for the marathon?

  • Hi Everyone, Sorry for the confusion. Both the half and full start at 9.30am, they follow the same route for about 3 miles then just past the Petersham green area the half goes left along the Thames path to just past Teddington lock then back again, the full goes in the opposite direction to cross Putney bridge then back again. The cut of time is 6 hours for both. Any other questions then please get in touch.  We have the full map on this link now, the half will be available very soon


  • The "proof" for the Medal will be ready shortly and when it is we'll post it on the Forum for you all to see, all I can say is that you'll love it !!! image   

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    what's the nearest train station to the start?

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    found a contact number on the entry form so just texted

  • Holiday sorted. Back to the UK two days before the race, so the cheque is now in the post.

  • Great Paul hope you had a great holiday too.The nearest Train Station to Marymount School is Norbiton, Surrey?? Should be regular trains from Waterloo or Victoria via Clapham Junction being a Sat there won't be engineering works!
  • Thanks Melcelt. Raynes Park may be a good bet for me, as I'll be coming from Epsom.

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    If I've googled correctly Norbiton is a mile walk from the start so should be ok, I'm planning on getting the sleeper down, looking at 50 minutes from Euston

  • Yes, it's about 1.1 miles on foot (1.2 by car). New Malden is only 1.3 miles away too. It looks like a very civilised way to get there, as it's a Saturday and a good rail service likely.

  • Yes that is right, Norbition is about a mile away, there are trains from London to Norbition. Another option is getting off at Wimbledon station then taking a number 57 bus which stops almost at the end of Warren road, The start is on George road which is about 400metres off of warren road.

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    just need to check I can get the sleeper tomorrow then and it's a go. I just did Great Trail Challenge Marathon and am entered for Berlin so this will be good timing.

  • Melcelt that is a great call on the bus from Wimbledon.  I'll be heading down from Fulham so the 57 bus from outside the station is ideal. Thanks.

    Do you or David know how long it'll be before my entry is confirmed?  I posted my cheque a fortnight ago and it's not gone out my account yet.

    ADG - I'm also doing this as a long run before Berlin and will announce myself over on those pages later today.

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    runnersworld https isn't working it gives an unsecure page to send cc details, I'll see if they sort it or put a cheque in the post, train is booked, just need to hope it all goes to plan and I'll be at the start line in August

  • The cheque option save a worthy £3, so is the route I went for too. I got my email confirmation yesterday too. Simples.

  • I took up running 5 years ago and have completed 9 half-marathons (all road) and 6 10k's (all trail), but have caught the bug and want to do a 'proper' distance now image

    I'm thinking of doing this race as my first marathon (being on a Saturday is a key attraction) and was wondering if it's OK for first timers?  Should it be harder than a typical marathon course?

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    that's me in, just used the online because I don't have any cheques.

  • My cheque has been cashed today so I guess I'm in.  Nice little build up for Berlin.

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    still be a pb attempt though lol

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'm really interested in this one but i'm wondering about the 'trail' element. It can have quite broad definitions so i'm wondering if there's any further info available about the conditions? Will it be river path? or 'real' muddy trails?

    I looked at the map on mapmyrun but as I dont' know the area too well - arent sure

  • i have sent my application form by post. just waiting for a confirmation. this will be my 3rd marathon. i have also booked for beachy head marathon in october..  i am thinking about the terrain with all the rain we have had. can anyone enlighten me on what trainers to wear. i start upping my miles this week...image

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