Pirate DIY Half IM, The second coming!



  • Very poor quality video drive thru of one lap of the bike course.


  • this video is private?
  • new direction signs with Marshallini design on printed!

    this is getting close


  • Un-privatised the video - sorryimage. not the best video to be fair anywayimage

  • would agree with DK , From what i can remember of the course from last year there was just the one stretch where you could really enjoy TT bike benefits but most of the course was quite rolling and twisty image . No difficult climbs but definately a course that keeps you busy changing gears and thinking about road position .

  • I like the music on the video! Very interesting?
  • Ha ha. Reading this thread i feel out of my depth.

    I have no swimming goggles, hat etc.

    I have a road bike. I ride at side of road and thats my position. I do not know the benefits of a TT bike.

    Running is fine.

    You will be able to spot the amatuer a mile off image

    I havent done a Tri before. I have only swam three times full stop. Today i did 67 lengths in shorts.

    Not sure how i will do but my swim will take me about an hour.

    Usually 56 mile would take me around 3:30

    13.1 mile run (PB 1.29 but never ran after cycling 56miles so i guess 2 hours?)

    So looking at 6:30 plus transitions. How long do they take? 5 mins each one?

  • if you do it in 6:30, you won't last

    There are a couple of people who have never done a tri before attempting this

     Thats the reason we are called Pirate ship of Fools cause we don't really now what we are doing, but we have a good laugh while we triing

  • I am really looking forward to it. Should be good. Dont care where i finish really. I bet i am last out of the pool though! image


  • there is always a fight for thaqt honour Paul..........I will not be last as i am using my pullbuoyimage

  • haha good tactic Seren

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Paul ... don't worry about time in transition.  I take soooooo long!!! image

  • After bouncing through Macc on Saturday, on top of everything else everyone has said, the road surface is hardly smooth. Road bike for me on the day. TT is staying at home
  • after using my new bike yesterday and it getting mud and dirt where i didn't realise mud could get.......I will be bringing my training bike

     I never want to clean a bike again

  • You can clean mine after this Seren image

  • Had a look at that camp site Ozzy and it doesn't cater for tents so will have to find another

  • BrokeButTri'ng wrote (see)

    Had a look at that camp site Ozzy and it doesn't cater for tents so will have to find another

    We will sort you out somewhere to camp, Seren has the back garden, you can have the front, or I happen to know the people who own the house where the feed station is, you can camp there, plus there is the front and back rooms downstairs, but I think Slagiatt and Button Mushroom may be using these.


  • Sa.would there be any garage or shed etc with an electric point we could lead an extension to.....

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    Sa.would there be any garage or shed etc with an electric point we could lead an extension to.....

    Yep, garage has a couple of points and is next to the garden that you will pitch your tent in, when are you coming up Friday or Saturday


  • OK - Race instructions.  These instructions are the same for both Saturday and Sunday.  You will need to be at my house for 8.30 for pre-event cups of tea. image.  Please make sure you are there no later than 9.00 for final briefing. 


    7 Chiltern Avenue


    Cheshire   SK11 8LP


    My mobile is 07791 993632


    Whilst here please set up your stuff for T2.  Anything you need handed to you on the bike or run course, please make these known here.   You will be issued a bag and you need to put everything for T1 in this bag.  This will then be transported to T1.  Please include a pair of flip-flops or other such footwear for the short walk from the swimming pool exit to T1.


    At 9.15/9.30 we will have a gentle cycle (1 mile) to the swim start where you will be able to lay out T1.  We will be having racking for T1 this year.  (T1 will be manned at all times),


  • You will have to swim 76 lengths.  It is your responsibility to count your own lengths.  Upon finishing the swim, you will head out of the rear of the Leisure Centre and enter T1.  If anyone wants a complete change of clothing, please do this before leaving the Leisure Centre.  Anything left in T1 will be gathered and can be collected at our house at the end of the event.


    You are then onto the cycle course.  There is a 1 mile route to the start of the laps.  This will be signposted and hopefully marshalled.


    You need to complete 12 laps of the cycle course.  We are hoping to have marshalls at certain points of the course, but they will only be there for your first lap of the bike course.

  • There is 1 bike feed station which you will pass 12 times.  This will have water bottles (750ml).  If you need anything else, please sure you hand these in, clearly labelled when you first arrive at my house.


    Bike route:




    Upon completion of your 12th lap you will follow the signs that take you to T1 (my house).  There will be changing available there for anyone that wants a complete change


    There are 2 feed stations on each lap of the run course.  (One is the same place as the bike feed station and the other is at my house).  Please leave anything you require for the run either at my house or hand it in at registration for transporting to the feed station.  There will be water and flat coke available in small bottles.  We will also have jelly babies and painkillers!!!


    Run route




    image Finish and collect your T-shirt.  Then relax and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and sausage/bacon butties! image

  • butties image

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Do we have any vegetarians?

  • we are planning on coming up on the friday .hubby has booked the day off work as we will take a while to pack and travel up and then put up the tent ready for racing saturdayimage

  • Seren


    Depending on what time you get there we may be out, Jordy goes to a swimming club on a Friday night 7 - 9


  • we will be up before then.will there be anyone in in the afternoon


  • yep, all 3 of us


  • Competing


    1. SA Y-L-P
    2. H0nk N
    3. Soup Dragon Y-S
    4. 7755Matt Y-L-P
    5. Stanners Y- L - Y
    6. Les boules Y-M-P
    7. Blue Peter Y-M-Y
    8. Colourin (aka Shivering Whippet)
    9. Seren Y-M_Y
    10. Jammy Dodger 2 Y-M-N
    11. IronHolgs Y-XL-Y
    12. BrokeButTri'ing Y-L-N
    13. Razor Y-M-N
    14. Horse Y-XL-N
    15. Ozzy287 Y-M-N


    1. Mrs SA Y-M-P
    2. Mrs Matt (provisional) Y-L-P
    3. SgtLard Y-XL-N
    4. Britrisky Y-M-P
    5. bburn plodder Y-M-P
    6. Bobby Nobby M-N
    7. Paul Platt Y-?
    8. Cake Y-L-N
    9. Blaidd Drwg Y-M-Y
    10. Tired Badger Y-M-Y
    11. Tom's Psudonym Y-M-M
    12. Slagiatt
    13. Button Mushroom

    Mrs SA, Jordy, Lee The Pea, marshallini, SuperCaz, Mrs Matt, Cake , Britrisky, Bobby Nobby, Blaidd Drwg, Slagiatt, Button Mushroom, Mr Monic.
    SA, Jordy, Lee The Pea, marshallini, H0nk, Soup Dragon, SuperCaz, 7755Matt, Stanners (am), Colourin (aka Shivering Whippet), Seren Nos, Jammy Dodger 2, BBT, Ozzy287, Mrs Ozzy287.

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