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  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭


    I have run 146 miles since October 23rd. Forgot about 10 miles done today ( a comfortable run according to my plan) in 1:22:03.

    Another bit of info. In my drive to get faster I have shed 17lbs since early October to get down to my ideal running weight which is just over 12st. image

  • Seren, I posted a quick pitch a couple of days ago but wanted to add to it!

    Only ever done three 10k races and one 10 miler, all this year. Best 10k time is 44m 45s and 10 miler was 1h 13mins. Been running just under 2 years. Have some races booked for 2013:

    Brighton HM in Feb

    VLM in April

    BUPA 10k in May

    Also hoping to do Finchley 20 in March as part of VLM training.
  • SK - times are good - things will come together in time with fitness

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Carl - brilliant!

    Christmas Eve is going to be like Christmas Day on here.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Looking forward to it. Going to be tough decision for the judges whoever they are. image

  • Hello, I have been following this thread deliberating about what to say so here goes...

    I started running nearly 3 years ago after being inspired by my sister and a friend running the London marathon, I was approaching the big 40 and thought I would give it a go, the next year, 2011, I completed the London marathon in 4:24.

    Now I am well and truly hooked on running and have improved on my 5k, 10k and half marathon times and would love to run sub 3:50 to get a GFA place at London. I have a place in the Brighton marathon next year.

    My current PB's suggest I should be able to achieve this however I seem to favour the shorter distances so I really need some help and advice to improve my times over the longer distances.
    5k 21:48
    10k 45:32
    Half marathon 1:45:38
    These times have all been set in the last 3 months.

    I have just started following the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 plan including a parkrun most weeks and a pilates or body balance class.

    I enjoy challenging myself and when I set myself a target will do what it takes to achieve it, I am very determined but need the right advice and support to help me reach my goal.

    There seem to be a few of us chasing the same goal, maybe we could share a mentor image

  • I've been watching this with interest; I knew I was slow but I'm beginning to think I'm the slowest image. For me the challenge now is upping my mileage again after my knee problems and stepping up the pace a bit.


    Time for a run I think image.

  • If people are adding to their pitches, I'll just have a quick go to tug at the heart strings......

    I was born with a degenerative, ultimately fatal condition that I wasn't aware of until I was in my thirties.  At first the symptoms were mild.  I found that I was getting larger around the middle and slower, but it didn't seem so severe.  

    Subsequently things have gotten worse.  The physical symptoms have included aching limbs, back pain and varicose veins.  Mental problems include an inability to recall my wedding anniversary until it's a day too late.

    Doctor's have diagnosed the condition as aging and the prognosis isn't good.  At best I have fifty years to go on degenerating.  At worse.... well let's just say that there is no telling how much time there is left to become part of the Forum 6.  Just don't leave it until it's too late! image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lol Tenj! image

    Just a recap....


    Have you been shunned by Asics?

    Stuck in a training rut?

    Got a marathon place and can only run round the block??

    Busy busy busy and no time to train??

    I have six lovely mentors all lined up and chomping at their Mizunos to get involved

    All you have to do is to tell us why you should be given the prize of the millenium


    Should not threaten to harm small animals
    Should not send people to sleep or need a screen break

    It will contain your hopes for a marathon time
    It will contain your marathon entry confirmed
    It will contain a brief running history of recent times and pb's

    We would love to hear all about YOU, strengths, weaknesses and limitations


    This thread will close on Monday 17th December and then Kittenkat and her esteemed Adjudicator(s) will cogitate the pitches and we will then announce the LUCKY SIX on Christmas Eve

    Asics 6??  As they said on Channel 4 ... thanks for the warm up     image


    Entries close tomorrow so get those pitches in.  I know there's still quite a few to come. image


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Minnie - well done on the XC yesterday. Where do you find the time to keep us all up to date with your exploits as well as do the training and races. A true inspiration ...

    How does a newbie really get involved on these forums. You all seem to know each other so well .....

    Has anyone run Paris before ? How is it compared to London and where is the best place to stay ? Have had a look at the Paris 2013 thread but they all seem to be in the middle of a lengthy conversation and it seemed wrong to interrupt ... Thanks image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Carl - just butt in! They won't mind. I've hung around here since my first marathon way back in 2003 and you get to know people over the years. You will find that everyone is welcome on the forums and they are a great source of information. As for posting its all about give and take. Share your experiences and offer support to others and you'll not go far wrong. Share the good as well as the bad. image
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Excellent advice. I'll try that a bit later. Am on my own this weekend as the rest of the family went back to Ireland to visit the grandparents before Christmas.image

    Am just a little (lomg way really) behind on the long list of jobs which included getting all the decorations sorted. Better crack on with this. Will check in again later to see what is going on ... image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Ok, here's my pitch

    I'm old, I'm slow, and I'm boring. Vote for me!

    Actually, I am in total denial about point no 1, point 3..well I believe I have hidden depths yet to be drawn out. But I can't argue point 2.

    Whilst I didn't make the RW/Asics final five, my goals and aims remain the same. I want to achieve MY PB, and I've yet to find out what that could be. I only started running 3 years ago so I am very much learning and improving. My current PB's were all achieved this year whilst training for Dublin marathon. They are 5k 26.47. 10k 53.40. half marathon 1.57 and marathon 4.27. I did actually improve my 5k time at bootcamp to 25.36 (see, told you I was learning and improving!)

    I bought my first running shoes as a 50th b'day pressie for myself. I entered a 10k race and started a beginners 10k plan, Four months later I crossed that finish line with a huge sense of achievement (61.24) and I was hooked! I've since ran a variety of races, including a muddy MT10, but I enjoy the discipline of marathon training the most.

    I work full time, so all my training is in the evenings and at weekends. I currently run 4 times a week, 20-25 miles in total, and do wts/resistance in a gym 2 times a week.  My strengths are being motivated and focussed, my weaknesses are being over cautious and reserved ( but I'm sure you can work on that!!)

    I have entered the GWM 21st April. Granola bars will be supplied to all my  supporters at the event.

    And the only small animal I have ever threatened is my cat who is currently trying to walk across this keyboard!

    Thank you.

  • Great pitch Jinglebellsjen image

    Carl - I'll just add to Minni's advice re: forums, make sure you do share all the bad stuff. No one likes a show off and people that seem to only ever be brilliant are frankly quite dull and strangely don't come across as genuine.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    But it's ok to tell others they are amazing.

    Spoons - you are amazing. image
  • Ok let's have a go at a pitch:

    As the dust and fog lifts from the battle of the Asics competition, I see the people like me lying around the ground dejected and cast aside, we had not got through, I did not get through.

    The fight was valiant, brave and to the very end. I had my purpose, my dream, my ambition to run a marathon in 3 hrs 40 mins but alias not through and this was the end.

    I always knew I had marathon greatness in me, my 10k time of 42 minutes and my half marathon time of 1 hr 33 mins would tell a tale that my dream could one day come true. But yet it evades me, a time of 3 hrs 59 mins at Chester, my best offering. The marathon would always leave me disappointed.

    If Paris would not take me then I should look to another tower, I could not give up on my dream, I had to keep going, Blackpool would now be my chance and I have to take it.

    But I am new, I have run seriously for a year or so, I need guidance, guidance that was cruelly taken from me by the Asics competition. But all was not lost, I heard tale of the forum six, a band of folk who could still offer me a chance to fulfil my dream and reach my marathon goal.

    I work a heavy load of 12 hour days and nights and look after my young children upon the days in which I am off, so I run at dawn or dusk and every other slot of time I can get. I always want to train but a busy life sometimes gets in the way.

    I train upon a weekly basis and manage around the 35 mile mark, more when I race demands it.

    So I beg upon the folk in which reads and judges these offerings to take kindly upon me and help me achieve my marathon dream.

    I thank you for your time.
  • I saw Minni kissing Santa Claus wrote (see)
    But it's ok to tell others they are amazing.

    Spoons - you are amazing. image

    Thanks Minni image You're amazing too! image Isn't this lovely!image

  • Ok, here we go;

    Have you been shunned by Asics? Yes

    Stuck in a training rut? Yes although i didnt realise this until I joined the 3:30 thread.

    Got a marathon place? VLM 2013

    Busy busy busy and no time to train?? Extremly busy and now I have even less time due to having to catch up with jobs I didnt do over the last week due to trying to win a competition which appeared to not be winnable!

    ???As alot of you are aware im an ASICS 26.2 reject, however I do still have a spring marathon to run and do still want to achieve my aim of a sub 3:30. Having spoken to many of you already on here, I can not think of anything I would want more than to be coached/mentored by one of achieve my aim and show the ASICS team that I didnt need them in the end!

    I started running just over two years ago, initially to keep fit and destress after qualifying to become a doctor but later i also did it for enjoyment and satisfaction. As my love for running grew, I started to enter races and joined some running clubs. My running has improved over the last couple of years and my race times have quickened but I would like them to become quicker still. My parents were both good runners (I won't bore you with the history again, but if your interested you can have a look at my long thread under vote SO4) and I feel like I live in their shadows at times. When I go to races in Sheffield people expect me to be as good as my mum, but I'm far from this at the moment. My mum is supportive (saying she had alot more time to train than me) but my dad torments me saying I will never achieve their PBs. This is were I'm hoping forum 6 comes in. Not only will they help me achieve my goals and show ASICS 26.2 that I don't need them, but hopefully it will also show everyone in the running community in Sheffield that I'm as good as my parents. I know I can do it...I have the genes...that together with the correct coaching/mentoring would be the perfect combination.

    I do have a busy life, working at least 11-12 hour days, at least 4 days a week, playing netball 1-2 a week, constantly going to Sheffield/Newcastle at the weekends to visit friends and family....the list goes on...but I'm also a very determined and focused individual who will give at least 110% into everything she does.

    My current PBs are

    5k 20:28 (on the track at boot camp, not a race)

    10k 43:21

    Half 1:35:54

    Marathon 3:47:45 VLM 2012 (with an interrupted training plan due to illness).

    Please choose me and help me achieve my sub 3:30 marathon at the 2013 VLM. GFA place confirmed.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Great pitch Paul and you too Sarah.   I love your parents dangling the carrot Sarah!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Some great pitches on here now. Going to be tough for the judges !!!

    A bit of a disaster today. Got the tree, reorganised the sitting room to take it. Got down all the boxes of decorations from the attic. Did the easy stuff first around the house first and then went to find the box with the lights for the tree. Only it is not there. It is missing and has all the decorations for the tree.

    So I have a tree with an angel on top and no decorations.

    I have spent hours turning the house upside down but it has vanished ...

    I need to go to the airport now to pick them up. How am I going to explain this one to the little ones.

    Any suggestions ??? imageimage

  • Thankyou Minni....although I didnt really say much about my weaknesses and its too late to edit it now!

    My three main weaknesses;

    1. busy lifestyle and needing to squeeze training runs in, however despite this im determined to fit them in even if it means running 16 miles on a treadmil until the gym throws me out at 10pm (after a 12 hour day)

    2. poor endurance at the moment.....I am good at anything up to 13 miles at the moment, but really need to work on the 13 + miles and my LSR!

    3. im a typical doctor, im good at advising people to rest when ill, but im not very good at doing it myself, however due to my experiences at the beginning of this year....i think I might be better next time im unwell! image

  • Carl D, how about new decorations to fill up the tree every day from now until xmas instead of an advent calendar! Get an angel for xmas day!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    Carl, tell them you left the most important thing for them to put on! a new family tradition
  • Great Pitch Sarah, happy running over Christmas
  • So many good pitches, Meldy you better find some more mentors and give them all a shot. Mind you one or two are easy fixes looking at their race times. 

    Paul if you don't get chosen..... run more long runs slowly, for you its all about building endurance.

    Minni / Spoons: image Your both amazing image

  • there3 is a cracking selection this year.going to be really tough for the pickers..........I'm already excited


  • Is it too late to pitch? Hope not so here goes.

    I have a place for the Paris Marathon in April and have, like most people, a love/hate affair with the marathon. My first in 2006 was so draining that it led me to shun running for about 2 years and take up Dragon Boating instead but that’s a different story…..

    My marathon history is potted

    • Flora LM 2006 3:44
    • VLM 2010 3:13
    • Liverpool 2011 3:31
    • Manchester 2012 3:31
    • Chester 2012 3:03

    The result in Chester was such a surprise as I had a foot injury 3 weeks from the start and my weekly mileage didn’t go much beyond 30. I guess it was one of those times where everything just comes together. It does leave me to ponder on what I could achieve if I had a structured programme to follow and help from a mentor. I think I should be able to break 3 hours which is my target for 2013

    I am determined and have achieved PB’s in the following during 2012

    5K 19:13

    10K 39:33

    ½ Marathon 1:23:49

    My main weaknesses are food. Cheese and wine are easy distraction. This isn’t helped by living above a food focused pub. Running helps keep the obesity wolf from the door….

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Sarah - an excellent pitch and thanks for the suggestion. Might just do that. ( would put a smiley face but trying this from my phone and have not worked out where they are )

    Jen - have a feeling that when I get home tonight the tree will have taken on a life of its own as the little girls love creating things.

    Stan - what can I say. Amazing running history and so close to breaking the 3 hour mark. Fantastic stuff.

    Judges - enjoy the judging.
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