Overdone it?



  • Or just under 96 sixteen hour days running in last 6 years.
  • Which means, assuming you sleep 8 hours a day, that you have been running about 4.4% of your waking hours.
  • I'm sure I'd be broken to smithereens if I tried even one 16 hour day of running. I do stuff in the gym too, at about a fifth of the running time (~1 hr a week). That probably should go up a bit more next year (because I want to get buff for summer :D)

    My watch claims I average around 8 hours sleep. I think that's bollocks. I slept about 3 hours a night through end of August/September and wake up at 5 -5.30 most days and then just pretend to sleep until 6.30.

  • Following on from own post now but was just looking at last few years of the Pudding Run (the race I'm doing on Sunday), where the route has been unaltered and looking at the variation in gps, it measures from bang on 10 to 10.1 miles over the years. That .1 outlier equates to the 1% error quoted for measuring wheels ...

    Good luck on Sunday DT. Wind speeds seem to be picking up in the forecasts now :( I was hoping I might be able to break 58 mins but might be a tough nut to crack.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Muddy, I had this conversation with someone and used sneyd as an example. I have got-

    2018- 9.95m

    2016- 10.00

    2015- 9.99

    Not sure what happened last year.

    Yes the forecast is turning against me yet again. 2 years ago it snowed everytime I tried to race, last year it was boiling hot everytime and this year seems to be wind interference.

  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭
    > @DT19 said:

    > I wonder if we will hear from Mace again? He hasn't been back since looking like he wasn't going to be making the start line at London.

    No sign of Mace running on Pof10
    Literatin is still doing XC but about a minute slower than last year - could be conditions though rather than her actually being slower.
    Mr V - can't remember his real name but don't think he did B2C yesterday.
    Lou has 6 listed races this year and still in sub 20 min 5k shape.
    Bob you've just mentioned is about to do his first HM
    Madbee - can't remember her real name
    McFlooze still visits
    Marrows - can't remember her real name
    Pete - was here at weekend but a while since he tested himself against the clock (Christmas Day 2018)
    Rich - is still running plenty and did a parkrun in Bedford a week ago in 22:40

    People not mentioned because they are still here regularly - Muddy, DT and Tommy

    People not mentioned because they made it on to the TTT but came and went. Charlie, Velloo, Matty W, Chris F, another Rich and DH and if I can't remember Mr V, Madbee and Marrows real names I haven't got a cat in hells chance with them.

    Kevin70 posts but has never made it on to the TTT.
    Hi I'm still alive! Not really running much these days though I do jog the 4 miles or so home from work most evenings.

    Keep thinking I'll get back into proper running at some point but not sure if the motivation is still there. Thinking I'll at least try to do the odd parkrun and maybe the occasional local 10k next year. Even if it's just for a jog round.

    My brother is trying to convince me to do a marathon with him next year for his 40th. Maybe that could be the catalyst for a return if he manages to convince me!
  • Hi Mr V

    Those 4 miles most days probably keep a level of residual fitness that would surprise you if you did start running properly again. I have been amazed that after 2 and a half years of virtually no running I've only lost about one minute per mile across all distances from probably my best levels(I don't even know if the same amount of slowing across all distances makes sense but seems to be broadly true).

    Cheers, Skinny
  • I love a good set of statistics :smile:
  • I have a pb to report over 10 miles ! I managed to win the Sneyd Pudding Run in 57:57. Who knows where all the good runners where ? I'm pleased with that considering how windy it was, and after a desultory three quarters of a mile warmup. The race includes a 5 mile race over one of the laps so it was a bit surprising to find myself in 3rd place overall after half a mile. I was running within myself so decided to push ahead of the two in front. I sensed them  coming with me but after 3 miles it sounded pretty quiet behind. I was glad of that as I was working pretty hard against the wind and wanted to ease off a bit  So got through the 5 mile timing mats at 28:30 and realised I had a stitch and wondered if it would ruin my chances of holding the lead. Found out later that the two behind were in the 5 mile race so I needn't have worried. Stitch slowed me up for the next couple of miles when I started lapping people and dancing on and off the narrow footpaths into the road. Finally hit the glorious downhill final kilometre out of the wind and realised I might still sneak a pb as well as the win so absolutely hammered it down to the finish, and did :)
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    edited December 2019
    Wow, that's no easy job to win that race, Muddy. Congrats! Looks like they should have given you the 5m prize as well! 

    So Telford 10k;

    i went out with a plan to run just under 6.10mm pace to bank a pb. i did my dd and Telford always comes up around 6.18m on gps so 6.10 pace would be there, anything faster and I'd be pushing sub 38. Stuck to plan pretty solidly with splits of 6.05, 6.06, 6.05, 6.10, 6.09, 6.12 then 6.09 for average pace of 6.08. I looked at my watch expecting to see around 38.10 but was dismayed to see 38.22, having clocked 6.26m 

    Second fastest 10k and 4s off pb. So frustrated and annoyed with self as i had it in me, i just didn't think i needed to take any chances by pushing harder. 

    I probably lost it on the switchbacks at around 2.5 and 5m. The 5m one in particular was difficult to pick back up from. 

    i think it might give me a new wava, 75.74 on howard grub calc. 

    That got me 364th place such is the depth of the field where the top 5 were sub 29 and top 16 sub 30. 
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    Muddy B) B) B)

    What was the margin of victory in the end then?

    Sounds like all the fast runners were at Telford 10K.

    They are incredibly solid splits DT if the wind was anything like it was here today - great effort and unlucky on just missing out on a PB. Still a very good run.

    I ran 3 miles Monday, 5 miles home from work Thursday and today I ran 3 miles with Mrs Skinny at 11mm followed by 10 miles in 82:30 so was out for nearly 2 hours. I don't think I could count it as a full 13 but ignoring those 3 it was still an 18 mile week with 3 runs following a 16.5 and a 16 in the previous two weeks. That's enough to make me feel like a runner f I can keep it up.

    Cheers, Skinny

    PS I ran in a gale and pissing rain on Thursday and a gale and a hail storm and pissing rain today. If I could pick I would prefer my body to be able to run in the summer months!

    PPS I've now been promoted to level 3 and am able to edit my posts again :-)
  • Excellent Skinny, you'll be running under blue skies soon enough, literally and metaphorically :) I've had a few gales this year but it's turning out alright ;)

    I won the 5 mile by 8 seconds (thought he was further back) and next in the 10 mile was 59:19. My chip time was 57:56. 

    DT - Hard luck. How was the wind ? It was bothering me a fair bit.
  • Excellent Skinny, you'll be running under blue skies soon enough, literally and metaphorically :) I've had a few gales this year but it's turning out alright ;)

    I won the 5 mile by 8 seconds (thought he was further back) and next in the 10 mile was 59:19. My chip time was 57:56. 

    DT - Hard luck. How was the wind ? It was bothering me a fair bit.

    Excellent! If you hadn't been pushing for, and getting, a PB you could really have enjoyed it with that kind of gap.

    What did you win? Don't tell me it was just a bigger pudding than everybody else!

  • I won a voucher for a free pair of Altra brand running shoes (I’ve tried their zero drop racing shoes but not really a fan) and a biggish trophy:

  • Hideous trophy but well done - is that biggest race you've won?
  • Nice work, Muddy!  I'm sure a club mate would take the Altra voucher off you for cash?  They seem quite popular at our club for trail shoes especially although I've never tried them.  

    And condolences on just missing out, DT.  But it is a very, very good time.  I think you asked a while back but yes, it was a GFA place for London.  Our club only have 2 places...not far from the threshold for 3 places now though.

    Sounds like you are really getting back to it, Skinny. Have it all crossed for you.  

    A hilly and muddy XC at Welcombe hills in Stratford and then a 13 miles on Sunday finished off my first 40 mile week in ages.  So am pleased with that.  And enjoyed the XC as well - that course starts going up a hill, then down a hill, then up a longer hill then a nice long down.  Then you do it again for second lap. It's quite technical as a lot of tussocks and mud deep in places with rollercoaster sections where you pass over the ridge and furrow so you've to watch your footing. So it's not the easiest to pace but apart from losing it a bit on the 3rd mile I felt pretty good and overtook about 10 women on the last mile so was happy with that.  Came out around marathon pace I'd guess which is ok given hills and conditions.  

    I'm leading one of the faster groups at club tonight so hope my legs are capable.  Or everyone will just have to run a bit slower. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Muddy, an excellent trophy, leaving you in no doubt in years to come and your memory fades, as to what position you finished.

    The wind wasn't bad enough for me to blame it! The long out and back you do twice was pretty well sheltered and that covers what must be over 4m of the course. The looped section at the start and returning you to the out and back were pretty blustery.

    The biggest issue, particularly in the vaporflys was the surface which was pretty muddy and slippy at times. The other frustration was that I was very much a middle packer here and so on the out and backs where you had to keep to one side, as I started sensibly, I was constantly trying to overtake people but on a few occasions I had to just sit in as I couldn't come out to do so.

    That's very good work, Skinny. I ran a 3.08 at London averaging just over 25 mpw…..

    Nice work on the xc, mcf. I can't bring myself to go along as it's been so long now. My club had 3 places until recently. We are predominantly an athletics club though so the demand for marathon places isn't there so much.

    Tommy, in answer to your question, we have suffered quite a bit over the last few years with the emergence of a number of quite sizeable running groups and unregistered running clubs rising out of the parkrun thing. Whereas previously the logical step would have been to join us, we are seen as a hardcore final step for that that get really good and not a place for beginners.

    That isn't correct, however I guess these bespoke groups are probably better placed to help complete beginners than we are, simply because we don't have that many running 10mm and below.

  • Wow energetic weekend McFlooze! The cross country always sounds way harder than the European Cross Country course when you watch on the telly - even though yesterday's was obviously up and down there was no mud in sight. Good luck tonight.

    'A hilly and muddy XC at Welcombe hills in Stratford'

    I wonder how you pronounce that? I was in a pub the other week and I looked at the badge of a real ale called Butcombe Ale - so I asked for a pint of butcum and he was just topping off the head when I realised what I'd said!

  • Well done DT, McFlooze, Skinny and especially Muddy! That trophy is AWESOME. It's even worse than my blingiest trophy (for a team event that I got to take home because it was so hideous no-one else wanted it and we failed to 'accidentally' leave it behind in our coach's car).

    I did the east district xc championships on Saturday, not terribly fast but improving and actually quite enjoyed it despite the persistent drizzle and the fact that it never really got light all day.
  • Muddy, brilliant result and time.

    DT unlucky on your pb, have you any other 10k races soon

    Skinny good miles again this week, weather is a pain but you are out running :)

    McFlooze XC and 13mls on the weekend :s mileage building up nicely

    Managed 12mls on Saturday and hoping for 9mls tonight

    Hi Mr V

  • Cheers McF - the voucher is redeemable at a very specific shop near Walsall Parkrun :) I think I'll take a look at the trail offerings as they have probably got most re-sale value right now. I do have a pair of Inov8 X-talons size 11 going up for sale if anyone wants - box fresh !

    Oops forgot to welcome Mr V back ! Try the marathon - let me sell it to you: it's awful and painful and the training is through the worst weather months of the year, recovery afterwards takes an age, but you'll get really fit if if you don't get injured :)

    Good going Kevin. Likewise Lit and McF on the cross country. Particularly following it up with a long run! McF are you doing the joint counties cross country champs at Droitwich early Jan ? I think our mens team is looking pretty sharp (I'm in!).

    Skinny -  I would be tempted to make it a soft 'u' - a pint of Beaut-comb. Every other option seems quite unpalatable.
  • Yes, Muddy, will see you there!  Although the Ladies division 2 (not ours) race was meant to be there this weekend and it was cancelled due to conditions.  It must have been pretty, blooming bad for them to cancel a XC!  Stratford said it was the worst they'd ever seen the course.  Have you run it before?  Apparently one of the hardest parkruns in the country is hosted there.  

    Skinny - I pronounce it as you would pronounce Welcome (so Wellcum if you want to be smutty about it).  

    Sorry, welcome back Mr V and good running Kevin.  

  • Your pronunciation was correct skinny, lovely pint, I've never been able to order one with a straight face though.
    Congratulations to seemingly everyone on a great weekends running.
    I have my longest run up to 8 miles now, would have happily kept going, and going, but I'm trying to be sensible. I'd almost forgotten how enjoyable long runs can be.
  • 9 different contributors on one page - makes a change from Muddy and DT having a private conversation about their latest PBs!
  • Talking of latest PBs here's a TTT update for Muddy's 22 second 10 mile Pudding PB. good stuff - easily top 100 in his age group.

    DT - I've noticed that you think your WAVA is improved but will wait till on Pof10 - please feel free to give me a nudge once it is.

    When does BBB do his HM? 
  • Top work, muddy. Great result and great time to go with it. That race seems to always fall on the same weekend as the local HM (the one which Bob did) that I often do. However, I was in London for the weekend so missed both of them.

    Nicely done DT, seems like you were running within yourself, shame you didn't get a PB but I think you're in a decent place ahead of London next year.

    Welcome back, Mr V.

    Well done on the XC, Mcf and Lit.  

    Great to see you getting some consistent mileage in, Skinny.

    Kevin, sound slike you need to get to a race/parkrun to see where you're at.

    Not sure if Bob will post a report so I'll summarise...He woke up full of cold but decided to give it a go anyway, his main goal was to break 90 minutes in what was potentially his only half marathon. It's an undulating course with wo significant climbs, but also a couple of glorious downhill miles. He got to about 10 miles on target but then turned into the wind and had a bit of a tough time in the last 5k. Still, he finished in 1:32 and was pretty pleased with it all things considered. I'm trying to convince him to do Cambridge with me in March if he can find himself a place.  

    I'm still just running about. Well probably look to do a couple more XC's in January and then a 10k in February to see how things are looking ahead of Cambridge.

  • 10 on one page! Hi Tommy - thanks for the ghost writing - you need to tell BBB if after all this time he has finally done a half marathon he needs to get on here and tell us about it!

    Surely if he got so close to sub 1:30 he's going to have to do another >:)

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Skinny, my result is on po10, do you get wava info from there? I am not sure I have improved it based on what is on the TTT table which must come from a different source to where I calculate mine as it is different to what I calculated my 5k wava.

    Sounds like a good effort by Bob, hopefully he will have another crack. I am on the look out for a fast half first 2 weekends of March, that is also logistically possible without an overnight stay. Anyone got any thoughts?

  • I can't imagine how long Bob's write up of a half marathon will be.  Can't wait!  Perhaps Bob might like to do Coventry.  7th April ish?.  Last 5 miles are all downhill.  It is a very agreeable course profile.  
  • I did wonder about the wind affecting Bob's race Tommy - but he should well be pleased with that with a head full of snot to contend with.

    McF- Cool see you there. I haven't run the parkrun course at Churchfields but when I did the Droitwich 10k in the summer there, I had a small warm up jog round the fields and they were all potted, churned up and decorated with some lovely cow pats. There's a nice ice cream parlour there that me and DT savoured at the time. Might not work so well on a freezing Saturday afternoon in January.

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