P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Chester a fabulous race, I cannot quite put my finger on it why, it just has a lovely feel about it, the two guys who organise it are runners and make it their mission to make their races perfect.  They succeed to be fair. The start and finish are great, the rural lanes can be lonely at times but to be honest, I like a break from cheering to concentrate then when you do get support, it is great.  I would do it just to run down the road with the thousands of worms, that was surreal!  Plus, I will be there!  What more do you want!? 

    Hang on... Fiona - you are doing Sunderland???  Brilliant!! 



  • HeOw - did you miss that one? "Road with all the worms" what's all that about????

    The second half of Sunderland does have a few hills I believe
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Sprint up the hills Fiona.

  • I lost time on the "road of worms" trying not to kill any image  seriously surreal on the Straight Mile - never seen that many worms on there before.  Sorry to butt in on the thread, seriously good stuff you lot - I'm starting P&D shortly for Berlin after following you on here (hopefully should be better prepared than I was at Chester using it) image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Road of worms sounds a bit Indiana Jones-ish. Bizarre.

  • Morning.

    Had a quick read back and a look at all the pics,  you all look so strong and determined.

    Bit lost when it comes to catching up properly its been one of those chaotic weeks but will have a more detailed read later

    So its   Heow / Craig this weekend ? 

     Still taking it easy at the moment , I have managed a few short runs without too much trouble , still icing and massaging and I can actually get out of bed and weight bare straight onto  my right foot without it hurting, the physio said when I can do that I can safely build the miles up again, it was always worse in the morning and after sitting down for a while but with all the recovering and slower taper running  going on here I don't feel too out of place image


  • The road of worms wasn't apparent until after all the super fast ones had woken th up but there was a road in the countryside where there were thousands of them, it see the vibration from the front runners of the race had brought them out to see what was going on!

    NN hope you're ok chuck.

    15 - weather has rain forecast now but we'll see, be good to have you supporting as often as possible though. Not sure re kit but I will be wearing green Helsby vest and intend on ironing "HELEN" letters on it.
  • Heow, looks like perfect running conditions how is the carb loading going ? I am more gutted that I missed out on that  than not running the marathon !!

    London felt a little on the warm side but guess I was in jeans rather than running shorts image, I did see a few runners with sunburn though,

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Yes, could be some rain...think will be light or non existent though. Saying that, you never know in this country so could be a repeat of last year! There looks like a breeze from the south which will help you in the 2nd half of the race. Like NN says, at moment is pretty perfect as light rain is great to run in...as long as you have dry clothes to change into afterwards.

    I'll be there no matter what. My next door neighbour is running too (the one who rescued me last year) and I'll be supporting her also.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Road of worms would freak me out imageimage

    Mennania wrote (see)

    Chick and Ten - The trick is to not ever look at your HR when running and use it to review only. Knowing your HR only increases stress (potentially). Dont think I will even have it as an option on future races as it changes nothing at the time. No Pain is definitely the machineimage

    That's why I never wear a HRM in a race. And there's too much chafing going on (some bits of the female anatomy are getting in the way of the HR strap if you know what I mean ...). It's easier for blokes!

    Shazmo wrote (see)
    Carb loading is going thanks Menn....feeling suitably stuffed at the mo, but time for another snack soonimage

    I went for a gentle 5 miler earlier....did not feel good at all. I'm hoping it's because I'd been sat in the sun for a while prior go setting off and had started to bake a bit. Plus I've got a little niggle in my groin area, hoping the rest between now and Sunday will sort it out.

    That will be taper madness niggles, Shaz. Don't worry. I was slow and shit all week prior to the mara and developed the most bizarre niggles. Every day there was some other body part that suddenly seemed to hurt image

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    I don't wear my HRM in races usually. However, I do wish I had the heart rate data from the marathon. Couldn't risk the chafing, though.

    Weather's turned again, now I'm due to run image

  • 4 miles recovery this morning, 5.15am, bloody pouring with rain, legs feeling pretty easy and the pace much easier.

    Will be a pleasant weekend I reckon, perhaps 5 miles slow in the morning then watch those results coming in.  Is it on any of the TV channels?  Sometimes 5 cover other races.

    T shirt tan for me on Sunday though I guess not unusual this time of the year from long runs

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭

    HeOw - are you driving over to Altrincham and getting the tram in? That's my plan anyway (I live in IoM, but will be staying with my sister in Frodsham/Kingsley this weekend). If so, what time you intending to get to Alt? I'm not quite sure how much time to allow.

    I'm in a royal blue vest, black lycra shorts and pinky/orange trainers. No name on vest but my race number 11077 says Sharen image

    Cheers Chick - I gave myself a good talking to last night. I can still feel the niggle in my groin, but not as pronounced as last night.

  • Didn't know about the worms, I am absolutely terrified of them, can't think of anything worse than worms.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I would aim to get to Altincham between 7 and 7.30 personally....tram should take about 15 to 20 mins I'm guessing - but they may be crowded with runners..not sure what like last year. You need time to find somewhere to park car, walk to tram stop, wait up to 15mins for a tram (should be less than that but you never know)...and when get to start need to have one or two visits to toilet and sort out baggage storage if using it and get ready.

    Phew, exciting stuff.

    I might try and go for a recovery 5 miles today. Will be GPS free.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I'm feeling more or less recovered from Sunday now but strangely weak in my arms (esp. biceps). Is that a marathon-related thing, do you think, or just general feebleness?

    Craig, you'd probably be fast enough that the worms wouldn't have woken up yet.

    NN, it was pretty hot on Sunday but luckily I don't burn... sounds like you made the right choice not to run if you are still icing but glad it seems to be getting better now.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    So - reading back over my post - reckon you should arrive Altrincham about 7, just to be on safe side.

  • NN - I put my suncream on on Sunday and  my nose is peeling today. image Glad that things are improving with the foot.

    Lit - that is just general feebleness I think

    15W - no problem I'll just sprint up as you suggest.

    JF50 - you must have the rain that we had yesterday, sun is splitting the pavement here this morning

    I don't much fancy having to run through worms either.  I'd be trying to avoid squishing them.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I didn't see any worms at Chester, does that make me one of the super fast ones?

    Just got caught in a hail storm whilst cycling into office. Stupid weather.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Working again. Phew.

    Just been for a 5 mile run..definitely still feeling sunday's race in my legs, especially my hamstrings. No running for me this weekend for the sake of my legs and also as bit unfair on the family. No way I'd be able to run 26 miles on sunday no matter what pace I was running at.

    After manchester we should talk about what went right and what went wrong in training...see where we can improve etc.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    I have a vest-shaped tan - it looks rubbish image

    craigtdavies wrote (see)
    Didn't know about the worms, I am absolutely terrified of them, can't think of anything worse than worms.

    oh, but I can, craig: Spiders! Spiders are a gazillion times worse than worms image

    I'm getting very excited for our Sunday runners image. I hope you all have a great race and achieve what you set out to do. May the force be with you image

    Not recovered at all image. Wrong movement as I got out of my car yesterday had me scream out loud in pain (in fact I screamed f**k!!) - I pulled some bit of my left quad image. It hurt like nobody's business. RICEd it and it feels ok to walk on but getting up from a seated position, especially getting out of the car where you make this slight twisting movement is utter agony image

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭

    Yeah 15W will aim to get to Altrincham 7ish (which means more like 7.20) - this should give me plenty of time to get there and get sorted.

    Have you decided where you're watching from 15W or you going to play it by ear on the day? I've made a mental note of what you look like from your London photo...my eye sight isn't brilliant though, but hopefully will get my jelly babiesimage  Will post a photo of me in my race clobber before Sunday.

    Getting super-super excited/nervous now. Kinda envy you London runners for having it all behind youimage

    Training analysis soulds like a good idea, 15W


  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about your pains Chick. Would drinking wine help to mask it?!image

    And all this talk about worms at Chester - did it not make it a bit slippy?

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    No pressure Manchester runners - Just dont be shit!

  • Chick - I did that once a few years ago and know what you mean about getting out of the car.  It is that twist and push action. The other one I had real problems with was weight transfer to put on a pair of trousers (when you go from one leg to the other - ouch)

    Definitely will be time for a training analysis and what to improve.  I think about it over the weekend - possibly Sunday. image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Shazmo, I will discuss with kid tonight and let you know...still thinking of watching two different places...one spot for miles 5 and 25 (near big junction of Chester Rd where the subway way from last year), and another for miles 9 and 16 - near Brooklands.

    I kind've envy you Manchester runners for having it all ahead of you.

    I think able to track runners on marathon website so we need numbers.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    6m recovery today. HRM gave garbage readings again for two miles before it really settled image.  Other than that, I know I kept to my recovery heart rate.  I was just thinking to myself that it was weather I would have killed for a month ago, then I got caught in a sharp hailstorm image  BINGO! I think I've ticked all of the weather boxes now.

    Looking forward to next week, when I can do some strides, and have a 9m GA.  Starting to look a bit more normal.  I'm going to follow the P&D recovery, which takes me up to 35m per week, then continue to increase for another couple of weeks to get to just over 40m.  Then I'll start the real speedwork.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw - just found two Cheshire half marathons, one in July, one in November. Last year they had one at Tatton Park in November, no idea if it was any good...


  • Mennania wrote (see)

    No pressure Manchester runners - Just dont be shit!

    Sound advice we've all taken note of over the past 3 weeks or so

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭
    Mennania wrote (see)

    No pressure Manchester runners - Just dont be shit!

    Lol - no pressure then, Menn??!!

    15w I am 11077....will provide description of attire tomorrow. No worries where you watch from, if at all. I know how family plans can change last minute. Having said that, my life depends on the provision of these jelly babiesimage 

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