BHF Warwick Castle Half Marathon



  • would love to do this, yes 2 weeks after Silverstone but i'm also going to be doing a 20mile road race the week before so may be taking on abit too much of a challenge perhaps!!!!


  • Or with a 6 mile warm up its another LSR through the Warwickshire countryside... Running past llamas... image
  • Hi guys, I know that the map is taking a little longer than planned, it will be posted on our event facebook wall within the next week or so. The route in the Leamington Courier is correct as of planning so far but is waiting for final sign off! Just to let you know as well, parking will be free of charge at the castle on event day! If you have any questions, ask on here or email Look forward to seeing you all there!! image

  • cool, i think i'll do this, its only down the road and i was looking for a half to run with a month or so left til london.

  • Hi Hannah,

    How many have signed up so far, and is there a limit?

  • We've had over 1300 sign up so far and there is a limit of 3000 with registration closing on 22 February 2013! So sign up soon to avoid mssing out!

  • I'm in. Will make a nice warm up for a later spring marathon. Certainly cheaper than Reading half

  • Really looking forward to the Half next year after todays 10K over at Moreton Morrell. Read all about it I'm looking to organise some early Sunday Morning long run sessions in the lead up to the half, essentially on or around the route itself, so if anyone fancies some company on a long run, and is local, let me know. We also meet regularly on Friday evenings @ 6pm #hamptonmagnarun

  • I'm keen to run 16-18kms of the route ahead of the race but I don't think I have the pace of most ppl. 5m30s per km is pushing it quite hard for me.

    I keep meaning to drive the route to check - do you know if there is a footpath the while way?
  • Just drove the route for the Warwick half. Didn't seem hilly to me at all really. Perhaps being in the car gave a false impression.

    The middle 10-12kms is b-roads with no footpaths so I don't think I will bother trying a training run on the route. The roads were fairly narrow - say 1.5 car widths wide but with all this rain it's brought a lot of mud onto the sides of the road and plenty of big puddles which narrows the road further.

    If we get a dry spell it should be quite a nice scenic run as there are fields and countryside both sides of the road.

    At one point there was a ford with ankle deep water running across the road. Dunno if that is there when its less rainy.
  • Steve B 74 wrote (see)
     5m30s per km is pushing it quite hard for me.

    That's under 9 m/ mile don't know about quite hard that's bl**dy impossible for me image

  • Hello - this will be my first half marathon - being supported by local running group.

    Having done Heroes Run and Two Castles last year,  I know the castle allows free parking only until a certain time on race days. 

    Have received outline plan from Hannah and working on LSR taking in a bit more of the route every week.  Still not sure I will get there, but hoping confidence will grow as LSR gets longer and longer.  Least being local means I have a good idea what the route is like.  Hannah has been helpful so far - good luck on the big task ahead of you.

    We have a running group in Kenilworth for anyone interested in joining us, especially on Sundays - organisers planning shorter route for slow coaches like me, longer more challenging route for others and meet up at end.  We have grown from being a group that carried on after some of us training for first 10K.  No PBs, occasional coffee and  even curry nights and plenty of support to achieve your goals.  Contact Steve Atherton or Steve Mason - all abilities welcome.!/groups/324364680953241/members/



  • Steve - that ford only gets wet during silly wet season.  I often run that route and have not got wet yet. Also the B road you mention is very very quite. ( but gets busier near kenilworth )  No problems for me to dat - especially when run in daylight with bright clothes running into "traffic".   Its undulating rather than hilly - but I agree the car is different to running !!

  • thanks AGF.  Great to know.  In that case I will give that B-road section a go one Sunday and see how it is. 

  • AGF ran it today. You are right. Totally different. All the mud washed away, ford was a trickle and not more than one car every five mins.

    It really is undulating. You feel it when you are out the in running shoes rather than driving.

    Really enjoyable route.
  • considering this one. Don't think PB will be possible on this course, but now I live 1 mile from the start, may have to be done. The stretch all the way from mile 3 to mile 11 is fairly lumpy, particularly from mile 5 to 9, but if the road is traffic-free, very pleasant to run along.

  • I used a lot of this route for my Brum half training. It's undulating but nothing major. A lot of it has no footpath, but the lanes are so quiet, I had no issue with cars - on Sunday mornings I saw more bikes!
  • Signed up in the week and already thinking about the race. Ran GNR and Leicester Half last year but both late in the year ( Sept & Oct). Will be interesting to see how I go in March?? Looking forward to a pint of the Black Stuff after - Well it is St Patricks Day.image

  • I ran the Portree (Skye) HM last year which was pretty undulating! I haven't done any since but am training again so hope this one won't be too bad as found it was a little bit too hilly for me.

  • Found out that all spectators will have to pay an entrance fee to see you finish, ??10 for adults ??5 for kids.... Didn't mention that when I booked up! Absolutely disgusting
  • To run or not to run..that is the question. I agree shameful to charge family and friends. I'm considering an email asking for return of my entrance fee
  • That is a con, there was no mention of this before, it's disgraceful. I got conned like this at whipsnade a few years back and said wouldn't do that gagin (and haven't).

    Too far into the training to pull out now, hopefully someone from the organisers is looking at this site. If this is intended to be a one off event then I don't suppose you really care, but if you want this to grow into an annual event then you REALLY need repeat runners (and good reviews) which you won't get with cons like this. 

    If this realy is the case I'll run this year but not again.

  • I think many others wil do the same. People remember these things and rightly voice their opinion. The facebook group is all over ths as well.
  • very naughty

  • Very queit from Hannah or anyone else from the organisers, whilst appreciate it's probably not your decision or fault at least some form of response would be appreciated.

  • This is disgusting, having known this before i would not have entered. it costs enough to enter never mind making friends and family pay to see you finish, what a joke!

  • Just had another look at the BHF web site and it says the following

    Your friends and family are very welcome to join in cheering at the finish line. Ask them to look the part and rock up in red!

    So if it's true they have to pay it's even worse that BHF are encouraging people to attend without saying they have to pay. Whats the situation Hannah?

  • Hi all, seems they have had a change of heart. I have just signed up and this was in my confirmation email...

    "You will receive 4 free spectator tickets as part of your registration. These will be sent in your Event Pack – please keep them safe and remember to bring them on the day if family and friends plan to cheers your across the finish line." image

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