Rutland Water Marathon

So who is sugned up for thus? Who's done it before? What's it like?
I'lll be doing this as my first ever marathon... image Providing I stick to my training plan image


  • Moi!

    Yes, done it twice before. It undulates a little and can be a little muddy in places (as some of it is off road) but all on all a decent event. Quite scenic. BTW its a good 20+ minute walk from the car park to the start IIRC.

    Good luck with your training.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    I am doing this, and it will also be my first. There are a couple of other forumites too that I know of.

    Sean - when you say muddy would it be a good idea to wear trail shoes rather than road ones?

  • I must admit that I am seriously tempted.

  • The shame about this, is they used to run a 16.5 mile race as a warm up to London, back in the late 80s and it disapeared for some reason - it was a really good and popular race - (in fact still my best ever race)

  • Mathschick - road shoes will be fine. There are just some trail bits that have been a little bit muddy in the past. Nothing what road shoes can't handle. However, you may finish with a dirtier pair of shoes than you started with!

    I will be going with my usual choice of lightweight road shoes.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    oh, all my shoes are a bit dirty

    thanks Sean

  • I'm running this one too, it will be my third marathon but first Rutland, looking forward to it but the weather could go either way by then I guess. Pictures on the website from last year look like it was a sunny crisp day. be good if it was like that this year too.

  • Weather last year wasn't too bad. A decent November day. However, the year before there was a really really awful windchill that just froze you to the bone. Very bitter. The way this year has gone it will probably be 30C.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hmm, I will pack everything then and see what the weather brings. We are going to stay at the Best Western the night before - I think it is close to the start line.

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    Cracking race. I've done it both times and have entered this year too. There is a course profile on their website somewhere. One man's undulation is anothers hill. There is a steep upwards undulation at 21miles which I found entertaining. Lots of gates and cattle grids. Most of it is on well made tracks.

    The scenery is stunning.

    Good luck all.
  • Yes, there is a Best Western near the start line. The rear of the Hotel looks out over Rutland Water. You will have a shorter walk to the start line providing that there is no need to register before the start (which is at the finish line and the opposite way to the start line!). IIRC we didn't need to register on the day last year but did the previous year!

    The course "rolls" but is far from hilly! image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Thanks Sean

    Haven't been to Rutland Water for a few years, but don't remember the area as being hilly.

  • The Best Western appears to be full now. Any other hotels nearby or on a bus / rail link, does anyone know?

  • Ok, the Old Plough is now my home for the evening of 3 November, and the race has been duly entered.

  • Been driving passed Rutland Water a lot this year, always fancied running along that path towards Oakham. This is my chance I guess.

  • places to stay nearby ? room for family...anyone got a recommendation at all thanks

  • hi all


    can you advise road or trail shoes for this one?


    thanks in advance

  • Road will be fine. There's maybe 3 short sections on grass but the rest is good footpaths.
  • thanks tim



  • Has anyone received their race packs from the organisers yet?

  • got mine today! dont get too excited. no goodies !

  • Thanks. Hopefully mine will be waiting for me at home then. Not fussed about goodies (until after the run) just want my number and to feel organised!
  • i thought the only reason we put ourselves through these events was for the freebies?image

  • haven't got mine yet...

  • Got home. No pack. The freebies are great after - got to do it first to earn the freebies! Going to have to go some to beat my "best" freebies of a pack of rice and an apple!
  • rice and an apple? crickey! what run was that?

  • Hopefully the packs will be imminent for those of us still waiting.

  • I haven't received mine yet...... sobs!

  • No sign of my pack yet either. I shan't be home from 31st October until after the race so I hope it turns up before then!

  • I haven't received a race pack yet.

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