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  • TZ - Indeed, you can't upset planning permission! I'm very much looking forward to this. Had a bit of a scare on Sunday as I had to stop my 20 miler at 12 1/2 due to knee pain. I thought I'd have to withdraw but Mrs GFB persuaded me to get to the physio to see what the problem was.

    I saw the physio on Tuesday evening and she confirmed that I have a very tight ITB in my right leg. Some very deep tissue massage and stretching exercises have sorted me out, I've managed 2 runs of 7 miles since without any further issues. I have a sports massage booked for next Friday and I have my trusty Grid roller to help me between now and 1st June!

    I'm still hoping to plod round in 5 hours and am hoping that it's not too hot on the day.

  • ITB soreness is a common problem in distance athletes as it gets over-used when the normal leg muscles get tired. The great thing, as you know, as it's not really an "injury" and it usually healed quickly.

    I agree about the weather, and in a way I'm quite happy we're generally a lot cooler so far this May than normal.

  • To everyone

    i am really looking forward to this challenge 

    but most of all im looking forward to running with you all ,i haven't posted on here but i have just checked in and had a little read of the forum now and then 

    All the questions and little niggles have been answered here 

    there just seems a one for all and all for one !!! attuide 

    so thank you all for answering my questions and see you all on the first 

  • I certainly hope that each and every runner at the Kent Roadrunner Marathon feels very special.  A marathon is a substantial undertaking, whether it's your first, 100th, 800th or anwhere in between.

    As runners it's our mission to give runners the very best race we'd wish to enjoy ourselves. If we can do that then we'll go to bed on 1st June very very happy indeed image

  • In my last post, did I say "sounds like it's going to be a great day"? What I meant to say was... sounds like it's going to be an awesome day!!!

  • what a great positive forum!  My wheels came off mentally at the VLM 4 weeks ago and I signed up for this because I want to feel positive about racing again - looks like I picked the right bunch.  Really looking forward to this now and meeting you all. Looking forward to banter and encouragement - it distracts you and works to get you through.  As for running laps - I run laps in training - I LOVE knowing what's coming.  And wind-wise it means you'll always get some in your back at some point as well as in your face... 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Diesel girl - what a great idea to get your confidence back after the VLM. I completely agree about the laps - it'll help you know what's coming. What sort of time would you be aiming for? Perhaps you can find someone to pair up with?

    I also find helping to name bits of the route helps. on one of the looped marathons I run I have: goose poo path, diagon alley, the bridge of doom etc. it's quite fun.


  • Emmy H - I'm aiming for 3:38!  Bit bizarre I know but I want to go sub 3:40 so I have a BQ +5 mins - I got a 3:41:47 in London and I just want to go below 3:40.  So Ian (Race Director) has promised to make me a pace band for that time - I figure if I pace for that then even an unexpected pitstop or a slow down might still allow me to get it. But actually - I just want to enjoy myself doing it - VLM was the first time I've ever had a race where I wanted to quite 1 mile in - and I just want to feel my usual race buzz again!  

    So if anyone's up for it and hey - maybe - a good even pacer?  Otherwise I hope you'll just see me chugging along with a SMILE on my face.  Can't remember who said that but they're right - it works.  

  • TZ, I'm on the wait list . What are my chances? Ta

  • LRR - please send me an email to so I can see where you are on the list.

  • Morning - less than 2 weeks to go. Hope everyone had a good weekend?

    Gary - I'm glad you got the ITB sorted at the physio - at least it is nothing more serious. I think you can go sub 5 - you've already put all the hard training in image I get intermittent ITB problems & sometimes pain in right hip - it soon eases after warming up. Never really found a cure but can recommend a sports massage.

    Some of you are real speedsters on this thread...wishing you all the best for the gfa & pb's on the day.

    I'm not sure if I mentioned this before so apologies if so - just wanted to give a bit of background as to why completing this marathon means a lot to me - perhaps psychologically more than physically as I've let myself & a lot of people down in the last few months.

     I was diagnosed with Graves Disease back in the months leading up to this, I was getting frustrated with my slow progress with running (after a solid year in 2012 ) I found working & training a struggle - used to come home from work and sleep for 1-2 hours in the evening & then later in front of the TV...My fitness also decreased - I would trip over things walking as I was tired & not concentrating properly. My performance at work and college also went downhill. So much so I had to ask for a year out of college. I thought at the time I was just going through a lack of mojo slump or I was just 'getting old' !!

    Lack of energy meant I could only cover 3-4 miles in training & I began to resent running, so I looked around at what other sports I could try & even followed this up by attending some local martial arts classes and a rowing session. This didn't last - they just didnt give me the same 'feel good' factor which runing did. I thought I'd probably have to give this marathon a miss, but came to the conclusion I'd just be a good 'fun runner' and would stick to charity 5k's like the Race for Life....

    anyway, to cut a long story short(er!) after the diagnosis & treatment I gained back a lot of fitness, speed and energy. I'm not 100% but am much better & am glad I always had this race at the back of my mind to keep me focused and motivated on those days I found tough!

    Thanks for reading this & apologies for long post - looking forward to supporting everyone at this race. Hope the final 2 weeks goes well for you all. See you on the 1st.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Life's too short - I'm really pleased that you've got diagnosed and are back to fitness. It will be a pleasure to tow the start line with you and the other speedsters we have on this thread!

    I've got my 'warm up' race this weekend of the Mittelrhein Marathon in Koblenz, Germany. I love running in Germany and i'm looking forward to running in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

  • LifesTooShort - what a tough time you've had but you've really turned this around - a really inspiring story that I'm sure we'll all be thinking about.  Puts all other stuff into perspective.  Looking forward to meeting you!  

    And Emmy H - you're fabulous - running a marathon this weekend!  Would be really interested in talking to you about this in Kent because I'm looking for new running horizons!  


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Dieselgirl - I'm more than happy to talk about it! I'll be with a few 'crazy' friends who like to run them every weekend! One of whom i ran my first triple with (3 marathons in 3 days). 

    I'm not sure that I can manage ultra's *just* yet but I like running marathons over consecutive days/weeks.

  • Well done to you all and some real inspiring stories coming out. Its my 1st marathon and training is ok, not got mega long runs in but managed 2 x 2 hour runs about 16-17 miles in the past few weeks. I done a lovely 8 miler today, and probably do another 10 miler end of the week and thats it. All runs week before nothing more than 5 /6 miles. I think this is sensible does everyone else?

  • Thanks all for the encouragement image

    Emmy H - you are crazy!! Seriously though - just shows what the body is capable of. Well done to you! All the best for the marathon this weekend.....makes me worrying about one marathon a year seem a bit silly now. image Germany is lovely - only been there once, I was 15 at the time, but from memory it was very 'green' and not too built up.

    AT29 - Well done Andrew - that sounds a good approach. Long run wise i'm similar to you. I was planning on my final run being the Wednesday & doing about 4-5 steady, probably cross train thursday at low intensity and rest day friday.

  • LTS - that you have shared your story with us is a testimony and a compliment to all the people following this thread and the organisers that this is going to be a very special marathon indeed image.

    For all the various reasons that each one of us choose to run and challenge our bodies, minds and spirits, we will all be sharing one common goal come race day... and that is to do our very best to complete this distance, whether it be our first or 101st!

    It sounds as though you have worked really hard through poor health and disappointment, that takes a lot of courage so I'm sorry to hear that you think you have let yourself and other people down... that will definately not be the case on 1st June!

    Emmy H - in a word "WOW" and enjoy Germany image.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    There's one reason I already love this race.

    Looking at the pre race information:

    Is there anywhere I can get a beer soon after finishing?

    The Cyclopark has only three neighbours, but all are able to meet such demans:
    1. Morrisons Supermarket. A big yellow supermarket which also includes a café. The food isn't as nice as it is at Cyclocafé though!
    2. Toby Carvery. A new addition for those who ran our 2012 race, this is where to find cold beer and as much meat as anybody can handle.
    3. BP Tollgate Services. Rather a luxurious selection for a petrol station, this location also includes a Subway restaurant.

    These are all within three minutes' walk of the venue. Well, maybe five minutes with post-marathon legs(!)   I love it!
  • How's the penultimate week's training going? 1st June will be here in no time.

    Had hoped to fit in one last long run but it never happened - work went stupidly busy this week (always the way, just when you dont need any stress!), I guess it's too late to make a difference now anyway...will probably just settle for an 8-10 miler later this week.

    Hope the taper goes well & everyone stays cold & virus free.

    Enjoy the bank holiday - See you on the 1st image

  • Hi all - I'm off to France this afternoon, getting back to Surrey the day before the race! Means I'll be good on holiday! I'm still massively impressed by the consideration and thoroughness of Ian and the organisers - this is no 16 and I've not known one like it (and there are lots of good ones!).

    Hope to see you on the day - Green 3M Gorseinon Roadrunners vest (like LTS, just more manly!) - and welcoming anyone doing Welsh Castles the following weekend!!!

    See you in 9 days!!! 

  • Had a dream the other night that I was desperately trying to get to the marathon start line but I was still out shopping for the right shorts! All the other runners were walking in that direction and I was really panicing, though I just kept going from shop to shop and no matter what, I couldn't get the right size/fit/colour!!!

    Funny, had a weird dream like that about 3 weeks before I was due to run Brighton marathon (the one I didn't get to run!)... anyhow, I think I have the right shorts, however if it's raining anything like today next week I will be desperately shopping for waders!  

  • Kathy - that is bizarre! I don't think I've ever dreamt about running or racing...yet.

    I'm sure it will all go well on the day. image

    Cable - hopefully you are safely in France by now and having a lovely holiday and well deserved rest. Can't believe you have done 16 marathons! 

    Feel a lot better today & more positive. Am meeting a friend for a steady 10 miler tomorrow & that's it - all the hard training done & just a couple of 4 milers next week.

    Hope the taper goes well for everyone & the bank holiday brings good weather

  • hi guys, I entered this ages ago planning to use it to kick on from a spring mass marathon and knock out a pb, but have been plagued by injuries pretty much since last summer. It was touch and go I'd make it, but have taken the plunge, despite very interrupted training (and not much of it!). But it could work in my favour, with no great ambitions - I'm sure I overtrained for London last year when I peaked too soon, but won't have that excuse next weekend! The plan is to take it easy, control my pace (something I'm notoriously bad at!) and ease round in my own good time. Besides, with lots of short laps, I can always bale outimage

    This will be marathon number 9 for me - sorely tempted to call it quits at 10, so I'm looking at a training run to start the build up to an autumn run....

    A nice bit of rain would suit me - once your wet you can't get wetter! And LTS, can you taper if you never really got going in the first place?! I'm planning a 10 mile pacing run over this weekend, then nice and steady next week!

  • I ran today for about 8-8.5 miles in 1hr 03. I may go out sunday for another 8/9 miles, then few steady runs through the week ready for race day. Think this is sensibe now.

  • Hi everyone,

    This will be my first marathon, feeling a little nervous about this tapering and I'm sure I'm getting weaker!  Ran just over 8 miles today and felt quite worn out towards the end.  I did run 21 miles 2 weeks ago in 3 x 7 mile sections, brief break after each section.  I'm putting my trust in the schedule I've been following and hopefully all will go well on the day.

    I was wondering how others deal with the miles vs laps strategy on this one?  I'm thinking that watching the miles on the watch will be awkward due to mid-lap miles etc.  I'm trying to break it into chunks in my mind, but not sure whether to break it into mile chunks or lap chunks.

    How do others deal with this?  Or am I over thinking and panicking!?

    Good luck everyone.

  • Hello all,

    We've been busy packing the goody bags this afternoon, very exciting!  I've also had a sneaky peek at the medals and they are AMAZING!  

    Have you all decided on your "showboating" pose? I can't decide on mine? 

    Really looking forward to meeting you all next week!  






  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Amanda/Tz - What's a showboating pose? image

    Andrew: Pre race week for me; I run a steady 5/6 miles and an easy 4 on the Thursday, then if I need to train - i'll go to the gym or swim.

    Adam - Here's what's been said a few pages back. Hopefully it'll make sense!

    Emmy H wrote (see)

    Life's too short - I tend to focus on the number of laps than miles and then just tick them off like I would miles. I also make 'milestones': 1/3 of the way, 1/2 of the way etc.

    Where I struggle I just focus on that lap of just getting to the aid station and picking up a gel/treat/friendly face. This normally helps. I've never done 17 laps before but I hope it won't too bad. My only fear is forgetting to pick up a band - towards the end my mental ability isnt too strong!


    MattyWelsh wrote (see)

    I did this race last year (my first lapped marathon), and found the familiarity comforting, in an odd way. Knowing exactly what is coming means you aren't going to have any nasty surprises. I train to audiobooks, and listened to these during the race as well (hope that's OK, TZ!). Just found myself drifting off into a daze.

    Regarding the bands, this wasn't a problem at all. You don't pick up the bands - you start with 16 on your wrists and pull one off each lap, so when you have none left you know you're on your last lap. You really can't miss the buckets so I can't see anyone miscounting.


    KathyH wrote (see)

    My first marathon too! Glad I'm not the only virgin!!!

    I have been practicing doing laps and yes it has actually been comforting to know what is coming as Matty says, so no surprises and you can plan your pace ahead of hills/downhills etc. Also very reassuring to know that everything is around if you need it and knowing that usually means, well for me anyway, that you don't need it!

    Really looking forward to this challenge and to meet everyone, sounds like it is going to be a great day. I can't believe someone on another website that I frequent posted their opinion of this race as being 'boring' ... I say "come and have a go if you think your strong enough"image

    So.... Marathon #16 completed yesterday in Koblenz and I'm begging that the weather is better in Kent. It rained the entire way around (and i mean the entire way) and i was soaked through. I did manage a PB though and have got my post race beer down to a sub-3 minute after finishing a race!

    How is everyone else getting on in taper madness?

  • Hi Emmy,

     It's most exciting!! below is the info from the website, but in a nutshell...Pull a great pose, get a great free framed photo and free entry next year!!!!!!!!!!!


    We'll have a well marked “showboat zone” set up at the race, open for 30 minutes, where our photographers will capture your poses for posterity. We'll make sure we get you early in the race while you have plenty of energy!

    We'll publish the top performances on the race website and the very best performance will win a framed photograph of their winning move, together with complimentary entry to the 2014 Kent Roadrunner Marathon.

  • Hi lots of good positive comments on here. I hope everyone is feeling fresh and injury free ahead of the race.

    LTS you are a great inspiration and its great you will be running hard on sat.

    with regard to itb syndrome, I am a Physio for the army so see it all the time. It's really worth having your foot posture looked at and hip strength these are the two main causes of this condition. Yes soft tissue release will help in the shirt term but if you don't address the above two areas it will keep coming back. Especially on undulating terrain.

    diesel girl, how did you mange to wangle a 3.38 pace setter, does anyone fancy being my 3.20 pace setter image

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