The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • Do you want me just wearing the arm warmers then??

  • I will do so in a few days, need to limber up to get myself into the shorts...

  • Typical - had a rare day off work today, so my kit will no doubt have arrived at the office.  At least it gives me motivation to get into work early tomorrow though image

  • Jacket and Gillet have arrived stunning quality thanks Smunksimage

  • FF - depends where your wearing the arm warmers
  • Jacket, cycling top and monaco all atrived safely and as RBM said, stunning quality. 

    Top kit listing that Schmunks, thanks

  • Please god NO to the photos of FF wearing anything unless its a wetsuit .....that fits

  • I took a photo and showed the wife. She said "well, it'd make a good before picture".

    I'll probably not post that one.
  • Pudge wrote (see)

    Typical - had a rare day off work today, so my kit will no doubt have arrived at the office.  At least it gives me motivation to get into work early tomorrow though image

    Sure enough, I had a parcel full of goodies waiting on my desk for me this morning.  Even managed to try on a few bits, before my colleagues arrived.  Fantastic kit, and really good quality.

    Thanks a million for sorting the order Schmunks - you're a star.

  • Kit has arrived, and it's fabulous.  Thank you SantaSchmunks image

  • Have just rescued my kit from the post office, and it is fabulous image  The new tank top fits snugly (will fit better when I'm back in training mode  imageimage)  and the cycle jacket is warm and has plenty of arse coverage  image


    thanks very much Schmunks image

  • At least it didn't come in a Tesco carrier bag eh, Frags.image
  • perish the thought schmunks image

  • Schmunks, have all of the kit orders been shipped out or just cetain ones that consisted of specifc kit?  If not all of them, when do you think you will send them out in Jan?  Cheers


  • if your order had a jacket in it, it was sent pre Christmas. All other orders to follow in January. 

  • Ridgebackmax wrote (see)

    SAGA = Sex and Games for the Aged wooo hooooimage


    image  I thought it was Sex Annually Generally August!  

  • oops, great TOTP!  


    I could go on to say that they sell some great products and fab holidays - even for us active peeps of a certain age! image

  • Anyone who has ordered LG kit which did not contain a cycle jacket should have an email from the Kit Fairy.  It's in your interests to action this as soon as possible image

  • Repliedimage

  • Me too image

  • me too, thanks schmuncksimage

  • An me, thanks Schmunks image

  • and me. thanks!

  • Me too - thanks

  • Replied - many thanks

  • I've checked for emails inbox, deleted box, spam box.

    I must have upset her.

    Grovelling apology?

    The last email I received was 2 Dec, with the spreadsheet saying I've paid. However, I'm not panicking or stressing, because I can always arrange to make a visit to The Towers. I think that you've got my phone/text number.

  • Got mine and replied. Cheers Schmunks

  • When mine arrives I will not be able to fit in as I have acquired a fat belly over December .

  • Thanks to all of you who have given me your address.  Am creating the mail merge to print the labels for your parcels as we speak and shall be batching up the kit over the weekend with the aim of posting it out in batches from Monday

    Keep an eye here and on your email address to find out when to expect yours image

  • Awesome news. Thank you so much.

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