South Cheshire 20M

Just noticed the change of date for this one this year to mid September - great news as I love this race and I wouldn't have been able to do it if it was late April again as it has been previously. Now fits in nicely a few weeks ahead of Budapest. Entered image



  • I did this race last year in prep for Edinburgh, great race and not as hilly as other people said it would be. Now doing the Yorkshire Marathon in October, so i'll be entering this aswell as pretty much perfect for that also.

  • Hi both, very glad you'll be joining us again. Date switch was made partly to offer prep for Chester, Yorkshire and (now cancelled) Liverpool marathons, but as a byproduct I hope we won't have weather anywhere near as bad as we did last year. Awful for everyone.

    Thanks for the positive comments on the race!

  • I am doing Chester and am really pleased to find this 20 miler. I did the Preston Guild marathon last year but with the Autumn Spitfire disappearing couldn't find an autumn 20 race which I think would really have helped with confidence. Great addition to the calendar. 

  • Would have fitted in perfectly for York Marathon but unfortunately same weekend as GNR. Shame as I did it in 2010 and it was a great race

  • Curious how hilly this is. I am currently running half marathons and done 5 so far this year with a total of 13 plannned. Only just graduated to half distance this year and starting to think Marathon for 2014 and thinking this 20miler will be a good test but not if too hilly?


  • The first 10 miles are flat, then one steep hill and a few lumps - not as bad as it looks

  • It's a really nice run. Enjoyed it last year even with the freezing cold and rain.

    Andrew, it's hilly in the middle then nicely downhill. Perfect as a marathon training run, nice even pace miles 1-8, similar 14-20 without running flat out. I got a PB compared to a pancake flat 20miler 6 months before.

    Id also recommend it over a half if training for a October marathon. 20 mile way more important.

  • Andrew, how hilly it is depends on your perspective: when we called it undulating, there'd generally be someone incredulous that we had the nerve. I'd say it's undulating either side of the main hill. That climb comes at nine miles, and tops out just before 11 (with some breaks and mini descents in the climb) and the protion that is properly steep is only a few hundred yards. It's tough but manageable, and when you're up it you know the remainder is - overall - descent.

    It gives you something to think aboutimage

  • Great comments, thanks,  really helpful

  • This looks a good one in preparation for the York marathon, though it's a long long way for me.

    Anyone got an elevation profile? I couldn't access the mapmyrun one from the website as I'm not a registered user. Don't mind hills but I like to know what I'm facing image


  • Hi Susan - strange that won't work as I don't think MapMyRun requires registration (but perhaps I'm out of date). I'll see whether one of our members has a Garmin link they are happy to make public.

  • Charlie R I don't usually have problems as a non-user accessing routes on mapmyrun, but the link I followed took me to a registered user and I was unable to view the profile without "befriending" her ...... maybe that was the wrong link, I don't know. Would love to see the profile though!

  • Hmm. I just had a look - no idea who that user is, and think the link might be broken. Try this (and I'll pursue the Garmin option too):

  • Thanks CharlieR I have it! 103m gain for anyone that can't find it. Looks good to me image

  • Little bit too close to Chester Mara for me to be racing 20, a week or two earlier would have been better.

  • Hi Graeme - there's never a perfect date for us I'm afraid, there being so many considerations (our race is also part of a North Staffs league programme that runs through the year, for one thing). At the time we agreed the date this year, there was also the Liverpool mara a week later, but then that was postponed. 

    Some people will happily run a 20 three weeks before a marathon and use it as training, but I quite understand there are different views on that. Hope Chester goes well.

  • Thanks Charlie, no criticism was intended btw, I don't envy race organisers who are damned if they do and damned if they don't.  I'll probably be doing 20ish that week anyway albeit not pushing it. I might yet do this as a training run.

  • Be glad to see you there if you do!

  • Another view of the course courtesy of a clubmate's Garmin, which I think is open to all users: 

  • Charlie the incline on that garmin run is completely wrong, it's never 3000 plus ft. 

    Might scare a few people off showing that.

    Here is mine from last year, Same run, just over 1000ft of up.

    Its a very runnable event, I think fine for Chester if you take it as a training run , some MP miles in stages and don't race it all. Lots will be doing the GNR and racing that - which to me is silly.

    Taper straight after South Cheshire for Chester runners sounds good to me.

  • Yes! Hadn't noticed the 3,000ft of climb (!) Apparently the elevation correction is turned off. Have been sent a corrected one, but yours does the job - thank you.

  • (Don't seem to be able to delete your own posts so I can't get rid of the previous one. Hopefully people will twig we're not really sending them up Snowdon.)

  • Just popping in to say Hi, as am liking the look of this for a pre Chester LSR with company image

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    tempted by this a few weeks before berlin, does this fill up really quick?

  • I should say yes, shouldn't I? image In truth the field has varied a lot; last year we clashed with Mcr marathon and weather was atrocious - numbers were way down.

    This year we've had about 50 entries already, which isn't massive I know but it's getting on for quarter full three months in advance.

  • Only just discovered this race and it looks really good and cheap as chips. Did Spen 20 (proper hilly, below freezing and icy winds) in preparation for Blackpool Marathon which definitely helped. It's hilly everywhere around where I am so looking forward to miles 9 to 13 of this! This will fit in nicely for Yorkshire marathon being 5 weeks out as well.

  • Hi All

    I'm another one doing Yorkshire mara and have just entered this race.  Will be using to practise some marathon pace miles rather than racing it.  Hopefully it will be a much more enjoyable experience than just setting off for a loooooong run by myself!

    Anyway, got my entry in today, looking forward to this one image

  • Only just discovered this race and it looks perfect for Yorkshire marathon being 5 weeks out. Looking forward to the hills from 9 to 13! Did Spen 20 earlier this year as prep for Blackpool marathon and the hills definitely break the race up and keep you focussed.

  • I have just entered  the race. It looks like great training before my October marathon in Poznan (POLAND). It is my first start in South Cheshire 20M and I expect to enjoy it.

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