Milton Keynes Marathon



  • Thank you SPEN! I know you are right, it's just when you have put so much hard work in and your body lets you down, I really want to cry! 

  • So sorry to hear Joanne - and of course Spen is right! And of course you are gutted!! xxx

  • Hi all,

    I'm doing the MK this year, my 2nd marathon, but the last one was 9 years ago! How's everyone's training going? I did 16 miles today, but not terribly fast! What mileage are you going up to before the race? I too have got a Garmin, which is very useful. I tend to go off quite fast (heart rate shoots up!) and then settle down a bit, then slow up towards the end. I know that's not ideal pacing! I did 4:39 in my first marathon, so would like to beat that if I can. 4:20 would be nice, but we'll see. I don't feel that fit yet, but there's still time.

  • Hello All!

    Hi Kate - I have run 35 km last Sunday in 3 hours and 31 minutes and done much less this week to recover from that Mammoth run. I aim to be on my feet for 4 hours (not bothering too much about distance) this coming Sunday and the distance I am going to get to is 23-24 miles. I alternate a week with a very long Sunday run and a week with a much shorter one, just about 2-2.30 hours on my feet. I run only 3 days a week and cross train other 2 because I prefer to run at least 6-7 miles than put in little 3-4 milers often. At this moment in my life, my legs recover better this way.

    Hi Cowgirl! Thank in anticipation you for the cheering  image

  • Things are going okish here, a couple of weeks ago did 17miles and introduced some speed work. Just after thatr I bought some new shoes for the marathon, and have got a bit of knee trouble. Good news is that it's getting better with a little reduction in training and ice/ibuprofen. 6 or 7 weeks more of hard training and a taper and hopefully be able to finish in 3.45.

    Sounds like others training is going well, other then Joanne, sorry to hear, hopefully be ok for another time.

  • We were spectators last year but this year I will be running (my first marathon) and hoping the weather is slightly better. Good luck with training image

  • Hi all, did Pitsford Marathon last sunday and managed 4hrs 7 mins so trainig going well as that was a 21 min pb, so is a sub 4 on the cards ???, in training up to Milton Keynes I wont go over 22 miles, but will do alot of 18 and 20 milers, my target race for this year is a 100 mile ultra in August so all really geared around that.

    trilla - time on your feet is a good way to train.

    joanne - hope things are going ok

    Seth - it could be the speedwork that caused your knee pain, ease back abit and introduce it slowly

    V4D - welcome to the mad world of marathon running, just dont stress and enjoy the day, the first time is fantastic, just concentrate on finishing and having fun, and yes I agree I hope the weather is better than last year

    take care everyone

  • Hi all! How did your long run go today?


    I am so so happy today: I run for 4 hours and five minutes, covering roughly 38 km (did not bring the garmin to avoid stress but checked afterwards on g-map) . I had an exceptionally good run, I got the pace right from the start, I did not get tired and found out that a small can of coke halfway through does wonders for my sugar-starved brain.

    Next Sunday I will run much shorter (only 2 hours 30) but the following week I shall attempt 40 km.

    Thank you for the support SPEN - and what you say to V4D is exactly my plan: don't stress, enjoy the day and concentrate on finishing and having fun!image


    Hope all is going well for all of you too!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    I'll also be running MK. Just a suggestion for those needing it: there will be a variety of pacers during the race for those needing it.

    How is everyone else getting on in their training?

    Is anyone staying in MK the night before?
  • Hi Emmy! I am staying in MK the night before. I think we are staying at the Holiday inn (or other similar not-great hotel) near the stadium.

  • Hi

    I did the MK half yesterday - very happy with my 2 hr 9min finish image.

    I live in MK luckily so accomodation for the Marathon is not a problem.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just 2 more long runs scheduled. I managed to catch up after a week out with a bug and bad knee. So please they came in the same week, I don't think I would have had the sense to rest my knee for a week if I wasn't ill.

    No injuries/niggles hopefully stay that way. Were staying in a travel lodge for Sunday night. I thought Milton Keynes was closer when I signed up, plus public transport is worse then terrible to get there.

    How's everyone else doing?

  • Did 17.5 Sunday - very tired and a few niggly aches but not bad - 20 miles to come (not really looking forward to that) then tapering.

    I hope everyones trainings going OK - such a nice change to run in the sunshine.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Just as a note - Travelodge have a bargain at the moment of 30quid rooms for Milton Keynes Central.

  • I live in MK but am planning on my first marathon in mk next year- currently training for my first HM this June . I will be out on the day to cheer everyone on, good luck everyone , enjoy it and I hope it doesn't rain hard like last yearimage
  • Are you following a specific marathon schedule v4d? I'm just trying to run as many miles as I feel comfortable with and a long run once a week. I plan 2 20 mile runs next 2 weeks then a 3 week taper. This is my first marathon but I did a half in November finishing in 1.53. I feel a lot stronger now so hopefully finish in about 3.45-4 hours.

  • i have now registered to volunteer/marshall or whatever is useful on the day with one of my daughters 

    keep up the training runners image

  • Hi does anyone have a good map of the course, the one on the website does not list the roads clearly, I want to transfer the route onto a road map of Milton keynes so the family can see where best to support me, thanks

  • Hi all,

    I'm running this and am aiming for a sub 3:30 time, just ran a half marathon last weekend and used it to check my progress. The race went really well but I picked up (what I hope is) a small injury.

    Im going to have to take a rest week and see how it goes but in the mean time I want to see a physio and get it checked out to make sure I dont make it any worse. Can anybody recommend a good physio around Bedford or MK?

    Hope everyone roses training has been going well

  • Evening all. 4 weeks to go, I hope everyone's training is going well. One more hard week to go before the taper!


    I'm hoping for a 3h05 finish all being well. Nursing an Iliotibial band niggle at the moment though, so stretching and foam roller torture for the forseeable future.


    C&I - the best map I can find is here:


  • Hi All! Fingers crossed all is still well for me, just done a half yesterday in 1.53 so I should be able to finish my first attempt at full distance within the 4.30 hours! I am trying to take it easy this week and then have a good crack at another four hours run on Sunday and then I too shall taper!

    Good luck to us all!!


  • Electric sheep thanks for that.

    Training going well, I only go for a two week taper so two more long runs then taper down, I only use a two week taper as this is part of my training for an ultra in August, and I get bored with a three week taper, take care evryone

  • Don't know if you still need a physio, but can recommend Martin at Body Limits in Newport Pagnell

  • Has anyone else got their race numbers yet? I haven't.

    Not long to go, just one more long run for me. Feeling good and getting excited. Hope everyone is well.

  • Nope - no sign of race number yet.


    One more 20-miler on Sunday then the taper begins. Saying that, I have a 17-miler scheduled the following Sunday, so two more long runs if you count that.

  • Hello everyone, 


    Looking forward to MK as my second marathon after having done Brighton last year.


    I don't have my race number yet either. Any idea when they're sending them out?

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