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  • Hi Bridget, Yes I live right by Willen Lake in MK so I'm very luckky to have fab running routes on my doorstep.

  • Do you parkrun then?

  • I do when I can although with teenagers I often end up spending the weekends as an unpaid taxi service so I just squeeze in a run around family stuff. Do you run in MK?

  • I now wish I was running a spring mara- but actually I've entered a double mara in april instead- I presume that excludes me?

    Some great pitches already!

  • what double marathon is that tric

  • Hi Vanessa, I've a friend who walked to base camp, she lost a stone in weight and hearing her stories it wasn't the easy option at all. I would love to do it but I don't think I could handle the temperature!

    Some great pitches to to read.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I have a friend who held the record for running to base camp for many years until it was recently broken by Lizzie Hawker. image

  • On our way back from Base Camp to Lukla we were overtaken by the Everest Ultra runners - the winner ran in 5 hours 7 minutes what took us 2 1/2 days to walk image.

    They must train heavily at altitude.

  • Glasgow to Edinburgh Double- along the forth and clyde canal- it's a new distance for me- my longest so far has been 40 miles ( well, 41.5, 'cos I got lost). It clashes with the Lochaber marathon, which I usually do in spring, but hey, you have to try these things, don't you!

  • Hi tricialitt, My dad use to like doing the two bridges road race in Scotland, although I don't think it exists any more?..
  • 5 hrs 7 mins is bloody impressive, wow!
  • Goodness, any more pitches and i'll have to find some more mentors!!

    Keep pitching folks  image 

  • Good luck to all that enter, I may throw my hat in the ring next year as I wouldn't be ready for a spring marathon, an autumn one might be plausible if I can get a strong enough base in place before June.

  • Thought I had better pitch seeing as I am running my first Marathon in April image

    Marathon Entered: Manchester Marathon in April (proof of entry can be provided)

    Target: sub 2:55 maybe even sub 2:50 we shall see……

    My power of 10 profile -

    As you can see from my PO10 profile I haven’t run a Marathon yet, but I have been involved in club running for a bit over two and a half years now.  So I am coming at this as a Marathon novice. I do have some ideas about how I want to approach training. In fact the geek in me has already written a schedule, to me this is the beauty of this particular process, it’s about working with a mentor to bounce ideas off, but the approach is still my own. What I hope to get from the process is to create some decent training chat, especially aimed at the first time Marathoner who is reasonably ambitious. I am sure there will be mistakes a plenty and it’s these mistakes (as well as a few triumphs I hope) that will make a thread tick and provide the talking points.   
    I lurked on Martin and Gobi’s thread a couple of years ago found that particularly useful, I want to be part of a thread as successful as that was.
    Those that know me from my regular thread haunts (waves at Minni) will know I am no-nonsense kind of guy; I will post up the good with the bad and don’t mind some decent banter as we go along.

    A bit of background:
    Sporty as a kid, hit my 20s got drunk, smoked and eventually got fat. As a new year’s resolution in 2010 I decided to lose some weight, so started dieting, running with folks at work over lunchtime and bike rides on a weekend. This worked pretty well and I shed a couple of stones fairly quickly. In April 2010 I was persuaded to run a local league race for my work running club. Well what do you know, I enjoyed it. So a month later I did another then another and thought to myself “if I’m going do this properly I need learn how to train properly” so I ended up posting on Runners World and joined my local running club. In August 2010 I ran my first proper race, the Ray Harrison Memorial 10k in Billingham, I ran it in 43:11 and I was hooked.  Check out my PO10 to see how I have come on since then.

    Other stuff:
    I am 34, I am married with a little boy who is 20 months old! Mrs YD isn’t a runner but is pretty supportive, though I do have to negotiate to get races in. As long as I do things like run on a morning before work, or at lunchtime to minimise impact on family she doesn’t complain too much.  So I think part of the challenge for me will be time management as I look to increase the training load. Nothing unusual or special in that, but particularly relevant to plenty on these boards I would have thought.

    If it helps me get a spot I can post up fat pictures from pre 2010 imageimage

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Great pitch and some very impressive times there YD image

  • Thanks Keir, not too shabby yourselfimage
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hello YD!  Great pitch and yes I can confirm you are a no-nonsense kind of guy who readily shares the highs and lows (not too many of those though) of your training.  I didn't know all your history and that makes your times even more impressive.  All good stuff.  One thing though - I'm sure you've told a lie in there.  There's no way you are 34 image !  When I was chatting to you a couple of weeks ago I was thinking, 'I'm old enough to be this boy's mother'!!

  • You're too kind Minni, the Cheque is in the postimage
  • Just a quick plug for those who are at the slower end of the scale. If its your first marathon, or you are struggling to break 5 hours this is still for you. Keep those pitches coming - its going to be a good 6 this year again. 

  • Vanessa - usually when I am at Willen I am RD for parkrun image. I mostly run to the west of MK in the country but sometimes venture in. Did MK Mara last year - splish, splash, splosh!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    No pitches today .....?
  • Minni wrote (see)
    No pitches today .....?

    I wasn't going to, but I've changed my mind.  I'll post a pitch later today if I'm not too late.

  • Bloody hell - a lot of familiar faces on hereimage


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I’ve been a regular forumite for a few years now and finally stepped up to marathons this year using the Shades plan. Previously – the most I ever ran was half marathons and I thought that I had found my distance. I was wrong. Ive followed the various Forum 6 threads for the past year and avidly last year as we were ‘in the same’ boat. I did my first marathon (VLM) in 5.30. I had stomach issues from Mile 17-22 and felt like crap when I ended…. But somehow entered another marathon… and another…. And another.

    I’m not due for just one marathon next year (which may put me out of the running) but 13 so far. I have been known to enter marathons online whilst drunk and am known to run them with friends 'just for the fun of it'.

    I’m looking for a voice of reason and support from someone who deals with the distance on a regular basis and everything that goes along with it (taper, rest, training). I’ve targeted some of them as my “A” Race and others as just enjoyable long runs with friends. I need structure and a detailed plan to follow as this works best for me.

    RE: Speed: I ran Amsterdam in 4.55 and felt strong and good throughout so I know that I have room to improve and push forward. I’m hoping to get 4.30 in Paris and then see how I can improve after that but I’m looking for someone who knows what they’re talking about and not just my ‘try it and see’ method.

    I always try my best and if I say that I’m going to do it – I’ll do this (this also comes across as stubbornness I’ve been toldimage). I work stupid hours at work so most of my runs are done at SOC (stupid o’clock) and in various locations wherever I’m travelling that week.


    -          10km: 1.02 (June 2012)

    -          Half marathon: 2.10 (Oct 2012)

    -          Marathon: 4.55.53 (Oct 2012)

    I’m not the fastest speed demon out there but I’ve always got a smile on my face and always looking to help out others at the ‘back of the pack’.

    Based on the thread from last year – I cant offer anything cute…I’m allergic to anything with fur -  but I love dogs and will regularly run with dogs from the local shelter if I can.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hiya Micknphil - how are things going? :0) 

  • I'm a pretty useless self-publicist, so I didn't even bother entering the Asics contest (I was shunned last year anyway). The begging process is awful IMHO. However, I could certainly do with some help. So hope I'm not too late for a fairly short pitch. 

    I'm male, 51 years old, married with two children (6 and 4) and a pekingese dog (7). I'm self-employed, although this is increasingly more like self-unemployed, so I have reasonable flexibility with my training schedule for the foreseeable future. I'm studying for a degree part-time with the OU. I started running to fill a void when I stopped drinking alcohol, shortly after my son was born. One of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm determined to be a positive role-model for my kids, and to be able to keep up with them as they get even more active!

    I have confirmed places in the 2013 Brighton and London Marathons. All being well, I plan to run Brighton and then defer London to 2014 (they made me wait five years for acceptance, so one more won't hurt). I ran the Shakespeare marathon in 2009 in 4:38 and Milton Keynes in 2012 in (cough) 4:38. It's fair to say, my Asics category would have been “on a plateau”!

    This might make my running appear unambitious, but this isn't the truth of it. I really would like to achieve a GFA time in the long term. Stop giggling at the back! This summer I brought my 10k race time down from 54:51 to 49:55, and broke the two-hour barrier for the half-marathon (01:54:58). I have a thread I started earlier this year which gives more background on my idea for a five year plan. I'm a regular poster of high quality posts and insights image and have never harmed small animals (at least, not intentionally).

    I am training to achieve a sub-4:00 marathon in the Spring, though I realise that I likely have an outside chance of achieving it.  Regardless, I want to knock a serious lump off my previous marathon times. If I run 4:38 again, I will actually cry. Fact.

    I'm starting my “official” marathon preparation from today, and today is a rest day image  I'm loosely following the P&D up to 55 mile schedule to start with to see how things go on. I feel that the longer runs and tempo work might suit me better than shorter interval workouts that I have used while following other programs, though I reserve the right to change my mind. I could do with some help on adapting the schedules when necessary, otherwise I tend to make things up as I go along. It's fair to say I could also do with additional “encouragement” to pay more attention to core work and nutrition. “More” meaning more than none.

    I'm waffling now.... so to summarise.... I want your help, please.

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