the 5k pb thread

I'd be interested to know everyone's tips on how to get a 5K PB this weekend. Things like kit and tapering and tactics ie NOT training.

I've put my thoughts in this post: 

But I'm sure there's more great ideas out there.

Running 5k Better
Goals: 82% Age Graded 5k and an open water Triathlon. 



  • run faster than you have beforeimage

  • Not training ? That's an idea
  • adopt the racing line strategy image

  • figure out your current 5k race pace, and run slightly faster than that.

  • Find a flatter course.

  • Or maybe try some of these:


  • @Dave ... yep not training. Look at tapers for the weekend ahead ALL TAPERS will have you doing very little work for a 5k. They will try to maintain your freshness whilst allowing recovery (a taper!)

    @Ricardo ...yep a racing line in a parkrun i reckon will save you a few 10s of metres that's worth quite a few secs.

    @Lou, yep a flatter course...Bushy for Parkruns is good.

    @everyone, run faster! yes but why didn't you do that last time? *HOW* do you run faster? more evenly? take caffeine? you can't always JUST run faster. 


    Let's try and help people run faster  - and a few smart comments of course...I like the rocket shoes image

  • Bump into faster runner and knock his bar code out of his hand. Pick it up for him and hand over yours instead.  Works best if its done on the start line as they count down. 

  • I don't tend to do many 5ks as races
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Carb load the day before on spam.

  • just AVIT and don't hold back.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Red shoes with gold-flecked laces.

  • Take a short cut?

  • i think i'll start a thread for wisecracks image


    much better reading than things to do with running!

  • Do parkrun every week the same one conditions will be different but you canget into the zone and carck your pbs hopefully week on week.


  • @brenda, yes that works for a while.


    there are things you can do TODAY and for the next (up to) 6 days before your next parkrun that can make you quite a lot faster come the next parkrun-saturday...and extra training isn't one of them (honest!!)

  • 5k, out of interest, what's your pedigree/experience, as I see you giving a lot of tips out.

    6 weeks seems to be the time a lot of people give for training to come into effect for faster times, so I'm genuinely all ears what you think can make you "quite a lot faster" in a week's time.

  • things like taper, kit, caffeine, pacing, cetainly NOT training as you say for the reason you say.

    here's my list of tips:

    if you look at brianmac site, for example, from research he cites proper tapering for a week vs no tapering and the performance difference can be 22%...thats a lot isn't it?  Is it right? dunno, not my science.

    Me giving out tips and answering questions..GUILTY ! None (or few) of us here are coaches or sports scientists. So we regurgitate the views of others OR we speak about our own personal experience. 

  • 5k, I guarantee you that I wouldn't get a 5k pb within a week just based on those things.

    Maybe someone who's been running 3months might, but you need consistent training over years to correct pace zones and luck with injuries to improve.

    With your quick fix mentality you should actually work for RW image

  • I'm ineterested in going 22% quicker with a taper....sounds great image

  • I've tapered after Cabbage Patch prf, so 22% faster would give me a chance of winning the Great South Run.

    and erm...getting a 99%+ wava image

  • Nice image

    I've always said that tapers are overrated.....but not at 22% they're not. image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    22%, with a taper next week I should be going sub 15 at next weeks parkrun.
  • Been tapering for the last 5 and a half months but it didn't seem to work, I was 6 and a half minutes off my PB last Saturday.
  • here's the link:

    it's not my science...

    is he wrong?  the devil is in the detail of course.


  • Personally, I wouldn't call cutting 50miles a week down to 6 miles a week a taper!

    I'd call that just resting for a week.

  • You made me smile .. but does that you accept that what he is saying could be true?

  • Hi all - I have my first parkrun in the morn (only found out about them this week) and can't wait - but I am a newbie and a bit of a snail. If the whole point of parkrun to be smashing it for a PB or do people go and do an easy 5k? After my first 1/2 on Sunday I don't think I will be smashing any records but don't want to be left last whilst the marshalls look at their watches and yawn! Good luck to you all for your PB's

  • the5k runner wrote (see)

    You made me smile .. but does that you accept that what he is saying could be true?

    In short, the results are complete bollocks!

    If you even entertain the idea that a 22% difference can be achieved by different tapering strategies then you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    Do you seriously think that a 60 minute 10 mile runner will go up or down by 13 minutes depending on how they taper?


    Cassie - Relax, you'll be fine. Have a look at the previous week's results for the parkrun that you're choosing to do, you'll find a wide range of times. Enjoy yourself.

  • sigh

    well this thread is about 5k but anyway i take the point you are making.

    but c'mon you must know from experience that how you taper makes a big difference. i get people ask if it's ok to run 10k the day before they are going for a 5k pb. some people who run parkruns and closing in on 20 mins have not heard of tapers as many don't belong to clubs. they don't understand physiology as well as you probably do.

    I'm just trying to put a bit back into the sport i love and help others. some people use forums to seek advice, others to give advice, others to have a bit of a laugh...that's all ok by me.

    if you've read my blog post you will see it is clearly aimed at non-elite/club runners and the points I make will make a difference...some more so that others.

    Please accept my apologies for ruffling the feathers of those who already know about racing and training strategies.

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