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  • Ricky - I've nominated this week as a cutback week an then it is back on plan for the run up, or is it down? to Dublin. I'm not 100% sure on pace for Dublin, I am thinking start at fairly conservatively at 3:40 to 3:45 pace and reassess as and when but I am fairly confident I'll have changed my mind a dozen times over between then and now.

    Looking at my splits from my two runs I have been preety consistent throughout with 23 seconds difference between my fastest and slowest miles over the whole 52 so I think I could maybe pull a negative split out of the bag if I felt I could go faster halfway through.

    I'm really going to put my concentration on speedwork over the next few weeks as I know the stamina is there and my LSRs and MLRs should keep that ticking over nicely.

    I have a 10 mile "race" on Sunday, for once just a sensible two lap road race and I have offered to pace a couple of people to do sub 50 for the first lap as they are doing just the 5m version and then I'm going to see what I can pull out of the bag for the second time around. I figure by the time I set off I should be well down the field so will have lots of runners to target and see how many I can pick off. It should be fun.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Just reading back through and Carl noticed that you'd done a parkrun.  I love them as well!  Like you say, they are totally different kind of pain to a marathon.  I have nearly thrown up on two occasions after a parkrun!  I always go out and "give it some" even if I'm not feeling too great as is I think it's good to blow the cobwebs away image

    Carl - in terms of getting the elevation off of Garmin, I take a screenshot of the elevation and save it to my PC as a jpg before uploading it to here.  On Windows, there is a tool called "Snipping Tool" that allows you to do that, and on a Mac there is a tool called "Grab".  Or, if you use your smart phone, zoom into the elevation on the web browser and take a screenshot that way.

    Ricky/Oirsh - there is some great running going on with you guys!  

    I'm back to the training now after my holiday, and I don't feel I've lost any fitness and I also haven't gained any weight, which is a bonus (and a first)!  I got a 17-miler in on Monday after work and I really enjoyed it (10min/mile pace).  It seemed a lot cooler although it was still sunny with a light breeze, so it was more or less perfect conditions.  I did an out-and-back route which took in some hills, so I was quite pleased.

    There is a club speed session tonight, then I'll probably do 6 miles on Thursday and Saturday, before a 10K race on the Sunday.  This time last year I did the event in 49:39 so I will be disappointed if I don't knock a chunk of time off of that.  In fact, it was this race last year that got my arse in gear and made me join a running club, and I now wish I'd joined one years ago.  Looking back over the last year, I've been more consistent than I have ever been so I hoping to keep it going, subject to injuries.

    I do have a slight achilles issue, but it tends to be fine after a mile or two.  I'm not sure how I will get on on the speed session tonight or the 10K on Sunday as the issue does seem to aggravate on anything speedier and I do want to be careful with it as I know achilles can be troublesome to runners.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - I did forget to set my alarm yesterday morning but did wake up in time to get 5 miles in at a gentle 9 ishmin /,milef.

    As yesterday was my last day at work for 2 weeks it was mad and did not get home until after 10pm. Funny how the evenings are getting darker again. Soon will be back to running around Regents Park in the dark. 

    Am travelling to Cork today and hoping to get 8 miles in later. Missed my flight this morning  and after much haggling with the airline staff have now managed to secure a seat on the next flight.

    The days of Aer lingus having Irish people working for them seem to be long gone.

    interesting that you are having trouble charging the Garmin. mine is always giving me grief getting it to charge when I attach it to the cradle. Am thinking of raising this s a fault. 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Big G - thanks for tadvice. Will have to try that when I get back the en of August. 

    Great that you were able to get straight back into it with a short 17 miler. 

    I am sure you will knock some mins off your 10k time for last year. Best of luck on Sunday.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Oirish - that is very consistent running over 52 miles. Like you I am currently setting in on targeting a sub 3:45 for Dublin. Not going to worry too much about it between now and then and hopefully it will come together on the day 

    You really are becoming the Good Samaritan of the running world. Tail runner for parkrun and tnow pacing people for 5 miles. 

    Enjoy and I will look forward to hearing about you reeling them in on that second 5m lap.

  • Ricky - the knee isnt too bad ta. I can still feel its there even on short runs but it isnt too bad. I've got a couple of other niggles too, pain under one of my feet, the other knee is giving me gip, just signs of age catching up on me I guess. Excellent run from you again, I think you will be revising your pace/time for Dublin at this rate. Interesting about your HR and how much it's improved. I know I've only been monitoring mine for 2 weeks but already I'm on average 14 seconds per mile quicker for the same HR this week compared to last week. It might mean nothing when next week it slows down again ! 

    Oirish - are you planning on running another training marathon this weekend ?? image Have you been doing much speedwork in training ?

    Big_G - good to see you picked things straight back up when you returned from holiday. It can take a few weeks to get rid of that holiday weight and start to feel back to normal so thats a bonus that you can continue with your training where you left off. Take it easy with the achilles.

    Carl - cant rely on the Irish for anything can you !! Have you made the most of the time on your own, with regards your running that is ? Will you be able to get plenty of running in during your 2 week break ?

  • Big G- nice to see you back after your hol.  Good luck for Sunday's race- which 10k are you doing?

    This week I have made Monday and Wednesday my rest days as I have a lot more free time at the end of the week (Off work now till Monday- yay!)

    Last night I did a nice relaxing 4 miles.  Thought I would feel Sunday's 3 hour+ run in my legs but I really didn't- they felt quite fresh.  Tomorrow I am going to do my long run as it's the only day that really suits.  Friday I will be doing approx 7 miles, Saturday I will be doing my first park run with a few miles extra after, Sunday I will be doing 10 miles.  Well that's the plan anywayimage

    5 weeks on Sunday till Loch Ness- it has come about so quick.

  • Ali - nice to see you back on track and enjoying your running again. What's your target for Loch Ness ?

    More plodding for me again today. I'm going to venture into the Peaks at the weekend for a little run to make sure I dont get too bored pounding the streets

  • Looks like we are all targeting similar for Dublin - ideally I am looking for sub 3.40 so will be going out @ 8.20 pace or thereabouts (all being well/everything crossed etc etc)!

    Wow Ali - 5 weeks to Loch Ness eh?!... it's kinda crept up hasn't it? Another couple of weeks and you will be tapering!

    I scrapped my 6 mile rec run yesterday in favour of sunbathing & pool activities and hopefully gave my knee some respite. Today is a scheduled rest day and then a 6 miler tomorrow with 6x100 strides at the end.

    Saturday finishes my week (and my holiday running) with 16mls with 12 @ MP.

    Off for more sun & pool today image

  • August 24th - Thames Meander Marathon - Oirish

    August 25th - Torbay 10k - Big_G

    September 1st - Regents Park 10k Series - Carl

    September 8th - Langham 10K - Oirish

    September 8th - Salford 10k - Rachel

    September 8th - Bridgwater Half Marathon - Big_G

    September 29th - Robin Hood marathon - Spoons

    September 29th - Loch Ness marathon - AliBali

    October 6th - Royal Parks HM – Carl

    October 13th – Oxford HM - Andrew

    October 20th - Yorkshire Marathon - Hannah

    October 20th - Dartmoor Vale Marathon - Big_G

    October 28th - Dublin marathon - Ricky, Bruno, Oirish and Carl

  • Carter I also have Perthshire Half Marathon on 7th September.

    As to target time for Loch Ness- Before I started training for it, target time was 3:50.  But having had a hard time training I don't want to build myself up for disappointment.  So I have two goals- one is to beat my Edinburgh time from 2012 (4:04), and then I guess my 'A' goal is to do sub 4.  I know I am capable of sub 4.  But it's just a question of how things go on the day.  If there's one thing I've learned over the past 6 months it is that what you're capable of isn't always what you can do on any given day.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    I got a club session in last night and I enjoyed it as it's the first time I've been out with the club for 3 or 4 weeks.  It was 12X200m efforts in teams of three and it was tough.  I didn't push it too hard as I was worried a bit about my achilles.  However, I think it may have been my old running shoes that were causing the issue.  I have turned to a pair that have around 100 miles in them and the issue seems to have eased a bit, so I'm hoping I've solved it.  I've binned the old shoes, but they did have a lot of mileage in them (nearly 800, which I know is a lot).  The soles/support were fine, but on closer inspection the inner heal was wearing and I think may have been rubbing on my achilles.  I hope that will solve the issue anyway....fingers crossed.

    I mentioned previosuly that I find myself looking back over the last 12 months, as this time last year I was struggling a lot and if asked, I would not have really called myself "a runner".  Now if asked, I would say I'm a runner which is more of a mindset change if anything.  OK, I'm still not Mr Speedy but I'm seeing improvements, running regularly and (more importantly?) I'm enjoying it!  After a pretty horrid Torbay 10K race 12 months ago, I decided to join a club so this race is a bit of a milestone.  I had a shock actually, as when I looked I have done over 1500 miles in the last 12 months and I've regularly been doing 4 or 5 sessions a week for that whole time.  I think the only time I only did 2 sessions was a week in April when I was on holiday.

    The word is that a new parkrun will be coming to a park near me very soon, and I am really hoping that will be the case.  I've mentioned here that I love parkrun but the nearest to me is 25 miles/35 minutes away so I hope the rumours are true so I can start getting closer to that 50 shirt (I'm at 8 so far, done on three different courses).

    For my marathon in October, I'm really not sure what time to aim for.  My PB from May was 4hr08mins so I really do think I've got a sub-4 in me (I'm still an imposter on this thread really!!!).  However, I don't know if Dartmoor Vale is the course to aim for a PB.  Apologies if I have posted this before, but this is the profile of Dartmoor Vale.  I've still got plenty of time to figure out my target, but I am currently thinking I am just going to go out with the intention of enjoying it and then plan a sub-4 attempt next Spring.  We'll see.  (As an aside I'm not sure why the two hills look different below, as it is the same hill.  This was just a random trace I found on Garmin Connect).



  • I'm still an imposter too G with current PB of 4:04.

    but your club training has done you wonderssure have faith in your sub 4 ability!

    i had my long run planned today but ended up changing around my plans in terms of other things I have to do.... Therefore long run is now planned for Sunday.

    today I thought I'd get in a mid distance effort, 7-10 miles, one of the other runs from my plan. But then my mum invited me to her Thursday night club sesh. (I am visiting the folks for a few days) so I thought that would be good, even if it was a shorter session it would be real quality running and good for me.

    so I said yes. I was naive, in retrospect. I didn't realise how mental these club runners are. God it was hard.

    10 mins warm up

    set one- 3 minutes hard effort, 2 minutes, 1 minute. 1 min rest between each effort

    set two- 2 minutes hard effort,1:30 minutes, 1 minute. 1 min rest between each effort

    set three- 1 minute flat out, 45 seconds, 30 seconds. 1 min rest between each effort 

    each set had 3 mins rest in between.

    10 mins cool down.

    run on a circuit in a car park, on hilly concrete. These guys took it so seriously and every effort was full speed ahead. I was definitely the slowest of the group but didn't care. I was giving it my all.

    it was quite interesting as a couple of the ladies there had slower half marathon and 10k times than me, but were kicking my ass at this speed sesh. Made me think I don't do enough speed work and would struggle to beat them in a 5k. Food for thought.

  • Excuse the autocorrect- I meant to say your club training has done wonders and I have faith in your sub 4 ability

  • Carter - No marathon training runs for me this weekend, frankly it is becoming a little passe image been there, done that, no medals or t-shirts available. This weekend is a Parkrun in Waltham Abbey on Saturday, it is a much flatter course so looking to test my PB and hopefully dip below 21 minutes for the first and quite possibly only time.

    Sunday is the fun one I am really looking forward to doing the second lap, the Murray Walker commentary in my head is going to be in full effect. I'll be the first to admit for a man turning 42 on Monday I'm very easily amused.

    Ricky - I believe sub 3:40 is well within your grasp what with the pace you have been training at. I am shifting the focus onto my speed work a little more over the coming weeks and seeing how that goes I will make a decision on target pace nearer the time.

    Blimey seeing Ali say 5 weeks until Loch Ness brings home how quickly everyting is coming around. These marathons always seem a way off and then bam there they are. 

    Carl - I noticed your Parkrun is using an alternative route this weekend perhaps they only use the hills when you are running it?

    Good luck Big G and I hope to hear all about it, I have a couple of 10ks coming up which in all honesty I am dreading, so will be interested to hear all about it

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Oirish - I'm similar with the 10K, and I'm not really sure how to pace them properly.  I often go out way too quickly as I think it's "only" a 10K and I somehow think I'll hold on even though I know I've gone way too quickly.  I am going to try and go out steady-ish and leave something for the final mile or two to finish strongly, so we'll see how that goes!

    It's the same with my 5K attempts.  If I'm "up for" attempting a good time for a 5K I usually go out quickly and try and hold on but it's tough. I like to think/hope it compliments the slower LSRs that I do though though.

    Especially at 5K I still vastly under estimate how difficult it is chip away time at that distance.  My PB is 21:29 and I came away from that event thinking sub 21 was easily within reach for me.  Let's just say I was wrong with that thought!!

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Ali - I know what you mean about the club members being speedy!  My club is relatively large (250 members I think) so it's large enough to have different paced groups.

    The way my club is organised is that there are 3 different pace groups that go out on weekends for longer runs.  A-group go out at 8:00-8:30 min/mile (too quick for me), B-group go out at 9:00-9:30 min/mile and is the group I usually try and tag along with and the C-group go out at 10-10:30 min/mile and I occasionally run with them.  I should go with the C-group more often, but they don't tend to do the mileage as they tend to only be training for a half marathon and I need more mileage.

    Mondays are a recovery run and there are 6-mile, 8-mile and 10-mile options with lots of regrouping.  There is a policy that the faster runners "loop back" to the back of the pack so no one gets left behind.

    Wednesdays are the tough training sessions.  There are 4 sessions to choose from.  There is a beginners group and a "step up" group.  Then there are 2 tough sessions to choose from which are a mix of intervals and/or hills.  These are tough but I get a lot out of them.  These are for all abilities really.  For example, if the session is 1K intervals the speedsters will do 6x1K, the main group (including me) will do 5x1K and then the slower people may do 4x1K.  Again, no one gets left behind.

    Fridays is a time trial session on a particular route and counts towards the Club Championship but I don't get along to these at all so I'm not sure what goes on there.  I know there tends to be a few drinks had afterwards though!

  • I have slotted my next race in the agenda below - 8th September is a busy race day - 4 of us on racing duties!

    August 24th - Thames Meander Marathon - Oirish

    August 25th - Torbay 10k - Big_G

    September 1st - Regents Park 10k Series - Carl

    September 8th - Langham 10K - Oirish

    September 8th - Salford 10k - Rachel

    September 8th - Bridgwater Half Marathon - Big_G

    September 8th - Waterside Half Marathon - RickyW

    September 29th - Robin Hood marathon - Spoons

    September 29th - Loch Ness marathon - AliBali

    October 6th - Royal Parks HM – Carl

    October 13th – Oxford HM - Andrew

    October 20th - Yorkshire Marathon - Hannah

    October 20th - Dartmoor Vale Marathon - Big_G

    October 28th - Dublin marathon - Ricky, Bruno, Oirish and Carl

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    As is usual with this thread, you take your eyes off this for a day or so and there is so much to catch up on.

    Carter - I think the benefit to my running while the family was away was it allowed me to get back into it properly. I have ftrain making the time for training during the summer so much harder than last winter. Maybe it is because when I came home the kids were expecting me to be around. So the positive is that I have got stuck back in. I just hope I have enough time to get the miles in that I need. 

    The challenge whilst on holiday will be finding routes that are long enough. It is very hilly around Kinsale and it is difficult to find anything much longer than 8 - 10 miles without having to do laps and that involves multiple hills. 

    Ali - only a couple of weeks to Loch Ness. That has crept up on us rather fast. Sounds like you are getting the mileage in. And we all have to juggle our schedules to get the miles in. Sounds like a seriously mad club session that you had. After running the park run last weekend I have decided that I am not built for speed. It is difficult to switch from long distance training to dashing about. I suppose if we did it regularly we would get better at it. 

    Big G - sounds like your club is really well organised and caters for every ability. When I get back I think I am going to search out a club. There is one that trains on the running track that I use on a Tuesday and Thursday evenings. But their website says they are full. Maybe I will ring anyway as I think some focused sessions would help.

    Oirish - yes the place they normally start is going to be used by the fair for the bank holiday weekend. The alternate start / finish makes the park run even harder so I am glad that I am not doing this.

  • Well the holiday is drawing to a close image and so is the holiday running.

    Skipped Wednesdays 6ml recovery run which gave me two full days rest and has helped the knee no end. So much so that I went out this morning for my scheduled 6mls but decided after a mile in to do my Saturday long run instead.

    So it was 16mls with 12 @ MP.... again mostly on trails. 2:16 for the session averaging 8.33 pace with the middle block of 12 @ MP coming out @ 8.22 pace.

    So that just leaves my 6 miler tomorrow morning and then we are off on Sunday for the 7pm Ferry homeimage

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - fantastic running from you on holiday. Looks like you are settling in on a comfortable MP.

    i have managed to get out a few times already. 

    Went out on Wednesday evening at 8:30. With it being brighter here later it was safe on the country lanes and did not meet much traffic. The first mile is a long climb that took me over the valley and then down to where the Bandon river begins to head for the sea. It was nice running alongside the tidal area of the river when the tide was in. Ended up after my 4 miles at LT pace on the beach for a few minutes which was great with the moon shining across the water. Then the final 2 miles home.

    my pace for the 4 pace miles where 7:37; 7:19; 7:15 and 7:22 with an overall pace of 7:57 min/mile for the 8 miles.

    also got my GA run in yesterday. 11 miles in total with every mile in the 8:40 to 8:50 range. Average pace for the 11 miles was 8:45 min/mile.


    Have got to fit a 16 mile with 8 at MP in over the weekend and am also running a hilly 10 mile race along the coast on Sunday. I might try and combine this and do 4 miles either side to make up the distance. Otherwise I will be in trouble for running too much.

  • G- sadly the club I ran with last night seemed to have 2 speeds- 'fast' and 'alibali'. And I was the only one running at the latter. However my mum did say that it is mostly the 'serious' runners who do the speed sessions. So I felt that the effort was really good for me. Had a good stretch and not too achy today.

    carl- I am not built for speed either- more of a plodder. Give me a half any day over a 5k. Lots of miles for you this week. Well done.

    nice recovery run planned for me today then doing the park run tomorrow. Will report back with how I got on!



  • Updated race calender

    August 24th - Thames Meander Marathon - Oirish

    August 25th - Torbay 10k - Big_G

    September 1st - Regents Park 10k Series - Carl

    September 7th - Perthshire Half Marathon - Ali

    September 8th - Langham 10K - Oirish

    September 8th - Salford 10k - Rachel

    September 8th - Bridgwater Half Marathon - Big_G

    September 8th - Waterside Half Marathon - RickyW

    September 29th - Robin Hood marathon - Spoons

    September 29th - Loch Ness marathon - AliBali

    October 6th - Royal Parks HM – Carl

    October 13th – Oxford HM - Andrew

    October 20th - Yorkshire Marathon - Hannah

    October 20th - Dartmoor Vale Marathon - Big_G

    October 28th - Dublin marathon - Ricky, Bruno, Oirish and Carl

  • Big_G – 12 x 200 in this heat and humidity is tough going, well done. Thankfully there are no speed sessions like that for me at the moment J I bet your are well chuffed with your performance over the last 12 months. You have come a long way and made great progress, 1500 miles for a year is pretty good going if you ask me.

    Ali – if both you and Big_G think that you are imposters on this thread what does that make me ? I am yet even to get to the start line of a marathon ! You got ‘mummed’ (def. done by your mum !) in a hilly car park eh !! J Importantly though, you gave it your all and that’s what it’s all about. Do you have any plans to work on your speed or are you happy to carry on with your current training plan ?

    Oirish – disappointing that you aren’t running a marathon this weekend, you are definitely letting your standards slip sir ! I see your training focus is shifting to the speedier stuff; knowing you there will be sessions of 50x400, 100x200 with 10 mile warm up and cool down !

    Carl – good to see that you feel you are back in to the running properly. Are you full recovered from your ankle injury now ? Are you finding the LT runs any easier ?

    Ricky – you’ve done really well with the running while you have been on holiday, you must feel that you have not missed out on your training at all. Will you have to do a few circuits of the ferry as your run on Sunday ??

    So, more plodding for me this week. Monitoring my heart rate has been quite interesting (unfortunately I am one of those anal people who has all my running details on a spreadsheet J). In the 2 weeks that I have been HADDing my average heart rate has been the same for both weeks at 126. However, the average pace has come down from 9:30 to 9:13. I think I need a change from all of this running on the roads so I’m heading up into the Peaks tomorrow for a change

  • Carl - sounds like you are enjoying your running back home! Great LT run..... GA pace on yesterdays run looks a little quick though maybe going on what P&D advocate?

    I wouldn't get too hung up on the total mileage for the week but would just run the 10miler at race pace in place of your 16 miler with 8 at MP. 

    Carter the HR training fascinates me although I don't analyse it in Statman fashion like you do image ...... you are seeing good progress in the right direction which has to got be pleasing.

    BigG - some good sessions going on with you - good luck for Sundays 10k... will be travelling sunday/Monday so will catch up with your report late mon evening.

    Ali - I only go to the weekly speed session at my club although it is broken down into around 8 sub groups of similar ability/pace. The coach however has a knack of putting you in a group that is a challenge to stay with so it is always a tough session. I dread them a little bit but always feel good after the session is done!

    My HM on Sept 8th is my first in "club colours" and also the flattest of the year so I am gunning for a PB and a sub 100mins... they say the club vest is worth 30 secs a mile !!image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Best of luck to all those racing this weekend. image

    Carter - do I find the LT runs easier ? Not sure that they are easier yet. During winter training I used only do 3 miles so the 4th mile at pace is always tough. in a few weeks the plan swops these for VO2 max runs whatever they are. 

    In terms of the ankle. It is sort of still there. It tends to be stiff in the mornings. But iis usually does not bother me running. I concentrate more on stretching it beforehand. That said it always tends to be worse after a faster running session. So this morning it is a little stiff. 

    i did a 4 mile speed session yesterday. The first 3.1 miles were at 5k pace or thereabouts. First 3/4 mile was uphill and then it was undulating before descending down to harbour level. A glance at my watch at 5k put me at 23:15 ish which is 7:30 min/mile pace. This was very pleasing considering the running I have been doing this week and the terrain.

    Ricky - you have put into words what I was thinking. If I concentrate on doing the 16 miles with 8 at MP then I cannot race the 10 miles. Eventhough it will be a tough course, both hilly and very exposed to the Atlantic, I think racing it will make up for the mileage. As you say the plan is only a guide and the benefits of racing 10 miles should outweigh the lost mileage.

    So assuming that I feel ok in the morning, I will probably try and race it.  

  • I am back from my first park run/official 5k.

    Had a great old time.  Here is my report:

    Decided to go out for 4:50 km pace aiming for a finish time of 24 minutes.  Perhaps this was a bit conservative but I've not had a terribly decent 10k recently (most recent 49:48) and as you all know my HM times have been pretty crap last two races.  Course was in Edinburgh, extremely flat but along the coast and as my mum had warned me it is usually a Westernly wind which means that on the way out, you have the wind behind you, but have to be prepared to run straight into it on the way back.

    That was the case today, though it didn't hinder me too badly and I felt like I had the energy to fight it.  First km marker was hit in 4:36 so I thought I was definitely going to be at least a little quicker than 24 mins, but it felt fairly tough so I just tried to keep steady and not think about getting any faster.  Second km in 9:20, still feeling good and just tagging along to a man who had started right beside me.  The first two km are straight along the coast then you start to approach the top of the course which is like a lollipop shape where you do the circular part then come back onto the 'stick' of it to run back.  Third km I hit in 14:00 which I could work out put me right on 4:40km pace, so had stayed really well paced from the second km.  Struggled here to keep the same pace due to the wind as you really felt it as you turned round at the top of the course.

    The last two km I knew I just had to put in more effort to stay at the same pace if that made sense, so I got the arms pumping, legs moving and focused on breathing rhythmically.  Hit 4k at 18:45 so my third-fourth km was ever so slightly slower but I had good energy left and decided to give it my all even against the wind for the last km.  Had been sticking with a lady since about 3k, so decided I was going to beat her.

    And I did.  Did the last km in 4:36 (so exactly the same as the first one) to finish in 23:21- same time as you last week Carl to the second, though you may rest assured your course was a much tougher and hillier one and you have not slipped down to AliBali standards!

    Anyway what I was delighted with was not just my time (hadn't gone in with high expectations given recent form) but how well I paced myself.

    Also at the end I felt great, not sore at all after a few minutes catching my breath, and like I hadn't even had a tough run...which makes me think, I could do it a lot faster if I focussed on it! 

    Day made all the better by the fact that Mother Ali who has been park running on and off for a couple of years got a new PB of 21:55 and Father Ali who has now done 3 park runs got a new PB too of under 27 minutes.  Everyone delighted!  Me at Cramond beach near the finish line, and 3 happy runners after their race.




  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ali - great running and great report from you. Amazing that you finished on exactly the same time as me from last week. Great to see you dig deep for the last two km and such even pacing. Shows that all your other training is going well.  Also good that you felt great once you had a few minutes to recover.

    And two other PB's in the family as well. What a great day for you all. Do you think you will do another one soon or will you waitbuntilafter Loch Ness ? 

  • Ali - Great run, top report. Pretty much the only thing I like about 5ks is the fact that shortly after doing them you feel 'normal' again, or as normal as I get. It's incredible you run with burning lungs and want to vomit at the end and 20 minutes later you're thinking "I don't feel so bad could I have done more?"

    I did a different Parkrun event this morning what with Colchester being cancelled and a flat course presented different problems than I normally usally face. First of all when doing Colchester I can pretty much gauge my pace from those around me but not knowing anybody there of my pace it was harder to get a feel for, also not knowing the course I didn't know if there were parts to attack or go steady, as it was it was pretty much flat and a bit 'samey'

    It was a two lap course and with about 500 meters to go my legs started to disappear beneath me and I felt whacked, I could quite easily have quit but as I found myself slowing I got quite annoyed with myself and stuck it out and oddly enough it was my smoothest section and I even had a sprint finish of sorts but boy I was exhausted.

    The plus side was a new PB by 40 seconds @ 20:28 and a sixth place finish. Now for part two of my weekend and the Mersea 10 tomorrow, I'll be interested to see what kind of 5 mile time I can produce when I run the second lap on my own. I'm going for birthday drinks afterwards so the report maybe some time coming.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Oirish - another great run from you this weekend. One week sub 4 hr solo marathon , another week a new PB at a 5k. When I started off reading I was thinking that it did not come together for you being a new course and all that but surprise surprise you pulled it out of the bag.

    Well done to both you and Ali for great runs. 

    5k is a funny distance. as you say everything is burning when you a running, you cross the finish line all bent rover gasping for air and feeling sick. 20 minutes later we are analysing the result and planning to do it all over again. We must be nuts.

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