• She also won the ITU World Champs 10 years ago (the regular Oly distance one, she also won the LD champs a few years later as FB says).  So a world champion at 4 different distances over the years, which isn't too shabby.

  • I read on twitter today (so it must be true) that she has made significant wins at all distances of triathlon.  So, she can do it hard and fast AND long and slow(er).

  • Oooh err missus   image

  • Have you cheered up yet?

  • I doubt it. If Meldy smiled, her face would crack.


  • image

  • You'll keep missus   image

  • ooooooh how scared must she be eh? image

  • and you are not too old to be pput across my knee either .... and no, you wont enjoy it image

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    Ditto other people.

    Are you pissed off at me? If so please advise. I don't think you are but I thought I should just check.

    Have just got off Meldy's list for good behaviour.


  • Didn't think we had any mods. But a Spam Womble doing an Ironman would be very funny. The swim would be tricky and probably lethal.

  • The expected response I would think to such an inflammatory, misguided and unfounded accusation would be denial, perhaps horror, hurt, bemusement et.c all those exclamations that give attention

    All I feel is pity,

    I can't be doing with it.

    I'm here to gain knowledge, impart a little knowledge, have fun and meet friends, it is a pity that a minority see fit to ensure that it is occasionally rail roaded.
  • Want to know which bike to ride to look like the pro's check this out.

    Kona bike list

    Some people have far too much time on their hands


  • And what is a Spam Womble?

  • Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)

    Want to know which bike to ride to look like the pro's check this out.

    Kona bike list

    Some people have far too much time on their hands


    Nice list! image Yay for the solo Bianchista! image


  • Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)

    And what is a Spam Womble?

    Is it like a spam fritter, but with hair ?

  • is that hair all over or just in certain partsimage

  • spam wombles are

    a) sad lonely people who have nothoing better to do than scour the forum looking for dinner/ spam

    b)  power crazy forumites who scour the forums looking to delete all posts that certain people post just to elevate them selves to the top of some non existant higherarchy

    c)   people who look out for the obvious spam and remove it

    d) people who go around in big hairy grey suits singing loudly  

    delete as appropriate

  • Is there an age group ranking for Spam Wombles, when and where is the Spam Wombles World Championships held and how do you quailfy?

  • The world champs are in Wimbledon obvioulsy!!

  • Meldy as Madame Cholet image
  • Are wombles something lasting, or just a fleeting obsession?

  • I guess that depends whether they prefer to go long or, as well all should know, go for the much preferred harder and faster over the shorter distance
  • At least there would be no littering on the course
  • How do I delete people's posts?

    I could go top in the training thread!
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