Great Welsh Marathon 2013



  • I managed to fall while off road last Friday and, as well as mashing up my face, I landed on my knee which now hurts when I run! I'm obviously a little worried, although this was my training race ahead of a further marathon in June and, if I can't run, you'll still see me holding back cars at the car park by the Discovery Centre!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Very excited about next weekend now. 

    I ran this in 2010 and nearly died. Then again that happens every year image

  • Has anyone had their race pack yet, still waiting for mine.
  • Nothing yet either Alex though having looked again it says that packets are being dispatched this weekend and should be received by 18th

  • Wow thats cutting it fine

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    HQ is 0.75 miles from the CP/start - quite a long round trip.  Do we need to go to the HQ??  I take it with race pack we are pre-registered?

    Agree very fine for race day info.  Unnerving for those new to marathons, but I'm sure it will all work out and be a great event.

    Wonder why we're not following the Coast Path beside the railway but going inland between miles 1-2 and the other three times we will be going along that bit?


  • Says on HBA website race packs have been dispatched over this weekend. Bit late but not the first time I haven't got race pack until week of race. Course is same as past couple of years as far as I can see? Assuming its two identical laps?
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    T-Rex - Yes that's strange re. the HQ. The start line was at the discovery centre when I did it in 2010 but the start/finish was there then. Maybe they've moved HQ since the start/finish moved to festival fields but just haven't updated the web site? Anyone from last year know?

    If it is at the discovery centre then I wouldn't have thought you'd need to go to HQ and back again. The pre-race briefing is at the start line so I plan to just go to the Festival Fields and stay there. 

    Not sure what you mean about the inland bit. As far as I can see it follows the coastal path between miles 1-2. The bit that follows the railway line isn't part of the main path. I think walkers use it but it isn't part of the cycle path - at least I've never gone that way image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Just confirmed with HBA - HQ is at Festival Fields - that just saved us a mile and a halfimage

    EDIT: they've now updated the Event venue part of the site to show this.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    That's good, thanks Malcs.

    Just wait for the race pack now which should arrive Tue or Wed.  Don't expect there will be any nasty surprises in it.

    Coming back from a long lay-off I'm going to struggle to make 4 hours but that's my target anyway.

    Cable - hope knee's feeling better.  A collision injury isn't like a running/overuse injury - I'm sure you will be fine.

  • Feels better today thanks - anyone from these forums knows most of my injuries start north of my eyebrows! Noteable that my long term hamstring injury has stopped since my knee started!

    We should get packs today or tomorrow, but most info is on the site. It's 2 laps of the half route (not sure whether there will be 1,000's of halfers to contend with? It's pretty much all coast path - so wind and 2 'mounds' are the issue.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yeah, the main 'mound' that worries me is the one on the end of mile 25 - who thought to put that there?! There was something similar at the end of the Kent Coastal back in September. That was a killer.

    There is a real risk I may get stuck halfway up it so if anyone sees me grounded please give me a push!image

    Cable - the Kent Coastal was a similar affair, half and full marathon along a coastal path. Wasn't too bad as the halfers were, in general, runnning faster so there was no congestion. 

    T-Rex - long lay-offs are awful. At least you're back and going. Nothing worse than being out of action. Have a great race.

  • I ran the Kent Coastal in 2008! Miles 7 to 19 were into a headwind!! Flip side was having it at my back for the finish! If I were to compare this race to any other, it'd be Kent Coastal, certainly the exposed parts of it.

    I'm back in Kent for the Roadrunner Marathon in June - 17 laps, so no danger of 13 straight miles into a headwind there!!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Aha! 17 laps - ouch. And in June too. That would kill me, mentally and physically image

  • Looking forward to doing the half marathon on Sunday, My eight in total, and third in Llanelli. Noticed there's no entry list on the website for this one which I think they've had for some other HBA events.

    I know I'm being picky here and maybe I'm completely wrong, but either the HM is slightly too long, or the marathon is too short. You run from the start down a short section and enter 'the loop', and at the end of each distance you obviously run back down there (but for both distances, only once). So to make it easy, lets say the start to the loop + loop to finish equals 0.2 miles, and the 'loop' is 13 miles - then the HM would be 13.2 miles and the marathon 26.2. However, if the start / finish bit is 0.1 miles then the HM would be 13.1, but the marathon 26.1.

    Guessing they'll ensure the marathon is correct rather than the HM but a bit unfortunate for those of us going for PB's?

  • oh, this will be my first Half, and a very slow one, that extra .1 might make all the difference image. No race pack here as yet.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    legend - good spot! However, if you flick between Seg 2 and Seg 4 on the web course map you'll see that miles 26 and 13 and miles 8 and 21 shift slightly. There's a little triangle near to the 8 & 21 mark where it looks like they might get you to do a slightly different route. My guess is that the full marathon runners would be routed that way to make up the extra 0.1. It is just a guess though.

    Tina - congratulations on doing your first half, you are going to love it I'm sure. As I said above I reckon they'll have it measured out correctly but if they don't I wouldn't worry you'll be into your big sprint finish by then so you won't notice the extra image

  • Malcs - ah yes, I see that now. Thought it a bit strange they wouldn't have exact measurements for both.

    Tina - congrats on signing up for you first half. It often ends up being a lot of people's favourite distance (I remember seeing a thread on here once where most people said it was). I only did my first half 2 and a half years ago, and as I said, this will be my 8th on Sunday, and I'm aiming on doing at least a couple more by the end of the year. Also a great starting point to go further if that's what you fancy!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    My race pack has arrived today - yay!

    They have an entrant search up on the main web site page and from this you can work out that there are about 600 runners with the majority doing the full distance - about 400 full and 200 half. 

    Keeping all fingers crossed for kind weather and not too much wind!

  • Got my race pace yesterday. Slightly concerned that my race number is 670, but on the evelope with the chip in, they've crossed out 470 and written 670 instead. Think I better check the result for no. 470 as well if mine seems way out.

    Suprised with the entry numbers. Marathon entrants seems to be in line with previous years but there were about 2,500 if I remember correctly for the 'other' Llanelli Half Marathon a few weeks back.

    It does also say "Please note that this event is SOLD OUT and entries are closed". Would be surprised if it was limited to 600 odd but at least there shouldn't be too many issues with HM runners getting in the way of those doing the Marathon or vise-versa. My race number is red - guessing they've got a different colour for Marathon so the leaders know if they are leading their race or not?

  • I'm going to have to pull out of this I'm afraid. Struggled on Sunday at Brighton with a tight chest and coughing, and now been diagnosed with bronchitis. Oh well at least I have a good excuse for being so slow.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Douglas - that's really bad news, sorry to hear that. It's bad enough having to pull out with a running injury but coughs and colds are just as bad if not worse. Best of luck with the recovery.  

    legend - I worked out the numbers based on the list of entrants on the main site page. There were 60 pages of names @ 10 per page. I agree, it does sound like low numbers for the half but maybe they are trying it out as a combined event this year and wanted to keep them low.

    You're right, full marathon runners have white numbers and half marathon runners have red. 

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Hi Malcs,

    Good luck for this weekend.  Only 600 runners, it's going to require some extra grit and determination but I'm sure your up for it.  If you read Dannir's recent comments about the supporters then you'll understand how important they are, this is the great advantage of the bigger events, although I'm sure all the people of Llanelli will be shouting for you.

    I loved my HM with only a few hundred runners, there were moments of solitude as we were spread out on the course but this was made up by the warm welcome at the finish.  I was looking at a local marathon next May which will be no bigger, now I'm thinking of bringing the date forward to November and there are 2 other local events at that time.

    Hopefully the GWM site will be quickly updated with the finishing times and I am one of several looking forward to the race report. 3h29m38s is the time to beat image, unfortunately it wasn't my time !  If not, remind Ady that he finished 7897th whereas you'll be in the top 600 !


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ha! In fact a top 400 place is all but guaranteed as 200 are doing the half marathon image

    Thanks for the good luck wishes - very much appreciated!

    It's two laps so hopefully that will make it easier for the support. If my lot stay in the same place then I should see them four times at the very least.

    If it's a nice day there will be plenty of people on the coastal path and even if they haven't come out specifically for the race I'm sure they will show their support. 

    I will let you know how it goes.

  • I've found the marshalls very supportive in the other coastal path races I've done over the past couple of years at plenty of support around the start / finish line which as you say, the marathon runners pass 4 times. Ideal if anyone is going down with you as they can hand over drinks / gels as you pass.

    A few dog walkers / cyclists to contend with along the way as the path is open to the public, but don't think this has caused any issues in the past. Also, despite the low numbers, your rarely on your own due the out and back nature, if there's not someone close behind or in front, then there'll be someone coming towards you the other way.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Has anyone had their race pack for this??  Mine hasn't arrived yet.  Only tomorrow morning to go now.  A little bit shabby.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mine arrived a couple of days ago. I would email or call them T Rex.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I've bombarded them with messages via contact us on the website and email and left a message on their answerphone.  That should do it.

    A little chaotic in the admin dept.

    If it was my first marathon I'd be a little bit unnerved, but it isn't - it'll be my 83rd. 

    Hope everyone's resting and seriously indulging in carbs.  Don't forget to clip toenails as short as possible.

  • 83rd??? That's a seriously awesome stat!

    Douglas, so sorry that you can't take part, hope you feel better soon.

    T Rex, hope they contact you, they did say there would be race numbers at the start for those whose had gone missing.

    Well, I'm number 529 for the Half, it's red, which will clash beautifully with my purple hair image. Not sure what number my running partner's number is (he signed up about a month ago), but HBA said on Facebook there were 700 people in total signed up and they expect around 500 to take part.

    So. I have been absolutely bouncing with excitement about this for months, even this week with dropping the mileage and feeling a bit lost. But, today, BAM. Absolutely sick with nerves image. I know I have done the mileage, followed a plan, followed all the good advice. I can, and will finish, no matter how long it takes; but this feeling has really caught me by surprise! Please, someone tell me it's normal?

    Must not lose sight of the fact that the only reason I am doing this is because I simply love running, especially since I was such a late starter.


    T Rex - didn't they send you a half entry for their other race by mistake?  Maybe forgotten to put you back on the list.

    My 285th tomorrowimage


    Tina - you will be fine and yes. all you are going through is absolutely normal.   You'll have a brilliant run, you'd done the training, just don't go off too fast.

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