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  • NICE One Ten all the best......image

  • Excellent pitches so far   image

  • Tenjiso - priceless!

    Enjoying the pitches so far!image 

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    Great pitches!

    Tenjiso - you'd be wasted with Asics anyway.image
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    I know that we can't vote but I vote tenjiso...
  • Hi to all,

    Hope it's not too late to offer my pitch...

    I'm a 41 year old mum of 3 boys who only took up running just under 2 years ago. I really love it and have been lucky enough to get a place in the VLM next year. This will be my first marathon. I am really excited, having been taken to watch the first ever London marathon as a kid. My sister and i spent an hour after the start picking up all the gear that the runners has left behind and putting anything nice into bin bags to take home image The race inspired my dad to take up running the very next day. He was in his 30s and he went on to run 2h 25 within a couple of years. I always thought he was a bit mad to run and vowed that running wasn't for me, but years later I seem to have got the bug!

    I feel I am still making lots of progress, despite my age. I have knocked 6 mins off my 10k time over 6 months this year.

    My PBs for races are:

    10k 44 mins 45 secs (achieved end sept 2013)

    10 miles 1h 13m (achieved October 2013)

    Not run a HM race yet but have done 1h 41 in training.

    I started following the shades plan last week, having got up to 15 miles on my long runs. I've also recently joined a local club to keep me motivated.

    My strengths

    1. I am very competitive

    2. I will take the training seriously

    3. I will enjoy writing updates on the site and taking all advice

    My goals:

    1. Get to the starting line uninjured

    2. Beat my sister's time of 4h 20 image told you I am competitive

    3. Beat 4 hours

    4. Get a GFA time ( 3h 50)
  • Not too late at all Koala!    Open until the 17th (if I remember correctly)  image

  • Wow Slowkoala, nice pitch. One thing, you're not very ... SLOW, are you?! (Question mark followed by exclamation mark equals one INTERROBANG, apparently.)

  • Great pitches everyone. Keep them coming!

  • Thanks guys image - the cheque's in the post.

    Minni wrote (see)
    Tenjiso - you'd be wasted with Asics anyway.image

    Minni - since I recently starting a thread to find alternatives to Asics shoes, I think that they might agree with you image

  • In an effort to better Tenjiso I am currently drafting my six year plan..... image

  • Iklebutn Miles - I used to be obsessed with koalas as a child and had a collection of about 50 of them, (soft toy ones, not real), all with names. I don't think real koalas can ever be fast as spent most of the day asleep in a stoned like state.
  • Spoons. wrote (see)

    In an effort to better Tenjiso I am currently drafting my six year plan..... image

    but..... my five year plan is going to take at least ten years at the rate I'm going.


  • Some brilliant pitched have been made, I have to agree Tenjiso pitch is my favorite so far, who ever the six are I'm going to enjoy folowing the threads this winter, I'm hoping to pick up some tips for the Autumnimage

  • I like Emmy's pitch too. Multiple marathon running. That will be a bit different to the norm.

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    Not unlike yourself Spoons!
  • anymore out there........definitely short in the slower runners.these sloew ones are too fast image


  • Nice pitches folks, the mentors will need to be on their toes this yearimage

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    Spoons. wrote (see)

    I like Emmy's pitch too. Multiple marathon running. That will be a bit different to the norm.

    I forgot to mention that I have a 'plan' with Shades being the focus and adding in some P&D sessions.... but I have the thing where I need help is if the plan says: run 10 miles hard - i'll run 10 miles hard when maybe I shouldn't (ill, overtired etc).... So it's adding in a voice of reason image

  • OK, here goes.

    Basically, I have no idea what I’m doing and I need help. This time last year I was a 44 year old fat bloke who started running to lose weight. 2 stone lighter my main reason for running has changed from weight loss to enjoyment and the challenges it brings. This change occurred at the time when I got my lovely little ball of fluff Springer spaniel puppy called Harvey (some of you may have noticed on another thread that Harvey has had a life saving operation after his bowel and stomach ruptured and is now laid up with a cruciate knee ligament injury so cant go out for walks image I’m not going for the sympathy vote, honest but pictures of the little chap are available if you would like to see him). We started going for walks in the Peak District and I thought it would be nice to go running out there. Then I became hooked and now I try and go for a run in the Peaks as often as possible. For example, last Saturday I did 11 miles in 6-8 inches of snow and ice and I loved it. That should hopefully demonstrate to you that I am not a fair weather runner and will do my training regardless. After posting some questions on this website people gave me some great advice in my preparation up to my first ever race, the Clowne half marathon. My training used to consist of running as fast and as hard as I could on every run I went out on as I didn’t know any better. Obviously, this left me feeling drained all the time but with the forumites help and guidance I smashed my 2:00 target to come in at 1:47.

    So, I have got races booked in for next year but looking at my schedule I sometimes wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew: Liversedge HM, Grindleford Gallop (22 miles trail race), Sheffield HM, Howgills UltraTrail26, Lake Coniston FM, York 10k, Belper Rugby Rover (19 mile trail race) and the Ladybower 50 ultra. I also have a place in the Manchester marathon and that is to be my A race and main focus.

    Nuttition could possibly be an area in which I could improve; currently, my pre-race food is a doner kebab, I take on Magners liquids during a run and my post race snack is a chicken madras.

    So, with my ridiculous approach to training plus my diary for next year I am determined to finish every one of those races and have plenty of fun along the way. A mentor would go along way to helping me achieve this as I think I have set myself a very challenging year and will probably struggle and/or burnout if I am not properly organised. I have seen the Hal Higdon Advances 2 training plan and this has been plotted into my spreadsheet (I’m afraid I’m anal when it comes to spreadsheets !) but there have been many changes to it already so advice is certainly needed there.

    So, that’s my pitch, please vote for me. Please. Go on, go on, go on, go on. Stop begging man……Anyway, I am off to start my eleven year training plan now.

    Enough of my ramblings, I am off to make lots of money for charities, I have an appointment this morning  to donate a kidney and I can see an old lady who needs help to cross the road.

    Good luck to one and all and happy running to everyone.

  • I bet she didn't even want to cross the road...
  • I thought she was a chicken...

  • 6 days left    image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    6 days image  that means its almost Christmas!

  • I'm slow! Although I've done 5 marathons, I've not actually run one. I entered for London in 2007 for a charity after having a life-saving operation and liked it. So I did more, until January this year when I stopped smoking, joined a running club and started running.


    Unfortunately, I started training a little too late for London this year, as my knee fell off at mile 12 (existing knee issues since the age of 11) and I cried the remaining miles, finishing in 5:35 (still a PB). Then I entered for the Liverpool Marathon in October of this year, intending to do it with a friend who'd lost loads of weight and just wanted to walk it. She didn't turn up, so I thought I'd give it a go, despite running a grand total of 7 miles per week since April.


    Liverpool must be easier image, as I did it in 5:29 (a PB again). I've got a place in London again for 2013 and, whilst I've bandied around a slightly optimistic sub-4 (ha!), I believe that if I can do 5:29 with a long run of 4 miles each week, I can certainly do 4:30.


    I currently run four times a week (about 4 on Monday, a speed session with my running club on Wednesday, a hilly parkrun on Saturday and a longer run - 7.5 miles currently - on Sunday). I'm about to start on the Shades marathon plan. My best 5k time is 26:57, my 10k is 1:03 (trail and very hilly) and I'm yet to do a half. And you know my crappy marathon times.


    I want to do better and I know that I have more in me.

  • So many worthy people to do this...Go Nykie! 


  • Chuffin 'ell Carter, I feel knackered just reading that.
  • Carter.I see you listed Januarys races.what will you be doing the rest of the year image

  • good pitch nykie

  • Thanks image I meant to say last night that, Carter - I for one don't want to see pictures of your 'little chap' image

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