Great Welsh Marathon 2013



  • Just noticed my Crimewatch CCTV image image

    Not really been on track for this though I still think I can get there. Having a few motivational issues at the moment but determined to sort them out. I was so prepared to run my first marathon in Florida at the beginning of January but my mother died the day we were due to I never got there. Mad at myself for not keeping my discipline but at the same time know that writing this will make me go and run 10 miles in the morning image




  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Has anyone had confirmation of entry?  I entered by post and have heard nothing and cheque not cashed yet.  There's no list of entrants on the website.


    Entry done..image

    Hi T Rex - I entered via RW so usual email confirmation.   You at Conne this year?

  • I've just entered this one  - I've heard that there might not be any energy drinks, just water on the course. Has anybody who has run it in previous years got any insight on this?


    Nick (Caroline's husband)

  • Actually I've found my answer on the race website - Water only

  • Yes Caroline, just water I'm afraid. Due to the out and back, out and back nature of the course though, it's ideal if you have anyone with you to provide you with sport drinks / gels when you pass by the start / finish at miles 8, 13, 21 ish,

    Anyone else doing the Llanelli half this weekend? Anyone local who can provide some details on the course / terrian? Was hoping it'd be 1 big loop rather than a out and back, but as there's quite a few running from my club, then it'll be ideal to see how everyones getting on and give me a boost to maintain my position or try and catch up. Really looking forward to it. Aiming for PB (currently 1:49:14) but will be happy as long as I'm close to it.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Got my race pack yesterday .... but it was for the wrong event.  They've entered me for the half on 3 March instead of the marathon on 21 April.  Are these organisers a bit chaotic?


    Hi, Shades!  Yes, Connemara ultra #9 in April.  Will have to pass on a PB attempt for yet another year.  Been out all winter with a broken collarbone and related issues.

  • Hi all, T-Rex oh dear! What a mix up on their part.

    Good luck to all doing the half this weekend. Hopefully the weather will stay fine. image



    T-Rex - will see you on the start line at Conne then, I'm doing the ultra tooimage

    Bad luck with the collar bone, hope you're getting back your fitness now.

  • Woohoo - massive PB for me in Llanelli Half yesterday... previous best was 1:49:14 and yesterday I managed 1:43:46. Went out at 8 minute mile and just went all out to keep that pace throughout. Average was 7:55 minute miles. I'm stunned! Only a year ago I could only do that sort of pace for a 5K. Sooo happy. If I never beat that time again, I'll be very proud to say I went sub 1:45 which I know isn't amazing to some, but it certainly is to me image

  • Good going legend, yesterday was a good day to run fast. Shame they didn't either start or finish the run inside the stadium. But otherwise I thought it was a good day.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Apparently someone with the same name as me had entered half and I got his race pack.  I could have had a free entry to a race!  

    ROs have confirmed I am in the marathon.

    I am out of shape at the moment.  Managed a 22-miler today but it was hard on the return leg keeping up the same pace.  Left arm sore - it's as if the shoulder muscles aren't strong enough to support the weight of the arm.  Also some nerve pain.


    Shades - I'll trot round with you - I'm going to struggle to get under 7:00:00 this year I think.


    T-Rex - we still have a few weeks, are you doing physio to strengthen your shoulder/arm?

    I'd be thrilled with a sub 7 at Conne

  • I'm a pretty new runner, and booked to do the Half; it will be my first. Half nervous, half excited, but am following a plan religiously, so there's no reason why I shouldn't finish! I have recruited a running buddy to run with, and our plan is simply to get round with no walk breaks (we're not very quick), and enjoy the atmosphere (as well as remembering not to get in the way of PB chasers and Full Marathoners image).

  • Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum as well as this race as well as marathon'ing - this will be my first. I think I'm glad to have missed the VLM entry place as I'm from Cardiff so what better place to earn my 26.2. Im up to 19.2 miles with a LSD of 20 miles this weekend and the San Domenico 20 miler next wekend in Merthyr. I'll do a 22 miler the following week then its taper time. My garmin lets me believe I can do it under my magoc 4 hour dream, hopefully with a bit to spare. It's only my race after all and it's my first. I'm just deliberating whether to run in minimal kinvara's or more robust mirage's. Decisions decisions. Also,, what do people think of running with hydration bladders, is it considered 'wimping' out to carry your own?
    It's an honest pleasure to ba a part. image


  • Hi Sithmoose,


    I wouldnt worry what people think of a camelbak, its you who's got to get yourself around so do what suits

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Not wimping out, just perhaps unnecessary if event provides water?  If it's in bottles you simply carry it around with you until it's empty and dispose of it at the next drink station or throw it at the base of a race mile marker or other sign.


    I've done a 22 so far with some difficulty from the shoulder and also managed to tear a calf muscle.  I've never felt such a wreck!

  • Hi All - I don't think it's wimping out to carry extra weight around a marathon! But there are certainly good points to have drinks waiting for you - you tend to cross certain points several times.

    I'm 99% certain to be there - my mileage is massively down, but I've finally got a 20 miler in and the ham/glute seems to be improving. I still plan to use it as training for the Kent marathon in June (which LTS has entered now, btw!) 

    Newbies - you'll enjoy the route, although the wind can be very strong and some find the course a little repetitive, but it's still a great setting and, aside from the two railway bridge mounds, it's very flat. Just know that at some point you'll hit a wall of wind for several miles and will need to have a plan for just riding it out in a steady (if slow) rhythm and know at some point you'll turn round!!! And work together - that means sharing not drafting!  

  • Finally comitted to entering the marathon as my training for the pendine ultra has been going incredibly well, managed a 23 miler at my marathon PB pace last week. hoping to be suitably recovered and rested from the ultra to put in a good performance at the marathon, taper time now for me. 

    Hope everyone elses last few week of training go well and injury free, off out for a 16 miler now.

  • Hi, just thought I'd drop in and see what's on the forums for this event as I'm signed up for the marathon. It will be the second time I've done this one - I also did the very warm one in 2011.

    I agree with Cable, there's nothing wrong with wearing a Camelback, I will have energy drink in mine and complement it with the water on offer. I found the water stations a bit poorly spaced out (my only criticism of an otherwise good event) so I like to know I will have enough to drink as I might be out there a long time - maybe about 4.30hrs.

    I seem to remember the race commentary/music at the start/finish area was pretty fun and made for a good atmosphere. Really good for family and spectators due to the loops, and for the runners the views make the effort worthwhile! Just hoping the weather is kind to us.

    Although I'm originally a Swansea girl, I live in the Midlands now, so had to do my long run in the snow this morning - not quite what I was expecting at this time of year!

    Looking forward to marathon day image


  • That all does remind me - both the 2010 and 2011 races were in extreme heat and certainly in 2010 I think I foolishly took on too much water and had a very mild hyponotraemia. So I'd use the fact that there are no other supplies to stick to my training fuel/hydration strategy (incl pockets of jelly babies!) and keep water for over my head!    

  • Hello, how is everyone doing? Hope training is going well for everyone?

    Welcome to the newcomers!

    Not long to go now - I'm guessing it's taper time after Easter? Hate to say this, but I will be sunning it in Turkey while you are all running this. image

    Cable - at this rate with the weather, there may be a risk of hyperthermia! I got sunburnt in 2010 after the marathon - no chance this year, more like windburn image

    I'm in serious training for the Kent Roadrunner on 1st June. Managing to run 6 times a week and building long run up, with a mid week 7-10 miler too. It's hard work, but need to get the training started early ahead of 2 easier weeks on hols mid April.

    Were any fo you affected by the cancellation of the San Dom 20 miler? Such a shame.

    There's a couple of new parkruns starting in Wales too which might be of interest. Will post details later this week.

    Cheers, LTS

  • Hello all. Hope tRaining is going well for everyone. Looking forward to doing the half marathon. Wondering if I'll be regretting not sticking with the increased training for the full on the day, or whether I'll be glad I stuck to half.

    I did the very cold and windy Atlantic 10K on the weekend and got a new 10K PB despite the conditions so very pleased with that, and hopefully more progress towards an even better half marathon PB.

    I'm guessing one of the park runs LTS is refering to is one I'm involved with which is the Porthcawl Park Run. We've got a trial run this Saturday with just the Bridgend area clubs who have helped set it up running to test out the equipment, and then the first official Porthcawl Park Run is the week after on April 6th.

  • I am in Cardiff this weekend, was thinking that I might have a go at Parkrun..... but since I am scheduled to do my first ever 10 miler the afternoon before, think maybe I should have a rest day instead! I know we don't want a heatwave, but I'd quite like not to have to run the Half in my thermals image

  • Does anyone know if we receive numbers etc pre-race or is it just at registration on the day. Just wondering as apart from confirmation email are we to expect anything else.

    Hope everyone's training is going well. Did 22 miles as my final long run yesterday and apart from aching neck felt pretty good. Furthest distance Ive been so a big confidence boost.
  • Does anyone know what race was taking place along Swansea seafront by county hall a couple of weeks ago, I think it was a 5K judging by the markers, I ended up getting accidentally caught up in it during a training run.

    CC what I remember from previous years is that they do mail out your packs about a week beforehand.

  • Alex, it was this one. Something of a success from what I can see. I did enter it, but was not able to go in the end. There is a nice video on the site from thisissouthwales. I'm hoping they will do this every year, a nice friendly 5k with the added bonus of being able to buy a luxury hot chocolate afterward.

    I've done my last long run - I'm so glad I did it yesterday, it was fresh but not as bitterly cold as it is today!

  • Thanks YOD, looked pretty good from what I saw, looks like one to watch out for next year.

  • Thanks for the comments about on board hydration, I've actually carried water for the first time in recent long runs and topped up at petrol stations where necessary. So lightweight and drinking as I go it is then. 22 miler long run completed a few weeks ago and tapering now, todays 5 miler still seemed long. Go figure the mental condition eh??

    Good luck to everyone on the carb loading, list writing and final long run this weekend, just 12 miles for me and my Garmin plan then feet up if I can manage it.

    See you one race day,, off to find some iron on letters. image

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