Plank challenge



  • PhilPub wrote (see)

    Actually now I remember why I gave up doing 4/5 minute planks.  Bursitis of the elbow.  Not necessarily caused directly by it but could have been a contributory factor; bacteria-carrying gym mats + additional sustained pressure =  Oooww!


    Ouchy, Phil image

  • Planks in a press-up start position for those with elbow problems. Many more movement variations with this too which will make your core have a laugh with you image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Sarah - try taking a picture of your own elbow.  Not as difficult as licking it but strange angles are guaranteed!  This was a few months ago, kept me up all night with pain but a couple of days on antibiotics sorted out the initial discomfort and the swelling died down soon after.  Ugh!

  • Personally I find the plank easier than exercises that involve lieing on your back and lifting your feet off the ground and doing stuff with them - like scissors! How about measuring how long you can hold your feet up say 6" off the floor??
  • image

    I can do that for hours, no problem. With a foot stool...

    Phil, I have to admit I've never tried taking a photo of my own elbow. But I have tried licking it. Status: fail image

  • 2 minutes 38 seconds. I could probably have managed longer, but it was rather dull...

  • 2 mins but arms start to shake, agree sarah any longer would be dull (and painfull)

  • image Elbow licking hmm? Status: success image

  • Tom, if you can lick your elbow I demand proof. Now. Preferably in widescreen, and let me get some popcorn first...

  • at last, I was able to set a modest personal best, 2:30. I was aiming for three minutes but the kids jumped on me again. image ... and now there's something wrong with my spine.

  • I thought I was doing really well until tonight when my 14 year old skinny as anything son decided he wanted to have a go and managed 1:30 beating me hands down. image

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    3 mins 4 secs
  • 1.45'. Also doing side planks which are much more painful.... Would be interested to get peoples best times.
  • 3 minutes for me

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