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  • Nice one Josie :)

    I'll be going for an hour plus tomorrow. I'm Windsurfing in the afternoon probably so'd better not overdo it.
  • Did my first 30 minutes! Felt a bit self-conscious running so slowly but towards the end I think I sussed something in my breathing which meant I could push a little harder but keep my hr down.

    Just out of curiosity, I have quite a low heart rate anyway (42bpm average) due to a leaky heart valve. Do you think I should reduce my limit to compensate for this?
  • Fab Flipper!! I felt really weird running about 5kph slower than usual at the gym too.

    Re the heart valve - that's a bit technical, something for one of the medics :)
  • When Mrs Pant started this she too had to slow down to get the correct HR - she is now going MUCH faster. One step back - 10 steps forward... Be Brave, folks...
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Pantman- just out of curiosity and i know everyone is different but how long has Mrs Pant been doing this for
  • Hello Flipper
    A leaky heart valve shouldnt itself cause a slow heart rate, unless your heart rate is irregular too, and you are on medication for it
    fel free to E mail if you need more adice
  • email on it's way hippo...
  • and almost forgot to say...thanks x
  • Hi Flipper!

    How's the head today?
  • Hi Fruity!

    My head was fine this morning as I sneaked away a bit early. Although I do have a gin in my hand as we speak...yum yum
  • He he!!

    I wasn't as bad as expected, by rights I deserve a major hangover. Must try the chocolate in the back pocket trick again :)

    Where do you have to get back to?
  • Had a poorly Mr Flipper at home and promised to get home and nurse him! Next time I'm out for the duration and I'll bring along a cream-egg for your front pocket...that should provoke some interest!

    I'll stop hijacking the thread now....
  • Especially if it bursts!!!
  • Pammie,
    Mrs Pant and I both started running again in June she was slower than 12min/mile pace - did a lot of run/walking
    In August she got a HRM and had to slow down again as she had been going too hard and about then she was just starting to managed 1/2hr non stop.
    Since then she is improving quicker since training at the correct HR - took a month to get going again though - really picking up now though...
    Initially she couldn't imagine running less than 175bpm - "too slow", etc...
    Yesterday she did 50 min and was going 10min/miling sub 160bpm.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Thats very encouraging i started again in June Will be Base training again this wednesday so looking forward to it.
    Race tomorrow hoping for less than 63 minutes.
  • Is it me or do hills make a BIG difference? Most of my usual routes are quite hilly and I find it is very difficult for base training.

    I am doing a five mile track test this week (5 miles at 150bpm and record mile times) with a view to doing it once a month to see any improvement i.e. should be quicker at 150 than the previous month. Has anyone tried this??

    Also does anyone do two runs a day when base training?
  • Hills always make my heart rate go up.

    I decided to try to do them at consistent effort to flat bits, but I've never tried it with a HRM on.

    I'd be interested in hearing views on 2 runs a day - I can manage a long run at weekends, but BT seems to involve more long runs during the week, and to fit that in I'd have to split it either side of work I think.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Ran my 10km today at southend finished in 60:10, so my base training officially starts this week so will be able to compare times throughout this experiment to see if it will get me to race faster.

    I also have a problem with hills in that i can't avoid them on my running routes not that they are very steep just long and gradual.

    Just a question when base training using the formula 180 - age to determine your heart-rate mine comes out as 145 bpm is there a lee-way in which it shouldn't go above (or even below) or will it have to stick at 145 the whole way.

  • I do 5 miles every morning @ 140-145 bpm. I do the same route and log every split and time to monitor fitness / effects of races / beer etc.

    In the evening I've got a few routes logged down @ different HR zones so I can mix them up to track progress. Generally do from 7 to 12 miles.

    If only I was obsessive about target setting and monitoring in my job!!
  • Hi Pammie, I have been doing a bit of base training of the past few weeks to stop me from running my long runs too fast at the start. My max. is 137 and tend to run at around 130 most of the time, ocasionally it will go above 140 at the top of hills but this is only for less than a minute. You may find it hard to stick to 145 exactly due to inclines both up and down.
  • Barnsley,

    Don't you get bored doing the same route over and over again? I've been doing laps of a local park twice a week, and I'm bored after only a few weeks.

    Had a nice 6-ish mile (57 miunte) run today. Will try to increase from three to four runs this week. And slowly increase the weekday runs from 40 to 50 minutes. Must find some new routes too, especially as it is getting dark here now.
  • Not really Hildegard. That's why I take splilts along the way and run at the same HR.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hi folks. After a week off running (2 days' half-marathon recovery and the rest feeling like death with a cold ... plus allowing time for foot injury to heal properly) I'm ready to start base training this week.

    Only thing I need to do now is buy a HRM. I've been looking around online at a few but there are so many to choose from at various levels of sophistication I'm now confused.

    Basically, all I want is:

    1) To be able to see HR readout and time of training session (ie stopwatch function) on the same screen at the same time.
    2) To set upper and lower limit for heart rate and to get a warning if outside zone.
    3) A comfortable chest strap - do these come in different sizes?
    4) No more than £60.

    Any recommendations would be gratefully received.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Thanks to Muttley's recommendation on the Gear forum, I contacted and spoke to a very helpful lady there. On advice I've bought a Nike Triax C15 (£80). Bit more than I wanted to pay, but the lower-end HRMs don't have stopwatch functions such as lap timer, and as I don't want to have to wear my stopwatch as well as a HRM I opted for one with both functions (which are displayed simultaneously). She also advised me that the chest strap is very comfortable and adjusts down to even the smallest rib cage; likewise, the wrist unit should fit even the smallest of female wrists. It looks huge on my wrist but the strap adjusts quite small so it won't slip around.

    So - first base training session tonight, and I'm dreading discovering what pathetically slow pace I'll have to run at to keep my HR below 146 bpm!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Minkin i'm thinking of getting new HRM i've given mine a good going but think its had it.
    I need one also that has a stopwatch on it as well, so thanks for the link will look into that

    Did 40 mins today "base training" though i am suspect of my actual heartrate i need to keep mine below 145 bpm but for the first 20 minutes it was no more than 133 even going up and down hills and into a wind then it shot up to 173!!!

    does this seem suspect?
  • Pammie, I find that if my HRM jumps about too much if its not held in the correct position around the chest. Thank goodness I never see too many people where I go running as some adjustment is sometimes needed. Also "movement" around the chest area can give false readings.
  • Pammie

    I'm having the same trouble but I think it's the battery on my chest strap. Then again it is 7 years old.

    I'm tempted by the triax but really want the SDM HRM elite, not here til feb 05
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Can't remember how old mine is definitely more than a few years was a cheapie as HRM's go Might be the battery
  • Now for a few facts about my "experiment" with slow running aka basebuilding over the last 6 weeks. I'm not sure its really working.....

    I have had two lay-offs this year due to injury and have come back from the second following a basebuilding approach whereas after the first I did much more speedwork.

    10kpb of 42:40 in Nov, Injury beginning december; Bike work/rest thereafter

    Restart running March: conventional programme of 2 speedworks, 1 Distance and some filler runs ; avg about 25mpw. Result early may 10k in 44min and mid may 10miler in 73min.

    Injury started mid june, acute achilles prob begining July. some bike work thereafter

    Restart running late august: very limited interval work, some races but most moderated by HR over at least part, milage rising 20mpw to now ca 30mpw, 82% distance at 70%whr avg (I allow +/-4% when going up/down hills). Base circuit results : 31/8 5.2 miles in 49:37 @avg HR =146 ; 9/10 same course 48:51 @ avg Hr = 151 (yesterdays run which prompts this post)

    conclusion: on the HR assessment I am now less aerobically fit than I was 7 weeks ago! In terms of the 1 "flat out" race I did a dead flat 5m in 35:25 3 weeks ago I would say it was about equal to the May results.

    The only plus point I can say is i doubt if my achilles could have stood up to the weekly 8-10 x 800m intervals I used to so enjoy ;-).

    nb weight is absolutely constant throughout (+/- <1kg)

    I will continue for another month and see how close I get to my 10k pb @ brighton.

    all comments from the wise and not so wise appreciated
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hmmm ... after my first base training session last night I feel a bit despondant. I calculated from the 180-age formula that my maximum aerobic heart rate should be 146 bpm. I started off very gently running downhill and the HRM showed around 138 bpm. 10 seconds later it shot up to 179 bpm - no gradual increase, just jumped straight from 138 to 179. This could of course be due to the chest strap not making contact properly as Jane mentioned above.

    I had to stop and walk to get the HR back down again. Found it really difficult (impossible, in fact) to keep HR at anything near a constant rate - is this what other people find? It varied anywhere between 132 and 148 for most of the time. As I live in quite a hilly area I just couldn't keep it under 150 bpm on the uphill sections, so I gave myself an extra 4 bpm otherwise I would have walked more than I ran. The second part of the run was better than the first, but I was so slow it was frustrating - 10 min miles when normally even on my easiest runs I'm knocking out 8:40. I know - I have to be patient!

    Three questions, though:

    1) If I go over my upper HR limit, how far should I let it drop again by walking before I start running again?

    2) Does it matter if my HR isn't constant throughout the session - i.e. if it doesn't exceed the maximum aerobic HR, but fluctuates between that and 20 or so bpm below it?

    3) Should I try to stick to 146 bpm, even if it means I walk more than I run, or is it OK to make my maximum aerobic HR 150 bpm just so I can keep running?
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