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  • The waltz was better than I thought considering the posture problems. She gets a lot of emotion across.

    Wonder who will be in the dance-off?

  • Is it me, or did Brucie royally feck it up talking about "tonight's dance off", yet they are persisting with the Sunday night elimination show?
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Yes Frodo I thought that tooimage

    Watched live over iplayer this afternoon and enjoyed, there seemed so many dancers, it went on for ever!!

    Can't say any of the dances really wowed me and none disappointed me so all a bit meh really.  Was pleased Victoria did better although she does struggle with spinning (as would I!!)  I really hope Michael survives a bit longer, they seem a great partnership.  The one person who is doing nothing for me is Dani, really don't care either way about her image  It should really be Johnny to go but I bet he will be kept in.

    I am sure there is a spoiler thread on DS but I like to wait so keep out of the whole website completely as some people put titles (by mistake I think?) that make it obvious who has gone!

  • As Victoria said on ITT, she has spent practically her whole life in bike shoes, balancing on high heels is hard enough without dancing in them! We were out last night so I missed the whole show, at least I'll get to see the dance-off.

  • That's my plan BI

    It's weird reading back the thread and trying to work out who you're talking about!  I only saw the last 2 dances last night.............

    Not sure who I want to go, or to be in the bottom two as so far there's nobody really annoying me................

    Quite curious as I think some of those more mid table may be vulnerable even though it is the first eviction..........we Great British Public are a fickle bunch image

  • I want Mr. Westlife out.

    I fear it may be Michael though TopSec image

    But perhaps the 'so bad it's good' factor, and the genuine enjoyemnt he and Natalie (?) show will help with the public vote.

    No time to write more now, except that I am crossing my fingers for Vicky - who I think will improve massively if she can just get through a couple of weeks - and that I thought Len was a bit harsh in his criticisms of Kimberley.

    Agree about the curse of the mid table  - it was ever thus.

    No one bowled me over either, not yet.



  • But Mr Westlife has an adorable yellow labbie..........and that makes him ok in my book even if he can't dance!!!

    Coz I am clearly a dance expert who has discerned the finer points of the judging skills necessary.... image

  • I thought JB would get more public support, wonder if he was bottom. Can't see the judges saving him

  • sad to see Johnny Ball going, but his dancing tonight just didn't cut it!

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Fair result if I'm honest, even though I was sad to see him go.  Was a bit surprised that it was Richard and Erin, really thought it was going to be Michael - the jive is a nightmare dance, I seem to recall quite a few 'good' celebs going out on their jive week?  I wonder if Richard got the mid table curse or whether people just don't like him, have to say he's a bit too smarmy and clever for me, never did like him in GMTV.

    Great to see Claudia back, although I think Zoe actually does a better job it's nice to have a little smattering of Claudia - maybe she should just replace Tess!?  Mind you, Tess is better without Bruce I think.

    Time to see what they are saying on DS; who they are crucifying today!!

    I wish JFW and Hammy were still around image


  • Agree the result was right based on the dance-off, but I still don't like Richard.

  • Sorry to see Iveta go image

    A query re. the dance off, it looked as though Michael would have been asked to redo the Jive if he was in the dance-off. I don't think that would have been fair, I think everyone should have been able to dance their best scoring dance, not just the one they did on Saturday.

    Lovely to have a bit of Claudia madness image

  • PS: I also miss JFW and Hammy image

  • Ditto, ditto and ditto

    Bring back Claudia,JFW and Hammy!

  • I thought the right person went home on Sunday - although Johnny was much much better in his waltz (I could watch it without having to hide behind my hands), he was still the right choice to go.

    • Fern & Artem not bad, she's better in the ballroom but nothing spectacular yet. I think she'll make it to week 6 before being eliminated
    • Dani & Vincent Really liked this dance, very cheeky and high energy, she's really confident out of hold which is good. But WHAT was Vincent thinking with that lift?! At first I thought it was a mistake and she'd been dropped but I watched the dance and training vids back on iplayer and it seemed to be intentional. Very odd. I'm glad that the judges didn't seem penalise them too much for that.
    • Victoria & Brendan So pleased that she's redeemed herself after last week. Interesting to see the clip of her cha cha rehearsal in the corridor, she was actually pretty good! Perhaps first night nerves? Anyway, a good ballroom performance, let's hope she can bring that confidence to the next Latin performance
    • Sid & Ola Sid is one of the pleasant surprises for me! Fun routine to watch and he did a good job of what can be a tricky dance, good chemistry with Ola,  Didn't panic when he missed the steps in the middle of the routine, and turned it round for the rest of the routine. He's also coming across as a very likeable guy.
    • Nicky & Karen I feel a bit sorry for Nicky because I think Karen's choreography isn't quite Strictly yet, she'd probably go down really well on DWTS but the Strictly judges like things to be a bit more traditional. His army of Westlife fans should keep him in long enough to improve
    • Kimberly & Pasha - decent routine but to be honest I was a bit bored by it. Agreed with the judges, she should be giving more.
    • Jerry & Anton - ugh. The drunk aunt at a wedding returns. I'm a bit annoyed with Anton, seems like he's already pegged her as a joke contestant and isn't making the effort that some of the other pros do to bring the best out of her.
    • Lisa & Robin loved it! I was wondering if last week was a bit of a fluke but she was fantastic, aside from trying to lead Robin. Can't wait to see what they do next, one of my favourite couples
    • Denise & James what a ringer! Fantastic jive though, enjoyed it very much. It's nice to see James with a really good partner.
    • Michael & Natalie HILARIOUS! Good on Michael for trying but it was terrible. I'm glad they are back next week but I can't see him lasting much longer
    • Louis & Flavia - I hated the music but LOVED the dance, really elegant, smooth and gorgeous to watch.
    • Richard & Erin well, the judges said they wanted camp. I thought the routine was better than Michael & Natalie, but definitely one of the weaker performances. He seems a bit more likeable this week though.
    • Colin & Kristina I liked it, but was expecting more from his ballroom performance. He did seem to be struggling a bit due to the height (possibly height difference) but hopefully that can be fixed. Can't wait to see him tango! image
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Nicked this off DS, it had me in sticthes reading it so thought you guys might like it ...

    Strictly unapproved by the National Federation of Ballroom Dancers and Teachers. Or whatever it's called.

    Tango. Man looks angry. Woman looks like shop mannequin. Stomp diagonally across the floor with bent legs. Stomp back. Do a few kicks. Stomp.

    Foxtrot. Walking abaht.

    Rumba. Walking abaht slowly while posing and hailing a taxi. Slowly. Woman dressed in bikini with tablecloth draped across her.

    Paso Doble. Man looking like he is balancing a slug on his top lip. Woman looks angry. Or blank. Cape faffing. Drag. Walk. Drag. Walk. Drag. Man dominant. Though looks a complete berk. Ole' optional. Woman dressed in sheet that can become cape. Man in jacket several sizes too small.

    Waltz. Head on shoulder cheesy opening. Or step bothering. Twirl. Left. Twirl. Right. Spin. Twirl. Tumble dry. End up smooching.

    Quickstep. Hop. Skip. Stumble. Tumble.

    Salsa. Flail flail flail.

    Samba. Stupid. Man tries to break woman's back rolling. Run around together. Fall over. Bounce bounce bounce. Like Tigger. Woman dressed in half a swimming costume with feathers stuck to it.

    Argentine Tango. Man tries to break woman's legs. Scissor scissor. Lift. Scissor. Woman tries to break something else of man's.

    American Smooth. Walking abaht with some twirly stuff. Picking laydee up and twirling.

    Viennese Waltz. Spin. Spin. Spin. Dizzy. Bucket. Vomit. End. Woman in dress with washing hanging off ends.

    Jive. Trying to flick gum off your shoe while flailing. For small people. Not for tall. If choreographed by D Bennett some tie related activity. At end show off splits. Like drunk bird out of pub.

    Cha Cha Cha. Flail flail flail to different beat. Hailing taxi. Fast. Woman dressed in old tasselled lampshade.

    Group dance. Unrecognisable. Random jigging abaht. Everyone doing a different style to everyone else. All out of time.

    Showdance. Weight lifting contest. Or manic grinning and leaping abaht to show tune. Or rolling a foil wrapped turkey around to a power ballad. Roll. Heave. Anatomy.

  • Nice summary xine image

    V. funny TopSec! I love the word flail image


  • Hahaha! Love it TopSec image Especially the rumba costume description image

    Speaking of rumbas, has anyone seen the Argentinian version of Strictly/Dancing With the Stars ... just YouTube it, but not while at work!

  • Brilliant Top Sec - now I know what I'm looking for image

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    I read the dance descriptions last night whilst sat on the settee.  Mr TS wasn't in a very good mood with me so trying to keep a straight face was veeeery difficult image

  • BOING!

    Looking forward to another marathon Strictly session tomorrow image

    I was pleasantly surprised at Victoria's rumba, it looked OK. Did anyone else see her pick up Brendan and do squats while carrying him?! Impressive leg strength there image

    Lisa's jive looks OK as well but Jerry and Nicky's QS both look a bit ropey. Not looking forward to Colin and Kristina's Bond themed AT. It looked a bit tacky and I don't think they've had enough time to practice.

    Can't remember what anyone else is doing now image

  • Morning all.  I missed last week. image

    LN - I agree about Colin's AT from what I saw. I hope they don't put Bond in every dance because its already getting tedious. 

    See you all tomorrow. 


  • Ahhh, I'm out tomorrow night so I'm going to be catching up on iPlayer on Sunday.

    I went to a dance masterclass this week, got to try jive, tango, rhumba and samba - SO much fun but so hard, especially the jive! Tango was my favourite image but it seems a bit early in the series to be doing AT? Hope they can do it justice ...

  • All quiet on the Strictly front... is everyone busy applying the fake-tan and sewing on extra sequins? I know I am! *shimmies* image

  • Nice bling there sarah. I'm just getting the choclits and vino set up. 

  • I thought it was a bit early to be doing an AT too. I much prefer to see them in the QF or SF when they dancers really can do them justice, or show how little they have learned
  • Is it because they don't expect the gorgeous Mr Salmon to be there at QF/SF stage? image 

  • Here we go image

  • Good evening image

  • Oh good god, don't let Brucie sing image

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