Milton Keynes Marathon



  • Well done all and thanks very much to all organisers, marshalls and supporters. I thought it was well organised and went very smoothly.

    I too suffered with the heat and came in at 4:50, slightly slower than my other marathon nine years ago. Why couldn't we have had today's weather?

    And I'm sure somebody said there weren't really any hills. I suppose there weren't really, but it felt like it, especially towards the end!

    Hope you're all recovering well today. I don't actually feel too bad.

  • apart from some sore quads (from dehydration more than anything) im fine, walked 3 miles to the city and had a starbucks in the sunshine, felt fine apart from going down stairs is a bit sore.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Stairs are fun...

    If I lead with my left leg I'm fine. If I ry to lead with my right leg it just doesn't want to knowimage glad I had today off.

    Guess I just need to train harder so I feel it less, or it's a good signimage cannot decide.


  • Quads are killing today, being at work sitting at a desk is not the best especially when I have to get up, stairs also not too good, but recovery run planned for tomorrow morning, that normally loosens the muscles up again.

    Well done everyone for yesterday it was a tough hot day

  • Trilla, just looked at the photo of me finishing and you were just in front of me on the line! Well done for persevering and hope your cough is better soon. I didn't have the excuse of a cough...

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    The pair of you were 6 minutes ahead of me, darn i should have gone that bit quicker image

  • Well done everyone. Well done Trilla sounds like a good strategy in the circumstances.

    Teknik hope you are ok now?

    Mk was my first Marathon and it was great. Everything well organised and the Stadium a great end point. I met Booktrunk early in the race but set a slower pace. Well done on your time Booktrunk. I sustained an injury during training at the end of February. Lost all of March unable to run. As a result I never ran more than 13 miles in training. Lots of anxiety about whether I should do it or not. Decided to go for it and adopt a walk run strategy. Walking for 1min at the end of every km run. Planned a pace to get me half way round in 2:30 hr. that went ok but to be honest running was feeling better than walking and just after Willen Lake I decided to just keep running. The second half was new territory to me and I just kept going thinking Wow I've got this far as I passed each marker. Finished in 5:23:44. Loved every minute, well probably not the last 2 miles. Will definitely do another Marathon next year. 


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Well done Barbara that's awesome image

    My first was Leicester last October and that was 5:30:22 it is rather fun trying to get the time down.

  • Hey Kate - you looked AMAZING at the finish and looked like you were really enjoying it but I hated most of it!!! I am still ill but want to run another one, like, tomorrow (or as soon as I am better) because that feels so much like unfinished business to me.image (but image)

    Barbara (hi! my name is Barbara too!!) - I am so glad you had a good race. Excellent pacing strategy.

    So, which marathon are we doing next? image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Well i'm signed up for Leicester on Sunday 13th October.  In the ballot for London image

  • I am also in the ballot for London! image

    And was thinking about Chester in October.

    But, nearer the time, considering this:

    Fairlands Valley Challenge Ultra Marathon 50K (plus 12M, 18M, 26.2M options)

    Perhaps even the full blown fifty km!! image


  • im signing up for th kielder marathon i think, im also signed up for surf city, huntington beach marathon in California next feb.

    and London ballot of course

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Don't I keep thinking about Ultras.... But I cannot decide if that is just being greedy and frankly I should stick at marathon until I get a time that I think that's it I have gone as quick as i'm going to and i'm content.

    I see so many others doing a lot better times than myself, that I just think I am wussing out and need to up my game.  So I really want a sub 4:30 I really, really want 3:59:59 image but that would be Age Graded just over 60% and realistically I don't know if my legs can ever go that fast for 5k never mind 42.195k and don't know if I can do that purely on running or if you need to change diet etc... which I probably cannot really be arsed to do.  But I really think I can get sub 4:30

  • Also Ran, amazing time in that heat. Do you reckon you'd have been even further up the finishing positions without the detour?

    My experience was definitely a race of two halves. I've posted on the P&D marathon thread already, so i'll just summarise thus:

    aimed for 3:57, went out at 9:00 / mile for the first half, felt comfortable if a little hot. Just after halfway the wheels started to come off. By mile 20 I had lost 8 mins from my target, and eventually finished in 4:19. Pretty disappointed given all the training, and given that i thought I had a quicker time in me. But, nevertheless, it was a 49min PB, and the first time i've properly trained for a marathon, so I've learned a lot from the whole experience, and I'll be looking to improve for a spring marathon next year.

    Lots of friendly marshalls, the odd dickhead member of the public (one guy being really rude towards marshalls because he couldn't get his car out of the end of the road, i assume there would have been a consultation of local residents?). The course was a bit twisty for my liking, and by the end i'd had enough of the bridges and underpasses. I think i'd have preferred to spectate this one, with an icecream and a beer in hand, but as a second marathon, it'll do image

  • Agentginger - I feel your pain because I feel exactly the same. Still, you did amazingly well on such a hot day!!

    Hey Bookie, maybe my approach is unhortodox but,if you are having a good race, ultimately the time does not matter that much? And it will come down in time?

    I tell you what made me think of trying the 50km, that even on a bad day and running while ill, I realised that with walking 1 mile, running 1 mile I could go on forever (well, forever-ish). Today I ache a little bit but nothing much. I have done training runs of 23 miles (at 10.30 min/miles, consistently, on a hilly course) on an empry stomach and a mini can of coke halfway through. I know I've got a lot of kilometrage in me!

    So I have convinced my other half and if my MIL babysits (fingers crossed - she has to come from Scotland so let's not assume anything) we are going to try it.

  • Well done AG - it was a hot day and twisty course for any kind of PB, so 49mins is fantastic - top marks to you and the P&D training. I lost quite a bit of time mid race getting tired following on from VLM, but perked up again after the 20m mark. I don't think the confusion early on would have had any bearing on my position - it just got me and another guy "hot and bothered" at the time

    I did have some dreams(nightmares?) running through a never ending underpass last night

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Trilla: I like that idea i'm so tempted by an ultra... But I don't know which my problem is I want to start with a silly distance one, like one side of the country to the other over 2 days that sort of thing... But I just don't know if i've got the commitment to the necessary training.  I am torn image

  • Booktrunk 50km is only 7.805 km longer than 42.195km you know?image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Yeah I know image and we all know how easy the last 8 or so km are... Actually they were compared to some of the earlier bits.  29-32 seemed hard to me.

    Also it's about then I realised my skin felt very salty and I remembered to stick half a high5 zero tablet thingy in my water at the next two stations.. don't know if it helped but I certainly sped up compared to what I was doing at one point.

  • booktrunk - looks like you are getting tempted by the darkside of ultras, thyey are completly different to marathons, it is just about finishing the ultra and not totally time driven, walking is also good and a walk run is the normal for most people, you also get to eat whatever you want during the race, I went from 26.2 miles to 70 miles and managed to finish, my marathon time then was 4.30 I came top ten out of 35 starters so you do not have to be fast just stubborn

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Stop it, you lot are a really bad influence soooo tempting.

  • ok, but look at they are doing a good 40, 70 or 100 on 2nd August, i have done the 70 the last two years, and having a go at the 100 this year, 10 mile laps really friendly .....

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I know... I'm on a facebook group that start off about that and is a general ultra group.  Full of seriously amazing people, and me just hanging on drooling about the idea of it but still being a complete wimp.

  • I am also on the facebook group, you just have to go for it, they are in my opinion so much more fun than marathons

  • Spen. You are so selling it to me. One thing I have learned on Monday was that run/walk was a revelation. Isn't that what they say:

    'There are two types of runs, the good runs and the runs where I learn something'

    So I have learned that I can keep on keeping on and that run/walk is a great strategy.

    ...I would like to aim for the 40 miles next year.image

  • Marshalls and spectators great.  Wanted under 4 hrs but it was so hot and i also got knocked down by the man on the bike pulling a trailor, under the bridge just after 18 miles i think !!!   Hurt some other runs as well, one man was nursing an ankle, so a great big thanks to all the runs that picked me up and asked if i was ok. Sorry for all the bad language that i shouted at him. I'm ok but still bruised and a bit sore.  Completed in 4 hrs 4 mins 24 sec better than the 4hrs 16 mins in the monsoon last yr.  About directions,to race, I think it would help to have MK Marathon sign posted on main routes in as I was totally lost due to road closures.




  • Trilla- why not this year ?? the run walk strategy for an ultra makes it so much more fun, I used 15 mins run, 3 mins walk last year and walk the uphill bits, but the walking element increased as i got more tired.

  • Marc.S wrote (see)

    finished in 4:32.02

    some guy in front of me collapsed onto the pitch with just 50 yards to go, had to be stretchered, off image what a shame to fall with just 1 bend to go, inside the stadium. hope he's ok

    I finished 4:32:06 so I must of been right behind you, I saw this guy and felt so sorry for him, just one tiny bit to go image

    Was my first ever full marathon and the heat incredible, was planning to do 3:30 but the heat put an end to that, struggled more or less from half way onwards and my pace dropped off, in the end I'm just glad I finished on 2 feet - definetly up for another though, maybe in cooler weather!

    Congrats to all finishers in that heat and hope everyone I saw being treated by paramedics is ok image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    little debs: after your problems i'm glad that you managed to finish ok.

    Jonathan Meadows: It was a little warm out there wasn't it, and at least it gives you a time to aim at next time image

  • MK 2014 is now open for entries! There's also quite a long video of various clips from this year at  See if you can spot yourself!

    Booktrunk and Trilla, enjoy the ultras if you do them. I've no doubt that I'll do another marathon some time soon. I'm in the ballot for London, but that seems a long way off until we hear.

    Enjoy your running all!


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