Strictly 2012



  • Oh Jerry. She makes me think of a drunk aunt at a wedding flirting outrageously with all the 22 year old boys.

  • I just love Anton duBec.  Pleeeeese let me have a dancing lesson with him image

  • Agree with Len, it was a bit safe. Anton never looks truly comfortable with Latin

  • Watching on a slight delay with my daughter. Just seen Lisa dance and we loved it. Funny, entertaining and good to watch. She included lots of steps joined together.
  • Blimey, if only I were 20 years younger image

  • Not sure Flavia will like being compared to a pommel horse!



    Louis could do with loosening up and having fun

  • "You were watching his face?!" image

    Ahhhh, Bruno - how I've missed you.

    Good performance but I thought his footwork was a wee bit 'shuffly' - can't wait to see how he develops though.

  • On the whole I though tonight's crew seemed to be generally better than last night's - with the exception of Colin and Denise.

  • I can see Louis being excellent given time

    I thought tonight was the better of the two, although the last two couples last night were excellent

  • Last night was shocking, tonight's couples looked like they had made an effort
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    Great show tonight Loved Lisa and Louis. In fact I liked them all. Johnny looked a bit lost though. Sad to see Victoria at the bottom though I think her ballroom will save her.

    Looking forward to ITT. One empty night tomorrow then we have Strictly every night till Christmas - yay image
  • I had to watch Johnny's dance through my fingers, it was awful image

    I hope he's better in the ballroom but I'm just not sure ...

    The standout performances for me were Lisa (amazing!); Louis (brilliant, he's overcome some of the issues he'd have as a gymnast - that hip action! - I think he just needs to work on his footwork and relaxing his face and he'll be wonderful)

    and Kimberley (a very good performance and she looked so relaxed and confident throughout the routine, not terrified whenever she was out of hold like some others).

    Colin and Denise were very good but I think they seemed better because they performed on a night when everyone else was so bad.

    I'd be happy to see Richard Arnold go first - I'm already bored of him.

    Poor Brendan Cole, it does look as though Victoria Pendleton is taking over from Michelle Williams (although as my boyfriend said "why do people think she'll be a good dancer just because she's good at riding a bike in a circle?")
  • I'd be happy to see Michael Vaughan go as there is something about his face when he dances which terrifies me. Not looking forward to his latin!

    Lisa was an unexpected highlight and Robin's face was so happy.

    Not sure about Louis, he has a lot of technique but seems a bit distant.

    Johnny was definitely a behind the cushion watch but at least he'll have the chance of a ballroom dance.

    Felt sorry for Richard with everyone going on about it not being camp enough, why should it?

    Looking forward to ITT tonight image

  • I missed both shows this weekend! image A beer festival (I don't drink!) and a wedding reception scuppered my Strictly plans, but I've managed to watch some of the dances on youtube. Lisa! Wow, I loved her dance. And how have I not noticed how very yummy Robin is until now?! Louis was also very good. I do like a man who can wiggle his hips image

    Victoria and Johnny though - ouch image

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    Louis actually reminded me quite a bit of Matt Baker, especially his hip movements - I wonder if it's a gymnast thing??image

    Matts first dance with Aliona is one of those on YouTube I can watch time and time again image
  • I have my fingers crossed for Louis but I think he's rather shy and he's quite young too and I do just wonder if Flavia is too much woman for him......he might struggle to "be sexy" with her.... 

    I didn't necessarily expect VP to be any good but I didn't expect the waterworks quite so early on!!

    Sadly with the stupid 6.30pm time slot that is likely to be the first and the last viewing live of Strictly this season...............unless I ditch swim training until there's a thought image

  • TopSec -  you're right, it did have something about it that reminded me of Matt's first.Darcey seemed to think that the hip action was something that gymnasts would find difficult though. I will have an extra close look on Saturday to make up my mind image image

    Podds - I've found myself seriously considering turning down invitations for Saturday nights if they clash with Strictly ... who needs a social life? image

  • I missed ITT last night. Daughter was doing homework and needed help. Anything interesting? I now have the whole series set to record image
  • Anton & Jerry, Craig and Louis & Flavia.

    It was nice to have it back, I love having a coffee and unwinding after work to it image

  • Missed it last night and will miss it tonight too image

    Might have to try for Weds by combining it with a turbo sesh - there are some advantages to having a bike and turbo permanently set up in your lounge image

  • Yep - that's where mine is too.

  • Going to miss Saturday, as a friend is inconsiderately having his retirement party then!

  • That is rotten ironwolf

    Aliona is out for 4 more weeks. D'you think johnny will still be in the competition then?
  • Evening all image
  • *waits patiently to unleash the sequins and jazz hands*

  • How camp is Richard's outfit?!!

  • What an evening, Strictly on the telly and Kona streaming on the laptop image

  • [settles down in a comfy chair]

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