Ironman Wales 2013



  • Rocco, as FN says, the road overlooking North BEach is the place to watch the swim, almost an aerial view of the whole swim course, and then get to watch everyone run up the zig-zag path before heading through town to T1, it's about a 1km run from the swim to T1.


    Bike, best option is to walk from north BEach toward New Hedges and then onto Saundersfoot, tgakes about 45 minutes, but you'll be walking along the bike route, and will get to Saundersfoot before the first cyclist.  Saundersfoot has a great hill to spectate, and great support.  Once done there, walking back to Teneby takes you down the bike route, but also the run route, so depending on timing you get to see the slower riders, and the early runners.


    Race starts at 07:00

  • for best supporting get onto the pirate website and order a t shirt or a hoody with name on and then we an see you easier image

  • The bike course comes back in Tenby and then out again for the last 40 miles, last year there where loads of people at that junction where you turn for the finish of the bike course or carry on for the last lap


  • after a long break from training I got out last night on the bike and did a chain gang with the club.but because of low numbers there was only 4 in my chaingang.boy was it tough keep going.....felt sick towards the end.but feel so good afterwards to have brushed the cowbwebs out......passed 4 or 5 speed signs and they were all over 20 mph.usually over 22 mph..26 miles done in total...but obviously the first few miles and the last few were slower as in the city.........would have been faster in dry conditions image

  • Barley - not sure if you're trying to wind me up or just picked up the wrong end of the stick. I never said 5mins wasn't important, I wasn't advocating standing on the beach smoking tabs for 5mins. The point was over estimating the importance of that first 5mins in the wider scheme of the whole swim or even more day. Either get out the way and relax or stand in the breach and suck up the bun fight for a bit. Either way it's a 3.8k swim, followed by the inevitable reasonable bike and a short run.

    As you were.

  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭

    I've been holidaying in Portugal the last 3 weeks and kept to my training plan.  Did some epic rides along the Silver Coast between Lisbon and Porto, hilly as f**k and windy as hell!  Managed a few sea swims as well, it almost all went Pete Tong as the local municipal pool I'd spied out for my swims turns out to be shut all summer for renovation, luckily a local Marriott hotel let me use their indoor pool 3 times a week after I sweet talked the hotel manager, the added bonus was the 9 swims I did, I only had 1 session when there was anyone else in the pool, lovely. 


    Saw the race email from IMW, was it just me or was it terribly formatted?  The PDF instructions had instructions for Bolton in it.

  • haven't looked at it much to be honest.....

    did my first speint tri today since 2009............sea swim was only 750m but great to be racing in the sea.....

     had a great morning...glad it started early as it got quite hot.........mqanaged to knock 13 mins off my time there in 2009 so looks like i have improved a little and did 1:32.

    most impressed with my transititin times because these are usually really bad but they were 2:41 and 1:18......not a large area to run which helped a bit image

  • I have been polishing my pompoms ..  looking forwards to a day 'on the other side' for once  image

  • I was so pleased with my transistions....then looked at the results............out of 45 women.only 3 were slower than me in T1 and only 1 was slower in T2imageimage

     iwas 29th overall.....

    38th in the at least my bike and run were goodimage

  • Hello campers image  Two weeks to go - how are we all?


  • Relaxed tbh, must think about sorting some kit out at some point.

  • All tickety-boo at the moment.  Last long run on Saturday, and felt good all the way.


    Was supposed to be a hilly bike ride on Sunday, but had to ditch it due to two punctures within 5 minutes.  First punctres I've had out on the road, and please I could calmly repair them, but using two tubes and all my CO2 made the call to ditch the ride, and make my way home, as wasn't too happy continuing with no other spares.


    Other than that, I've decided I am where I am, and having done a full distance CHallenge race 4 weeks ago, I should be fit enough.  No real targets for this year, other than to finish, and around the same time as 2011, any quicker would be a bonus.


    Need to start looking at the long term weather and sea forecasts, this morning the iPhone app was showing th e8th as being pretty good, 16kmh wind, 17 degrees, and mild

  • Bricking it....... That is all... Lol

  • just 2 sessions done in 2 weeks i am really taking this tapering to the extremeimage

  • Seren thats pretty normal for you in taper  image

  • I know but usually i have 2/3 extreme weeks....this will make 4 this time around..anyway hopefully get for a lake swim early tomorrow in England somewhere..

  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭

    I just spent 24 hours cooped up on a ferry from Santander, for the first time in months I was absolutely gagging to get out and run/ride or swim, this taper thing seems to be working!

  • Is that why gone all cabin feverish and Raahhh image climbing the walols and banned myself from playing on strava..

  • good luck to all, will hopefully give this race a go next year as my main race, what I've read here and seen on TV it looks like a classic.

  • I swam yesterday........elt crap for the first 2 laps and then better for the third.....need to run soon....but school holidays really are crap for me to train apart from when my hubby is off work

  • Good Luck for the weekend all. as citizen hope this will be my A race next year. 

  • Long term forecast looking like the weather is deteriorating for this one. Ho hum. Night as well make a hard race slightly harder by adding in weather conditions as well. 

  • TB.its not this wekend.we have another week to cope withimage


    MRI..i prefer rain to that weather we had in July this year...heat just kills meimage


    but overcast and dry and cool all day would be my first choice with a very light breeze

  • MTRIumphant wrote (see)

    Long term forecast looking like the weather is deteriorating for this one. Ho hum. Night as well make a hard race slightly harder by adding in weather conditions as well. 

    maybe like 2011 all over again eh???  image

  • That was the tail end of a Hurricane Katia

  • Good luck to everyone doing this, will be down supporting and giving plenty of ARGGGGGGHS image

  • Thank you lron pingu See you In a weeks timeimage


  • Are we nearly there yet ??  image

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