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  • Shazmo,

    I concur on the post marathon blues. A mate who ran on Sunday and did well too, texted me on Monday saying he was genuinely depressed after the high of Monday. I must admit I am too. I mean its not every day that thousands of people scream your name at you for 3 hours at a time is it?! More like being screamed at by your boss in real life.

    I told him we need to make plans to do Berlin next year so we can occupy ourselves with organising a trip etc.. and also get on with plotting London again next year as we both got GFA. I think you need something to latch on to for the next fix!

  • While it's in my mind (I'm thinking well ahead).......

    what recommendations do you guys have for hotels for the VLM? 

    I'm in two minds whether to travel down on the morning of the race, which I reckon would take about 2.5 hours.  Now I'm starting to think it might be better to travel down on Saturday to collect my number, then stay overnight.  I'm ballot entry deferral, if that makes any difference.

    Nothing too expensive - I'm low maintenance. But a bed and a bog are essential image

  • Anyone help me on proper carb loading, my diet is fairly high in carbs anyway, what do I need to do to load properly, I am 76kg how much should I be eating and when.  Just wondering what the rest of you did for London. 

  • Like the others have said, I wouldnt worry too much if you are high in carbs anyway as you will be dropping training intensity and still eating high carb diet. I found the sis carb powder helped to increase carbs the 2 days before race day (50g each drink), but it may be worth checking it doesn't upset your tummy before taking it.

    In terms of during the race, I took a Sis gel every 4 miles religously and am sure that this helped to keep the tank topped up. No wobbles, during or after. Also took on water very sparinlgy (just a mouthful) every mile and gulped a few swigs of lucozade when it was available.

    I don't think there's any need to get a spreadsheet out or anything. Just eat more than you normally would for the 2 days prior, but not to the point of being sick. And make sure you meals are mainly carb based meals for the 2 days before. I'm a bit of a freak in that I have my last large meal late the night before the race. I had spaghetti carbonara (tried and tested) with flatbread about 7pm on Saturday night as my main fuel. Light breakfast and was good to go (armed with my gels). Just don't fo anything drastically different.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Ten - I stayed in Greenwich and that worked out pretty well. Was about a 15 minute walk to the start in the morning. There is a Ibis, premier inn, travelodge and a load of B&Bs.


  • Craig - between 532g and 760 g is the range they reckon. If you have a smart phone load My fitness pal (Free App) onto it and it does the counting for you. I just had normal meals high in carbs and reduced protein and had fig rolls, malt loaf and carb drinks to get to target. 15w is right in that too muck loading can upset you quite badly before a race, so I stick to lower end on Thurs, cram a bit more on Fri and cut back on Sat. Hope it helps.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Craig - Plenty of carbs with your meals, not much of anything else (i.e. pasta and tomato sauce), and snack between meals - malt loaf etc. But Chris is right, don't overdo it - if you eat a lot of carbs anyway carry on and just stop running.

    Don't stuff yourself silly late saturday night, you want to sleep as well as poss. Don't have too much fibre saturday cause you don't want to poop in your shorts at mile 17. Don't skip on the salt in your diet and keep well hydrated, loads of people were pulling up with cramp at london.

    Have a decent carb based breakfast 2 or 3 hours before start, maybe have a sports drink too. Don't eat something you wouldn't normally eat. Stop drinking a few hours before as you don't want to have a wee stop like I did. Take on carbs during race (50g/hour?), and take on water/sports drinks especially if sweating a lot.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Tenjiso wrote (see)

    Men - I'm lost for words! I do not have the strength of mind to run at those heart rates! image  Brilliant stuff..

    Men is a machine ... I would have fainted halfway through methinks.  

  • 15W - thanks for that.  When did you book, and how much was it approx per night? I assume they must fill up pretty quickly once the ballot results are announced in October.

  • Thanks for the info, its what I more or less do already, just a little more, nice one.  

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I think I booked later in the summer - just kept checking back when rooms became available for that time of the year. I ended up getting a family room at the travelodge for about £66 which isn't too bad. Premier inn nicer though. Ibis closer to centre of Greenwich, premier inn and travelodge closer to deptford bridge dlr stop.

  • Ten - I stayed at Premier Inn Greenwich which as 15 W says is near Deptford bridge DLR stop. I booked originally in July with a flexible rate (£300 for 3 nights for the 2 of us) but then more rooms became available about 3 weeks ago so rebooked a non-refundable room and cancelled the flexible rate.  It cost us £220 I think.  My mum also booked a few weeks ago and it was £59 for Saturday and £91 for Sunday night.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    wow - she got a good rate for the sat night.

    Signed up for sunderland yet?


  • Is anyone thinking of an Autumn marathon already? Or just back for London again next year?

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    They've found some more pics on the results page of me crossing the line and I LOOK HAPPY!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Chris - I am slightly tempted by Chester marathon, but just slightly at moment.

  • Snowdonia for me, my favourite marathon.


  • If you look happy, you weren't trying hard enough 15W. Ha. image

    I too am slightly temptd by Chester, but worried it won't live up to London. Not sure yet.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I might try entering Snowdonia in 2014.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Chris - no point comparing Chester with London, totally different. Chester is a lot smaller, more rural etc etc. It's a good race, voted no.1 marathon last year by runnersworld readers actually.

  • 15W/Fiona - thanks very much for the info. I like the idea of checking again and rebooking nearer the time if cheaper rates appear - top tip! Premier Inn is coming up £139 at the moment for flexible rate. I think I'll wait and have a look at Travelodge when they are available.

  • Ten - you can always just book premier inn flex rate and cancel when you find something cheaper, that way you've definitely got something

    15w - entered at lunchtime!
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    Brilliant Fiona. You going to try for a quicker time?! What about the following week? Maybe you could run a marathon every sunday?

  • I think I'm just going to see how it goes. I don't have any expectations and am quite prepared to stop and walk if I need to. In fact I'm considering whether a walk/run strategy might be the way to go. I think I'm most likely to just run for as long as I can and see what I think then.
  • I did Chester & Snowdonia last year. I like Chester, very well organised, good finish at the racecourse, I'll probably do it again i a few years.  Snowdonia is a must do in my eyes, it is very demanding and a real test, but I also feel you could get a quick time on it, once your up Pen-Y-Pass, its plenty of downhill and flat until Beddgelert which is another climb, then at mile 22 its Bwylch-y-Groes which is a vicious climb.  Rob Samuel who won it last year in 2:35, performs better there than other marathons, this year he got 2:38 in London and 2:36 last year.  

  • Snowdonia is a marathon and an ultra all in one(if that makes sense). Might do that one instead of Chester as I am gonna run a few marathons for fun and the experience before I race another.

    Chick and Ten - The trick is to not ever look at your HR when running and use it to review only. Knowing your HR only increases stress (potentially). Dont think I will even have it as an option on future races as it changes nothing at the time. No Pain is definitely the machineimage

    Fiona - go progressive. Start at a comfortable pace and crank it up if you feel ok. Start at 30 secs a mile slower than pmp and adjust every 5k if you feel upto it. I think you might be surprised how up for it you will be come the line.

    Anyone doing Chester Half in a few weeks?

    Hows the Carbo loading going guys?? Time to start gettin all self doubting and jittery isnt it?

  • Fiona you must have great powers of recovery, my legs are still really tender and there's no chance of me running before Sunday let alone run a marathon.

    Just be careful because this is the time you are most likely to get injured, my Dad ran at Sunderland last year and really enjoyed it but he was surprised with a few of the hills on the course.

    Men- nice report that's the type of race I was hoping for!

    I think I'm almost certainly going to enter the Chester marathon, probably just do a 12 week build up this time though because I thought 18 was a bit too much.

    I might see some of you on that thread in the build up!
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭


  • Do it! 2.45 could be on the cards!!
  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭
    Carb loading is going thanks Menn....feeling suitably stuffed at the mo, but time for another snack soonimage

    I went for a gentle 5 miler earlier....did not feel good at all. I'm hoping it's because I'd been sat in the sun for a while prior go setting off and had started to bake a bit. Plus I've got a little niggle in my groin area, hoping the rest between now and Sunday will sort it out.
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