P + D training for VLM 2013



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    obviously we don't have access to current results from abroad image  it says something about 2012 results .... and 2013 being available in 24 hours image

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    Chick, you want this link.

  • Heow did well ..not sure what her PB was though ?

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    page won't load image   I'm a shit stalker ...

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    I think this is a new PB by a couple of minutes, can't remember exactly but it must be somewhere in the vast archives of this thread.

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    Are we allowed to post her time...or are there copyright issues?

  • Yes she PB'd by a couple of minutes, I travelled there with her and a few others and met her after, would not like to post comments on her behalf, I suspect she will be on here soon.

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    Well, it feels a bit wrong somehow... though God knows why if we're all allowed to post links to the results! I think it is unwritten marathon thread etiquette.

  • Thats some PB Craig - image. Great PBs from shazmo and nutter of the week goes to Fiona. Look forward to the full and detailed reports from all.

  • I will post a report later if not tomorrow, it will be short and sweet.

  • Yes she PB'd by a couple of minutes, I travelled there with her and a few others and met her after, would not like to post comments on her behalf, I suspect she will be on here soon.

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    repeating yourself Craig - get some carbs down you...

  • I didn't re post that??  More carbs sound a good idea though, still starving.

  • Bloody brilliant running everyone. Great work Craig. I told you you'd be fast! 

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    Back to the subject of post-marathon recovery for a minute, is anyone else still absolutely bloody starving all the time? I am craving protein and literally cannot stop eating scotch eggs. Bizarre.

  • I have eaten so much this week it's been untrue. I have felt constantly hungry. Had fried breakfasts before work. Massive lunches out and normal teas. And still been snacking on junk in between. I guess the body is crraving recovery. Even had an Indian last night because I said I would treat myself after the marathon. Bloody lovely it was too. As was the cobra beer.

    my recovery running hasn't gone to plan either. Way too fast as usual. Did 9 miles earlier at sub 7 pace which bizarrely felt steady to easy. Ankle seems to be better too so I might even do a track speed session on Tuesday. Who needs recovery anyway?! Clearly not Fiona! Ha. 

  • I'm alive! Just! Not a good day for me. You know when you have a bad feeling the night before a race and actually doubt whether you should do it? Well I had that, then this morning I just didn't feel the love, can't explain. Gets to Manchester and (sorry, TMI blokes) but time of the month came forth 5 mins pre race. That is a nightmare for me as my legs don't work, I never run on that first day. Tough shit, I had no choice so readjusted my goal to sub 3:50 and cracked on. Didn't stay with pacer, knew mile 3 I had no 3:45 in me so ticked off miles feeling ok. Not good, just alright. Hips weren't good (need to do strengthening work big time, lesson learned). Passed half way in 1:53 and felt I could maintain. Until mile 18, took a drink from a tray from a spectator, assumed water. Downed it. It was salt water. 2 miles later, passed mile 20 in 2:52 I think and shit hit the fan. Literally. threw up the salt water twice, ended up on portaloo with the runs and when I started running again, was swaying and was grabbed by a few women from the recovery section. Started crying. A spectator ran over and I was refusing to sit down as I knew I'd never get up. She had a chat with me then ran with me for

    a few hundred yards (I'll never forget her!) and was my angel. I had to dig in like never ever to finish. I did in 3:52:05 and PB'd by 2:30. How - I don't know.  I'm not gutted I never hit my target as I am well aware the distance can throw anything at you and it humbled me today. 

    I am chuffed to bits for Craig. That made my day feel less of a shit one! Thanks everyone - 15W I saw you but you missed me but I shouted "Steven STEVEN!!" and nearly ran back!! 





  • HeOw - if you can have a bad day and still PB, then I have no doubts you will crack out something special. You did bloody well and should be proud of your achievement. Was that spectator with the salt water sent to scupper people's marathon dreams? I've never heard of that being handed out before. image Odd.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    HeOw, you are fucking amazing to have got a PB after all of that. Salt water: WTF? Anyway, that is bloody incredible and gives you a new PB that you can still totally smash the next time. Well done, mate.

    (Ahem. A confession: when we couldn't find the results/tracking site yet and the suspense was getting too much I searched for you on facebook. Thought I should come clean just in case I appear on your 'people you may know' list and you think I've been stalking you.)

  • Literatin send me a request chuck if you have Facebook? Thanks Ten and Lit, it was hard. I feel in pretty bad shape tonight and it was harder than the Manchester leave last year. My stats aren't quite as bad I expected then to be but l lost 4 mins being ill (moving time 3:48 which I was aiming for pretty much after resetting goal).

  • holy shit Shazmo and Fiona!! Well done!! smashing times and Fiona a week after London??? 

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    Holy moly HeOw - that sounds rough! Really sorry didn't hear you - what mile was that?! Well done on the PB in such rough conditions...what you should have done is taken one of my jelly babies and not someone's sea water. So what are your plans now - any more marathons this year (apart from Chester where you are a pacer, right??) ?

    No running for me this weekend, and like a lot of you I am still stuffing myself silly too....feel ready to run tomorrow. For next month though won't be doing anything speedy, will just be plodding about building up the mileage again.

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    Ah - just read back and I know why I didn't hear you....you spelt my name wrong.

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    HeOw's a pacer? She never told us that!

    I did running, 15W. 6.2 miles round the nature reserve.

  • Is this thread staying active for a while, i've enjoyed it.

  • HeOw - that sounds absolutely horrendous. Is the tummy back too normal now? Was it just running related?

    well my legs are feeling not bad at the moment but I'm not looking forward to tomorrow !

  • Wow what a day you all had, PBs for everybody.  Great running Craig, HeOw, Shazmo and Fiona special mention with the double up marathon.

  • Craig I believe we go into analysis mode now, stats to the readyimage

  • Heow well done on the pb !! what the hell was that person doing handing out salt water ??...I never take anything off spectators since in Dublin  marathon when spmeone handed me a hi 5 gel at 18 miles  I hadnt tried them before and I had the most terrible cramps.

    tough gritty running and a pb by over 2 mins is not to be sniffed at.have a good rest you deserve it x

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    craigtdavies wrote (see)

    Is this thread staying active for a while, i've enjoyed it.

    are you kidding? We haven't finished mesocycle 5 yet!

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