Leicester Marathon



  • Ben, I cant remember! I was in a barrow runners vest

    The clock thing remains a mystery to me! As I was finishing I looked and it was saying 3.18.xx I wasnt sure if I had ducked under 3.19 when I finished but was v close.  I looked at my garmin which said 3.19.10 and I had stopped it when I stopped at the crossing.  I started my garmin when I crossed the start and think I took less than a minute.  So allowing for crossing the start and the train the official clock should have been 1-2 min ahead of the garmin!!

    Oh well, it doesnt really matter, my chip time is 3.19.xx which I dont think has been adjusted yet for the train so at least I got sub 3.20 so am v happy

  • 4:32:24 chip time for me which is a PB by 11mins but I went across the line at 4:34 but my finish time says 4:38?! I was right at the back at the start.

    Agreed that I thought it was a wonderful event, marshalls were superb and I only had to ask which way to go once (in the city as per earlier poster). The city bit was amazing, I was on my own, felt good and was running well there so felt like a proper celeb with people clapping!

    That last uphill though went on forever and I thought they were a little cheeky saying there were only gradual inclines, it was much hiller than the other marathon I have done - Brighton.

    I didn't get held up at either crossing but the lights did go on about 30 seconds after I passed the first one, I would have been a bit cheesed off if I got held up (my sister did).

  • Re the clock that's interesting because I could swear it said 5:30 when I crossed but I was given 5:30:22 and clock 5:36 and garmin was on 5:30 so ... Sure it was 5:30 not 5:36 ... Oh well !!
  • Hi  well done to everyone , sounds like a good time was had by all.

    Can you just let me know how it was for those collecting your numbers and chips on the Sunday morning - was it a quick and smooth process, or was there a lot of standing around in a queue, thanks

  • Thought it worked well, no queues at all when we arrived (just before 8am).
    Also, I thought the sheer quantity of Marshalls on the course was very impressive, must have been dozens and dozens and dozens!

  • I didn't pick mine up but did not see huge queues, they had queues for a-c etc... By surname so split them up and P and S had individual queuesimage must have been a lot of Smiths and err umm err Powders!! (Not good at guessing surnames beginning with P). When I was in the loo queue with 10m to go no queue at all.
  • Great, thanks.  See you next year then.

  • My Q had just one person ahead , for some reason they had no number for me, she went through all the envelopes 3 times but nothing . They were able to issue me a new number though so not a problem
  • Hi Everyone

    Sorry about the clock being two minutes out MY FAULT pilot error having had it at home for two days practicing how to make sure I started it correctly I got it wrong on the day .In future I wont multitask( it was only the other day i got rid of my slate board and chalk) and stick to doing the commentary yes it was me on the mike with music and equipment being supplied by a local community radio station .I hope I was able to give you a mention as you crossed the line together with your recorded chip time trying to make up for the clock error. Hope you enjoyed the banter with some of you as you finished  .I will make sure that I am not the one tasked with starting the clock when I hope you all come back next year Sorry  

  • Giggle, you cracked under the pressureimage

    I'll see you next year.
  • Great make sure you come over and say Hi so I can give you a special mention and maybe have  a chat

    PS what pressure !!!!!!!


    Terry - you did a great job, as did everyone else on the day.   A brilliant marathonimage

  • Thanks for your very positive comment come over and say hi at the commentary point next year

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