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  • Good luck mate, wish you well.

    There is another post where some people discussed about Lanzarotte next year, if I can remember which it was ill boing it for you.
  • amazingly, i actually agree with andrew smith on the speed sessions
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    hi guys, just popping in.
    starting 2nd week of my progressive three (with a following one week rec) and its starting to get very hard.....the training that is.
    did 10.5hours last week (as much as ive done ever!), trying to do 13hours this week and thenh 15 after that before a 8/rec.
    I know I'm pushing it but I need to get with the programme because I'm not doing enough. My quality is almost non existant now as im upping (aerobic) mileage.....my body is having hard enough time coping with this without throwing in any muscular endurance+

    And mentally its getting very tough. When I was told a few years back by friend whod done an ironman that it takes over your social life, I didnt quite believe him. But I do now. First of all I need a decent amount of sleep anyway and takes me a little while to drift off. Secondly I'm not a morning exerciser (although that might have to change). So with all these two-session days comign in, I'm finding I'm having to turn down nigths out either cos training or too tired.
    My bod just isnt built for distance, more speed.

    BUT I love the whole challenge and like a bit of adventure and really want to get a decent time in longest day (for me). Once its out of the way I will return to sprints and olympics. And after seeing that british girl do 2:30odd in marathon on sunday at 36, I may even do a few more marathons in future. god what an inspiration she was.

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  • Daz, I have a feeling youll do great, you seem to have good speed over shorter distances so this will be something to build on and will im sure carry through to your endurance training though I can imagine it doesnt seem like that.

    I know what you mean about no social life, ive only rationed myself to 3 or 4 nights out on the beer before the event and just get so little time to do anything else these days (its a good job im single as I would be now).

    Has Andy got you coming on this 100 mile ride in two weeks (im dreading it, particularly the 10k run after) - I am so so slow. I do seem to be taking to this endurance like a duck to water though, I feel that I have a 20 hr week in me, its worth noting though at my speed you and others probably cover the same distance I do in a 14hr week in 10hrs. Im 10min miling on my long runs so its 2hr 45 this week for my 16 mile run.

    I enjoy its a real challenge and very motivating, keep up the good work (the endurance does seem to get a bit easier when you condition your mind that you HAVE to put in the work), you should see me shouting at myself on a long run, people must think im mad if they see me.

    Ive even practiced my Ironman finishing celebration a few times at the end of my long runs...........
  • Daz deferred for a couple of weeks

    ....no rush anyway; go at whatever speed you like
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    damn, sorry no decided it would be wise to drop out of an ultra distance (for me!) training day as the week after I have my first a-race (sprint) and chance to get a trophy (seriously!).....so dont want to jeopardise my taper that week in any way. but will be up for somethign nice and long 2 weeks after. dont suppose you fancy a part2?

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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    i think andy must do this every week....?
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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Daz, im doing a sprint the week after, its the Stratford Sprint Tri (not the same one as you is it?). Oh and im not bothered about my time for the sprint hence still doing the 100m, just want to get a Tri under my belt so i can get used to what goes on, transitions etc.

    May see you at the social on 30th Andy, Meerkat and Dave talked me into going...
  • good good... just make sure that you drink plenty of beer then so i dont suffer alone on the sunday
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    carl, yep stratford, maybe see you down there? its doubled up as civil service champs and as only 11 men from civils ervice i have a shot at the trophy.....hence why i want to be race fit :O)
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Good luck Daz, ill look out for you. Maybe arrange a quick meet or a beer after if you like.

    My moms house is 12 miles from Stratford so if you need anything storing or a place to stop just let me know, ill be staying there for the weekend, also as I lived there 30 years I know Stratford retty well so if you need directions or anything let me know.

    Other than the email confirmation I got when I entered I still havnt heard anything. Got my confirmation for London Olympic Tri today though, am really looking forward to that.
  • Greetings!

    Have been absent from the forum for almost a year now, but finally decided it's time to come out of the woodwork after sending off my cheque for TLD last week!

    Carl - I've waded through your thread, I'm glad the training seems back on track. Like you this will be my first long course triathlon, and looking back through your thread there are obviously plenty of differing opinions on the sort of training we should be doing!

    I'm beginning to understand what people say about the journey to ironman being the challenge rather than the race. Hurdles so far include coming down with a virus in March that had me off work for a week and off training for 2. Then last weekend I was experimenting with nutrition on the bike in a 125km/6.5km brick. Obviously made some poor choices as somewhere around 90km things went pear shaped and I just didn't want to ride anymore. Unfortunately 35km from home didn't leave me with much choice but to keep going, and I certainly didn't feel like running afterwards but I had to. It's been my hardest session to date simply because I ran out of energy, but I'm thankful for the mistake now rather than on race day.

    Anyway keep up the good work and I'll try and keep you updated on how I'm going over the next 12 weeks!
  • Hi SuperDaz, sounds like your pretty much on the way with your training, I know what you mean about the conflicting advice but I try and find a compromise or consensus of what im told and am careful not to overdo the speed stuff. Am mainly concentrating on two long bike rides and one long run a week, though swimmings a bit of a concern and ive booked another lesson for Friday. Also entered some TeamMK 10mile TT’s and will be wetsuit training from mid May.

    As far as I know this is the forum roll-call for Longest Day, is this right and have I missed anyone?

    Rob Knell ?
    Andy Collier
  • Guess we just need to assemble a support crew now, maybe we can elect Jj as chief cheerleader?
  • i'm not doing TLD - its a bit too close to IronMan Austria, which I am doing....

    do you think i'm bonkers?
  • JjJj ✭✭✭

    I foresee much suspicious narrowing of eyes when Daz (who is rather super himself, of course) gets wind of this!


    Andy - bonkers?

  • Its getting tempting, I have just printed out an entry form.
  • Go on you know you want to....
  • There is plenty of conflicting advice about IM training, I think you have to keep your eye on the overall goal and make your own mind up. That said, in my opinion you should make sure that the 10 mile TTs don't leave you too tired for the long sessions - cycling a fast 10M is OK but you have to have to do 11x that distance at TLD.
  • Thats ok, im now up to 75 mile & 50 miles rides each week, adding about 10% a week to each, these are my priority sessions as is 1 long run currently at 15miles adding a mile a week. i will see how the TT's go but im actually suprised at how easy im finding the training and its starting to worry me. I will hit 16-17 hours this week.
  • I'd be interested to know how the TTs affect the rest of your training too. I'm at the point where I am feeling happy with all the distances, in fact I started out to do a century ride today and felt good enough to go on and do the full distance, then got home, unloaded a stove from a van (don't get that often in T1) and went out for a 4 mile run. Felt good at the time but my back does feel like it's done some time on the bike today...

    Anyway I've sorted out the hydration/nutrition issues that hit me last week, so that definitely made things easier. Also, was very careful to the point of being almost overly cautious with the HR, which did make some of the climbs painfully slow but I had enough energy to complete the ride. However it seemed to take forever, and I think I'll probably do maybe 3 more centuries before the race to see if I can allow myself a few more beats and get home quicker! Can anyone advise on HR in long training rides versus racing IM distance?

    I guess this gets back to the issue raised a few posts ago - now I'm comfortable with the distance there is a temptation to look for speed...
  • Its not a temptation its a natural progression. If you are comfortable with your distance work then the next step would be to introduce more faster stuff. At the end of the day to get faster you need to train faster. Thats all there is to it. But you don't have to be fast to complete an ironman, just fast enough. If you have the time and inclination then go for it. But remember like anything ease into it. Higher intensity training although shorter in time is very taxing on the body and you need to recover properly.
  • Right I'm going to go for a ride at the weekend and see how my back is. If I can do a couple of hours with no bad pains then I will post my entry next week.
  • I did a 1 hour TT around a loop (flattish with a few gentle hills) yesterday, wanted to see how far I could get in an hour if I really psuhed it. Managed 19.51 miles and think thats was on the limit for me. my ave speed at 30mins was 18.7mph, increased it to 19.51 by the end so was averaging over 20mph for tha last 30mins. Very please with it and it gives me a barometer to monitor my progress against in a few weeks.

    I have a question about the endurance work im doing, my long ride (now 70miles+) and long run (now 15miles+) are taking a long time as im just plodding it (9-10min miles), not bothered about the speed here but my question related to breaks I have in these rides/runs. On the long rides ill have a couple of 10 minute stops and on the run maybe a 5 minute stop after an hour and a few (3 or 4) walking breaks. Do these breaks matter i.e. im still getting the training time in or should I be aiming to run it all. I just find its more motivating to plan a break as it helps me split what would be a long session into more manageable chunks...
  • The body works on total time worked (within reason) otherwise interval sessions would never work. Take as many breaks as you need as long as you are not being lazy, you have to be honest with yourself. I know what you mean about the motivation side and managable chunks it really helps. I need to stop cycling every half hour or so because of back pain but that just gives me something to look forward to. Its time on your feet or in the saddle that counts. I am going to try a 2 hr ride on sat and then a run on sunday and see how it goes. If its not too bad then I will probably send my entry in. That way I will have no choice but to do it.
  • Not being lazy, did a 2hr45min run tonight, that was actual running time (I was out for over 3hrs). Same with Cycling, last Sat cycled 75 miles in 5hrs, actual time out was nearer 6 hours.

    Ive really got the bug now and am actually ejoying the training which is great, I know from marathon training you cant afford to take short cuts, except with the odd session if your under the weather or have a niggle...

    My mind is totally focussed...
  • Hope all goes well at the weekend Andrew, would be good to see you there.
  • If my back is ok I'll have no excuse, I want to do it. It is a good race and the atmosphere is good. I want to try the new run course out as well. 12 weeks is fine I have built my run up to 14mls as I have entered Halstead Marathon next month so if I ease into some rides I will be o.k. I may even go up and do the course as my longest ride nearer the time.
  • Im definatly going to do a course practice, have a look at the lake etc, around the middle of June. If you want to arrange a ride round let me know.
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